Guide FORA PV10a EN

Guide FORA PV10a EN
1. Set the Meter
Dear ForaCare Premium V10 System Owner:
Thank you for choosing ForaCare Premium V10 System Blood
Glucose Monitoring System to take control of your diabetes.
Front View of Meter
ForaCare Premium V10 System will help you keep track of your
blood glucose levels.
The Quick Start User Guide will assist you in setting up the system
and testing your blood glucose levels. Please read it carefully
before use. For complete information on the system's use and
features, please refer to the Owner's Manual.
Monitoring System
Test Slot
M Button
Press the set button to start
Press4lto change values. Hold
setting. Year flashes first.
down 41to increase the number
more quickly. Press the set
Data Port
button to move on to the next
Test Strip Vial
Test Strips
Control Solution
Please note: Use only ForaCare Premium V10 System
test strips with ForaCare Premium V10 System meter.
'' 'u
Rear View of Meter
Clear Cap
(for obtaining blood from places other than your fingertip)
Date flashes. Follow
Lancing Device
Battery Cover
Quick Start User Guide
Test Strip
• IIL2
to make changes. The sequence of
settings is:
(1) the date
(2) 12h
(4) memory deletion
(5) volume
(6) language
For self-testing. Read instructions before use. For In vitro diagnostic use. Distributed by Fora Care Fora Care Inc. 810 Lawrence Dr, Suite 104, Newbury Park, CA 91320 USA
Products made in Taiwan
Lancing device, lancets and clear cap may not be included.
If your lancing device differs from the one shown here, please refer to
the manufacturer's manual to ensure proper usage.
Toll Free:
1-888-307-8188 (8:30am-5:00pm PST, Mon.-Fri.)
1-866-469-2632 (24 Hours, 7 daysjweek)
315-4 124100-005
www.foracare.comjusa 2. Set the Lancing Device
The meter will automatically turn off when the setting is complete.
For memory deletion, please refer to the Owner's Manual for details.
Please Note: Your lancing device may differ from the one shown in here.
3. Test Your Blood Glucose
3. Test Your Blood Glucose
4. Read Your Result
Your blood glucose result will display the following messages:
Twist and pull off the cap of the
lancing device.
Insert a lancet into the lancet
holder and push down firmly until
it is fully secured.
Tear off the security label
Wash and dry your hands
(Tamper Seal). When opening the
thoroughly. Take a test strip out
Gently squeeze around the
punctured area to obtain enough
While" • "is flashing on the
display, hold and touch the
vial for the first time, record the
and then close the vial tightly.
absorbent hole of the test strip to
When glucose
< 20 mg/dL (1.1 mmoljL)
> 600 mg/dL (33 .3 mmoljL)
2 240 mg/dL (13.3 mmoljL)
the drop of blood until the
date on the label.
confirmation window is completely
Time of day filled .
Twist the protective disk off the
Replace and twist the cap to the
right to close the lock as shown in
the picture until you hear the
click. When the lock is properly
closed lock indicator is in the
extreme right position.
Pull the cocking control back until
it clicks. You will see a color
change inside the release button
when it is ready.
..,.. If it does not click, the device
may have been cocked when the
lancet was inserted.
Fasting and before meal
< 100 mg/dl (5.6 mmoljl )
2 hours after meals
< 140 mg/dl (7.8 mmoljl)
Source: American Diabetes Association (2010). Clinical Practice Insert a test strip to turn on the
Recommendations. Diabetes Care, 33 (Supplement 1): S1-S100. Take the pre-set lancing device.
After the meter counts down to 0,
Eject the used test strip. Discard
monitor. The sequences of LCD
Hold the lancing device firmly
your test result will appear along
the used lancet and test strip
display are: "CHK" and
against the puncture site. Press
with the date and time and will be
according to the
Please work with your doctor to determine a target range that works the release button to obtain a
automatically stored in the
best for you. drop of blood.
recommendations of your
healthcare provider.
"c::Jil "
-+flashing " • "with date and
Holding the cap select on the
depth of penetration by turning
the adjustable tip in either
direction so that the arrow on the
cap points to the desired depth.
Normal plasma glucose range for people
without diabetes (mg/dL)
For testing with control solution, please refer to the Owner's Manual.
for detailed information.
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