Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 315 CDI (10 Seater) High Specs

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 315 CDI (10 Seater) High Specs
High Specs
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 315 CDI (10 Seater)
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Give yourself a comfortable lead
It sets standards by providing outstanding driving and operating comfort, plenty of space and even more
intelligent ideas. The interior scales new heights in terms of design, material selection and ergonomic
quality. Then there is the wide range of practical and innovative equipment from which you can choose
the elements you need.
Seating Comfort - A higher position
A relaxed sitting position contributes to the driver’s
well-being and helps to prevent tension and
fatigue. The standard seats adjust elastically to the
occupant’s body and ensure firm lateral support.
You can adjust the driver’s and co-driver’s seat
height using a practical lever to suit your individual
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Economically - Efficient engines
High quality standards contribute to the overall
cost-effectiveness of the Sprinter, as do its highly
sophisticated engines. When equipped with the
advanced OM 651 4-cylinder CDI turbo diesel
engine, the Sprinter sets standards in terms of fuelefficiency, performance and environmental
friendliness. With long periods between
maintenance repairs, which, combined with
friendly service, ensure that running costs are kept
to a minimum. This is the engine that satisfies your
every need.
Fuel - Saving transmission
The Sprinter is equipped as standard with ECO
Gear 360 6-speed manual transmissions, which
operates economically and ensures optimum
power delivery to the road. Thanks to a wider gear
ratio spread, a wider overall gear ratio and the
reduction in the engine speed level, it reduces
combined fuel consumption substantially.
Gearshift lever - Better ergonomics, more space
The manual gearshift lever is located ergonomically
on the centre console, saving valuable cab space.
In addition to the space-saving, the shift lever is
very comfortable to operate.
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Sprinter 4x2 - Excellent handling
Whether you’re driving on rain-drenched roads – the Sprinter’s rear-wheel drive delivers smooth,
effortless handling. This is particularly effective thanks to the reduced impact on steering.
On hilly routes and when driving with full loads, you can always rely on great traction. Enjoy excellent
handling in combination with outstanding driving comfort.
Radio – Entertainment and communication.
The standard Audio 15 radio eases your day with
entertainment and communication. The radio with
high-resolution 14.7cm TFT display features a SD
memory card slot for playback of MP3 files, (WMA,
AAC and WAV formats), Bluetooth hands-free
telephony and audio streaming. The USB, iPod and
Aux-in connection for the integration of mobile
devices is also comes as standard. It also can be
operated via the multifunction steering wheel.
Reverse camera is integrated on the display. The
loudspeakers provide an impressive sound
backdrop for any trip. The speed-sensitive volume
control, gradually increase the volume from 20
km/h onward.
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Passenger Compartment - Perfect for every job.
Today passengers, tomorrow goods: with the Sprinter passenger van you can handle a wide range of
transport duties. In the rear you can fit up to three rows of seats and remove them if necessary. All in all
the Sprinter passenger van has room for up to 10 peoples (including driver), and lots of legroom for every
one of them. The Sprinter rear access areas provide enormous room for luggage. With the aid of various
load-securing devices you make optimal use of the space: thanks to bulkheads, lashing rails and anchoring
rings you stow your cargo so that it stays in place.
High Performance Air Conditioning System - Optimum climate
Best conditions for the driver and co-driver: the
electronically controlled TEMPMATIC front air
conditioning can be precisely regulated. You keep a
cool head even on hot days. The high-performance
air conditioning system for the rear compartment
provides a particularly pleasant climate to the rear
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There’s no such thing as too much safety
We've made every effort to ensure that the Sprinter offers the driver, co-drivers, passengers and other
road users the highest possible degree of protection.
Full-size driver’s airbag and three-point seat belts
Full-size driver’s airbag and three-point seat belts for all seats
come as standard. Driver and co-driver are also provided with
seat-belt tensioners that instantly tighten the belt firmly against
the body in the event of a collision.
The seat-belt warning device for driver seat raises passive safety
standards. A visual and audible signal reminds the driver to fasten
the seat belt when the vehicle moves off.
Highly stress-resistant beams and a high-strength safety cell
A highly stress-resistant system of beams and a high-strength
safety cell are the basis of its safety body. Both are optimised for
strength and stiffness during the design phase in respect to
protection of occupants and other road users and offer excellent
crash characteristics.
So-called deformation boxes in the front structure of the Sprinter
divert the forces of an impact in a well-directed and controlled
manner. This helps the passenger cell retain stability in the event
of a head-on collision, to provide better protection to the
Wide-angle mirrors - Two mirrors see more than one
Both exterior mirrors of the Sprinter are complemented by an
additional wide-angle mirror allowing you to keep a watchful eye
on cyclists and pedestrians when making turns, for example. The
indicator lights have also been integrated into the exterior mirror
housings to enhance safety when making turns. The wide-angle
mirror on the heated exterior mirror is heated, too – which
means it can prevent the mirror from misting up.
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Brake system - Great stability
The Sprinter is equipped with disc brakes on all four wheels. Our
engineers also managed to further improve the tried and tested
dual-circuit hydraulic brake system. An electronic indicator on
each of the four wheels additionally tells about the current
condition of the brake pads.
ADAPTIVE ESP® - Stability in an instant
The electronic stability program ADAPTIVE ESP® is a driving
dynamics regulatory system that for the first time takes the
vehicle load into account. It intervenes in critical situations by
activating the brakes on individual wheels, as well as adjusting
engine output in order to stabilize the vehicle. ADAPTIVE ESP®
integrates the functions of the anti-lock braking system (ABS),
acceleration skid control (ASR), electronic brake force distribution
(EBD), Brake Assist (BAS) and start-off assist (AAS) while also
adding a handling stability aid.
New Crosswind Assist - Counteracts dangerous gusts of wind
The Crosswind Assist detects sudden strong wind blasts impacting
the vehicle laterally and helps to avoid that the vehicle
unintentionally drifts away via targeted, one-sided intervention
on the brake. The Crosswind Assist works at a speed from 80
km/h up to maximum vehicle speed. When a wind blast is
registered the wheels facing the wind side are brake according to
the situation. The braking pressure depends in this case on the
wind strength.
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Reversing camera
This visual parking aid enhances safety when reversing and
Electric sliding door left
This convenience feature allows the passenger compartment
sliding door to be opened and closed in approx. 5 seconds at the
push of a button. Safety features include an overload protection/
obstruction sensor system and a childproof lock.
Electrically operated step for sliding door
The comfortable way to get in and out of your vehicle: the
electric step extends and retracts automatically when the
passenger compartment sliding door is opened or closed.
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Sprinter 315 CDI Specifications
Max. output
Max. torque
Fuel supply system
Mercedes-Benz OM 651 DE 22 LA (Euro 3)
4 cylinder diesel with turbocharged & intercooled
2,143 cc
110kW (150hp) @ 3,800 rpm
330Nm @ 2400 rpm
Common rail direct injection system
Gear Ratio
ECO Gear 360 6 speed manual transmission
1st: 5.08; 2nd: 2.60; 3rd: 1.52; 4th: 1.00; 5th: 0.79; 6th: 0.68; Reverse: 4.722
Single dry plate, 240mm diameter
Shock absorbers
Anti-roll bars
MacPherson strut independent with transverse leaf spring
Two stage parabolic leaf springs
Front and rear
Front and rear
Power steering with adjustable height and reach steering wheel
Wheels & Tyres
Spare wheel
Rear wheels drive
225/75 R16
Steel rims 6.5J x 16
Under rear of vehicle
Parking brake
Dual circuit hydraulic brake
Ventilated disc
Solid disc
Floor mounted handbrake lever acting on rear axle
ADAPATIVE ESP (Electronic Stability Programme), ABS (Anti-lock Brake
System), ASR (Traction Control), BAS (Brake Assist), EBD (Electronic Brake
Force Distribution) and Crosswind Assist.
Driver's airbag standard with seat belt tensioner and force limiter
Sliding Door
Electric Sliding door left
Side indicators
12 Volts, 95 Amp/ hour
220 Amp
Halogen headlamps and fog lamps
Side indicators in exterior mirrors
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Fuel Tank
75 litres. Filler on nearside 'B' pillar (Secured behind hinged panel)
Height including air conditioner
Front overhang
Rear overhang
Turning radius
Gross vehicle weight (GVW)
Luggage area (Length x Width)
6,961 mm
1,993 mm
Approx. 2,874 mm
1,021 mm
1,615 mm
4,325 mm
7.65 m
3,500 kg
1,860 mm x 1,565 mm
10 persons including driver
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