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ACTi NVR 3.0
Release Notes
Release Notes
Product: NVR3 Server/Workstation
Version: v3.0.08.16
Release Date: 2014.03.07 Reviewed Date: 2014.04.01
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Release Notes
Product: NVR3 Server/Workstation
Version: v3.0.08.16
Release Date: 2014.03.07 Reviewed Date: 2014.04.01
1 Software Version
New Features ................................................................................. 4
Enhancements ............................................................................... 6
Issue Solved .................................................................................. 7
Limitations ...................................................................................... 8
Supported languages ..................................................................... 9
Supported camera models ............................................................. 9
2 NVR3 Installation
3 Download and Documentation
4 Support
Release Notes
Product: NVR3 Server/Workstation
Version: v3.0.08.16
Release Date: 2014.03.07 Reviewed Date: 2014.04.01
Software Version
NVR3 Server version: v3.0.08.16
NVR3 Workstation version: v3.0.08.16
Release Date
New Features
1. (V3.0.08.16) Supported new models D21F, D21V, D22F, D22V, E21F,
E21V, E22F, E22V
2. (V3.0.08.14) Supported ONVIF compliant cameras with video
streaming function and basic configuration.
3. (V3.0.08.14) Supported new models: B41, B44, B45, B47, B51, B52,
B54, D21FA, D21VA, D22FA, D22VA, D41A, D42A, D61A, D62A, D64A,
D65A, D71A, D72A, D81A, D82A, E21FA, E21VA, E22FA, E22VA,
E23A, E25A, E270, E271, E37, E41B, E42B, E43B, E44A, E45A, E46A,
E47, E610, E61A, E62A, E63A, E64A, E65A, E66A, E67A, E68, E69,
E71A, E72A, E73A, E74A, E75, E76, E81A, E82A, E83A, E84A, E85A,
E86A, E88, E89,
4. (V3.0.07.04) Supported Fisheye Image Calibration
5. (V3.0.07.04) Supported video function for third-party camera with
standard RTP protocol
6. (V3.0.07.04) 1 channel free Camera Device Pack(CDP) license
7. (V3.0.07.04) Supported new models: B61, B64, B65, B67, B81, B84,
B85, B87, B95, E56, E57, E58, E59, E77, 215 PTZ, IQEYE-752
8. (V3.0.06.13) Supported models: I93, I94, I95, I96, B94, B96, B97, E24A,
M1114, GV-BL1200
9. (V3.0.06.08) Supported fisheye view modes(Dewarping, Panorama,
Double Panorama, Quad)for fisheye camera (e.g. E96) with Fisheye
View Software Algorithm and export current view to AVI
10. (V3.0.06.08) Supported models: B54, B55, B56, I91, I92, Q6035,
M3203, AV40185DN, GV-BX140DW, GV-MFD130, IPFD2MT, IP8362,
11. (V3.0.06.08) Supported multi server sites in server list, play audio file
(wav and mp3) function when event is triggered and display
Release Notes
Product: NVR3 Server/Workstation
Version: v3.0.08.16
Release Date: 2014.03.07 Reviewed Date: 2014.04.01
Performance Settings function on NVR Workstation
12. (V3.0.06.08) Supported Forgot Password function
13. (V3.0.06.08) Supported Switch View function in Event Setup page
14. (V3.0.06.08) Supported Digest Authentication in Administrator Tool
15. (V3.0.05.07) Supported models: D91, D92, AV1355M, AV8185, AV8365
16. (V3.0.05.07) Added troubleshooting tool
17. (V3.0.04.01) Supported Windows 8 and Windows server 2012
18. (V3.0.04.01) Supported new models: D61, E66, FD8133
19. (V3.0.03.09) Supported new model: D12
20. (V3.0.03.09) Supported Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0.
21. (V3.0.03.09) Supported Fisheye stream mode, mounting type and
installation angle adjustment for KCM-3911 and KCM-7911 with camera
new FW v5.09 or later version.
22. (V3.0.02.34) Supported New models: KCM-8211, D41, D42, D62, E23,
E24, E25, E34, E41A, E42A, and E43A.
23. (V3.0.02.34) Supported maximum license number 100 channels.
24. (V3.0.02.34) Supported device’s network address with IPv6 address
25. (V3.0.02.34) Supported CDP (Camera Device Pack) license.
26. (V3.0.02.09) Supported e-Map function
27. (V3.0.02.09) Supported New models: KCM-8111, D52, E12, E13, E32,
E33, E41, E42, E43, E53, and E54.
28. (V3.0.02.09) Added new languages : Arabic, Polish
29. (V3.0.02.09) Supported instant patrol and customized patrol, user can
save dwell time between the views.
30. (V3.0.02.09) Supported view groups management function.
31. (V3.0.02.09) User can import a domain group as a user group
32. (V3.0.01.26) Supported New models : D11, D51, E11, E21, E31, E51,
33. (V3.0.01.24) Supported G711 a-Law/u-Law, G726 32-bits (ADPCM).
34. (V3.0.01.22) Supported Microsoft Active Directory® service to provide a
more convenient choice for user management
35. (V3.0.01.22) Added “Set Frame Rate for Event Recording Mode”
function on Setup page Device Video tab. In order to keep recording
all the way without losing any single moment, the function can provide
different frame rate option in non-event situation.
36. (V3.0.01.22) Supported up to 64 channels playback synchronously.
Release Notes
Product: NVR3 Server/Workstation
Version: v3.0.08.16
Release Date: 2014.03.07 Reviewed Date: 2014.04.01
1. (V3.0.08.14) Supported more video adjustment settings of camera
a. Image: Video Flipping, Video Mirroring, Digital Noise Reduction
and Wide Dynamic Range
b. Day/Night: Day/Night Mode and Threshold
c. Exposure/White Balance: Exposure Mode, White Balance, R
Gain, B Gain, AE Reference Target, Exposure Gain, Shutter
Speed, IRIS Control and Line Frequency
2. (V3.0.08.14) Supported mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out the time
3. (V3.0.06.08) Showed Serial Number and Firmware Version in Basic
Setup page
4. (V3.0.06.08) Added disk status (Disk Full, Disk Available and No Disk)
and export video log
5. (V3.0.06.08) Keep last configuration of Stretch Video Window and
Stretch Video
6. (V3.0.06.08) User can change current password via Update Profile
7. (V3.0.02.09) This version changed H.264 decoder to enhance video
performance and CPU loading.
8. (V3.0.01.26) Supported storage space more than 4TB
9. (V3.0.01.24) Updated languages: Russian, French
10. (V3.0.01.24) SMTP account can accept “@”.
11. (V3.0.01.24) For Windows 2003, it did not have “MyPicture” folder,
hence the Snapshot function will store the snapshot files on user’s
12. (V3.0.01.22) Support up to 64 channels playback synchronously.
13. (V3.0.01.22) Support instant playback function in Live View mode
14. (V3.0.01.22) Only use HTTP port between NVR3 and client
15. (V3.0.01.22) Do not use Microsoft SQL server anymore in the new
NVR3 to avoid the SQL server limitation (up to 2 million records only,
higher memory consumption and slower search/delete speed in large
records). We use unified database to have lower CPU/RAM
consumption, higher search/delete speed, easy installation and
16. (V3.0.01.22) The file size of installation package is under 30MB
17. (V3.0.01.22) Intuitive User Interface
Release Notes
Product: NVR3 Server/Workstation
Version: v3.0.08.16
Release Date: 2014.03.07 Reviewed Date: 2014.04.01
Issue Solved
1. (V3.0.08.16) The exported avi file is not completed if time duration is
close to one hour.
2. (V3.0.08.14) IRIS Control option and PTZ is disable for some models
(e.g. B61, B64, B65, B67, B81, B84, B85 and B87)
3. (V3.0.08.14) Exposure mode of camera is manual, the WDR option
should be hide.
4. (V3.0.08.14) Digital zoom speed cannot be controlled with the mouse
5. (V3.0.07.04) To export CDP cameras in AVI format for high resolution
6. (V3.0.07.04) Failed to export current fisheye view to AVI occasionally
7. (V3.0.06.13) Live view display is unstable while camera using 2048 x
1536 or higher resolution with RTP over TCP or RTP over TCP
8. (V3.0.04.01) Unable to install prior version v3.0.03.09 in Windows XP
9. (V3.0.03.09) Script error issue when add device by auto search devices.
10. (V3.0.02.35) Playback will show black screen in Mobile Go App v2.0.48
11. (V3.0.02.34) Not support Windows Server 2008 64-bit system.
12. (V3.0.02.34) NVR service may not run normally on windows XP.
13. (V3.0.02.34) The layout style format will be changed after modifying
name on view manager.
14. (V3.0.02.34) Audio function may be inconsistent with icon display.
15. (V3.0.02.34) Live View may display black screen on all devices
sometimes after Live/Playback/Setup pages switching.
16. (V3.0.02.34) Address ID for PTZ camera only supported 1 and 2.
17. (V3.0.02.34) No “Server Loss” message in event panel after NVR server
lost network connection.
18. (V3.0.02.34) NVR will show script error occasionally.
19. (V3.0.02.09) PTZ function does not work on CAM-66xx with firmware
v2.09.11 and earlier version.
20. (V3.0.02.09) Decode I-frame function does not work when all channels
are MJPEG.
21. (V3.0.02.09) NVR will get one more streams from camera.
22. (V3.0.02.09) Motion 3 and 4 settings on ACD2000Q are unable to save
in NVR.
23. (v3.0.02.09) IE may be unstable due to frequent pop-up instant
playback or constantly changing view by patrol.
Release Notes
Product: NVR3 Server/Workstation
Version: v3.0.08.16
Release Date: 2014.03.07 Reviewed Date: 2014.04.01
24. (V3.0.01.26) NVR service will stop on specific condition.
25. (V3.0.01.26) Fix the Offline Registration problem
1. Minimum Resolution is 1024x768.
2. You may need to open HTTP port 80 and ActiveMediaServer.exe in
firewall. Or you can remove Anti-virus software and add exception in
windows firewall.
3. Export Video function will need enough free space. The free space size
will be depended on the image compression, frame rate, channel
numbers, export duration time, and raw or avi video type. (If the free
space is not enough, the Export result will still show Success.)
4. The account-naming rule is only English letters, numbers and specific
symbols are allowed except some symbols “ / \ [ ] : ; | = ,+ * ? < >
5. When you configure the Disk Drive for recording, please make sure the
“Free Space” is larger than “Reserve Space” in Setup page ->Storage
6. Not support Variable Bit Rate mode.
7. Not support multicast mode.
8. Not support OSD Menu operation for speed dome camera.
9. SED and CAM series devices may not show correct Model Name.
10. For individual recording, if the total size is over 2 GB, or the video
encoder type, frame rate, resolution of this channel’s stream once
altered during the selected Time Duration, this export video file will be
11. Mobile Client cannot login NVR while using digest authentication.
12. Unable to login NVR with domain user while using digest
13. The maximum licensed channels (Standard channels + CDP channels)
on GNR-3000 is 128. The maximum number of channels added to
GNR-3000 server is 64.
Release Notes
Product: NVR3 Server/Workstation
Version: v3.0.08.16
Release Date: 2014.03.07 Reviewed Date: 2014.04.01
14. The maximum licensed channels (Standard channels + CDP channels)
on INR-410/420 is 400. The maximum number of channels added to
INR server is 200.
15. For Windows Embedded Standard 7 (e.g.GNR-3000, INR-410,
INR-420), Local Live layout is up to 16 channels, Local Playback layout
is up to 9 channels.
16. For Windows Embedded Standard 7 (e.g.GNR-3000, INR-410,
INR-420), if “Display Performance Settings” is enabled in System Setup
page, the GNR-3000 local display will decode I frame only
automatically when current layout style >4 or CUP usage >=50%.
17. The maximum amount of layout style will be 64 on NVR v3.0.06.08 and
later version.
18. PTZ function via ONVIF integration will be supported on next version
19. Not support ePTZ operation of 6VGA streaming mode. If camera is
6VGA mode, please operate the PTZ function through camera web
Supported languages
Arabic, Czech, Dutch, English, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian,
Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Simplified
Chinese, Thai and Traditional Chinese.
Supported camera models
For supported ACTi cameras list, please refer to
For supported non-ACTi cameras list, please refer to
Release Notes
Product: NVR3 Server/Workstation
Version: v3.0.08.16
Release Date: 2014.03.07 Reviewed Date: 2014.04.01
NVR3 Installation
ACTi NVR 3.0 is a typical web-based server/client system. There are two types
of Clients in NVR 3.0 system: Web Client and Workstation Client. A user,
connecting from whether web browser or workstation, will enjoy the same user
interface and NVR functions.
 Web Client: the web version of interface to access NVR server without need
of installing any client program to become a client. Logging in the NVR server
is as simple as visiting a website through IE browser.
After the NVR3 server installation is complete, user can connect to
http://localhost:port with Internet Explorer browser, and will see NVR login
 Workstation Client: the client application making accessing NVR server
free from the use of browser .The workstation program that provide interface
between users and the NVR server. It may be installed on the same PC as the
NVR server, or they may be installed separately and connect to NVR3 Server
via network.
New Installation
NVR v3.0.01.20 and newer
NVR v3.0.01.15 – v3.0.01.19
Condition 2
NVR v2.3.03/v2.3.04 series Installed
Condition 3
Earlier NVR2 version or Activator
Not support
The performance of NVR is largely determined by the hardware PC capability.
Please refer to “Getting Started” section in NVR3 System Administrator's
Manual for all details about System Requirement, necessary prerequisites
before installation, and installation procedure. If you want to substitute for
another computer or re-install the NVR server, please refer to “Back Up
System Data” section for getting more information.
Release Notes
Product: NVR3 Server/Workstation
Version: v3.0.08.16
Release Date: 2014.03.07 Reviewed Date: 2014.04.01
Condition 1: (New installation/NVR v3.0.01.20 and newer Installed )
1. Execute NVR3 server “ACTi_NVR_Server_Install_v3.0.08.16.exe”
installation application.
2. Follow the instructions of Install Shield Wizard to proceed and complete
the installation.
If IIS Web Server has been installed on the computer and you are asked
to restart the computer during installation process, please choose “Yes,
I want to restart my computer now” to restart, and after the computer
reboots, please continue to complete the NVR installation.
The IP Port Checker program will pop up to confirm the NVR HTTP
port number with you. The installation program will use 80 as default.
You may enter another available port number in “Listen Port” field and
click “Apply”.
3. For NVR3 workstation, please execute NVR3 workstation
“ACTi_NVR_Workstation_Install_v3.0.08.16.exe” and follow the install
shield to complete the installation.
Condition 2: (NVR v3.0.01.15 – v3.0.01.19 Installed )
1. If you already installed NVR v3 version prior to v3.0.01.19, the database
backup files of these versions are not compatible with later versions. If
missing data is not acceptable, then please do not proceed with the
upgrade of newer NVR3 version. If missing data is tolerable, please
follow the procedure to upgrade NVR3.
2. Please uninstall the previous version and delete the “NVR3” folder
under \Program Files\ACTi Corporation\
3. Then follow the instructions of Install Shield Wizard to proceed and
complete the NVR3 server and workstation installation.
Condition 3: (NVR v2.3.03/v2.3.04 series Installed )
Due to NVR 3.0 server has a disparate database structure from previous
ACTi NVR 2.3 systems, therefore, the backup files and video files created
from NVR 2.X servers are not compatible with NVR 3.0 server.
Please refer to “System Migration” section in NVR3 System Administrator
Manual for details, or please contact ACTi Customer Help Desk platform for assistance in NVR server system migration.
Release Notes
Product: NVR3 Server/Workstation
Version: v3.0.08.16
Release Date: 2014.03.07 Reviewed Date: 2014.04.01
Download and Documentation
NVR3 v3.0.08.16 software (server and workstation), the Release Notes, the
Supported Camera Models List, the System Administrator’s and User’s
manuals are all available for download.
You may check “NVR 3” product in “Video Management System” section on
ACTi corporate website for updates or release information about this software
and documents.
You may also visit ACTi Download Center for updates and documents
If you have any question or need additional assistance, please feel free to
contact our engineers via our Customer Help Desk platform
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