en.SafeWatch Filtering Real-Time Web-Based Watchlist

en.SafeWatch Filtering Real-Time Web-Based Watchlist
en.SafeWatch Filtering
Real-Time Web-Based Watchlist Screening
Reduce Risk, Cost and Complexity with EastNets
Today, financial institutions
worldwide must monitor, investigate
and report suspicious transactions
to meet regulatory requirements
and protect themselves against
money laundering and terrorism
financing risk. Firms that fail to do so
are exposed to fines, penalties, and
reputational risks that can drastically
affect an institution’s name, image
and shareholder value.
your data format and where it may
reside. It is rapidly deployable and
offers seamless integration with your
existing systems. In the new web-based
version, en.SafeWatch Filtering offers a
web-GUI with enhanced visualization,
from increased text box spaces, to
reorganized and combined search
criteria, as well as improved displays of
violations types among many others.
Ranked as a top filtering solution by
Celent, en.SafeWatch Filtering offers
a robust solution to help organizations
ensure compliance with the evolving
AML requirements. Its highly
sophisticated matching engine ensures
rapid identification of potential risks
and very few false positives, saving your
compliance team substantial time and
money. en.SafeWatch Filtering acts
as the central monitoring point for all
your financial traffic, irrespective of
The merging of the Alert Manager and
Detection Manager enables
more information available on one
screen, without any change in the
features of the modules. Today, more
than 400 major financial institutions
in over 80 countries have trusted
en.SafeWatch Filtering to comply
with both International and local AML
Modular Connectivity to Adapt to
Your Business Processes
At a very high level, en.SafeWatch
Filtering obtains data regarding
your customers, beneficiaries and
Watchlist Filtering
to Help You:
• Manage and Control Risk in
Real Time
• Ensure Compliance with AML
Laws and Regulations
• Control Costs with Rapid
Deployment and Implementation
• Reduce Workload with Reduced
False Positives
• Streamline Processes and
Improve Operational Efficiencies
transactions from different data sources. The Data Source
scanning, which allows multiple scan processes and batch
Connectors are specifically written to capture data from
checking. The flexible configuration of this connector allows
a particular application or a particular format. The data
en.SafeWatch Filtering to work with almost any file format
captured by these Connectors are then processed by the
en.SafeWatch server and are checked against the loaded
sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons or black lists depending
DATABASE Connector: The flexible configuration of this
on the rules specified within its rule-based engine. After the
module allows en.SafeWatch Filtering to extract data directly
execution of these rules, the detections can be logged or
out of the tables or views, scan them and even update the
generate alerts that are sent to the central alert management
table fields with the scan results.
interface. The Data Source Connectors of en.SafeWatch
Filtering include:
MQ-SERIES: provides transaction screening facilities to
MQ-compatible external systems, such as core banking or
SWIFT Alliance Connector: delivers seamless integration
middleware applications. This module uses IBM MQ-Series
with your existing SWIFT environment through attaining a
middleware to enable communication between the external
“SWIFT Ready Application” label from SWIFT; ensures real
system and the en.SafeWatch Server.
time filtering of both your incoming and outgoing SWIFT
messages and immediately prevents the emission of suspicious
API Connector: allows institutions to integrate their in-
messages into the SWIFT Network.
house (developed) applications with en.SafeWatch Filtering.
In addition, it can be used by third party integrators who
FILE Connector: scans the contents of huge data text files
want to integrate the en.SafeWatch Filtering engine with their
irrespective of their size and formats. It ensures quick and
powerful scanning by offering optimizations like parallel
en.SafeWatch Filtering provides a comprehensive and robust environment for real-time list filtering and management.
Name Checker: performs quick manual name scans to check
if it matches any black listed entity. Typically used by clerks at
the front desk, while entering new customer information, to
check if the customer has been black listed.
Easy Watchlist Updates and Management
As AML requirements are constantly evolving, meeting
compliance has become a challenging and complex exercise.
With en.SafeWatch Filtering institutions can easily manage an
unlimited number of lists, including official lists, private lists
and lists provided by recognized third party list providers.
en.SafeWatch Filtering offers features including list version
control, offline tests and list comparisons. In addition,
EastNets offers an automated Official Watch Lists update
service, which provides access to the official lists and their
“ING Direct is
very pleased with the
implementation and results of
en.SafeWatch Filtering. With this
robust solution in place, we can
ensure that our customers and our
organization spanning multiple
geographies are well protected
against risk.”
updates as soon as they are modified by the regulatory
Flexible Branch by Branch Configuration
Additionally, en.SafeWatch Filtering accommodates institutions
of varying sizes. It incorporates the Zone Concept which
is useful for large institutions with distributed geographical
locations. The Zone Concept enables strict segregation of
information pertaining to each branch. Zones can be achieved
while continuing to utilize one server to perform all the
required checks, thereby lowering both your maintenance and
operational costs.
Key Benefits to Customers that Choose EastNets’
en.SafeWatch Filtering Solution:
• Compliance with the Evolving AML Laws
and Regulations
en.SafeWatch Filtering is adaptable to the continuously
changing requirements set by AML regulators and ensures
that your institution remains compliant at all times.
“With en.SafeWatch Filtering we can
accelerate our internal authentication
decisions, reduce the risks associated
with user anonymity and comply with the
numerous International and Local AML
and ATF regulations. Today, en.SafeWatch
Filtering has successfully helped us achieve
a higher level of STP and a quicker time to
Henk Meijer
Senior Manager Anti-Fraud &
Anti-Money Laundering
ING Direct
• Central Monitoring Point for All Your Financial Traffic
to screen data against loaded lists, e.g. it is able to identify
Having a single point for detection allows compliance officers
misspellings of words even if phonetically written.
and auditors to have one consolidated interface where the
• Very Few False Positives
alerts from all sources are concentrated.
en.SafeWatch Filtering eliminates an unnecessary workload
• Rapid Identification of Potential Risks
on your compliance officers by ensuring a very low level of
To help you prevent criminal activities from occurring within
false positives. en.SafeWatch Filtering provides one of the
your institution in real time, en.SafeWatch Filtering offers
lowest ratio of false positives in the AML industry.
real time notifications of suspicious data and transactions,
generating immediate alerts and email notifications to
• Highly Flexible and Scalable Solution
system users while executing multi-level alert management
The data source connectors of en.SafeWatch Filtering can
be added depending on the customers’ needs and can be
easily expanded to incorporate other data source connectors
• Seamless Integration with Your Existing Systems
to accommodate your future needs and requirements.
en.SafeWatch Filtering ensures smooth and seamless
In addition, compliance officers can easily configure lists,
integration with your existing systems and applications
system parameters and set unique rules.
without affecting their performance.
• Strong Reporting Capabilities and Audit Trail
• Highly Sophisticated Matching Engine
To satisfy most regulator and audit requirements,
The Matching engine of en.SafeWatch Filtering applies
en.SafeWatch Filtering offers standard reports that cover
advanced detection algorithms and matching techniques
the most common reporting needs, custom reports and a
comprehensive audit trail.
As a single point for managing detections and alerts, the Detection Manager is the centralized operating unit of en.SafeWatch
Filtering. With its web-based user interface, it preserves the global and user friendly view that enables users to search for, view,
release, block, and assign for investigation all hits captured by the system engine in a quick and efficient manner.
Contact us today and learn how we can help you protect against risk and preserve your bottom line.
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