On Line Indicator Adapter

On Line Indicator Adapter
Communication Solutions
On Line Indicator Adapter The 1492-­‐39 On Line Indicator Adapter is an adapter that allows the user to connect a Busy light or equivalent On Line Indicator (OLI) to a wireless office headset from Sennheiser Communications. The products supports incoming call indication, online state indication and special signaling -­‐ allowing the user to actively control the OLI through a switch. The adapter is connected to the Wireless Office Headset through the ACC and Phone connector. It is still possible to connect the ĐƵƐƚŽŵĞƌ͛Ɛ existing accessories (e.g. a HSL hook lifter or Electronic Hook Switch adapter) through connectors in the OLI Adapter. Communication Solutions
Specifications ʹ 1492-­‐39 On Line Indication Features On Line Indicator Do Not disturb / signaling lamp Yes ʹ Red light is turned on when the headset is on Yes ʹ Blue light is tuned on and off through a switch on the 1492-­‐39 adapter Additional Signaling features with EHS Adapter or HSL connectivity Incoming Call Indication Two Way OLI support Yes ʹ Red Light flashing when there is an incoming call Yes ʹ Call can be initiated/terminated both from phone and headset* * Requires a two-­‐way signaling EHS adapter Compatibility Supported Headsets Supported Headset Modes Supported On Line Indicators HSL10 or EHS adapter support Sennheiser Communications, DW or SD Series HSL or DHSG mode Globe Busylight or equivalent Yes ʹ Connected to sockets in the 1492-­‐39 adapter 
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