Nautilus On Demand Recorded Training

Nautilus On Demand Recorded Training
Nautilus On Demand Recorded Training
Thick Client Modules
Nautilus Thick Client - Module 1 Overview/Terminology
Introduction and Life Cycle of a Document
Nautilus Architecture - Disk Groups, Data Base
Nautilus Terminology
Document Organization - Document Type Groups, Document Types, Keywords
Logging In/Out of Nautilus
Nautilus Web Client Screen Navigation
Search and Results Criteria
System Demonstration - Navigating and retrieving a document
Retrieving Multiple Documents
Page Configuration & Document Sizing
Retrieving Using Date Options
Nautilus Thick Client - Module 2 Retrieving Documents - Basic
Introduction and Search Criteria Options Review
Retrieve Documents using Wildcard Searches
System Demonstration
Nautilus Screen Overview for Document Retrieval
Retrieving using Date Options
Multiple Document Searches
Wildcard Searches
Keyword Drop Down Lists
Keyword Data Sets
Nautilus Thick Client - Module 3 Retrieving Documents - Advanced
Introduction and Search Criteria Options Review
Multiple Keyword, Binary & Comparatives Searches
Text & Note Search
System Demonstration
Default Date Search
Customize Nautilus Client
Multiple Keywords and Keyword Ranges
Text Tab, Wildcard, Number Searches
Text Search Toolbar
Note Tab Search,
Text Reports
Nautilus On Demand – Thick Client Modules
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Nautilus Thick Client - Module 4 Working With Documents
Introduction, Document Viewer and Toolbars Overview
Image Documents Toolbars
Viewer Control Toolbar
Notes Toolbar, Notes List and Working with Notes
Annotations and Redaction Toolbars
Text Search Toolbar
Column Search
Column/Row Locking
Notes Toolbar
Thumbnails and Pages Toolbar Options
Auto Scroll
Showing Note Icons on Documents
Reuse Zoom Region
Rubber band Zoom
Nautilus Thick Client - Module 5 Right-click Options
Introduction & Overview of Right-click Options for Text and Image Documents
Right-click for Image & Text Documents
Document History and Filter Items
Send To
Delete Document
Delete/Reorder Pages
Toolbars, Navigate, Display
Show Folder Locations
Previous/Next Document
Right-click for Text Documents
Select Method
Text Search
Text Lock
Change Font
Show Folder Location
Nautilus Thick Client - Module 6 Custom Queries
Custom Query Overview
Retrieving Document(s) using Custom Queries
Opening Multiple Documents with Custom Queries
Customizing Toolbar with Query Icon
Nautilus On Demand – Thick Client Modules
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Nautilus Thick Client - Module 7 Folders
Introduction to Folders
Accessing Folders & Folders Overview
Add to Favorites
Retrieving Documents using Folders
Review the Folders Screens & How Folders Work
Managing the Folders Screen
Using the Find Folder Option
Right-click Options
Nautilus Thick Client - Module 8 Highlights & Annotations
Introduction to Highlights & Annotations (A/.H’s)
Reviewing A/H’s on a Document
Navigating A/H’s
Activating the A/H Toolbar
Adding an A/H
Deleting an A/H
Accessing an A/H on a Document
Setting the Auto-hide Option
Adding a Highlight with a Note
Redaction Amount
Printing a A/H
Privacy and Right-click Options
Black/White Redaction
Annotation, Highlight & Redaction Review
Nautilus Thick Client - Module 9 Notes
Introduction to Notes
Adding a Note
Viewing a Note
Auto-hide a Note
Note Privacy Options
Viewing a Note (Note List Toolbar, View Note Icon, Right-click)
Deleting a Note
Nautilus Thick Client - Module 10 Staples
Staples Overview
Adding a Staple/Connecting a Document
Viewing a Staple/Connected Document
Saving a Staple Position
Unobstruct Viewing
Adding Privacy Options
Deleting a Staple
Searching for a Staple
Viewing Staples (Status bar, Toolbar Icon, Right-click)
Nautilus Thick Client - Module 11 Cross-Reference
Introduction to Cross-Reference
Text Document Right Click Options
Nautilus On Demand – Thick Client Modules
Page 3
Image Documents Right Click Options
Review Double Click for Text and Image Documents
Benefits of Cross-Referencing
Nautilus Thick Client - Module 12 Envelopes
Introduction to Envelopes
Envelopes Demo
Assigning User Privileges
Adding Docs to an Envelope using Right Click
Creating a New Envelope and Adding Docs
Reviewing Docs in an Envelope
Removing Docs from an Envelope
Deleting an Envelope
Sharing Envelopes
Nautilus Thick Client - Module 13 Toolbars & User Options
Toolbar & User Options Overview
Customizing the Main Toolbar
Text Search Toolbar
Annotation Toolbar
Markup Toolbar
Change Password
User Options – General Tab
User Options – Startup Tab
User Options – Document Tab
User Options –Retrieval Tab
Nautilus Thick Client - Module 14 Internal Mail
Internal Mail Overview
Sending Internal Mail
Accessing Internal Mail Inbox
Attaching Document(s) to Internal Mail
Opening an Attachment and Mail Options
Launching Inbox at Login
Nautilus On Demand – Thick Client Modules
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