Be Heard, Not Seen

Be Heard, Not Seen
Be He ard, No t Se e n
PSB C u s t o mS o u n d I n -Wa l l S p e a k e r S ys t e m
CW383 - 8” 3-Way In-Wall Speaker System
In-wall loudspeakers must deal with limited space within the confines
behind the wall along with generally flimsy wall construction.
Enclosure volume plays a large part in facilitating bass performance.
With sufficient available volume the system can naturally extend to
lower frequencies, and offer greater sensitivity. Wall cavities are not
built to any standard volume so open back in-wall speakers must
work within a wide range of wall cavity volumes. PSB accomplishes
this by giving the woofers higher mass and stiffness than with
conventional “in room” enclosures. Extensive simulations and
testing have shown that our designs deliver high-performance sound
quality with a broad range of wall cavity volumes.
The CW383 is a sophisticated 3-way in-wall system. The system
is constructed on a rigid precision molded baffle. The eight-inch
woofer with woven fiberglass cone ensures high power handling
and extended bandwidth. A high performance four-inch enclosed
midrange with woven fiberglass cone and a swivel 1” aluminum
dome tweeter complete the driver complement. The midrange/
tweeter array can be rotated in 90 degree increments for best on and
off axis response, no matter what the system orientation. Response
is always best when the midrange and tweeter are vertically arrayed,
but since the system can be mounted horizontally or vertically,
rotation of the midrange/tweeter baffle assures that optimum
conditions are met. Furthermore, the tweeter can be pivoted in its
mounting to aim it toward the listener. “Dog leg” style mounting clips
insure quick and easy mounting. Two response tailoring switches
give adjustment to midrange and tweeter levels or to compensate
for placement behind perforated screens. The CW383 shares its
mounting frame and dimensions with the PSB companion model
CWS8 subwoofer. As such they create ideal partners for the ultimate
in full range in-wall sound reproduction.
CW383 - 8” 3-Way In-Wall Speaker System
Platinum In-Wall performance with rotatable midrangetweeter assembly
One inch pivoting tweeter
Three Driver, 3-way system utilizes Platinum drivers with
stiff fiberglass cones, higher cone mass and enhanced
motor strength to optimize them to their restricted
enclosure volume
Fully enclosed back box and new construction bracket
(NCB) available
Midrange and tweeter switches allow for response
Frequency Range (-6dB):
Recommended Power:
Sensitivity (1W (2.83V) @1m)
Anechoic Chamber:
Typical Listening Room:
40-200 Watts
8 Ohms
88dB SPL
90dB SPL
8” Woofer,
4” Midrange,
1” Dome Tweeter
Overall Dimensions (W x H x D): 11 x 18 1/4 x 4”
Cut-out Dimensions (W x H):
9 3/4 x 17”
Installation Notes
• Try to install the systems at a height between
seated and standing ear level.
• Optimal distance between speakers should
approximately equal the distance from the
listening area to the wall.
• The Midrange/Tweeter/Midrange array
should be vertical. For horizontal center
channel application remove four baffle
screws and rotate assembly 90 degrees.
• Make small exploratory hole and check for
obstructions in wall cavity before cutting
mounting hole.
• Mounting template provided.
• Lightly fill wall cavity with fiberglass 2 feet
above and below system. Use standard 4”
fiberglass split to half thickness. Use 1” thick
fiberglass behind system.
• Adjust electric screwdrivers to appropriate
torque. Tighten mounting screws firmly but
do not over tighten!
• Midrange and treble switches can be
adjusted to suit room acoustics and personal
• Direct pivoting tweeter towards listening
• See manual for more installation hints.
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