1 ZPrinter 450 Overview

ZPrinter® 450 Hardware Manual
ZPrinter 450 Overview
1 ZPrinter 450 Overview
Welcome to the exciting world of 3D Printing with our newest 3D Printer, the ZPrinter 450. The ZPrinter
450 incorporates many new features that automate and streamline the 3D printing process. The full-color
capability, an easy-to-use, quiet, office-friendly design, combined with high-performance composite materials, makes ZPrinter 450 the fastest, most cost-effective 3D printer available today for rapid prototyping.
This manual will instruct you on how to take care of your printer and give you an introduction to 3D Printing.
In addition, you can find information about 3D printing and its many applications and techniques on our
3DP User Group Website at www.3dpuser.com. This Website is tailored to both beginner and advanced
customers. We recommend that you register immediately to receive free, unlimited access to this excellent
1.1 New Features
Automated Powder Loading/Removal/Recycling
Quick-Load Binder Cartridge
New, Single Print Head Color Technology
Expanded On-Printer Controls
Automatic Powder Removal
Integrated Fine-Powder Removal Chamber
Full-Color Capability
1.2 Specifications
Printer Dimensions and Type
With top cover closed: 48” wide x 31” deep x 55”
high. (122cm wide x 79cm deep x 140cm high)
With top cover open: 48” wide x 31” deep x 72.3”
high. (122cm wide x 79cm deep x 183cm high)
Floor standing model on four casters. The front two
casters are lockable.
Full color capability; Color Shell Thickness =.025”.
Integrated powder removal and vacuum units.
Printer Weight
425 lbs., 193 kgs.
Workstation Compatibility
Windows® 2000 Professional; Windows XP® Professional; Windows Vista™ 32-bit.
Network Connectivity
TCP/IP 100/10 Base T.
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