2013 World Radio TV Handbook 2013 Super

2013 World Radio TV Handbook 2013 Super
Larry Van Horn, New Products Editor
2013 World Radio TV
The New Year brings
many things to radio hobbyists, including new
goals for a successful DX
season. Ultimately, listeners always welcome
the new edition of World
Radio TV Handbook
(WRTH), a stalwart in
the industry for 67 years.
This year’s edition is no exception, as WRTH
continues their reputation as a comprehensive
reference book for broadcast radio hobbyists.
The 2013 edition begins with a receiver
review on the Newstar DR 111. This small and
capable SDR (software-defined radio) continues
to gain interest, and review leaves little doubt
that high performance is now available at very
affordable prices. The world of Internet radio
continues to expand and WRTH reviews the best
of the year in this category, the Roberts Stream
83i. This year’s WRTH reviews also include a
look back at classic DSP receivers.
The features section begins with Children’s
Radio Foundation (CRF), a non-profit organization in Cape Town. CRF provides tools and skills
to make the voices of African youths, an outlet
to tell their stories.
With the absence of broadcasting in the
Netherlands Antilles, and unfortunately a
decrease in tropical band stations, resourceful
DXers have shifted to medium wave and FM
transmissions. Listening on Curaçao, by DXer
Max van Arnhem, reflects on the political and
radio changes in the small island of Curaçao.
Digital Update revises the annual round-up
of what has occurred in the world of digital radio
and TV during last year.
Freelance writer Hans Johnson explains
why newly-founded clandestine station Khmer
Post Radio has chosen to send their message via
shortwave radio.
George Jacobs updates his annual HF
Broadcasting Reception Conditions Expected
during 2013, with a prediction of improved
grade of service for the worldwide HF listening
The national radio section of the WRTH
includes domestic radio stations which broadcast to a national listening audience on medium
wave, shortwave and FM. Listings are arranged
by country and include frequencies, transmitters, power, contact information and website if
The international radio section contains
stations broadcasting to an international audience. Similar to the latter, this section includes
frequencies, transmitters, power, contact information and website.
Clandestine and other target broadcasts
are stations broadcasting politically motivated
programming, or those targeted at zones of local
or regional conflicts. A one-page listing cross
reference of religious broadcasters closes this
The by-frequency list covers medium wave,
shortwave, DRM, and a by-hour listing of multilingual international and DRM broadcasters,
plus an update on terrestrial television. Closing
out this year’s edition is an extensive reference
section of global transmitting sites, radio clubs,
standard time and frequency stations, and selected Internet Resources.
The World Radio TV Handbook 2013 is the
ultimate directory of global broadcasting aimed
at its worldwide radio and broadcast audience.
WRTH continues their tradition of producing the
very best, most comprehensive and authoritative
radio reference book in the marketplace.
World Radio TV Handbook (BOK 03-13) is
available from Grove Enterprises www.groveent.com for $30 plus shipping and handling. For
orders call 1-800-438-8155 or email order@
grove-ent.com Address: Grove Enterprises,
7540 Highway 64 West, Brasstown, NC 28902
USA. - Gayle Van Horn W4GVH.
2013 Super Frequency
List on CD
Joerg Klingenfuss has released the 2013
edition of his
popular Super
Frequency List
on CD. This is
the only CD that
includes all shortwave broadcast
stations worldwide, all HF utility stations from 0 to 30 MHz,
and hundreds of digital data decoder screen shots
from stations around the world.
The shortwave broadcast database includes
6,351 entries with the latest schedules of all clandestine, domestic and international broadcasting
services on shortwave.
The utility database includes 7,597 special
frequencies from his 2013/2014 Guide to Utility Radio Stations. This database also includes
930 abbreviations and 22,699 formerly active
This compact disk is designed to operate
on PCs with the Windows OS. You can either
browse or search this CD in milliseconds for specific frequencies, countries, stations, languages,
call signs, and times as well.
This Klingenfuss CD-ROM is available
from Grove Enterprises for $35 plus shipping
and handling at the website/address mentioned
Sangean Releases a
New Stereo Headphone
Sangean America, Inc. recently announced
release of their new EU-55 full size stereo headphones. The new
EU-55 is designed
for spectacular highs
and lows, has a soft
cushion headband
and adjustable full
size ear cups to ensure comfortable
listening for hours on end.
A pair of powerful dynamic voice coils
in the EU-55 are to provide rich and balanced
full-range sound from your favorite music,
podcasts and audio books. Delivering strong
bass response with a low end reaching to 20Hz
and a lightweight, but sturdy Mylar diaphragm
for reduced headphone weight, the EU-55 is the
perfect companion for listening to your music
on the go.
The high density compressed ear cups allow for comfortable listening, long-term wear,
and superior passive noise isolation. You can
block out the outside world for hours with the
supra-aural (on-ear) ear cups that feature plush,
comfortable leatherette material to reduce pressure and ear fatigue during extended periods of
These headphones also feature an adjustable soft cushion and flexible headband, and a
tangle resistant cable.
Driver Design
Voice Coil
Driver Components Mylar diaphragm, CCAW voice coil,
NdFeB magnet
Driver Diameter 40mm
Rated Power
30 mW (0.98V)
Maximum Power
100 mW (1.79V)
Frequency Response 20Hz– 20kHz
Sensitivity 113db +/- 3db @ 1mW
32 ohms
Input Connections 3.5mm
Weight 4.3 oz
7.56-inches (L) by 6.38-inches (W)
by 2.68-inches (H)
The Sangean EU-55 retails for $40 and is
available at many retail outlets including Amazon.com.
Etón Solarlink FR600B
The Etón Solarlink FR600 does more than
keep you connected. This self-powered all-band
radio boasts an impressive list of features that
include AM/FM and shortwave radio reception,
all seven NOAA weather band channels as well
as Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E)
for location based weather alerts specific to the
area the user is currently in.
March 2013
Added features include an easy to read
digital display, hand-crank power generator,
solar power, rechargeable Ni-MH batteries,
built-in flashlight, flashing red LED light as well
as built-in USB cell phone and MP3 charging
The built-in rechargeable battery pack can
be charged from the integrated dynamo hand
crank, or from an optional USB adapter. An
array of water resistant, shatterproof, high performance glass encapsulated amorphous solar
cells can also run the Solarlink FR600. They are
efficient enough to power the unit under direct
sunlight. These multiple power supplies can
also be used to recharge cell phones via USB
charging cable (not included).
The Etón Solarlink FR600 is designed for
rugged outdoor use, and is ready to operate with
no additional plugs or wires needed. Its clever
case design protects the analog controls from
damage, while rubber gaskets and plugs help
keep moisture out of the unit.
The wide LCD display shows both main/
sub receiver settings in an easy-to-read symmetric side-by-side layout. The controller provides separate tuning, volume, squelch knobs
and function buttons for the left (Main) and
right (Sub) receivers. The LCD backlit color is
selectable between amber and green for your
The optional UT-118 D-STAR digital unit
and UT-122 P25 digital unit provide the latest
digital mode reception.
With Icom’s Dynamic Memory Scan
(DMS), you have a versatile memory channel
management system at your command. The 1000
memory channels can be arranged by service or
personal preference in the 21 memory banks.
Selectively link the channels together to scan
depending on your needs. Programming the
memory channels and six character memory
names is simple with your PC.
Other features include:
• Weather alert function (U.S.A. and Canada versions
• Optional DSP capability with UT-106
• VSC (Voice Squelch Control) ignores unmodulated signals
or heterodynes
• IF filter selection for changing IF filter width
• Noise blanker eliminates pulse type noise (SSB, CW,
AM mode only)
• AFC function automatically follows an FM signal when
the signal’s frequency drifts BW: 6-kHz or 15-kHz
• IF shift function (SSB, CW mode only)
• 30 min – 2 hour auto power off timer
• Fast/slow AGC setting
• Short/long squelch delay
• CTCSS/DTCS tones and duplex mode operation for
monitoring a repeater
• RF attenuator attenuates 20dB (approx.) below 1300MHz
• All IC-PCR2500 functions are available when connected
to a PC
• Cloning function allows you to read/write memory contents from your PC. Sharing data with IC-PCR2500
is also possible.
Product Features
• AM (520-1700 kHz), FM (88-108 MHz), SW (580012200 kHz) and all seven channels of NOAA
weather radio.
• Digital display with LED illuminated backlit
• Digital clock function with alarm snooze
• Power from the AC via USB adapter (not included) and
solar power which charges the unit’s Ni-MH battery
• USB cell phone charger (USB cable not included)
• Connectors with rubber gaskets/plugs to seal out moisture
• Dimensions: 7.75-inches (196.9 mm) by 8.5-inches
(215.9 mm) by 2.5-inches (63.5 mm) (W x H x D)
Weight: 1.9 lbs. (0.86 kg)
The Etón Solarlink FR600 retails for $100
and is available from a wide variety of merchandisers nationwide.
Icom R-2500 Dual
Watch, Digital Mode,
Diversity Black Box
This unit has now been discontinued by Icom,
but Grove Enterprises still has a few units available at $880 plus shipping and handling. Order
soon before their inventory is sold out.
If you are looking for a wideband mobile rig
black box receiver then the Icom R-2500 might
be the answer.
The IC-R2500 has dual watch receive (two
antennas are required) capability which allows
you to receive two bands simultaneously. It covers a whopping 0.01 to 3299.999 MHz in AM,
FM, WFM, SSB, CW, DV (optional UT-118
required) and P25 (optional UT-122 required)
modes on the main receiver, while the subreceiver covers 50–1300MHz in AM, FM and
WFM modes.
The diversity receive mode is useful for mobile operation where the received signal changes
continuously. It compares the signal strength
and chooses the antenna with the better signal
to maintain good sound and receive quality.
The Care and Feeding of
Transmission Lines
Courtesy: Icom America
March 2013
Transmission lines are an integral part of
the art of radio. Designed to carry RF power
over short to medium distances with minimal
loss, properly selected and installed transmission
lines can be as important as radio equipment and
antennas for a station’s
The Care and
Feeding of Transmission Lines by Joe R.
Hallas W1ZR, is a radio amateur’s guide to
understanding transmission lines. It includes an introduction
to the various types of
transmission lines, key parameters of coaxial
cable and balanced line types, as well as the
different types of connectors. With this book,
you’ll learn how to select the most appropriate
transmission line for an application, how to
install it, and maintenance techniques to help
extend the useful life of the line.
Contents include:
• What is a Transmission Line and Why Do We Need One?
• What are the Types of Transmission Lines and Why So
• Let’s Examine Coaxial Transmission Line
• Other Types of Unbalanced Line
• Let’s Examine Balanced Transmission Line
• Transmission Line Interconnections
• Determining Which Line is Best Suited for a Particular
• Application and Installation Notes
• Transmission Line Care and Maintenance
This soft cover, 112 pages, ARRL published
book retails for $28.00.
Antenna Modeling for
Over the last decade, computerized antenna
modeling has advanced greatly with inexpensive
and even free modeling software now available.
Modeling, a powerful tool in amateur radio, can
help you design antennas and optimize their
Antenna Modeling for Beginners is an
introductory guide to using modeling software
for designing
and evaluating
antennas. It provides a detailed
introduction to
EZNEC, the
most popular antenna modeling
program used by
radio amateurs
today. With this
book, you’ll set
up basic modeling software,
evaluate and adjust pre-designed models, and
create your own models. Step-by-step exercises and explanations will familiarize you with
important functions and procedures along the
way. As you progress, you’ll discover antenna
modeling is simple to learn and use!
Material in this book includes:
• Test Drive of EZNEC
• Patterns and Tables
• Building a Model – From the Dipole to Inverted V
• Modifying a Model
• Building a Model – Adding Ground
• Building a Model – VHF Vertical Ground-plane
• Building a Model – Design Examples
• Developing Reliable Models
• Testing the Model and a whole lot more.
This 176 page soft covered book from the
ARRL retails for $39. The two books mentioned
above are both available from the ARRL, 225
Main Street, Newington, Connecticut 061111494, toll free 1-860-594-0200/ Fax:1-860-5940259 or via their website at www.arrl.org.
Books and equipment for announcement or review
should be sent to What’s New, c/o Monitoring Times, 7540
Highway 64 West, Brasstown, NC 28902. Press releases
may be faxed to 828-837-2216 or emailed to Larry Van
Horn, larryvanhorn@monitoringtimes.com.
When ordering or inquiring about the products
mentioned in this column, be sure to tell them that you saw
it in the pages of Monitoring Times magazine.
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