MRV-SideKick U4

MRV-SideKick U4
an official distributor.
Unpacking: Check the product carefully. If it has been damaged in transit, report the
damage immediately by calling your dealer and/or the shipping company that delivered it.
Read Instructions. All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the
product is operated.
Follow Instructions. All operating and use instructions should be followed.
Replacement Parts. When replacement parts are required, be sure the replacement parts
MRV-SideKick IV
have the same characteristics as the original part. Unauthorized substitutions may cause
damage to the unit.
The Lumapower MRV-SIDEKICK IV supports input voltage from 3.6V to 12V.
Lumapower Innovative Flashlight
The MRV-
SIDEKICK IV is fitted with pure white LED module driven by a constant current regulation
circuitry to achieve a consistent level of light output for the useable life of the batteries.
Li-ion rechargeable : LumaPower only recommends the use of PCB protected batteries.
Battery Type
Rechargeable 18650 (3.7V)
Rechargeable 18650 (3.7V)
Primary 123A (3.0V)
Primary 123A (3.0V)
Due to battery chemistry’s limitations, 2 x CR123A only for emergency backup and
won’t offer max. output at all levels.
User Manual
Convertible Design
The MRV-SIDEKICK IV can be operate with 2x18650 , (with M-65 battery tube installed).
Reflectors/LED engine module can be easily upgrade.
Welcome to Lumapower
at (download the product registration form in the “download
page”) It enables us to keep you posted on our latest advancements, and helps us to
better understand our customers and build products that meet their needs and
This product has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.
However, if something does go wrong with this product, Lumapower and its national
distributors warrant free of charge labour and replacement parts in any country served by
The MRV-SIDEKICK IV features a forward clicky switch and multi-level SideKick control
circuit with memory functions.
Half-press the tail switch to power ON MRV-SIDEKICK
momentary, full press to lock it for constant ON. Cycle press the SideKick to select output
Convertible Design
The MRV-SIDEKICK IV can be operate with 2x18650 , (with M-65 battery tube installed).
Reflectors/LED engine module can be easily upgrade.
SideKick output control and Memory
SideKick-4 Digital output control
Mode A and Mode B :
WARNING: Lumapower reflectors are made with a highly precise process. Do not
Press and hold the SideKick switch for 2 seconds to switch from Mode A and Mode B.
touch or clean the reflecting surface using any cloth which may cause damage to the
Mode A : Quick press and release the SideKick switch to cycle the output from Ultra,
surface material affecting the illuminating performance.
High, Medium, Low and Lowest.
Reflecting surface
Mode B: Quick press and release the SideKick switch to cycle the output from Tactical
Strobe, SOS and Light-house
Memory: The output level and status will be stored when you power off the light and
restore at next power on.
Battery Installation
Inactive Periods.
Unscrew the tail or battery tube and insert new batteries with positive (+) ends towards
If MRV-SIDEKICK IV is left unused for long period, the installed batteries should be
LED assembly. Restore hand tighten. Depress tail cap pushbutton switch to test.
removed from the unit.
Note: Flashlight will not light if batteries are inserted in the wrong direction.
Damage may occur with reversed battery polarity.
Output & Runtime
Accurately specifying light output (lumens) and runtime is complicated for LED flashlights.
Installed batteries and operating temperature are the main factors affecting the light
CAUTION: MRV-SIDEKICK IV flashlights are high-output lighting devices. Due to
possible eye injury, DO NOT look directly into the reflector when the light is
output and runtime. Lumapower cannot guarantee its products can reach the specification
under the using condition of users.
switched on. Do not shine the MRV-SIDEKICK Ultra-III into the eyes of others.
Safety is your responsibility. External surface temperature will rise during prolonged
operation; this is a normal operating phenomenon.
Battery Replacement
If there is significant decrease in brightness of light output you should replace the batteries
with freshly charged batteries.
Unscrew the LED-engine and remove the old battery.
Insert a new battery as mentioned in Battery Installation Guide
WARNING: Lithium batteries can explode or cause burns if disassembled, shorted,
recharged, exposed to water, fire, or high temperatures. Do not place loose batteries in a
pocket, purse or other container containing metal objects or store with hazardous or
combustible materials. Store in cool, dry, ventilated area. Follow applicable laws and
regulations for disposal.
Never use mixed-battery types or brands. Do not mix charged and uncharged
batteries. Input voltage limited to 12V, never use 4 x 16340 which may cause
circuit damage (with optional M-65 attached). Only use 2 x 18650 or 2 x 17650
or 4 x CR123A with M65. Power ON MRV-SIDEKICK IV at Ultra-out position
unattended over 15 minutes may cause overheating and damage.
LED : XM-L2 U2
Reflector : SMO type
Output : 40 Lumens to 1000+ Lumens (emitter Lumens, with 2x18650)
Output Level :
Mode A : Ultra-100%, High-50%, Med-25%, Low-10%, Lowest-3%
Mode B : 12~14Hz Strobe, SOS, Light-house (0.2 Hz)
Runtime : 80 minutes Ultrra-out to 50% with 2x18650 2800mAh
200 minutes High-out to 50% with 2x18650 2800mAh
Input Voltage : 3.6V to 12V
Batteries : primary 123A, rechargeable Li-ion (18650, 17670…)
Length :178mm (without M-65), 246mm (with M-65)
Bezel Diameter : 45mm
Body Diameter : 25.4mm
Tail cap Diameter : 29mm
Reflector Diameter : 38mm
Weight : 197g / 232 g (Full size without battery installed)
Material : T6 aircraft aluminum with Type III HA
Body color : Black
Accessories : spare o-rings (for battery tube)
Clean and lubricate threads with a clean cloth and apply thin coat of silicon-based lubricant
to rubber O-rings. Note: Do not use petroleum-based lubrication on O-rings. After
prolonged exposure to moisture, the bezel and batteries should be removed, inspected,
and dried if necessary.
Specifications: All product specifications/features are subject to change without notification.
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