Question and answer list of problems with the O3

Question and answer list of problems with the O3
Question and answer list of problems with the O3
Please make sure that you always have installed the latest software, which you can download at:
Q: is there also a more practical instruction manual only focused on installation of the device and
providing the ABPM report?
A: Yes there is a step-by-step hand-out that you can download with the following link:
Q: Why does the device not connect with my PC when I link the device to my PC with a USB cable?
A: Unplug the USB and plug in again, then execute the program to see if it works. If it does not work
then try to connect the device with another USB port on your PC. If the problem still exists then the
USB cable might be broken. If you have another cable please try to connect again. If the problem
remains or you do not have another cable, please contact Microlife.
Q: I downloaded the latest version. How come I still cannot install the driver software for the
A: It might be that you need to install the software as “administrator”. Go to the downloaded
WatchBP O3 analyzer software, right click on the file and go to "Run As Administrator" then follow
the instruction of the installation process.
It could also be that you have not removed a previous version from your computer. To do this you
need to uninstall the old software first: ( go to Start * Settings * Control Panel *Add or Remove
Programs * select the WatchBP O3 software and uninstall it). Then you can install the latest version.
Q: Why can I not save the patient data?
A: Some hospitals do not allow to store data on local PC’s. If you work at a hospital please contact
the ICT support from your hospital. If you do not work in the hospital, please check if the data are not
saved at another map. The software always saved the report where it was saved the last time.
Q. The ABPM device did not take any blood pressure measurement after sending away the patient.
A: You probably have forgotten to put the device in “Ambulatory mode” before sending away the
patient. If the device is in casual mode it does not automatically perform blood pressure
measurements. Please notice always to put the device in “Ambulatory mode” for 24-hour blood
pressure measurement!
Q: Why does Error 4 shows up when I try to save a PDF report.
A: Error 4 is a Software related error, there could be more than one reason for this:
1) You are using an old PDF version. Please install the latest PDF reader version at
2) You have two versions installed of the WatchBP O3 Analyser software of two different
languages (e.g. French and English). You need to uninstall one version.
If the problem is not solved by reinstallation of Adobe reader and/or the O3 analyzer software,
please do the following procedure:
a) Uninstall the WatchBP O3 Software completely from the computer (Start * Settings *Control
Panel *Add or Remove Programs * select the WatchBP O3 software and uninstall it.
b) Go to C: search for the “Microlife” folder. Rename it to “Microlife xyz”. (If you have used the
device before this Microlife folder contains already stored patient data, do not delete it!)
c) Install the latest PDF reader version
d) Download the latest WatchBP O3 Analyser software from our website and install it.
e) Try again to save a PDF report.
f) If it works and saves the patient data properly then go to C: again and rename the new
”Microlife” folder to “Microlife abc”
g) Remove the characters “xyz” (characters only) from the previous named “Microlife xyz”
1) Try again to store a PDF, if it works the problem is solved (you can delete the “Microlife abc”
folder then). Otherwise, please contact the Microlife.
Q: Why does the Report and/ or device show one of the following errors?
A: «Er 1»: The pulse signals on the cuff are too weak. This is most likely related to wrong positioning
of the cuff. Please remove the cuff and make sure that it is positioned correctly
«Er 2» :Error signal During the measurement, error signals were detected by the cuff, caused for
instance by movement or muscle tension. For this reason it is very important to carefully instruct the
patient that the arm should be kept still during measurement
«Er 3»: An adequate pressure cannot be generated in the cuff. Either a leakage in the cuff may be the
cause or the battery does not generate enough power. Change the cuff and /or battery and repeat
the measurement.
«Er 4» Please look at previous answer related to error 4
«Er 5» Abnormal result, the measuring signals are inaccurate and no result can therefore be
displayed. If this continues, please contact Microlife.
Q the patient is complaining that the cuff inflates too high so that the arm hurts, is there anything I
can do about this?
A: Check under “Ambulatory settings” in the software if “highest deflation pressure” has been
disabled, as shown on the picture below. Please enable this setting and set a maximum value related
to the patient to avoid uncomfortable high pumping for the patient*.
* Please notice that high inflation can also be caused by inappropriate positioning of the cuff or
because the patient moves his/her arm during BP measurement. Finally, if a patient has high blood
pressure it cannot be prevented to inflate high.
Q: When we click on the Save to Excel tab - it doesn't follow the usual pattern, what is the reason
for this.
A: The software reminds the latest map where you saved the Excel file. It could be that the reports
are saved at another map then you expect.
Q: How come the Excel /PDF report does not report the "awake" OR “nighttime” readings
A: Before you print the file have you need to fill out the "real awake time". This is most likely not
properly done.
Please verify in above interface.
Q: When I download readings from the WatchBP 03 24 hour monitor – on the screen it shows the
average 24 hour blood pressure reading, however, when saved and printed off, the average
reading is often just slightly different, how is this possible.
A: The average on the LCD screen is the regular average which is calculated from all the readings. E.g.
the average readings are 136/92/77 (Sys/Dia/Pulse) whereas the average in the pdf report is
134/90/76. This is because the LCD screen shows the average of all readings, whereas the PDF report
provide the hourly average. The hourly average is calculated from the averages of each hour first,
then these hourly averages of 24 hours are averaged. The hourly average is recommended by the
guidelines so that similar weight is given to every hour of the ABPM.
Q: I cannot make a PDF report
A: please make sure you have installed (the latest) PDF software
Q: I cannot make an Excel report
A: Please check if you have installed MS Excel on your computer. If you do not have Excel, please
notice that the software is also compatible with “Open Office”.
Q: what do all the terms in the report mean (e.g. dipper, hourly average, pulse pressure etc)?
A: for explanation, please download the “additional manual”
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