Making the Generator change on Hydro Tek SCU Series 115v skids

Making the Generator change on Hydro Tek SCU Series 115v skids
Retrofitting the Generator on the Hydro Tek SCU Series 115v skids
(models built prior to 05/12)
The Leroy Sommers generator is no longer being manufactured. Part of this Retrofit kit is the new 3000-watt,
Voltmaster generator. PN# MB050 with MB017
1. This new generator is shipped equipped with a universal mounting bracket and will adapt it to the
existing holes on the SCU frame, Fig.1. There is a new bushing (7/8 PN# KSH14) provided to allow the
existing pulley to be removed from the old generator and installed on the new generator.
2. Install the belt guard to the generator (use 2/ M-8 1.25X16mm bolt) but leave the end shield off. Install
the generator on the SCU frame leaving the mounting bolts and nuts only hand tightened.
3. Remove the generator top cover to access wiring leads, Fig. 2. Install the power cord through the wire
connector on the generator top cover and attach each wire to the wire leads inside the cover. Green to
green, white-to-white and black-to-black, Fig. 3. Re-attach the top cover back to the generator.
4. Install the belt and tension properly. If you had to order a new belt (KSB38 V-BELT on high volume SCU)
install the new belt. Install the end shield of the belt guard and tighten the screws. Fig. 4
5. The next step in this change is to relocate the unloader valve, Fig 5. Install the universal unloader
bracket near the pump and secure with supplied screws. After installing the bracket install the unloader
using the existing parts. You will need to use the shorter hose to go between the unloader valve and
pump output that was ordered with the retrofit kit. Rather than shortening the bypass hose just coil it
near the pump for better pump service, Fig. 6.
6. Now you will need to extend the wires from the flow and/or pressure switch with the wiring and connectors
included in the kit, Fig. 7. Lengthen the wires and route up an over the engine to allow the relocation of the
unloader valve and switches. Make sure to secure the wires away from the engine, Fig. 8.
7. Make sure all electrical connections, fitting and hoses are tight and secure, Fig. 9, before you test the
machine. If you have any questions please give us a call and we will assist you.
Thank you for using Hydro Tek Systems equipment and parts. We appreciate you.
Install the pulley, belt guard
and then the belt.
Remove cover and install
power cord and re-attach
Secure cover and tighten
Set the belt tension and
install the belt guard end
Install the new unloader
bracket 9-1/2” from the end
near the pump. Reassemble the unloader valve
and parts on the new
Install the pressure hose
(purchased separately and
coil the bypass hose.
Using the supplied wiring
and terminals, connectors,
extend the flow and/or
pressure switch leads to
reach the control box.
Route up and over the
engine and secure.
Additional MB017 parts
needed with the MB050
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