CARPET EXTRACTOR - A to Z Equipment Rentals and Sales

CARPET EXTRACTOR - A to Z Equipment Rentals and Sales
Customer Instructions
Operating Instructions
Plug the machine’s power cord into a properly grounded outlet. Turn each of the pump & vacuum
switches on and off to check the connections.
Connect the large vacuum hose to the machine (the connection point is on the front) and slide the
swivel cuff over the outlet on the tank.
Connect the narrow water hose to the machine at the front opening. Pull back the collar on the
disconnect coupler and push the hose onto the connection on the machine. Check that a positive
connection is made to avoid leaks. Connect the other end of this hose to the wand.
Use a clean container to fill the solution tank with clean, hot water. Do not use water over 130OF.
Mix in a non-foaming cleaning concentrate for use in hot water extraction machines, by following
the directions on the container. NOTE: A to Z sells Marvel, which is specifically made for carpet
cleaning. If using a powdered cleaning product, pre-mix with hot water in a clean container before
adding it to the solution tank. If using another cleaning product, please refer to the important
warnings below.
Turn the pump & vacuum switches to the “on” position.
Normally, cleaning solution is applied on the “push” stroke of the wand, with the spray valve
depressed at that time. Vacuuming is done on the “pull” stroke, with the spray off.
For heavily soiled carpets, the wand may be used in a scrubbing manner, applying
cleaning solution on both the push and pull stroke.
When cleaning, keep the wand mouth flat on the surface being cleaned. Keep the wand
moving at all times when the spray valve is open.
There is a shutoff inside the vacuum tank that will stop the vacuuming action when the
tank is full. If the vacuum seems to have stopped working, stop the machine & empty
the dirty water from the vacuum tank, by opening the valve on the front of the tank. Once the
tank has been emptied, you can continue to clean.
When you are done, please be sure to rinse out the recovery tank with clean water before you
return the machine. This may save you cleaning charges.
• Alkalis
• Detergents
• Hydroxides • Soaps
• Vinegar
• Aldehydes
• Carbon Tetrachloride • Lysol
• Aromatics Hydrocarbons • Clorox
• Methyl Ethyl Ketone
• SP Butyls
• Chlorinated Bleaches • Perchorethylene
• Phenolics
• Trichlorethylene
• D-Limonene
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