63x Series Sound Level Meter

63x Series Sound Level Meter
Casella 63x
Sound Level Meter
With advanced functionality and
simple user interface, the 63x range
is designed to make occupational and
environmental noise measurements
quickly and easily.
Key Features
Occupational Noise Measurement
Workplace noise assessments according
to ISO9612, OSHA 29CFR 1910.95
Selection of hearing protection
Calculation of noise exposure
Ensuring compliance with workplace noise legislation
Environmental Noise Measurement
Boundary noise assessments
Noise nuisance complaints
Measurements according to ISO1996, BS4142
UK Construction Section 61 notices
Environmental Noise Measurements
Ideal for environmental or occupational monitoring
Easy to use switch-on-and-go functionality
Latest digital technology with a high resolution
color TFT display
Pre-configured set-ups for occupational and
environmental measurements
Voice notes to annotate measurements
Audio (WAV) recording
Single measurement range up to 140dB, no range
adjustment required
Data markers, back erase function and audio recording
Level triggered events for transient measurements
Real-time octave and ⅓ octave measurements
Simultaneous measurement of all parameters with all
frequency and time weightings
Class 1 or Class 2 models available
2GB memory for more than 1 year of data storage
Removable pre-amp
Environmental outdoor kit available
Data can be marked to signify any significant events, the data
from which can be removed afterwards in insight software.
Up to 60 hours of audio files can be stored, commonly used for
noise source identification. Stored audio can be played back
on the instrument using headphones or downloaded to Casella
insight software.
For unattended monitoring, event mode (CEL-633) allows trigger
levels (dB) to be set, so additional data (e.g. Leq, Lmax) is stored
together with the audio file for later play back or analysis, as well
as a profile down to 10ms intervals.
Simultaneous broadband and
frequency measurement
Data markers
Back erase function
Real-time frequency analysis
Single measurement range
Triggered ‘event’ capture
A dedicated
environmental kit
is available
An environmental noise monitoring kit is available which protects
the instrument and microphone from the weather and allows
unattended monitoring for up 10 days.
Occupational Noise Measurements
The 63x series is designed to make workplace noise
measurements as quick and simple as possible. The displayed
information can be made as simple or comprehensive as required
and all measurement parameters are stored simultaneously, so
no incorrect measurements can be made.
When the unit is calibrated with the CEL-120 calibrator, the
calibration dates and times are stored and downloaded to Casella
insight software, validating the accuracy of measurements.
Average, peak, and octave band measurements are performed at
the same time, so only one measurement needs to be made for
all workplace noise applications.
Simultaneous measurements of all
workplace noise parameters
Standard set-ups for workplace
noise legislation
Measures parameters for hearing
protection selection by the SNR,
HML and octave band method
Analyse time history of noise levels
Optional high range microphone,
up to 165dB
Simple User Interface...
Significant noise events
can be marked
Listen to audio files from the 63X
Series with headphones
Lightweight with a bright
color display, the 63x
makes workplace noise
measurements easy
Model Functionality
There are 2 models available, please see the model selection
table below for the one you require (e.g. CEL-632). Then
select your frequency analysis requirements by adding ‘A’ for
broadband, ‘B’ adds octave band and ‘C’ adds ⅓ octave e.g.
CEL-632C. Then add either a 1 or a 2 to denote the accuracy
class e.g. CEL-632C1. Each instrument comes complete with a
standard kit case, windscreen and calibration certificate.
For an instrument kit add /K1 to the instrument part number
e.g. CEL-632C1/K1. Instrument kits include the relevant
instrument, acoustic calibrator (CEL-120), USB download cable,
batteries, calibration certificates and an executive kit case.
Simple icon based user
Octave measurements for
the selection of PPE
Set 2 levels of time history storage
63x Series Model Selection
Instrument Kits
Record voice notes to easily
identify measurements
Realtime frequency analysis and
single measurement range
See the time history of noise
Cumulative Results
Period Results
Profile Results
Statistical Values (Ln%)
Audio Voice Notes
Marker Events
Level Events
External Events
CEL-6840 Standard kit case*
196030C Executive kit case
CEL-251 Microphone Class 1*
CEL-252 Microphone Class 2*
CEL-120/1 Acoustic Calibrator Class 1**
CEL-120/2 Acoustic Calibrator Class 2**
CEL-PC18 Universal power supply
CMC51 USB download cable*
CEL-6718 Lightweight tripod
CMC73 Portable printer kit (fits in
196030 kit case)
MIC1 High range microphone (to
MPA1 High range microphone
adaptor (for use with MIC1)
* included with instrument
**included with instrument kit (with CEL-63XY/K1 where ‘X’ and ‘Y’ represent the model numbers)
Switch between
managing data or
parameters can
instruments with
Management Software
and sorted
Casella Insight data management software is a
powerful yet simple tool to download, analyse
and report from either workplace or
environmental noise data.
be displayed
simple tabs
Simple tree structure to manage
data e.g. person,
place, etc.
Data can be
dragged and
dropped to the
tree structure as
Analysis of noise level time history
Replay voice notes and event audio
Intuitive user interface
Remove anomalous data from results
Analysis of time history
Generate comprehensive reports
Store data by, person, place, location
Manage multiple instruments and calibration
Time history
may be viewed,
analyzed and
annotated as
Data may be
graphed and
copied to other
Sort data
by person,
process, etc.
For more detail on Casella Insight Data Management Software, please
visit the ‘Products’ section of casellasolutions.com
Technical Specification
Standards:IEC61672: 2002 Class 1 and 2, ANSI S1.4: Type 1 and 2
Filters: Measured Parameters
Broadband: LXY, LXYmax, LXYmin, LXeq, LXpeak, Lavg, LC-LA, LXIeq, LTM3, LTM5, LAE.
IEC61260: Class 0, ANSI S1.43: (1996)
Note: IEC61672 replaces 2 obsolete standards, IEC60651 and
Measurement range: 20-140dB RMS (143.3dB peak)
Total Noise floor: 19dB(A) Class 1, 25dB(A) Class 2
Time weightings: Fast, Slow and Impulse simultaneously
Frequency weightings: A, C and Z (un-weighted) simultaneously
Frequency bands: 11 Octave bands 16Hz-16kHz (B&C models)
33 Octave bands 12.5Hz-20kHz (C models)
Amplitude weighting (Q): 3, 4 and 5 simultaneously
Back erase: Last 10s in cumulative mode (all models)
Timers: Duration 1s-24h,
Workplace dose values are calculated within insight
Octaves and ⅓ octaves: LXY, LXeq, LXYmax, 5x Ln% (on CEL-633). Where X is the
frequency weighting A, C or Z and Y represents time
weighting Fast (F), Slow (S) or Impulse (I). All weightings
simultaneously measured where appropriate.
CEL-633 model additionally stores 5x Ln values in broadband and octave modes.
For time history data, all parameters are logged for period times plus 6 selectable
profile parameters (plus 5x Ln values on CEL-633).
Memory: 2GB (>1 year logging when set to 1 second interval, 999 runs). All
parameters stored and accessible via Casella insight. Total measurement runs: 999.
On/Off timers: 6 sets with selectable times and a repeat function
Events: 999 events/run. 10 hours of audio recording in high quality mode, 60
hours in low quality mode. For long term unattended monitoring the CEL-630
takes a new run daily for up to a total of 400 days.
Audio Recording
Tripod mount: ¼" Whitworth socket
Low Quality: 8,000 samples/s @ 8bit (64kb/s), up to 4kHz
Batteries: 3x AA Alkaline, 10-15 hours dependent on back light
High Quality: 24,000 samples/s @ 8 bit (192kb/s), up to 12kHz
External power: 9-14V DC at 150mA
Weight: 332g including batteries
Size: 230x72x31mm inc preamp and microphone
Operating 0 to 90%RH in the absence of condensation
Conditions: Temperature of -10 to +50°C (Class 1) and 0 to 40°C (Class 2)
Atmospheric pressure of 65 to 108kPa.
User interface can be changed via the menu: English, French, German,
Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese.
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SM10006 v5
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