Automatic Powder Finishing - IPS

Automatic Powder Finishing - IPS
Industrial Solutions
Automatic Powder Finishing
Efficient and economical
Flexible and user friendly
Customized solutions
The Powder Cycle
Coating powder is best conveyed to the sprayguns if it is fluidized first. This is done in the Powder Feed Center, whose
suction system submerges into the container and ads fluidizing air to the powder. The container is placed on a special
shaker table. As soon as it begins to vibrate a homogenous powder-air mixture forms.
During the normal coating process powder is consumed. This leads to a lowering of the powder level inside the container.
A probe measures the level and lowers the suction system when required in order to ensure a continuous powder flow.
If the powder level is low, an alarm is triggered.
Depending on the type of powder feed center, the consumption of coating powder is compensated either automatically
or by manually adding fresh powder into the container.
The fluidized powder is fed by the suction system from the container to the injectors and finally to the sprayguns by
means of fluidizing air. The amount of powder that flows to the guns can be increased by applying more feeding air.
The addition of dosage air increases the powder flow.
If the feeding air is turned off and the dosage air is opened completely, the powder supply to the guns stops, while the
powder hose will be flushed with air. As soon as the feeding air is turned on and the dosage air is set to a normal level,
the powder starts flowing again.
[set value]
Inlet air
AFC control - constant
quality on recipe
Comparison value
[actual value]
Outlet air
WAGNER Air Flow Control (AFC) means
precise powder control and thus optimal
coating results. In addition, WAGNER
units have a closed-loop control, which
continuously measures and corrects the
air pressure if necessary. This ensures
consistent values.
Depending on the application, Tribo or Corona sprayguns are used for industrial powder coating. The powder particles
are charged inside the gun and then applied evenly to the object to be coated.
Different shapes and objects like wire goods, gratings or aluminum cross sections require different powder clouds for
high quality coating. This is why sprayguns must be able to be equipped with a great variety of nozzle systems, such as
deflector cones and fan spray nozzles.
A considerable amount of powder does not stick to the object during the coating process. The so called overspray is
sucked from the spray booth through the exhaust air conduct and conveyed to the cyclone.
The cyclone sets the powder-air mixture in rotation. This creates centrifugal forces which push the powder particles
outwards onto the cyclone walls. The powder subsequently slides onto the screen surface of the screening unit, where
coarse impurities are held back. By means of a peristaltic conveyor, the recycled powder is supplied back to the container in
the powder feed center.
To regulate the complex workflow within a powder system, several types of controls can be applied. Due to special coating
requirements of the customer, there is an increased demand for customer specific systems. Systems need to be flexible
and modular. WAGNER offers a wide range of modular control systems that guarantee the perfect control technology for
each customer.
Modern Powder Logistics
WAGNER SuperCenter the neat and clean solution
The new WAGNER SuperCenter is benchmark and trendsetter for
powder supply logistics equipment. Our product philosophy
combines high coating quality, reduction of time, process reliability
and cost monitoring. Clean and easy to use, the new SuperCenter
fulfills the demands of the modern workplace and ensures
constant and high quality coating results.
Monitoring of color change and
powder consumption!
Increased transfer rates (application efficiency) in combination
with an optimized electrostatic for higher profitability.
Process optimized FlexNozzle flat jet atomizing system for the
widest variety of coating demands in practical applications.
Homogenized and soft powder cloud for more uniform film
thicknesses and optimized deposition of powder on the workpiece. Advantageous for applications that require long hose
High quality application with metallic and special effects powder
inclucing UDS powder paints.
Infinite jet spray control for a perfect adjustment to all surface
Newly developed round jet nozzle system with oval and soft
powder cloud.
Technical Data
2150 mm, 85 in
2100 mm, 83 in
1330/1500 mm, 51/59 in
500 kg, 1102 lb
220 V, 50/60 Hz
1”, 6-8 bar, 23.2 PSI
Exhaust connection
To final filter, duct diameter 280 mm, 11.02 in
Max. number of guns
Available operation modes:
Typ of powder pumps
PI-F1 or HiCoat-ED
Powder supply
Fluidized container, max. 5 kg powder
amount, inspection possible
Standard coating including fresh powder supply
Short batch coating without fresh powder supply
n Manual operation
n Spray to waste or spray to recovery
n Automatic change from spray to waste to recovery with
selectable delaytime
n Set-up mode
n Powder output measurement function
n Color change, automatic process with on-screen dialogue
to the operater
Fresh powder supply
Integrated, feeding with IP5000 out
of 20 kg/44.09 lb powder box
High resolution 8” Color touchscreen
Powder consumption
data download
USB interface, clear text format,
editing with MS-Excel®
The color change multi-talent!
Automatic powder box changing –
complete without down time!
Superior finishing quality by PI-F1
or HiCoat-ED powder pumps
Available operation modes:
Standard coating including fresh powder supply
Short batch coating without fresh powder supply
n Manual operation
n Spray to waste and spray to recovery
n Automatic change from spray to waste to recovery with
selectable delaytime
n Set-up mode
n Powder output measurement function
n Color change, automatic process with on-screen dialogue
to the operator
Pumps and feed hoppers are
visible and automatically cleaned.
Fast Color Change
Comfort Powder Center
The comfort powder center is the core of the powder supply for
a color-change system. It is designed for supplying up to 27 spray
guns. Powder can be fed directly from the powder box or, if the
coating requirement is very high, a fluid container.
A range of variants and accessories make it possible to adapt the
system to individual requirements. The basic system can be
equipped with a fresh IP 5000 powder supply unit. An ultrasound
sieve can be integrated to meet very high quality demands.
Various blow-out devices can be installed for rapid color change.
Product Description:
The Comfort Powder Center can supply powder to up to
27 spray guns. A fresh powder supply unit ensures that
operation is not interrupted. Various blow-out devices
facilitate a rapid color change.
Special Advantages:
Supplies up to 27 powder injectors from the box
High overall delivery rate, even in large systems
n Integrated automatic pulse flush modules for suction pipes,
injectors, powder hoses and peristaltic conveyor unit
Rapid color change
n Touchscreen control panel for all functions
Simple, self-explanatory operation
n Bidirectional level-controlled reciprocator
Constant immersion depth of suction pipe ensures
continuous powder output
n Integrated fresh powder pump IP 5000
High delivery rate, automatic cleaning program
Vibration motor power
190 W
Min. compressed air hose cross section
25,40 mm, 1 in
Air inlet pressure
0,6 – 0,8 MPa, 6,0 – 8,0 bar,
87 – 116 PSI
Three-phase current connection
220–240 / 380–420 V at 50 Hz
Air consumption
25 Nm³/h
1500 mm, 59.1 in
3000 mm, 118.1 in
1650 mm, 65.0 in
Processable Materials:
Corona powder
Tribo powder
n Commercially available metallic powders
The WAGNER PrimaCenter fulfills all requirements of a basic color
change system. Fast color changes due to partly automated
processes significantly reduce down times.
The PrimaCenter offers sturdy engineering and easy handling.
All components are visible, which allows an easy control of all
functions. The sturdy design allows the integration of the
PrimaCenter powder center into systems with limited space.
PrimaCenter is the most easy way to fast color changes.
Product Description:
The PrimaCenter can accommodate up to 12 powder
injectors. It is designed for the powder supply in the
color change system and allows a simple color change
through partially automated cleaning procedures.
Special Advantages:
Robust, compact design with space-saving construction
n Delivery from the fluid container giving high-quality coating results
n No power connection required
n Few control elements for easy operation
n Container lid with lid suction allows minimal dust formation
Included Items:
PrimaCenter case with attached controller
n Pneumatic reciprocator with injector socket
n 12 suction systems; suction systems that are not required
can be removed and used as a spare part
n Spring-loaded weighing system for use as level sensor
n Pneumatic slide for opening/closing the exhaust air
n Without powder container (3918797)
Min. compressed air hose cross section
25,40 mm, 1 in
Air inlet pressure
0,6 – 0,8 MPa, 6,0 – 8,0 bar,
87 – 116 PSI
Air consumption
25 Nm³/h
800 mm, 31.5 in
2216 mm, 87.2 in
800 mm, 31.5 in
Modular Control Systems
ProfiTech M
The ProfiTech M control system is a standardized
industrial control system with comprehensive
standard functions.Numerous interfaces allow for
the system to be integrated into the overall production process. A secure communication fulfills
the industrial standards. The scope of function
extends from simple gun control to complex
movement technology with specific individual
functions for achieving a coating result that
fulfills the highest quality requirements and
efficient application. Different control and
monitoring functions allow for a reliable and
repeatable coating operation.
Color display and control software
Control cabinet
Product Description:
The ProfiTech M control system is configured from standardized
individual components based on the individual customer
needs. It generally consists of the master control module MCM
with a 10.4“ color touchscreen and integrated industrial control
and a small control cabinet as a central I/O interface, to which
the peripheral system components are connected. The guns are
controlled via the automatic gun control module EPG-S2 and
fully remote controlled by the system. The system stands out
due to its modular design and simple assembly and commissioning as well as the central control of the entire system from
the MCM which is mounted optimally, ergonomically and
logistically at the manual coater station. The comprehensive
scope of functions of the system leaves nothing to be desired;
so highly efficient coating systems with the best possible
coating results can be constructed. The operating concept was
optimized to the customers‘ needs and even allows complex
processes to be operated simply and with little training. The
price-performance ratio is extraordinarily high.
Easy to operate
All functions are controlled by a central display.
The user-friendly operating panel is notable
for its simple and accessible menu system. This
enables the user to master process-critical or
complex procedures such as color changes
intuitively. Frequently used functions are
available via a quick access facility.
Consistent quality
Up to 1000 coating parameter recipes can be
stored. Recipes can be stored and assigned
individual names in the recipe menu. This allows
coating processes to be clearly archived and
retrieved quickly. The recipes are managed in a
logical and organized folder structure.
Easy to understand
Overview of system status, icon/text buttons
and logical menu structure ensure reliable
process control.
WAGNER offers devices, equipment and systems for all areas of industrial
surface coating. Our innovative products and solutions stand out in terms
of their quality, efficiency and productivity.
With its ProfiTechM control system, WAGNER offers an ideal solution specially
designed for easy operation.
The user benefits from a control system tailored to their individual needs.
The user interface is designed according to the latest ergonomic principles
to ensure maximum operating and coating efficiency.
Spray gun control system
User-friendly visualization
Touch & twist control concept
Intuitive menu structure
Wide variety of functions that can be configured individually
Industrial panel PC with 10.4“ color touchscreen
Central, touch & twist
Our modular principle
Thanks to the flexible and perfectly
coordinated components, systems can
be designed and assembled to suit
individual requirements.
Outstanding technology
AFC technology with genuine closedloop control and comprehensive
functionality produces coating
results that meet the highest quality
No. of guns
No. of movement components
System configuration and parameters
Up to 32, Corona or Tribo
4 Vertical transfer carriages VU, 4 horizontal transfer carriages HU
Configuration wizard, interactive
5 user levels for different access rights
GER, ENG, F, IT, ESP, RUS, CHIN, other languages
Perfect coating results
Gun control system EPG S2
Movement control
1000 coating recipes
Maintenance interval display
Digital high-voltage generator max. 100 KW
Adjustable spray current limiter
3 cascade characteristic curves
Digital air flow control for all air flows
Vertical transfer carriages and vertical positioners Horizontal transfer carriages
Direct parameter transfer from current coating
Customized 3-tier directory structure
Data backup via USB interface
Guns, injectors, powder hose, vertical transfer devices, horizontal
transfer carriages
Advanced coating automization
Workpiece detection
Depth control
Automatic adjustment of powder volumes
3D workpiece contour height, depth, length
Dynamic gun spacing adjustment
According to feed speed
Powder saving thanks to reduction of overspray
Gap/height control
Depth control
Guns only spray in workpiece area
Dynamic gun spacing adjustment
Color change, quick and reliable
Interactive user prompting
Correct sequence, automatic processes, recording of color change duration
Energy saving functions
Vertical transfer device stop
Booth ECO mode
In workpiece gaps
(if equipped with frequency converter)
Convenience features
PC functions
Synchronized recipe retrieval
Remote control for booth switch cabinet
Internal logbook
Remote control
Remote maintenance
PDF Viewer
Code catching
On/off for fan, light, floor blow-out
Recording of operating states, downloadable via USB
LAN, WLAN remote system control, also controllable via tablet,
iPad or android (owner's responsibility)
Wagner Service
The modular concept for custom-designed electrostatic powder systems
PrimaTech CCM –
modular and user-friendly
PrimaTech CCM is the ideal foundation for intelligent and
effective serial production for the industrial production
enterprise. The easy-to-operate user interface enables
central and manual control of all system functions, from
powder discharge quantities and powder atomization up
to the charging of individual spray guns.
With its modular concept, PrimaTech CCM is guaranteed to
fit customers needs. The system can be upgraded at any
time to keep up with current production demands.
Important features:
Flexibility to Meet the Requirements
of Tomorrow
Numerous extension options based on state-of-the-art
modular technology
n Supports Tribo and Corona guns with the same module
Very User-Friendly
Easy operation of all functions
Function keys with self-explanatory symbols
n Visualization of the adjustment parameters through LED groups
for quick reference and LCD display for precise values
n 4 coating programs with direct and central access,
additional 46 programs at each gun control unit
Excellent Coating Results
AFC closed loop control and digital high voltage module is
technology at its highest
n 50 coating programs for reproducible results
Overview of Wagner Control Systems
Powder Technology is becoming increasingly complex. The requirements
set for individual systems and equipment precisely matched to the coating
task increase. Flexibility and extensibility are in demand, a development
which is supported and promoted by WAGNER’s consistent product policy.
Please choose the ideal system for your requirements. If you need further
assistance, please contact your WAGNER sales or service contact.
Moving Standalone
PrimaTech CCM +
ProfiTech M
4” Color touch screen
10.4” Color touch screen
Standard graphic
Buttons with Icons
Professional graphic
Modular System
Customized System
Central operation
Moving only
Gap control
Height control
Depth control
Moving control
Recipe operation
Operation data logging
Maintenance interval logging
Remote Control (Booth)
Manually, by recipes
Long/short stroke
In/out moving manual by
Long/short stroke
In/out moving manual
Long/short stroke
Height positioning
In/out moving
50 only moving
Store in touch screen
Call on touch screen
Store in EPG
Call from EPG
R1-4 call from CCM
Store/call on touch screen
Remote call
Copy function for creation
Detecting, recording, controlling - gap and height control
Automatic pre- and post-spraying
Work piece detection as the parts pass through the powder booth form the basis of all control variants. Synchronization with the
speed of conveyance and light curtains mounted horizontally and vertically creates a silhouette of the work piece preventing the
guns from colliding with the part. With the use of simple time controllers the speed of the conveyor can be changed at any time
and the control parameters adjust automatically.
Detecting the parts means that the work piece’s position is known precisely, the point at which the guns are triggered can be
established with accuracy. Pre- and post-spraying of the work piece can also be set. The same applies when spraying above or
under the work piece.
Height control
Height control is used with a vertical gun arrangement to coat
parts of different heights. The stroke remains constant. The
operator is free to select the order and spacing between parts
of different heights. Powder guns which would spray past the
workpiece are not activated.
Gap control
This ensures that spraying is carried out only when
there is a workpiece in front of the spray guns. The
supply of powder is deactivated in the gaps.
One and two-way operation for reciprocator machines
The stroke speed can be entered as a constant or two different speeds can be set.
For example, one particular coating zone can be processed at a slower or faster
speed so that more or less powder is applied.
Automatic stroke height control
This is used together with reciprocator and gap/height control with a horizontal
gun arrangement. It offers significant advantages when workpieces with different
dimensions are to be finished as part of one coating order. The guns are activated/
deactivated during the up/down movement with a constant stroke such that
spraying only takes place near the workpiece. Reducing the amount of overspray
therefore reduces powder losses.
Light bar
Light bar
Light bar
ASR sine mode
ASR or automatic sine regulation is used for an even distribution of layer thickness
on two-dimensional parts. This guarantees that the entire workpiece surface is
covered evenly. The gap/height control module measures the current conveyor
speed. The reciprocator's controller takes the stroke height and speed of conveyance to calculate the optimum lifting and lowering speed and adapts this accordingly.
Motion Equipment
The latest motion equipment
from WAGNER!
With the latest motion equipment from WAGNER you are well
equipped for perfect coating results in automatic applications.
WAGNER’s motion unit can be used with both a long and short
stroke, allowing every individual motion process to be carried out
with precision. When combined with WAGNER’s horizontal sliding
table, a pre-set application distance from the work piece is
maintained optimizing the coating efficiency.
Maintenance-friendly and robust mechanical structure
Low-vibration movements
Ensures a precise and long-life route measurement with an
intelligent frequency inverter
WAGNER motion equipment
Dynamic coating!
Intelligent frequency inverters perform position regulation
with the highest precision. The central controller only sets the
general parameters, e.g. the reversal points or speed via a CAN
bus system. The route measurement via incremental encoder
instead of potentiometers ensures precision and longevity.
Motion equipment for all coating tasks
Electric motion machines
Electric motion machines are subject to permanent loading so reliability and the robustness of the stroke
mechanism are particularly important. The electronic controllers make state-of-the-art motion control
possible for precise application requirements and optimum surface quality.
When a range of work pieces are to be coated the intelligent motion equipment produces a better quality
finish with optimized powder consumption. The motion machines are controlled using the following concepts:
PrimaTech control system:
CCM Prima central control module and MCS1 reciprocator module
ProfiTech M control system:
MCM central control module with modern touch-and-twist operating concept
Sliding table
Axis technology
Short & long stroke
VU 1
Roller base 8
HU 1
Rotary axes
Direction of motion
Range of motion
Speed (max.)
100 mm - 3,000 mm
0 mm - 1,200 mm
0 mm - 1,600 mm
0° to 300°
30 m/min
6 m/min
30 m/min
30 m/min
Number of guns* (max.)
Gun arrangement
* WAGNER guns PEA-C4 or PEA-C4 XL 1.4
WAGNER motion control
Roller base RS8
Manual sliding unit to horizontally position reciprocators and
set the distance of the gun from the workpiece.
Sturdy U-profile frame
Floor plate with 4 flange wheels
MCS 1 controller
WAGNER supplies the new motion controller
MCS 1, which can control up to 2 reciprocators
VU1 and 2 sliding tables HU1.
It is used both as a standalone unit and in the
PrimaTech CCM network.
Up to 50 motion profiles can be stored and
quickly accessed. These include a motion
profile for cleaning the outsides of guns,
which is a great help when automaticallty
changing color.
Steel booths
Automatic stainless
steel booths
The Classic WAGNER Color Change Powder Booth System
is designed to be efficient, durable and affordable. It is
a totally self-contained system custom engineered to
improve operator performance and productivity while
enhancing coating quality.
The booth is custom designed with automatic spray stations
and manual spray stations specifically configured to meet
your coating requirements, fit in your designated space
and to complement your entire finishing line. Pretouch-up
or post-touch-up stations are also custom designed to fit
your needs.
The industry unique welded stainless steel with a catalyzed filler in the flat
seams is factory pre-assembled for fast and easy installation and built to last.
n Booth Enclosure
Stainless steel tunnel with clear plastic roof and side panels
for interior lighting, sloped entrance/exit vestibules, rigid flat
floor, self supporting slotted roof for conveyor hook.
Operator Spray Stations
2’-6” W x 5’-0” H opening
Automatic Gun Spray Stations
Custom designed slots, polyproylene vestibule
Operator Platforms
Staircase and safety handrails
Caster Base Assembly
For manually moving the booth on/off line
Fan Plenum Assembly
Fan housing and final filters
Integrated Booth Control Panel
480 V.3 Ph/60 Hz wiring
Booth Fluorescent Fixtures
Customized roof and wall-mounted fixtures
Booth Pneumatic System
Air valves and manifold pre-piped
Booth Perimeter Manifold
1/4” IPS compressed air taps
Blow-Off Gun Assembly
Spray stations and collector
Booth Interlocks
IR Systems, automatic guns and conveyor
Conveyor Emergency Stop
Located by one manual station
The entire booth system can be mounted on a manual or
powered movable base and v-groove track. This allows the
booth to be moved off-line in the event that multiple booths
are used or if the painting line has a liquid coating operation
on the same line.
Color Change Collectors
The dedicated Color Change Collectors allow for nearly 100% usage of powder and a
quick, contamination-free color change. Powder is sprayed into the booth enclosure by
Automatic Booth Systems
SuperCube Booth
SuperCube stands for the fastest possible color change
in automatic powder coating in combination with a
compact design. Because of SuperCube‘s short size and
partially automated processes, a color change can be
performed without having to enter the booth.
SuperCube features a special air duct system involving
suction pipes arranged on both sides along the entire
length of the booth. Also, powder that has settled on
the booth floor is automatically blown out of the system
to achieve a higher transfer efficiency and better surface
quality of the coating.
• Multitude of automated
cleaning options
• Constructed of
u.l. 94 v-0 flame-rated
• Dual or parallel downdraft extraction extends
the entire length of the
• True double wall canopy
• Compact design
• Customizable booth
• Walk-on booth floor
• Self-cleaning duct design
• Versatile manual touch-up
Special Advantages:
Excellent booth illumination
Powder recovery
Control Cabinet
SuperCube Automatic Booth
SuperCube Automatic Booth
Booth housing with PVC sandwich construction, very rapid
and simple color change, partially automated (depends on
n Short booth, only 2.5 m long, very low powder quantities
in the cycle for consistently high quality coating results
n Manual coater located at the front, Direct access to
workpiece ensures very high coating quality
n Walk-in booth, Access to all locations
n Standard accessories for color change and maintenance
Straightforward color change, efficient maintenance
n Suction capacity adapted to booth opening
Favorable booth air flows
Application Areas:
Contract coating companies that use many colors
High quality requirements
n Very short color change times
n Workpieces up to W=1000 mm x H=2200 mm
SuperCube and SuperTech incorporate new design innovatio
duction process. Because both these booth systems are modu
your specific space and production needs. The result is greate
higher return on investment.
• Multitude of automated
cleaning options
SuperTech Booth
• Constructed of
u.l. 94 v-0 flame-rated
SuperTech booth program is the universal variant
the SuperCube
• ofDual
or parallel booth.
down-Manual coaters can be arranged
at the front or on the sides, depending on the requirements.
draft extraction extends
The number of gun slots can be freely selected, meaning
the entire length of the
that both vertical and horizontal gun arrangement are
booth in a single system.
• True double wall canopy
The booth design, which consists of PVC sandwich elements,
• Compact design
ensures rapid color change even in long booths.
• Customizable booth
• Walk-on booth floor
• Self-cleaning duct design
• Versatile manual touch-up
Excellent booth illumination
Powder recovery
Control Cabinet
SuperCube Automatic Booth
Special Advantages:
Vestibule Touch-up Station
Integral manual Touch-up Station
Powder center
SuperTech Automatic Booth
SuperTech Automatic Booth
Booth housing with PVC sandwich construction
Very rapid and simple color change, partially automated
(depends on configuration)
n Booth length is variable to 7.5 m, 1-6 gun slots per
side, universal arrangement options for manual coater
stations, Short design
n Manual coater at the front or on the sides, Optimal arrangement
ensures excellent coating results
n Walk-in booth, Access to all locations
n Standard accessories for color change and maintenance
Straightforward color change, efficient maintenance
n Suction capacity adapted to booth opening
Favorable booth air flows
Contract coating companies working with many colors, high
and SuperTech
innovations that use minimum floor space and improve the proquality requirements,
very short
color changenew
are modular in design, booth layouts can be customized to meet
sizes up to W=1000 mm x H=2200 mm (special sizes on request)
n your
many colorsneeds. The result is greater production capacity in a smaller area, and a distinctly
n High quality requirements
Very short color change times
Workpieces up to W=1000 mm x H=2200 mm
(special sizes on request)
Coating Technology
Corona powder coating
The producing of high voltage in the corona process is
done with the aid of a high voltage cascade, which is
integrated in the gun body. The voltage level is regulated
in the control module and is matched to the geometry of
the work piece, or to the powder coating system in use.
The charged particles ”move“ along the field lines to the
grounded work piece.
The advantages of the corona process are lower wear
of the gun, low air consumption, as well as the universal
application. Many powder coatings (effect powder
coatings) are not suitable for the tribo process.
high voltage cascade
high voltage electrode
powder-/ air mix
Corona automatic guns
The automatic guns don’t leave anything to wish for
either. Superior surface results and high transfer rates
speak for themselves. With PEA-C4 XL HiCoat automatic
guns even complex 3D coatings can be easily
accomplished. The PEA-C4 Twin gun for buckling arm
robots follows the work piece geometry fully automatically and with highest precision.
PEA-C4 HiCoat
PEA-C4 XL HiCoat
C4-HiCoat-automatic guns
PEA-C4 Twin, PEA-C4 XL & PEA-C4
Maximum application efficiency
Fast nozzle exchange
Perfect geometry
Technical data
PEA-C4 Twin
500 mm
up to 1800 mm
395 mm
1.400 g
1.230 g
555 g
EN 50177
EN 50177
EN 50177
Enclosure class
IP 54
IP 54
IP 54
Max. powder
800 g/min.
1,76 lb/min.
450 g/min.
0,99 lb/min.
450 g/min.
0,99 lb/min.
Application advantages of PEA-C4 HiCoat guns
grounded part
charged powder particles
Increased transfer rates (application efficiency) in combination with an optimized electrostatic for
higher profitability.
Process optimized FlexNozzle flat jet atomizing system for the widest variety of coating demands in
practical applications.
Homogenized and soft powder cloud for more uniform film thicknesses and optimized deposition
of powder on the work-piece. Advantageous for applications that require long hose lengths.
High quality application with metallic and special effects powder inclucing UDS powder paints.
Infinite jet spray control for a perfect adjustment to all surface contours.
Newly developed round jet nozzle system with oval and soft powder cloud.
Tribo powder coating
powder-/ air mix
The Tribo process is based on frictional charging. In this case,
the fluidized powder/air mixture in a PTFE powder tube is
charged by means of friction against the inside tube wall.
Due to its excellent electrical insulation properties (negative),
PTFE is well-suited to charging the particles and its good
anti-frictional properties prevent build-up on the walls.
charged powder particles
The advantages of the tribo process are the good penetration
depth and better film thickness distribution. In comparison
to the corona process, the powder can easily penetrate into
depressions (e.g. mailboxes and rims). The coated surface is
smoother with no “orange peel” effect.
grounded part
Tribo automatic spray guns
T3 automatic guns
The guns are available in different lengths. Color changes can
be carried out quickly.
Maximum application efficiency
The usage of high performance cascades allows maximum
application efficiency and reduces powder consumption.
Flexible fields of application
The large range of different nozzles enlarges the field of
application of the WAGNER automatic guns.
Fast nozzle change
The WAGNER quick lock system provides a secure hold of
the gun and enables fast nozzle changes.
The PEA-T3 XL powder gun is particularly
suitable for the use in plastic booth and available
as Tribo and electrostatic version.
Flexible application possibilities
User friendly
Optimal geometry
Technical data
480 mm
1.048 mm
900 g
1.620 g
according to ATEX regulation 94/9/EG
Enclosure Class
IP 54
IP 54
Max. powder
300 g/min.
0,66 lb/min.
300 g/min.
0,66 lb/min.
The PEA-T3 Tribo automatic gun for
universal applications, with integrated
gun holder.
Industrial Solutions
WAGNER is a global leader...
in liquid and powder coating application technology, from
manually operated units to completely automated systems.
We are strongly committed to innovative marketing, advanced
engineering, and quality manufacturing. Headquartered in
Markdorf, Germany, WAGNER has manufactured and distributed liquid application equipment since the 1950’s and
powder application equipment since the 1970’s. At our U.S.
Headquarters in Elgin, IL, we have state-of-the art laboratories
used for product demonstrations, distribution training, and
coating consultation.
Manual Units
SPRINT Airfluid Model
Manual Powder Guns
Color Change Systems
ColorSelect X
Wagner Systems, Inc.
300 Airport Road, Unit 1
Elgin, IL 60123
Phone: 800-473-2524
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