instructions - mini drone

instructions - mini drone
Mini Lego Drone Kit Instructions
Getting Started
Kit Includes:
Motor Set
Propeller Set
LiPo battery
1) Check your parts list.
2) Read through the instructions.
3) Gather your tools.
4) Start charging your LiPo battery.
5) Build your Lego frame.
6) Solder motors to receiver.
7) Attach electronics to frame.
8) Attach charged battery.
9) Plug in, turn on and FLY!
Tools Needed:
Lego pack
3xAAA Batteries
Charging Cable
Soldering iron and
Mini Lego Drone Kit Instructions
Start by building the Lego frame. We’ve given
you enough Legos for the recommended and
lightest frame we could think up. But, once you
try this out, test out your own Legos and
Lego Frame Build
Approximate weight = 22g
Mini Lego Drone Kit Instructions
You’ll find a variety of Lego colors in
your pack. We’ve designed this drone
frame to be light and simple! The
lighter the drone, the longer it will fly!
We recommend gluing the bricks of
your frame to prevent breaks during
rough landings.
Mini Lego Drone Kit Instructions
Get Ready to Solder!
You will need to solder each of the 4 motors (c)
to the receiver board (b). Motor location on
the board matters because 1 set of motors spin
in the clockwise (CW) direction and 1 set of
motors spin in the counterclockwise (CCW)
direction. You can tell the difference based on
wire colors.
Use a helping hand to hold the receiver board
while you solder. Start with the wire on the
board facing away from you and the solder
joints facing ”up”. You can tell the solder joints
for the motors as they read “M+” and ”M-” in
each of the corners.
Helping Hand
Mini Lego Drone Kit Instructions
You may receive a blue or a green receiver
board. They both pair with your controller and
work with your motors. The green board has a
longer battery wire.
Solder one motor (black and white wires) to the
upper right motor location on the board. You
will see a positive (M+) and negative (M-)
terminal. Solder the BLACK wire to the (M-)
terminal and the WHITE wire to the (M+)
terminal as shown. Repeat this step for the
bottom left motor arm.
Solder another motor (blue and red wires) to
the upper left location on the board. You will
see a positive (M+) and negative (M-) terminal.
Solder the BLUE wire to the (M-) terminal and
the RED wire to the (M+) terminal as shown.
Repeat this step for the bottom right motor arm.
Wiring Diagram
Here is the complete wiring diagram for the
motor locations. The same pattern fits both the
blue or green receiver board.
Mini Lego Drone Kit Instructions
Secure receiver board (b) to top of Lego
frame with 2 rubber bands (or some
double-sided adhesive). Angle it so motors
point along each arm. The board
components should be on “top” as shown.
Secure the battery to the bottom of the
Lego frame with rubber bands (or some
double-sided adhesive) used for the board
Mini Lego Drone Kit Instructions
Secure each motor to the Lego frame arm
with a zip tie as shown. Do this 4 times
for each motor on each arm.
Trim zip tie tail
Firmly press propeller down on to motor
spike. It should sit snugly against the
motor. There are two different propeller
blade directions and they are DIFFICULT
to tell apart! One set will go on the
black/white motors and the other set
on the blue/red motors.
Mini Lego Drone Kit Instructions
Charging Battery
Charge battery by plugging JST
connector from Lipo battery to JST/USB
cable (of note, your USB charger may
not have a “cable” just a USB to JST as
pictured with the computer below). We
recommend charging the battery prior to
your first flight. You can charge the
battery while it’s attached to the drone
as well.
The end of the battery has a male JST
type connector that fits with the female
JST type connector on the receiver
board. They fit together as shown.
When you plug the battery into the
receiver board, 2 LEDs located on the
board will light up.
Mini Lego Drone Kit Instructions
Turning On
1. Plug in your battery (e) to your
receiver board (b).
2. Set on a level surface to ensure
internal accelerometer is level.
3. Turn on controller. You will hear a
“beep” when the controller and
receiver are paired.
4. Test joysticks to make each
propeller rotate.
5. Slowly engage all 4 motors and
work on controlling movement
and lift.
6. FLY!
7. Watch out for fast spinning
propeller blades, they’re sharp!
Mini Drone Kit Instructions
Remote Control
2 Modes: Low (40%), High (100%)
Press power supply indicators until you hear a “di”
= low mode
Press power supply until you hear a “di, di” = high
Mini Drone Kit Instructions
You have now completed a
Kitables Kit! If you have
questions, check out our FAQ
at or email us at
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