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Music In Motion
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Music in Motion
Music Production Guide 01|2016
Mu s i c In M o tio n
synthesizer flagship is here: MONTAGE.
Welcome to the new era in synthesizers
The name MONTAGE represents a completely new
generation of Yamaha Music Synthesizers, that we want to
bring you closer with this document.
from the company that brought you the
It starts with a list of features that is made up of official
marketing texts and our supplements.
popular MOTIF.
This is followed by detailed chapters about the major new
Building on the legacy of these two iconic
features of MONTAGE.
the next milestone for synthesizers with
Sop histicated Dynam ic
sound creation and streamlined workflow
all combined in a powerful keyboard
designed to inspire your creativity.
Music is expression. MONTAGE adds a new level of
expression with the Motion Control Synthesis Engine.
This engine allows a variety of methods to interact with
If you liked the DX and MOTIF, get ready to
and channel your creativity into finding your own unique
Music Production Guide 01|2016
M ot i o n C o n t r o l S y n t h e s i s E n g i n e
The Motion Control Synthesis Engine unifies and controls
two iconic Sound Engines: AWM2 (high-quality waveform
and synthesis) and FM-X (modern, pure Frequency
Modulation synthesis.) These two engines can be freely
zoned or layered across eight Parts in a single MONTAGE
Interact with MONTAGE Performances using Motion
Control: a highly-programmable control matrix for
creating deep, dynamic and incredibly expressive sound.
With Motion Control, you can create new sounds not
possible on previous hardware synthesizers.
Super Knob
Create dynamic sound changes from radical to sublime
with the Super Knob. The Super Knob can control multiple
parameters simultaneously resulting in anything you can
For example: change your listening position from right in
front of an instrument to in the back seat of a concert hall.
For example, a drum loop could drive effects parameters
for a cool rhythms or a vocal recording could control
multiple parameters for a “talking” synthesizer. The audio
can even be a “live” source through the A/D input.
Or radically change the character of a Performance from
atmospheric and mellow to rhythmic and edgy.
The Super Knob can even be assigned to a second FC7
Sound Creation
foot controller making it easy to manipulate the sound
MONTAGE features two Iconic Sound Engines: FM-X and
when playing with both hands.
AWM2 modernised for amazing sound playback and
complex sound design.
M ot i o n S e q u e n c e s
Motion Sequences are tempo-synchronized, completely
customisable control sequences that can be assigned to
virtually any synthesizer parameter and provide incredible
new ways of creating sound.
Motion Sequences also have dedicated controls on the
front panel making it easy to manipulate and change in
real-time, providing incredible interactivity and expression.
AW M 2
Powered by proprietary Yamaha technology for data
tremendous data compression without sound quality loss
for unparalleled, realistic sound reproduction.
MONTAGE is much more than an incremental specification
increase – powered by technology advances, MONTAGE
is exponentially more powerful than MOTIF XF.
E n v e lo p e f o l low e r
128 - n ot e , s t e r e o p o ly p h o n y
The Envelope Follower converts audio into a control
Experience rich stereo sound without halving the available
source for control of virtually any synthesizer parameter.
number of notes.
Music Production Guide 01|2016
Wav e f o r m ca pac i t y
Piano players will appreciate piano-focused effects like
MONTAGE features nearly 10 times the Waveform
Damper Resonance for a super-realistic piano experience
capacity of the MOTIF XF, allowing more Samples per
and the HD reverbs that let you put yourself in any
instrument for incredibly realistic and nuanced sound.
performance space..
I n t e g r at e d F l as h M e m o ry
MONTAGE includes 1.75 GB of User Flash Memory with
high speed reading/writing for your own custom Samples
or synth Libraries from
FM-X is an amazingly sophisticated pure synthesizer
Automatically control the dynamic behaviour of one Part
from another. Sidechain is very popular in modern dance
music where a pad or other sustain part is “keyed” to the
kick drum. When the kick drum plays, it ducks down the
sustained part creating a “pumping” rhythmic effect.
engine capable of producing classic ‘80s or cutting-edge,
EDM sound with incredible dynamic range, power and
fidelity. MONTAGE features an 8-operator FM architecture
and 128-note polyphony, allowing for a massive array of
sound design options.
From high definition reverbs to incredibly detailed Virtual
Circuit Modeling (VCM) effects, MONTAGE is loaded
Every instrument needs great content to inspire your
creativity. MONTAGE features a huge range of incredible
sounds like a brand-new Yamaha CFX Premium Grand
Piano, detailed new strings and woodwinds and select
content from the DX and TX family, all modernised to take
advantage of the Motion Control Synthesis Engine.
with DSP innovation, power and, most importantly, sound
quality. Use effects like Beat Repeat, Vinyl Break, or Bit
Crusher to get a modern EDM sound. You can even add a
compressor with sidechain for a modern “ducking” effect.
Or go retro with vintage effects like Analog Delay, VCM
Phaser, or a variety of Amp Simulators.
C o m pat i b i l i t y
MONTAGE is directly compatible with MOTIF ES / XS / XF
Voices. Yamaha is developing an FM converter to make
it compatible with Voices from the classic FM synths DX7,
DX7II, TX802, and TX816 as well.
As part of the MONTAGE introduction, Yamaha is pleased
to offer an incredible Bösendorfer Imperial Premium
Grand Piano download for FREE to all MONTAGE owners.
Please check for details.
P u r e A n a lo g C i r c u i t
outputs with “Pure Analog Circuit” digital to analog
conversion. PAC improves the quality of signal after
being converted from digital to analog for clear
harmonic reproduction and even frequency response.
Music Production Guide 01|2016
The result is an output capable of reproducing MONTAGE’s
internal content expressively with power and clarity.
S t r ea m li n ed workf l ow
How do you want to integrate your instrument with your
system? How do you want to organize the onboard
content? How do you want to interact with the instrument
while you play? MONTAGE answers these questions and
more with a flexible, streamlined workflow.
U S B Au d i o/M IDI
To u c h S c r e e n
Connect MONTAGE to your computer with a single USB
Select and change parameters directly with the new colour
cable and capture every nuance of your creativity into
touch screen.
your DAW. MONTAGE’s powerful USB driver can send 16
and receive 3 channels of stereo 24-bit/44.1kHz digital
R ota ry
Fa d e r s
audio to/from your computer or iOS device (MONTAGE
w i t h s t e p l a d d e r LED
is class compliant, no driver needed!), no other hardware
The eight rotary encoders are always in the right position
for you to turn the selected parameter up or down. No
The USB connection also features full MIDI support of 16
need to search for the “catch” or “latch” point, just turn
the knob.
Stepladder LEDs next to the faders indicate position
Live Set
Live Set lets you organise your Performances however you
want without copying, changing order or renaming. When
a Performance is selected, you can easily register it to a
Live Set. This is perfect for playing gigs or even creating
your own organisation scheme for Performances.
making it easy to see where your current mix position is.
K e y b oa r d
MONTAGE is available in three different configurations:
•MONTAGE 6 and 7 feature the premium FSX semiweighted synthesizer action with aftertouch in 61 and
76 keys respectively.
S e am l e ss s o u n d s w i tc h i n g
MONTAGE features dual insert effects on every one of
its 16 Parts. When using a Performance with eight or
fewer Parts, Seamless Sound Switching (SSS) is possible.
Seamless Sound Switching lets you change Performances
seamlessly without any cut-off in envelope or effects. This
is perfect for live performances where you end one song
and start another without stopping.
P h y s i ca l C o n t r o l
•MONTAGE 8 features an 88 key, fully-weighted
Balanced Hammer action with aftertouch. This provides
equal resistance for each key across the keyboard and
is perfect for playing a variety of instruments from
acoustic piano to electric piano, synth sounds, organ
and more!
D i r e c t C o n t r o l A ss i g n m e n t
Direct Control Assignment assigns controls at the touch of
a button. Simply select a parameter, hit the Direct Control
MONTAGE features a comprehensive set of physical
Assignment button and move the controller to control that
controls for intuitive music making and sound creation.
parameter. Easy!
Music Production Guide 01|2016
A /D Input
The A/D input processes external audio sources with your
instrument’s DSP. Use guitars, mics, or any line source
as an input and process with the internal effects. You
can even use these sources with the Wave Follower or
Sidechain for a truly unique sound.
8 - Pa r t P e r f o r ma n c e s
e x pa n d e d A r p e g g i ato r
A newly developed Performance Mode combines all the
new features of MONTAGE "under one roof". Whether
Moreover, Mixing parameters like Part Volume, Part Mutes,
Effects units and parameters for the Amplitude Envelope
can be stored in a Scene.
live, in the studio, or for sound design: Everything takes
place in the Performance Mode.
Eight Parts are available for a live performance and
provide direct access for spontaneous adjustments.
All eight Parts can be simultaneously controlled by the
Arpeggiator, which represents a significant enhancement
compared to the MOTIF series.
Au d i t i o n - T h e o n - b oa r d " P r e s e n t e r "
A stock of sounds so great as in MONTAGE requires good
managing tools. Among other things, it is important, of
course, to sensibly allocate Categories. Nonetheless,
there are - especially with the new controller features such
as the Super Knob and Motion Sequences - Performances
which intention is not opening up at first glance. Not only
E i g h t L i b r a ry Ba n ks f o r a n i mm e n s e
at this point the "Audition" function comes into play. Press
s to ck o f s o u n d s
the [AUDITION] button (top right of the panel) and you
The storage concept was also lifted onto a new level
for MONTAGE. The so-called Library allows the user to
"freeze" complete User Banks and to use them similar
get to hear a demo sequence of the current Performance.
Regardless of whether you are currently in Performance
Mode or in Live Set: Whenever you turn on Audition, you
to Presets. Up to eight Library Banks are available in
will hear the demo sequence. You can even change the
addition to the User Bank. That means direct access to
Performance without interrupting the demonstration at
9 x 640 Performances and 16 x 256 Live Set Slots!
any time.
C o m pat i b i l i t y to t h e M OTIF X F S e r i e s
Within a Performance eight Scenes ensure a considerably
MONTAGE contains all Preset Voices of the MOTIF XF as
increased flexibility. Such a Scene can store, for example,
Single Part Performances. In addition, MONTAGE can
Motion Sequences or the current value of the Super Knob.
also load files (".X3A") of the MOTIF XF including User
Even the assignment of the Arpeggios to the Parts are part
Waveforms. All Voices are then converted to Single Part
of a Scene.
Music Production Guide 01|2016
T h e m o s t i m p o r ta n t f e at u r e s c o m pa r e d
to t h e M OTIF X F s e r i e s
•Waveform-ROM expanded from 741 MB to 5.67 GB!
•2,370 new Waveforms, 6,347 total in ROM
•1.75 GB Flash-ROM built-in
•1,920 Preset Performances
•640 User Performances
•5,120 Library Performances
•Seamless Sound Switching „SSS“ for Performances with
up to eight Parts
SSS then)
•256 Preset Live Set Slots, 2,048 User & 2,048 Library
Live Set Slots
•10,000 Arpeggios
•Eight Arpeggio Parts simultaneously
•Eight Scenes per Performance
•Masterkeyboard functions for each Performance
Music Production Guide 01|2016
M o ntage
Basi c Know le d g e
U s e r I n t er f a ce
The user interface of MONTAGE is basically
On the top left of the
very similar to that of the MOTIF series.
user interface the buttons
Experienced users will thus find their
and gain controls for
way very fast. Of course new or modified
the audio input can be
functions require appropriate adjustments.
The most striking innovations in the overall picture are
To the right of it the
the 7" TFT Colour Wide-VGA touch display and the
backlit buttons. The lighting of the button is dimmable. In
addition to simply being on or off, this is used to indicate
whether the button has a function in the current mode at
all. Name additions such as "Perf.-XY ... AF1 / AF2" are
now a thing of the past - a feature that greatly contributes
to the clarity. The display is easy to read from different
angles and responds sensitively to your finger tip. Many
located, with switches,
knobs, and sliders that
the MOTIF series. Of course, some are assigned to new
MONTAGE functions. The major new feature here is the
visual display of the controller settings by red LEDs
functions are accessible via the display and the buttons /
Another new feature compared to the MOTIF series is the
knobs in parallel.
series of ten buttons below the sliders. It begins on the
Music Production Guide 01|2016
left with the switch [ARPEGGIO ON / OFF]. By arranging
Whenever you select a parameter or value in the
it to the far left, the access to this important switch is now
display, which can be generally controlled by means of a
much faster and at a safer distance. To the right of it the
controller, the button [CONTROL ASSIGN] lights dimmed,
switch [MOTION SEQ ON / OFF] is arranged. Below each
thus indicating the readiness of an assignment. Press and
slider there is a Scene button. In each of the eight Scenes,
hold the button in such a state and then use the desired
different assignments, such as Motion Sequence, Super
controller. The assignment will immediately be confirmed
Knob, Arpeggio Select Number or even complete Mixings
in the display and the display calls up to the Control
can be stored, which are then retrieved with the push of
Assign display where extra parameters in this context are
a button.
The Assign-1/2 buttons
The area to the right of the display contains the well-
known combination of data wheel and the buttons for
modulation wheel.
In between the controller
panel and the display the
Super Knob can not be
Two buttons are used
Super Knob the known
sequencer controls are
arranged. Among them
is a pair of buttons with
cursor control, data change, the buttons [ENTER] and
[EXIT]. Direct to the right of it five buttons are arranged:
[SHIFT]. The first three are also assigned with subfunctions.
The keypad on the far right looks quite similar to that of the
MOTIF series. Even though some features have remained
the same, there are significant changes, associated with
the data structure as well as new features in MONTAGE.
Four overarching buttons change the function of the
buttons, depending on mode and functionality.
The direct selection of Performances using Bank and
Number buttons is omitted, instead the Performances
are selected exclusively through Categories from the user
interface. Pressing the button with the label [CATEGORY]
switches immediately to the relevant menu (no matter in
which menu level you possibly happen to be).
The upper button group (PART) is completely assigned
Right next to it there is
to the Main Category. The top row of the ELEMENT area
serves the Sub Category (if any). With the eight buttons of
the bottom row the first eight Performances shown in the
display can be selected directly. The buttons [MUTE] and
[SOLO] are used to switch the display pages. Of course,
controllers a breeze.
everything can also be selected from the touch screen.
Music Production Guide 01|2016
If the [PERFORMANCE CONTROL] button is active, the
upper 16 buttons are occupied like as it's known from
the MOTIF series: Parts can be selected to be soloed or
The next row with the label "MOTION SEQUENCE
SELECT" selects one of eight pre-programmed Motion
Sequences. The bottom row [ARP SELECT] chooses one
of the also up to eight (new!) Arpeggios of a Performance
(in the MOTIF series this was the done via the F1 to F5
buttons below the display).
The button [PART CONTROL] takes you to an expanded
area where you can select the Parts 1 to 16 by using the
upper 16 buttons - including the eight Parts 9 to 16 of
each Performance. With the bottom 16 buttons additional
Part settings such as ARP and Motion Sequence ON / OFF
are available.
These partially extensive assignments may seem a little
complex at first. That is where the backlit buttons help by
ensuring a considerably better overview.
Music Production Guide 01|2016
P e r f or ma n c e Ba s i c s
MONTAGE Performances consist of 16 Parts maximum.
In the COMMON display of the FM Mode the "Algorithm"
can be selected in the top left below the "General" tab.
Up to eight Parts can be used as Layer Parts with all
This indicates that this Part is an FM Part.
the Performance's features. The Factory Performances
exclusively use the actual Performance Parts 1 - 8. The
"Kbd Ctrl" function is always enabled for these Parts. Thus,
by default all Parts function as Layer or Split Parts.
EDIT C O M M ON – AW M 2 N o r ma l
In the COMMON display of AWM2 Normal Mode the tab
"Pitch" is available in the top left below the "General" tab.
By the way: The AWM2 Normal Mode corresponds to a
If required you can add the Parts 9-16 in the "Mixing"
Normal Voice of the MOTIF.
display as additional Mixing Parts by using the "Part 1 16" function.
EDIT C O M M ON – AW M 2 D r u m
In the COMMON display of AWM2 Drum Mode, the
tab below "General" in the top left is blank. This Mode
Each Part uses one of these Part Modes:
corresponds to a Drum Voice of the MOTIF.
•AWM2 Normal
Drum Parts can also easily be recognised by their Category
•AWM2 Drum
"Drum / Perc".
The "Tag Flag" on the right of the Performance name
AWM2 Parts, only FM-X Parts, or AWM2 and FM-X Parts
The Part Edit display is different depending on the used
Part Mode..
Music Production Guide 01|2016
The respective Part Mode is fixed and can not be changed
The selection of sounds using Category Search is done on
by selecting another Mode. If another Mode is desired for
two levels:
a Part, you can either select a Part of another Performance
with the desired Mode, or choose one of these Single Part
Performances from the Category "Init":
•Init Normal
•Init FM
•Init Drum
With the Performances of the Category "Init" it is possible
When COMMON is active, complete Performances are
selected. The name of the Performance is displayed in
large letters in the display.
When selecting the Categories the top of the display
reads "Performance Category Search". The available
range of Performances has a blue background.
to conduct a sound programming from scratch.
The editing of AWM2 Elements takes place as you are used
from the MOTIF series. The parameters are compatible.
However, any edits will be saved in the Performance,
because in MONTAGE there is no subordinate Voice
But unlike on the MOTIF or other Yamaha synthesizers
Performances in MONTAGE are selected from Categories.
To do so, first the button [CATEGORY] is pressed and
then the appropriate Category (eg, PIANO, KEYBOARD,
ORGAN...) is selected.
When you want to select a sound for a Part via
Category Search, only Part 1 of another Performance is
By setting filters such as "Bank" and "Attribute" the
selected for the currently active Part. While these were
selection can be limited, for example, "USER" and "FM-X"
the Voices on the predecessor MOTIF, in MONTAGE
only shows all User-FM-Performances.
instead "Single Part Performances" are selected. This
An individual organisation of Performances in Banks is
possible by using LIVE SETS (see chapter "Live Set").
is Part 1 of a freely selectable Performance. With Multi
Part Performances, the other Parts are ignored. It is
possible to audition the selected Performance Part 1
before it is taken over by pressing ENTER.
The available range of Single Parts (Part 1) of the
Performances a green background is selected.
Music Production Guide 01|2016
P er f or ma n ce B a n k s
In MONTAGE the following Performance Banks are
These are the Preset Voices of the MOTIF XF as
An important aspect of this concept is that only Part 1 of a
Performance can be used as a single sound in every other
So, while in the MOTIF the Voices where available as
individual sounds for Performances and Mixings, in
converted MONTAGE Performances (Single Part) and
MONTAGE these are the Single Part Performances,
the new MONTAGE Preset Performances (Single Part
meaning Part 1 of any Performance. This Part 1 is also
and Multi Part).
relevant for the categorisation of the Performance. For
example, if the Category for Part 1 is set to PIANO, the
Up to 640 User Performances (Single Part and Multi
whole Performance appears in the Category PIANO.
Part) can be stored here. It is also possible to load
Since Part 1 of complex Multi Part Performances with
the 512 User Voices of a MOTIF XF All-file, in which
case even 128 locations remain free for further User
Library 1 - 8
A Library is a copy of an entire User Bank and thus
contains up to 640 Performances.
Such a Library is created by storing the User Memory
content - ie the Performance Banks, User Waveforms,
Samples, and User Arpeggio Patterns - as a Library
Up to eight Library files can be loaded into the Library
Banks 1 - 8.
Read more about this feature in the section "Library
You can learn from this list, that the term "Bank" is used in
MONTAGE in a different sense than in previous Yamaha
synthesizers, where a Bank consisted of 128 sounds
normally. The number of Performances in a MONTAGE
Bank is not precisely defined. Even the - already very
extensive - Preset Bank can be further enhanced by
subsequent firmware updates. However, for the User
Bank and the Library Banks there is a max limit of 640
many Parts does not necessarily needs to be suitable for
the use in other Performances, MONTAGE features a vast
variety of general-purpose Single Part Performances.
As already mentioned above, a part of the Preset Bank is
occupied by the Preset Voices of MOTIF XF. These appear
in as Performances in MONTAGE. The first Part of these
Single Part Performances corresponds to a MOTIF Preset
Voice, which can contain up to eight Elements.
The new MONTAGE Performances also contain numerous
Single Part Performances, so that the total selection of
individual sounds goes far beyond the offer of the MOTIF.
In the Performance Category Search display Single Part
Performances are displayed in green font colour with blue
background, Multi Part Performances are displayed with
blue font colour and also a blue background.
However, if the Category Search is performed for a Part
via the Search function, the Performances appear with
green font colour and green background, as already
mentioned above.
Performances per Bank.
The rule of thumb: Green letters always indicate "Single
Another important difference with previous Yamaha
Part". When selecting Performances (blue background),
synthesizers is that there is no Voice Mode in MONTAGE.
Single Part Performances appear green. When selecting
So, to have a huge sound stock available for the
programming of new Performances or creating Mixings
for songs, a new concept was developed for MONTAGE in
which the Performance Mode is used both for single sounds
within Performance Parts (green background), the
colour green indicates that only the first Part of another
Performance can be selected. So, here also the first
(Single Part Performances) as well as for layered sounds
Parts of Multi Part Performances appear in green colour,
up to complete Song Mixings (Multi Part Performances).
because only its first Part can be used.
Music Production Guide 01|2016
K ey b o ard Con t r ol
However, it may be desirable to record the lines for the
a nd L i v e Per f orma n ces
Parts independently. In this case, KBD Control should be
The "KBD Control" (Keyboard Icon) function
is available in the Performance Main display
for eight Performance Parts and can be used
either turned off for all Parts, so only the selected Part
sends MIDI data. Or the desired number of Parts is set to
KBD Control on, if a layered sound is to be recorded.
as a Layer switch.
Using the KBD Control function a Layer Performance
All Parts that have Keyboard Control (KBD
can therefore be instantly converted into a Multi Part
Ctrl) activated are simultaneously playable
Performance in which the Parts can be played and
from the keyboard (Single, Layer & Split)
controlled independently.
when Part 1 (MIDI CH 1) is selected.
If needed, KBD Control can be deactivated. In contrast
Of course, the Parts with the setting KBD Control off
further receive the data of their MIDI channel.
to muting it with [MUTE] the sound is not abruptly cut off
due to Seamless Sound Switching (SSS) when switching
Organisation of
off KBD Control for a Part. This is an important aspect in
Performances with
the use of more extensive Multi Part Performances, when
User Waveforms
you are dynamically switching between different sounds
of that Performance.
The simplest application is to disable "KBD Control" for all
Parts 1 - 8. Using the Part Select buttons the eight Parts
can then be alternately selected, without having the sound
cut off abruptly.
If the eight Performance Parts are not enough for extremely
complex sound configurations, the Performance can be
Basically, every Performance can use User Waveforms,
regardless of whether it is located in the User Bank or
one of the Library Banks. Each file type (User or Library)
contains a self-contained data structure. Performances
and Live Sets are loaded into the User or Library Bank,
User Waveforms are installed on the Flash Memory. The
management of the Flash Memory is done automatically.
extended by a further eight Parts in the Mixing display.
As long as Performances use their associated User
However, Performances that use more than eight Parts
Waveforms only within their file, everything works
can't use Seamless Sound Switching.
without the need to observe anything. But: When a
Even with song productions using an external sequencer,
Performance of a Library Bank uses User Waveforms
switching "KBD Control" on or off makes sense.
and is stored subsequently to an editing process as a
Multi Part Performances normally send MIDI events on
multiple MIDI channels. If a Performance uses eight Parts,
new User Performance, then the Library containing the
corresponding User Waveforms has necessarily to be
the external sequencer thus receives the same data on
loaded when you want to use this User Performance.
the MIDI channels 1 - 8. This is necessary, because the
Waveforms are not copied automatically when you save.
Performance Parts are automatically assigned to receive
This way, unwanted double storage of User Waveforms is
MIDI on the channels 1 - 8.
Music Production Guide 01|2016
Live Set
A Live Set is a "Playlist" for Performances, an individual
compilation of the Performances existing in MONTAGE.
The changing of the Performances also works seamlessly
in the Live Set. So you could easily prepare multiple
Performances for a song and change them in the required
In Live Set the following Banks are available:
•Live Set Preset Bank
It is also conceivable to use Live Set for individual Banks,
like some sort "Best Of" selections.
•Live Set User Bank 1 to 8
•Live Set Library Bank 1 to 8
In each Bank up to 256 Performances can be organised
in so-called "Slots".
s e l e c t i n g L i v e S e t Ba n ks a n d Pag e s
All 256 assigned Performances of a Live Set Bank can
be selected either on the respective pages on the touch
16 Performances are displayed in each of the 16 display
screen or by using the 32 buttons of the matrix on the right
pages of a Bank.
on the front panel ([PIANO / 1] to [ARP SELECT 8]).
The compilation of the Live Set Preset Bank is already
With the left half of the button matrix the 16 Performances
done at the factory and can not be changed.
of a Live Set Page can be selected. With the right half the
The Live Set User Banks, however, can be put together
16 Pages of a Live Set Bank are selected.
completely individual.
Thus, a direct access to the 256 Performances of a Live Set
In MONTAGE Live Set are thus a maximum of 17 Live Set
Bank is possible by using the button matrix. The [MUTE
Banks (1x Preset, 8x User, 8x Library) conceivable which
/ SOLO] buttons of the Part section are used to switch
may include a total of 4,352 (!) Performance allocations.
between the Live Set Banks, while the Live Set Pages
That should do for every gig.
can be changed with the [MUTE / SOLO] buttons of the
The User Banks of Live Set can contain both Preset
Element section.
Performances and User Performances.
To select the last Performance on Page 5 within a Bank
The Live Set Banks are part of a User file and thus are
for example, press the buttons DRUM / PERCUSSION
overwritten when loading an MONTAGE User file. When
(= the fifth button on the right half) and Element 4 (the last
you load a User file in the MOTIF-format Live Sets are
button on the left side).
maintained on the other hand.
When a new Library file is saved, the Live Set allocations
are automatically redirected to the Library Performance
It is left to the user for what purpose he uses the Live Set
function. The primary intention is, as the name implies,
the compilation of Performances for live playing on stage.
So, if you are involved in several recording or live projects,
they can each have their own Live Set Bank assembled.
Music Production Guide 01|2016
Ma s t e r keyboa r d
F u n c t i on s
Experienced users know and appreciate the MOTIF Master
Mode. Its functionality is also implemented in MONTAGE.
To use the Masterkeyboard functions, they have to be
activated globally in the Utility settings.
Thus the conditions are given in order to make appropriate
adjustments. The Master Mode of the MOTIF series is
limited to eight Zones. In MONTAGE, all 16 Parts (!) may
be provided with Master settings. This means that you can
configure each Part individually.
Live keyboardists will very much appreciate that the
Masterkeyboard functionality is now available in every
Performance. In conjunction with Live Sets MONTAGE can
truly become the central master position of a keyboard
H a v e a br ea k . . .
At this point we'd like to make a break to let that chunk of
information sink in. Hopefully nobody will complain about
a lack of news for "getting warm" with MONTAGE. So
look forward to the next issue, when it comes to the topics
Motion Control and FM-X.
Hans-Peter Henkel & Peter Krischker
Music Production Guide 01|2016
Pic tu res o f MONTAGE
refa c e Y C
- Workshop Series for YAMAHA reface Users -
Yamaha reface YC delivers all the important
70s, who have come back into fashion in Alternative Pop-
organ sounds of the past decades. Like
Rock 20 years ago. The organ connoisseur smiles: "F"
with the brother reface CP this smart
stands for "Farfisa" from Italy, the "V" is a nod to the British
instrument lets you easily find timbres that
manufacturer "Vox", and behind the "Y" position hides
are convincing in a live situation and are
in fact the Yamaha YC-45D organ, while "A" features a
also working in the studio. However, if you
model of another Japanese manufacturer.
know a few tricks and more specific ways
A basic model alone does not make a organ sound. In
of playing, you will still have more fun with
addition to the nine Drawbars and the Percussion section,
reface YC. Read and be amazed at how
there are the effects that make reface YC sound so alive.
easy it works.
Let's outline these vintage effects: The main role is played by
For a long time now the abbreviation "YC" stands for
the Leslie cabinet. Because of its rotary speaker it is gladly
called "Rotary Speaker". On reface YC the corresponding
Yamaha Combo Organs. The successful organ series
effect can be found on the left side as "Rotary Speed".
started in 1969 with the YC-10, the series also includes
The setting "Off" (= bypass) should be avoided. Instead,
the two-manual top-model YC-45D introduced in 1972.
vary between the two speeds SLOW and FAST as often
Like most of its historical predecessors Yamaha reface YC
as possible. In general, FAST is recommended for solo
presents itself in a striking red color, but under the hood
parts while you might want to switch to SLOW for quiet
it works with the most-current digital technology. With its
AWM Tone Generation (sampling) reface YC reproduces
Especially for rock organ sounds Distortion is needed. The
five different organ models, which can be selected with
degree of distortion can be finely set using the slider on the
the rotary switch (WAVE): The Wave "H" is the classic,
right. The same applies to the Reverb for spatial effects.
sinusoidal basic sound, the ever-popular Hammond
Typical for organs is the section "Vibrato / Chorus", which
sound. In all other positions of the WAVE controller you
allows you to enrich or brush up the basic sound in the
get different transistor organ models from the 60s and
form of a "jitter".
1 1/3' (= odd harmonics) shape the tonal character. You
should start with the 8' footage and add brightness with
4' or 2' - or add the 16' footage for more stable bass. You
should definitely try all the organ types the WAVE knob
offers to experience the sound characteristics of each
model (Hammond, Farfisa, Vox, etc.) in detail.
The organ Percussion, which was possible only on the
upper manual of the original Hammond organ, is an
important element for concise organ licks. The Percussion
element of reface YC operates on the footages 4'(=
TYPE B) or 2 2/3' (= TYPE A) in a so-called "single
trigger" mode. This means that the Percussion (which is
adjustable in footage and tone duration (Length)) is not
triggered while playing legato, but only when a note is
pressed repeatedly. So depending on the phrasing you
can emphasize certain notes of a melody by playing them
non-legato with Percussion. By the way: For short rhythmic
phrases you should not add the Reverb or at most only
rather decent.
The app "reface Capture" provides a small but good cross-section
of sounds with six presets
Two c ompon ents
f or the basic sound :
D raw b ars and
P er c ussion
A simple tip before you start working with reface YC: For
sound design please switch off the internal speakers.
To do so hold the key D1 (the first D from left) when
turning on the device. Better trust your studio monitors or
headphones, if necessary, even if the internal speakers of
reface YC do a good job.
Now let's take a look at the nine Drawbars. Please do
not think of a mixing desk here, but conversely: like on
the original, the sound gets louder when you pull the
Drawbar towards the keyboard. Please feel free to follow
a simple rule of thumb: The footages 16', 8', 4', 2', and
1' (= even harmonics) provide the sonic substance,
while the "odd" footages 5 1/3', 2 2/3', 1 3/5', and
First clue and musical inspiration for a preset:
Let reface Capture play the Phrases
A dynamic, organ
Cas e Studies -
typi c al playing style
how to learn from
is hal f the battl e
the presets
Before playing the first organ sound, you should know one
thing: Unfortunately, it is very often neglected in practice to
use an expression pedal for controlling the volume. Quite
a few live keyboard players are even completely pedal free
- this should change absolutely: As with wind instruments
As you already know, reface YC has no internal memory
locations. Use the App "reface Capture" instead for storing
and loading sound data on your iPhone and iPad. You can
download the App for free from the AppStore. Connect
or the human voice, simple changes in volume unfold
your iOS device to the USB port of reface YC by using the
to a certain naturalness, resulting in expressive parts,
supplied cable and a "Lightning to USB Camera Adapter"
especially in the Gospel, Jazz, or Soul. The connection
(accessory, ca. 30 EUR) from Apple. The operation of
of an expression pedal is of course provided on Yamaha
this handy App is self-explanatory. After starting "reface
reface YC: On the back of the keyboard, you can find the
jack "Foot Controller", where you can connect an optional
expression pedal FC7 (street price: 60 EUR). Since you can
also play reface YC via MIDI, you will probably include
the keyboard in your studio projects. In the preparation of
Capture" already some sounds - or rather "registrations"
- are available to choose from. It is worthwhile to take a
closer look at these six presets. To better understand how
to make music with these sounds the audio demos might
your MIDI recordings in the DAW (Cubase, Logic, etc.) you
would use MIDI Controller #11 (Expression) and draw or
The preset "Reggae" nicely illustrates the percussive attack
edit curves in the editor. You may also create two separate
MIDI Tracks - one for the notes, another Track for the
Controller data.
phase, which comes into play depending on your playing
style. Percussion Type B is enabled. The basic sound
consists of only two Drawbars (16' and 1') and therefore
Another point: Please don't play like a pianist on the
keyboard, but consciously use playing styles that are
popular among experienced organist. These include, for
example, short and wider swishes or key glissandi (sliding
over the keyboard) as well as cluster chords (several
is pleasantly simple. Such a sound is recommended for
rhythmic chord backings in reggae style, of course, like it
is demonstrated in the audio demo. First, we demonstrate
how different playing styles affects the Percussion:
adjacent keys are pressed simultaneously). Changing the
Leslie speed and individual Drawbars while holding down
A special inventive sound can be found under the name
chords on the keyboard are stylistic means that can make
your music on the reface YC sound ultimately authentic.
"Orchord" - a mixture of "Organ" and "Clavichord". In fact,
reface YC can simulate a harpsichord sound. The preset
uses no Drawbars, but is based solely on Percussion on
the Drawbar 2' (Type B). Why is that? Now, the parameter
Length of the Percussion section lets you create different
decay phases - that's the simple reason. Ideally, you play
the preset "Orchord" like a harpsichord, here you can
A useful companion for organ with the reface YC: the expression
pedal Yamaha FC7 to control the volume
learn how:
The preset "Alternative" clearly shows the typical sound of
the original Farfisa organ from Italy. Only three Drawbars
That's it for a few suggestions on how to become more
with the even footages 16', 8', and 4' are used. Further
familiar with the Yamaha reface YC and get more
additions such as Rotorary, Chorus / Vibrato, or Reverb
organ feeling. Listen closely to the corresponding sound
are completely waived. As the name suggests, such an
samples. Try out your own variations. The keyboard even
organ sound is popular in alternative pop / rock:
A British transistor sound comes to use with the preset
"Psyche". The most important feature in this sound is
the strong use of the Vibrato effect, which lets the organ
offers some nice surprises, especially when combined with
other reface models. Store as many of your spontaneous
settings with the iOS app, so that you can share them with
other users. Have fun with creating your registrations!
Matthias Sauer
sound rather flared up:
Use the Depth control to defuse or dispense this sound
Perhaps you want a classic sound that can be played very
versatile in Rock / Pop: The preset "Rocky" corresponds to
a Hammond organ with quasi full register or a balanced
blend of even and odd Drawbars. Due to Percussion this
sound is good to play for rhythmic phrases, but it is also
well suited for rocky fifths and chords. Add a slightly
distorted sound with Overdrive and bring the rotor effect
from FAST to SLOW, which can be easily done via MIDI
using the Modulation wheel:
As a finale, the preset "Retro" honors the Yamaha
YC-45D from the 70s. Notice the relatively long
decaying Percussion phase on 2 2/3' (= Type A) that
subtly characterises this sound:
On this occasion, you should use the WAVE controller to
select all other transistor models of Yamaha reface YC and
compare them. With this last example we illustrate, how
the organ sounds by varying the rotor speed and swells.
In the first round, the sound remains without interference,
after that expression and rotor effects come into play:
from NAMM 2016
The DTX Electronic Drum Kits of the 900
and the 700 series are updated with three
new Kits. The DTX920k plays in the top
league, while DTX760k and DTX720k set
new standards in the next class. And with
700Touch the 700 series is equipped with
an iOS app that makes it easier than ever
to edit the Drum Kit.
DT X 9 2 0 k
A new drum kit of the DTX900 series delivers electronic
drums on an absolute professional level.
The DTX920k is set up with the DTX900M Drum Trigger
Module in its center and is fully equipped with DTX-
every sense and feature. The new Kick Pad KP100 features
PAD drum pads (XP120S Snare-Pad, XP120T Tom-Pad,
an improved feel with its more responsive head and can
2 x XP100T Tom-Pads). It is versatile and professional in
easily accommodate a double foot pedal. Although large
in sounds and features, it is compact in size thanks to
the RS700, an electronic drum rack born from Yamaha‘s
extensive drum manufacturing division.
T h e S p e c s o f t h e DT X9 20 k :
•Hi-Hat Pad on real Hi-Hat Stand
•RS700 Rack System
•DTX900M Drum Trigger Module
•512 MB Sample-RAM already built-in
•1,326 Voices, 64 note polyphony, 50 Preset Drum
Kits, 50 User Drum Kits, up to 1,584 External User
Kits (on USB stick)
•USB to DEVICE/to HOST, S/P-DIF output, 6
Individual Outputs, 15 Trigger Inputs, Aux In/
Sampling In
Together with the Hi-Hat Pad, mounted on a normal
Hi-Hat Stand, three Cymbal Pads and the KP100 Kick Pad,
this kit is a dream come true.
•Integrated Sequencer
•Steinberg Cubase AI included
•DTP904 Pad Set
T h e S p e c s o f t h e DT X 76 0 k :
•Hi-Hat Pad on real Hi-Hat Stand
•XP120SD x 1
•RS700 Rack System
•XP120T x 1
•DTX700 Drum Trigger Module
•XP100T x 2
•64 MB Flash-ROM
•CH755 (Cymbal Holder) x 1
•1,396 Voices, 64 note polyphony, 60 User Drum
•HS740A (Hi-Hat Stand) x 1
•DTP903 Pad Set
•PCY135 (3-zone Cymbal Pad) x 2
•USB to DEVICE/to HOST, 12 Trigger Inputs, Aux In/
Sampling In
•PCY155 (3-zone Cymbal Pad) x 1
•Integrated Sequencer
•RHH135 (2-zone Hi-Hat Pad) x 1
•Steinberg Cubase AI included
•KP100 (Kick Pad)
•DTP904 Pad Set
•CH750 (Cymbal Holder) x 2
•XP120SD x 1
•SS662 (Snare Stand)
•XP120T x 1
•XP100T x 2
P ro f e ssional
With the new DTX760k the DTX700 series gets a stunning
top model.
The DTX760k Electronic Drum Kit offers state-of-theart drum sounds for everyone. The DTX700 module is
the powerhouse of the kit. It is equipped with the same
professional DTX-PADs the DTX920k is equipped with:
•CH755 (Cymbal Holder) x 1
•HS740A (Hi-Hat Stand) x 1
•DTP903 Pad Set
•PCY135 (3-zone Cymbal Pad) x 2
•PCY155 (3-zone Cymbal Pad) x 1
•RHH135 (2-zone Hi-Hat Pad) x 1
•KP100 (Kick Pad)
The 12“ 3-zone Snare Pad XP120SD, one 12“ XP120T and
•CH750 (Cymbal Holder) x 2
two 10“ XP100T Tom Pads.
•SS662 (Snare Stand)
DTX 700Touch
With DTX700Touch you have every
parameter of your DTX700 drum kit
under control by pointing a finger install this editor App on your iOS
device and work with your kit via a
simple USB connection. Create new Kits, change existing
Kits, save, load, and manage your content and Samples,
all with the help of the convenient touch screen of your
iPhone or iPad. The easiest way to go into detail with your
Compa ct and c omplete
As already mentioned, the DTX700 series has two new
members. The DTX720k Electronic Drum Kit offers the
same professional drum sounds like the new DTX760k,
because it is using the same DTX700 Module. However,
it uses the newest model of Yamaha‘s DTX-PAD: The
8.5 inch 3-zone Pad XP80 as snare and three 7.5 inch
XP70 Pads as toms, all attached to the all new RS502
rack system. The result is an even more compact kit that
maintains the same great professional feel & sound.
T h e S p e c s o f t h e DT X 720 k :
•Hi-Hat Pad on real Hi-Hat Stand
•RS502 Rack System
•DTX700 Drum Trigger Module
•64 MB Flash-ROM
•1,396 Voices, 64 note polyphony, 60 User Drum
•USB to DEVICE/to HOST, 12 Trigger Inputs, Aux In/
Sampling In
•Integrated Sequencer
•Steinberg Cubase AI included
•DTP582 Pad Set
•XP80 x 1
•XP70 x 3
•PCY135 (3-zone Cymbal Pad) x 2
•RHH135 (2-zone Hi-Hat Pad) x 1
•KP100 (Kick Pad)
•HS650A (Hi-Hat Stand) x 1
Musi c P r od uct i o n G u i d e s –
c omp let e a r ch i v e o n l i n e
On the last page of the Music Production
Guide a link can be found to download a zipfile containing all previous editions (in the Box
„Music Production Guide History“).
In addition, we offer the opportunity to access all previous
issues online. The Music Production Guide Archive is available
from everywhere you've got connection to the internet.
A simple click on the issue is all you have to do to open and
download it as a PDF.
The link to the English editions:
The link to the German editions:
Y amah a -Go od i e s
f or MX 4 9 /MX 6 1 :
Li v e In s t r u m en t s
Pe rfor m a n ce K i t
Yamaha offers free additional, yet high-quality content for MX49/MX61 users. It was produced
by Yamaha Music Europe in cooperation with EASY SOUNDS.
L i v e I ns trumen t s
P erformance Kit
„Live Instruments“ includes a high-quality collection of
sounds of the categories piano, electric piano, clavinet,
organ, mellotron, strings, brass section, and synth. So it's
a selection of instruments that all keyboardists in bands
require regularly.
•100 Voices
•32 Performances, divided into:
SPLIT Performances (Instruments & ARP)
LIVE Performances (Split & Layer)
LIVE Performances (Single)
LIVE HYBRID Performances
The free soundset "Live Instruments for MX" can
be ordered by writing an e-mail with the subject
"Live4MX" to:
•MX49/MX61 Performance Library
•WAV pool with about 200 WAV files totaling 93 MB
(drum loops, vocal and vocoder phrases, sound effects,
and atmospheres)
•MIDI loops & arpeggios
To register for this free goodie simply write an e-mail with the
keyword „MX49/MX61 Performance Kit“ to:
As soon as the registration process is complete you will
receive an e-mail from EASY SOUNDS with a password
and a link where the file can be downloaded.
Immediately after registration you will receive an email
from EASY SOUNDS containing the download link for the
activation of the content.
MOX „ S o u n d & G r o o v e K i t “
The free MOX „Sound & Groove Kit“ is available for all registered users of the MOX.
This soundset includes an „Electronic & Dance“ soundlibrary featuring 128 Voices - a selection of the best synth-sounds from
the EASY SOUNDS soundlibraries for the MOTIF series.
In addition, the package includes a WAV loop pool with drums, synths, vocals, sound effects, and atmospheres for Cubase
AI and other DAWs.
Registration for this goodie is done by writing an informal e-mail with the keyword „MOX“ to this e-mail address:
EAS Y SOUNDS Soun d sets for MOX
The popular MOTIF soundlibrary from EASY SOUNDS is also available in MOX format.
The following products are available:
•Yamaha MOX „Live Instruments“
•Yamaha MOX „Stage & Studio“
•Yamaha MOX „Nature of Chill“
•Yamaha MOX „Phat Analog“
•Yamaha MOX „Dance Pro“
•Yamaha MOX „Organ Session“
•Yamaha MOX „Phat Analog II“
•Yamaha MOX „Hypnotic Stepz“
•Yamaha MOX „Xtasyn“
•Yamaha MOX „Chill Xperience“
•Yamaha MOX „Synth Xtreme“
•Yamaha MOX „Mystic Spheres“
•Yamaha MOX „Magical Pads“
•Yamaha MOX „Dance Xpanded“
Visit the EASY SOUNDS online shop:
Yamah a C P 1 A r t i s t P e r f o r m a n c e s
A free soundset in excellent quality is abvailable for every CP1 user.
A total of 64 Performances were programmed by renowned sound designers Johannes Waehneldt and Peter Jung on behalf
of Yamaha Music Europe.
The soundset can be requested by sending an e-mail to
containing the keyword „CP1 Artist“.
You will receive an e-mail from EASY SOUNDS containing a link where
the file can be downloaded.
Flas h Mem or y
Conte n t
Yamaha is working with third party software
The recorded sounds are very lively and authentic. Some
vendors to offer an extensive amount of
feature delicate impressions of „disturbances“ that are
free and optional Flash Memory content for
typical for strings, such as the sound of slightly hitting the
registered MOTIF XF users.
instrument body with the bow. All recordings were digitally
„Inspiration In A Flash“ make a perfect first stock for a
sample-library of up to 2 GB for the non-volatile Flash
Memory of the MOTIF XF. This content package
contains three new User Voice Banks, 353 User Waveforms,
processed on PCs, collaborating with well-known sound
In addition to the orchestra sounds the Voice bank also
contains sounds of categories like Electric Organ, Pipe
458 MB of Samples and 12 User Drum Kits. It focusses on
Organ, Acoustic Piano, and Electric Piano.
the sound categories piano, organ, brass & reeds, pads,
To be able to load the complete All-file a Flash Expansion
synths, oriental instruments and drums.
Memory Module (512 MB or 1 GB) is required. Single
Voices can also be loaded into the SDRAM memory of the
MOTIF XF (volatile sample memory).
MOTIF XF, if no Flash Memory Module is installed.
The „Symphonic Orchestra Library“ features 128 User
Voices, 34 User Waveforms and 336 MB Samples
(979 Keybanks).
This free content for the MOTIF XF can be requested by
sending an e-mail containing the keywords „MOTIF XF
Inspiration & Symphonic“ to:
The orchestra library produced by Prof. Dr. Peter Jung
(Duisburg-Essen, Germany) is based on recordings that
The MOTIF XF user will receive an e-mail from EASY
were created over the past five years with the participation
SOUNDS with a password and a link where the file can
of two well-known Central European symphony orchestras.
be downloaded.
Soundset for MOTIF XF und MOXF
VP1 Ph y s ica l M o d e l i n g
Yamaha offers another free soundset for
sound, by varying the parameter values, can be
the MOTIF / MOXF that is dealing with a
dynamically changed using the numerous performance
truly legendary Yamaha synthesizer: the
functions of VP1.
Virtual Acoustic Synthesizers VP1.
The author Prof. Dr. Peter Juung has carefully recorded
The VP1 sounds brutal. The sound impresses by an
sounds of the VP1 and created a sound set. The VP1
amazing vitality, coupled with amazing stereo renderings.
soundset includes 565MB of sample data. Everything was
There is no doubt that even after almost twenty years
recorded in stereo and organised in 19 Waveforms, which
the VP1 can sonically compete with current workstations.
rely on 536 Keybanks. From these Waveforms 48 Voices
It was and is a truly remarkable result of exquisite
whose character was previously only found in the original
were programmed exclusively for the MOTIF and MOXF.
D er V P 1 f rom t h e i n side
The soundset takes us into the magical world of "Physical
The VP1 uses "Physical Modeling". With the help of a
Modeling" synthesis of the VP1.
physical model, e.g. of a stringed instrument, you can
The soundset "VP1 MOTIF" can be requested by writing an
get an actual sound by setting the parameter values.
e-mail with the subject "VP1" to:
The excitement, e.g. a pick or a bow brings virtual kinetic
energy into the model, which is made to audible sound by
the model.
A sound generated with the "Physical Modeling" synthesis
After successful registration you will get an e-mail from
EASY SOUNDS containing the download link for the
activation of the content.
is not a simple snapshot that does not change like with
pure sampling. Rather than that, the "physical modeling"
In special cases some birthdays are
celebrated quite more than a single day which is also true for the tenth anniversary
of the Yamaha MOTIF. Wojtek Olszak pulls
that event back into memory with his 10th
Anniversary Pack.
This 10th Anniversary Pack uses samples from previously
published promotional soundsets, namely: •Chicks Mark V
•Peter Jung's CS-80
•CF - CP1
The 64 Voices of this pack are roughly divided into the
•CS-80 Brasses
The free soundset "10th Anniversary Pack for MOTIF XF by
Wojtek Olszak" can be ordered by writing an e-mail with
the subject "10th Anniversary Pack" to:
Immediately after registration you will receive an e-mail
from EASY SOUNDS containing the download link for the
activation of the content.
following categories:
•Acoustic Pianos
•E-Pianos / Clavinets
•CS-80 Leads
P erforman c e S o u n d set „Hybri d Pe r f o r m e r “
The sets 2 and 3 on the other hand contain "Hybrid
exclusively User Voices and Samples. For
Live Performances", which are very popular among live
some time now many users, however,
expressed to get new content in the field
Hybrid Live Performances are Mixings at the highest
of Performances and Live Mixings. Yamaha
level and with the broadest capabilities. They contain
Europe now corresponds to this wish and
not only complex layer or split programmings, but even
provides new sound sets: Hybrid Live
allow to switch between sounds without interruption.
Performances for MOTIF XF and MOXF.
Many ambitious and professional keyboardist prefer these
The following Performance Sets are included in the
with their four different Parts.
special Live Performances over traditional Performances
A Hybrid Live Performance is created in the Song or
Pattern Mixing mode. In contrast to the Performance
Hybrid Perfor mer - Set 1
mode, up to 16 Parts are available here. In a Hybrid Live
32 Performances
Performance groups can be formed with different MIDI
Performance mode
Receive Channels (Receive Ch.). Thus, within a single
Programmed by HaPe Henkel and Peter Krischker
Mixing even more than one Performance can be realised.
They can be selected by using the TRACK SELECT buttons
Hybrid Perfor mer - Set 2
without having the previous sound cut off.
16 Hybrid Live Performances A common download folder is set up for the three sets of
Song Mixing mode
the Hybrid Performer series.
Programmed by HaPe Henkel
The sets are available for MOTIF XF and MOXF and
can be requested by writing an e-mail with the subject
Hybrid Perfor mer - Set 3
32 Hybrid Live Performances
"Hybrid" to:
Song Mixing mode
After registration you will receive an e-mail containing a
These Performances are based on chart titles using download link from EASY SOUNDS with a clearance for
the User Sound Library that has been launched some
the content.
years ago Programmed by Jean Moric Behrends
As you can see above, the first set contains "traditional"
Eur op ea n L o y a l t y P r o g r a m a n d
Ori e n t a l S ound s e t
The „European Loyalty Program” offers MOTIF XS users free additional but nonetheless highclass content.
It is mainly a premium Voice and Sample library produced by EASY SOUNDS in collaboration with Yamaha Music Europe
which contains the following:
•The 3-layers Yamaha S700 stereo piano (32 MB compressed)
•„Sweet Voices“ and choir and scatvoices from the Yamaha Tyros
•Best-of compilations of the optional soundsets from EASY SOUNDS
•A WAV pool containing 200 WAV files with 93 MB in total
The MOTIF XS soundset „Oriental Instruments & Percussion“ was produced by turkish musicians and contains the following:
•36 Performances
•128 Voices
•9 User Drum Voices
•113 User Waveforms / 84 MB Samples of oriental instruments
•6 Turkish Authentic Micro Tunings
„Oriental Instruments“ is developed for the use in both traditional and modern turkish music and is based on authentic
samples of oriental musical instruments. Nonetheless these special oriental instruments can be used in music styles like pop,
world, chill out, ambient and whatever you can imagine.
To register for the loyalty program and the oriental soundset simply write an e-mail with the keyword
„MOTIF XS Goodies“ to:
As soon as the registration process is complete, the MOTIF XS user will receive an e-mail from EASY SOUNDS with a
password and a link where the file can be downloaded.
S90 X S / S 7 0 X S :
Sound p a ck a g e
A free „Soundpackage“
S90 XS / S70 XS users.
This Soundpackage is produced by EASY SOUNDS under contract to Yamaha Music Europe and contains the following:
•Soundset „Pop & Dance“ - 128 professional Voices from the EASY SOUNDS library
•Soundset „Vocoder Dreamz“ containing 40 Vocoder­Voices
•A WAV­pool containing 200 WAV files with a total size of 93 MB
This free soundpackage can be requested by sending an e-mail containing the keyword „S90 XS / S70 XS Soundpackage“ to:
You will receive an e-mail from EASY SOUNDS with a password and a link where the file can be downloaded.
Sound & I n fop a c k a g e
MOTIF-RACK XS users can obtain the free „Sound & Infopackage“ that‘s produced by EASY
SOUNDS under contract to Yamaha Music Europe.
The software package contains a Soundset (128 Voices), a WAV pool with 200 loops and audio­phrases, a demo song, and
a comprehensive guide plus tips & tricks.
This free soundpackage can be requested by sending an e-mail containing the keyword „MOTIF-RACK XS Sound &
Infopackage“ to:
You will receive an e-mail from EASY SOUNDS with a password and a link where the file can be downloaded.
S90 ES , MOTIF-RAC K ES, M O 6/ M O 8 :
Sound & I n fo p a c k a g e
Users of the MO6 / MO8, S90 ES, and MOTIF-RACK ES can obtain a free Sound & Infopackage
that‘s produced by EASY SOUNDS under contract to Yamaha Music Europe.
This includes the soundset „Pop Xpanded“ with 192 profesional live- and arpeggio-Voices. Furthermore a comprehensive
documentation and other useful tips & tricks are included.
This free soundpackage can be requested by sending an e-mail containing the keyword „Pop Xpanded“ to:
You will receive an e-mail from EASY SOUNDS with a password and a link where the file can be downloaded.
Eur op ea n V o ic e & S a mp l e b a n k
Yamaha Music Europe and EASY SOUNDS provide their free soundlibrary „European Voice &
Samplebank“ to all Tenori-On users.
The downloadable file (48 MB) contains the following:
•18 Tenori-On User Voices (Samplings)
•4 Tenori-On Demos (AllBlock-Files)
•268 Samples in WAV-Format (19 MB)
•Comprehensive PDF documentation
This free sound library can be requested by sending an e-mail containing the keyword „Tenori-On European“ to:
You will receive an e-mail from EASY SOUNDS with a password and a link where the file can be downloaded.
Fr e e D r u m k it s
f or DT X 9 0 0 & DTXTREM EIII
Yamaha offers free content for DTX900K, DTX950K, and DTXTREMEIII.
There are five content packages available for download:
•Extra Content 1 - Jazz Kit (4 Drum Kits)
•Extra Content 2 - Rock Kit (13 Drum Kits)
•Extra Content 3 - Electronic Kit (15 Drum Kits)
•Extra Content 4 - Vintage Kit (6 Drum Kits)
•Extra Content 5 - Oak Kit (6 Drum Kits)
Altogether there are 44 Drum Kits (containing 150 MB samples) available. For more information and the download links visit
Go to the Downloads / Driver and Software section and enter the name of your drum kit model.
O c e a n Way D r u m s DT X PAN S ION K i t
These three Drum Kits have been produced by Yamaha‘s sound designer Dave Polich and are based on the sample library
from Ocean Way (Sonic Reality).
The Drum Kits feature a very complex programming containing multiple velocity layers. You can download the file at:
Fr e e D r u m k it s
f or t h e DT X -M ULTI 1 2
Yamaha provides 25 high quality Drum Kits (75 MB) for the DTX-MULTI 12 for free download.
It is the same content that has been available for some time now for DTX900K, DTX950K, and DTXTREMEIII.
Here‘s an overview of the available Kits, which are divided into two files:
File 1 = Acoustic Kits
•Jazz Maple (5 variations)
•Oak X Single (5 variations)
•Vintage (5 variations)
•Rock Single (5 variations)
File 2 = Electronic Kits
•Classic RX
•House 128bpm
More information and download links can be found here:
First select your country and then enter DTX-MULTI12 into the search form.
DTX- M ULTI 12 S o u n d s e t :
„ Or i e n t a l Per c u s s i o n “
The DTX Electronic Percussion Pad MULTI-12 uses many of the high-end features and sounds
from the DTX and MOTIF series and provides an optimum tool for live drumming, productions
or rehearsals.
With over 1,200 high-class sounds - including newly-developed drum, percussion and keyboard sounds - the DTX-12 MULTI
enriches any musical situation. Up to 200 User Sets can be programmed and added with effects to get ready for every
conceivable musical style with the best sounds around. In addition, the large 64MB Flash-ROM Wave-Memory can be filled
with additional samples which then can be assigned to the Pads.
Now the soundset „Oriental Percussion“ for the DTX-MULTI 12 is available for registered users. It is provided by EASY
SOUNDS on behalf of Yamaha Music Europe - free of charge.
The download package includes the following:
•50 Patterns
•24 Kits
•132 User Waves (18 MB Samples)
The soundset has been designed primarily for traditional and modern Turkish music. It‘s based on authentic samples of
oriental percussion instruments.
The oriental instruments are however well suited for use in other music styles such as Pop, World, Chill Out, Ambient, etc.
„Oriental Percussion“ was programmed by the Turkish musician and producer Mert Topel.
Since 1990 Mert Topel is working as a musician with nationally and internationally known pop and rock stars such as
Tarkan (1993-2008) and many others. Mert recorded several albums as a producer of jazz, fusion, rock bands, and singers
like Kirac, Mor ve Otesi, Gülden Goksen, Grizu etc. He also has his own jazz-rock band „Fenomen“, which published its
first album in 2006 - with very good response from jazz lovers. Another project is a collaboration with Alper Maral in the
production of an electro-acoustic-oriented album called „The Voltage Control Project“, which appeared in 2010.
The DTX-12 MULTI Patterns produced by Mert Topel should inspire the musician in the first place and serve as basis for his
own music productions.
This free soundset can be requested by sending an e-mail containing the keyword „DTX-M12 Oriental“ to:
The user will receive an e-mail from EASY SOUNDS with a password and a link where the file can be downloaded.
Cub as e AI T u t o r i a l V i d e o s
f or r eg is t er ed u s e r s
Thanks to the cooperation between Yamaha and Steinberg most
of the recent instruments and mixing desks from the Yamaha Music
Production range have the DAW software Cubase AI included –
for those who do not own a DAW software yet this is one good
reason more to buy from Yamaha. Even more Cubase AI is a
music production tool with functions which were exclusive for
high-end studios not very long time ago.
Even better: European customers buying a Yamaha Music
Production instrument with included Cubase AI software are
qualified to request a free English language tutorial CD from ASK
Video containing 23 videos on how to use Cubase AI4.
The CD is English language only and only available as long stocks
last. So better be quick – request your CD by sending an e-mail
containing the serial number of your Yamaha instrument and your
name and address to:
Important note: This CD-ROM can not be shipped outside Europe!
Opti o n a l S o u n d s e t s f o r M OTIF /
MOXF / MO X / M O a n d S S e r i e s
" E n e r gy "
Sounds for electronic, modern pop, dance, dubstep, electro house, and related styles of music. With
Energy important elements of the current electronic music are finally available for the MOTIF. Rapid
arpeggios, wobbling synths, electric bass, and drum beats in variable tempos are essential features
of this set
" N at u r e o f Ch i l l"
Exquisite Voices and Performances for chill out, lounge, ambient, electronic, and related musical styles
of popular music. In addition to broad, effective and atmospheric synthesizer sounds also remakes of
traditional instrument sounds from the fields of piano, electric piano and guitar are offered
„ L i v e I n s t r u m e n t s“
Voice and sound collection with high-quality sounds of the categories piano, electric piano, clavinet,
organ, Mellotron, strings, brass section, synth. Popular selection of instruments that are always
required by keyboard players in bands. In addition, the sound library contains punchy drum sounds
and arpeggio Performances that offer inspiration and ample opportunities for improvisation with
accompaniment and idea material for productions
„ Da n c e P r o “
Top-current, powerful, and assertive dance Voices, programmed by top international sound designers.
A special feature are the audio / MIDI arrangements, where synth Voices and drum loops are combined.
These arrangements can be used as a starting point for your own dance tracks
„ E vo lv i n g S o u n d s c a p e s“
Inspiring collection of atmospheric and dramatic Voices and Performances on the basis of a newly
created sample library. High-quality FX, synth and drum samples, pads, and musical effects with
impressive atmosphere and motion-rich sound structures, spherical and spectacular sound effects for
cinematic and ambient productions
„ P h at A n a lo g II “
Timeless Voice and sound collection with an emulation of popular sounds from Oberheim synthesizers
(OBX, OB8, Matrix12 ...) and the Jupiter-8. The ultimate analog extension for the MOTIF! Polyphonic
synth sounds like synthbrass, synthstrings, pads, and synthcomps are the main content. However,
leadsynths for synthpop, sequencer, arpeggio, and FX sounds can also be found in this sound library
„ X ta s y n “
Up-to-date synth and drum sounds for dance, trance, pop, and electronic. Phat leads & synth­comps,
pads, FX. Special attack Waveforms for punchy sounds
„ FM X pa n d e d – Vo l . 1: E l e c t r i c P i a n o & C l av i n e t “
Sample-based FM sounds with very high dynamic and authenticity, which are heavily based on classic
DX7 sounds, but also offer new and innovative creations
„ P h at A n a lo g“
Synthleads, pads & more! Time­less Voice and sample library with a Minimoog emulation (Leadsynths)
and JP-8 sounds. The ultimate analogue extension!
„Ch i l l X p e r i e n c e “
Soundset for Chill Out, Lounge, Ambient, New Age, Electronic, and related genres. These sounds offer
a high level of musical inspiration
„Drum Perfor mer“
Lavishly produced ‘Real Drums’ for extremely realistic sound; dry, fat and punchy. Extreme range of
sounds achieved by different recording techniques
„ S tag e & S t u d i o “
The ultimate top 40 and live set! Contains the most important standard instruments and synth sounds
for live musicians. Outstanding performance and power
„O r g a n S e ss i o n “
This set is an impressive emulation of the legendary Hammond B3. Smacky organ sounds with concise
key click and controllable percussion. Perfect for Rock, Pop and Jazz
G e n e r a l I n f o r m at i o n
The above soundsets are available for the following devices:
•Some soundsets are not available in allen formats.
The most recent soundsets are offered primarily for MOTIF XF, MOXF, and MOTIF XS.
Each soundset contains 128 Voices. Depending on the device, additional content such as Performances, Samples,
User Arpeggios, and WAV Loops are included..
Further details can be found on
Price per soundset = 35,- EUR
The soundsets are available from:
EASY SOUNDS – Peter Krischker
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