intelligent bypass switch

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iBypass Switch
iBypass Switch
•Secure monitoring with any in-line
• Protect against downtime due to power,
link, and application failure
• Maintain link integrity during IPS
redeployments and upgrades
•Graphical representation of link status and
monitor port connections
•LEDs show power, speed, link and activity
Security and Control
•Disable remote interfaces from a
password-protected command line
• Control all iBypass Switches in your
enterprise with easy-to-use GUIs
•Web Manager offers complete user
interface on one page
•System Manager gives control and access
to multiple iBypass Switches
•Compatible with third-party SNMP
management tools
Ease of Use
•Redundant power ensures monitoring
• Tested and compatible with all major
manufacturers’ intrusion detection and
prevention systems
intelligent bypass switch
Net Optics 10/100/1000BaseT iBypass
Switch with Heartbeat technology protects
against power, link, and application loss.
The iBypass Switch features
remote interfaces that allow
remote switching and provide
access to baseline traffic
statistics, including utilization
levels from anywhere in the
Heartbeat Technology
The configurable heartbeat feature verifies
that traffic is moving through the attached
IPS appliance by sending packets through
the appliance. If you disconnect the
appliance, heartbeat packets do not return
from it and the switch automatically enters
Bypass Enabled Mode. Now the switch
maintains power but sends network traffic
flows around the appliance until it detects
another heartbeat from the appliance.
Seeing is Believing
The display and alarm LEDs provide a quick
visual check that the utilization levels are not
exceeding the capacity of the monitoring
device or a pre-determined threshold.
From the display, you can view the current
bandwidth utilization of each side of a
full-duplex link with the size and time of the
highest peak. A quick check of the display
lets you know if there was an event that
requires further investigation. After taking
action on a utilization or peak event, you
can reset the data from a recessed reset
button on the front panel or from a remote
interface. The iBypass Switch is ready to detect
and display the next critical event.
Remote Control
The iBypass Switch Web Manager and
System Manager allow you to remotely set
parameters, view status information, and
monitor traffic statistical data. These interfaces
provide security and performance information
such as the number of over- and under-sized
packets, packet collisions, and CRC errors.
You can remotely set
the alarm thresholds,
clear the traffic data
counters, and turn on
or off a Monitor Port.
This access is also available via an optional
wireless link from your wireless PDA or laptop.
The Web Manager is a browser-based
interface accessible from any PC with a
browser and access to the iBypass Switch’s
IP address. System Manager is an SNMPbased management interface. Once you
have configured the iBypass Switch and set
the desired connections, you can disable the
remote interfaces from the RS232 command
line interface (CLI).
Web Manager
Net Optics Web Manager allows you to
change settings, view status, and change
port connections with simple-to-use controls.
When you access an iBypass Switch with Web
Manager, all configuration, status, and port
connection information is displayed on a single
page. Changes to the configuration can be
Access and control the iBypass Switch using a web browser
made with a few clicks of the mouse.
System Manager
Net Optics System Manager is an SNMP
management tool that offers central
management of all Net Optics iBypass
Switches in the network. iBypass Switches
can be organized into groups according to
workgroup, location, or any other criteria.
As with Web Manager, you can view status
information and change configuration options.
iBypass Switches can be fully accessed with
third-party SNMP
management tools
after loading Net
Optics’ Management Information Base (MIB)
Uninterrupted Traffic
The iBypass Switch supports fail-open
monitoring with any in-line device when it
shares the same power source as the in-line
appliance. For as long as the iBypass Switch
is receiving power, it diverts network traffic to
attached in-line devices. In this state, all in-line
traffic is routed directly to the device connected
to the iBypass Switch. When power is lost,
Fast Path maintains network
link integrity with high-speed
When the iBypass Switch
loses power, in-line traffic
continues to flow through the network link,
but is no longer routed through the device.
This allows the network device to be removed
and replaced without network downtime.
Once power is restored to the iBypass Switch,
network traffic is seamlessly diverted to the
in-line device, allowing it to resume its critical
GigaBit SX iBypass Switch
Power Input: 100-240VAC, 0.5A, 47-63Hz
Power Output: 12V, 1.5A
Operating Temperature: 0˚C to 55˚C
Storage Temperature: -10˚C to 70˚C
Relative Humidity: 10% min, 95% max, non-condensing
Optical Interface
Fiber Cable Type: Corning Multimode 62.5/125µm, 850nm
Transceiver Specifications: GigaBit SX 850nm, VCSEL,
supports 62.5/125µm
Insertion Loss: < 4.5dB
Monitor Port Output Power: -9.5 dBm
Split Ratio: 50/50
Link Distance Supported: 220 meters
Copper Interface
Copper Cable Type: 22-24 AWG unshielded twisted pair
cable, CAT5e
Link Distance Supported: 100 meters (includes network and
monitor segments)
10/100/1000BaseT iBypass Switch
(1) RJ45, 8-pin connector (management port)
(2) RJ45, 8-pin connectors (monitor ports)
(2) RJ45, 8-pin connectors (network ports)
(2) DB9 serial control interfaces
10/100/1000BaseT iBypass Switch
GigaBit SX iBypass Switch
(1) RJ45, 8-pin connector (management port)
(2) Duplex LC connectors (SFP monitor ports)
(2) Duplex LC connectors (network ports)
(2) DB9 serial control interfaces
(1) 2x16 Character LCD
(3 or 8) Link LEDs
(2) Threshold Alarm LEDs
(2) Power LEDs
Command Line Interface: Any terminal emulation
iBypass Web Manager: Any browser
iBypass System Manager: Windows 98, Windows
2000, Windows XP
Fully RoHS compliant
Part Numbers
10/100/1000BaseT iBypass Switch
GigaBit Fiber SX SFP iBypass Switch
GigaBit Fiber LX SFP iBypass Switch
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