high level lead ebay

high level lead ebay
B.K. Electronics
Unit 1, Comet Way, Southend-On-Sea Essex. SS2 6TR
Tel:- 01702 527572
email:- sales@bkelec.com
Thank you for viewing the B.K. Electronics high level lead. We have been manufacturing high level leads
for over 20 years, and over this time we have tweaked and improved the lead and now have what we
consider to be the ideal lead.
For wiring instruction please consult your subwoofer manufacturers manual as they will know the best way
to connect your subwoofer. If you have misplaced your manual then we have included the standard wiring
instructions below.
Wiring Instructions
There are only three wires on a high level lead as the subwoofer only needs to make one connection to the
0V terminal of your amplifier, most amplifiers have the black terminals connected internally and a single
wire on the high level lead will maintain the star earthing if used by the amplifier. Bridged (BTL), Balanced
and Class-D amlifiers are different, if you have one of these type of amplifier then please refer to both your
amplifier manual and your subwoofer manual for connection information
Red Wire - Right signal terminal +Ve
Black Wire - Left signal terminal -Ve
Yellow Wire - Left signal terminal +ve
Please note that the high level leads used on MJ Acoustic subwoofers are infernally wired to a resistor if
you have an MJ Acoustics subwoofer then please let us know that you require the MJ Acoustics version of
the high level lead
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