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Kenwood TH-F6 QuickSheet ™
© 2005-2012 by joel Sampson / N5LXI
VFO mode
Memory mode
Alpha / Freq display
Weather band receive
Reverse split (toggle)
Frequency (VFO Mode only)
Tone (CTCSS or PL Tone)
Tone frequency
Tone search (in Tone mode)
Repeater offset
Squelch level
Output power level
Mode (AM, FM, WFM, etc)
[VFO], [ENT], frequency in Mhz
[F], [TONE], adjust w knob, [MNU]
[F], [TONE] for 1 sec
[F], [REV]
[SQL], set w knob, [PTT] to set
[F], [BAND]
Six digits in MHz
T (for PL)
Tone mode only!
Memory store (in VFO mode)
Lockout when scanning
Goto memory location
Copy memory to VFO
[F], select location w knob, [MNU]
[F], [Mhz]
[MR], [ENT], memory, [ENT]
[F], [VFO]
Scanning - Memory mode
All memories (not locked out)
Group scan
Call scan
[MR] (1 sec)
[MHz] (1 sec)
[CALL] (1 sec)
Scanning - VFO mode
Band scan
MHz scan (scan 1 MHz range)
[VFO] for one second
[Mhz] for one second
Scanning – Range
1. Select low memory range
2. Copy to VFO
3. Start scan
Scan Lx to Hx Range, x = 0 to 9
[MR], select Lx from memory
[F], [VFO]
[VFO] (1 sec)
Dual transceivers
Transceiver select
Toggle # of receivers
Audio balance
[F], [A/B]
[BAL], set w knob
Menu most used
1 Scan resume
19 Key beep
26 Bar antenna
My Setting
SP/MIC or PC (for data)
On / Off
On for AM or Off for SWL
Ch displays
[VFO] or [MR] to exit
+ / - / none
H, L or EL
Band B Only!
“*”, Toggles
Enter 3 digits
Upper or lower
One or both
Toggles on / off
Below 10 MHz
Verified Dallas/Fort Worth Repeater List and more at
Please e-mail me any corrections or comments from my web site.
0 (0 – 49)
1 (50 – 99)
2 ( 100 – 149)
3 (150 – 199)
4 (200 – 249)
5 (250 – 299)
6 (300 – 349)
7 (350 – 399)
My Groups
2 meter repeaters
2 meter simplex
440 Mhz repeaters
440 Mhz repeaters
220 MHz repeaters
Dallas Police, Fire, Museums
Selected RR, Broadcast, SW
Most used / Most scanned
Enter your groups here