JetScan Two-Pocket

JetScan Two-Pocket
Currency Scanner
Two-Pocket Models
Fast, accurate two-pocket
processing power
JetScan® currency scanner counts mixed
currency, sorts mixed currency, finds rogue
“stranger” denominations in a batch, and
more. JetScan two-pocket series features
two fully-functional pockets, which lets
an operator be more effective and
productive. Two fully-functioning pockets
allow two or more currency processing
functions to be combined for maximum
productivity. Rejects can be sent to one
pocket, or both pockets can be used for
processing. Sort while counting, face or
orient notes, or strap denominations all
on the same machine quickly and easily.
JetScan features several different
processing modes. This means users
can operate the machine in ways that fit
their environments the best. Whether it’s
a financial institution, retail environment,
vault or gaming organisation, the JetScan
two-pocket currency scanner configures
to almost any need. With two fullyfunctioning pockets at 1,000 notes per
minute, the job gets done quickly and
accurately with minimal stopping and with
proven reliability you would expect from
Cummins Allison.
Stop precisely
on challenged
Two 150-note
capacity pockets
make currency
sorting, counting
and strapping fast
and easy. You can
designate what you
want to go into each
JetScan stops
exactly on each
challenged note. This
speeds handling of
these problem notes.
It also makes both
pockets available for
good currency.
Custom screens for each
The JetScan two-pocket series features
a full-colour touch screen, allowing
better visibility and easier navigation.
The screen changes for each function
to show everything you need. The only
keys shown are those that can be used.
Screens are simple, information is
presented in large easy-to-read formats,
and there is no complicated keyboard.
while counting
Count mixed currency
while facing or
orienting each note.
More Useful Than Currency Counters
Catches strangers
Face/orient currency
While counting one denomination,
JetScan stops or rejects the incorrect
note when any other denomination is
processed. A £20 is never counted as
a £5. This eliminates errors, speeds
processing and frees operators to focus
on other activities.
JetScan can be used to face money so
all notes are face-up in one pocket and
face-down in the other pocket. It can also
be used to orient notes so that all the
pictures are right side up.
Counts mixed notes
For non-currency items, JetScan currency
sensors are turned off.
JetScan processes mixed currency
without presorting. It provides the total
count and value plus individual counts
and values if desired.
Item counting
Sorts mixed money
JetScan speeds money sorting. It tracks
individual counts and values for every
denomination. If desired, different strap
stops can be set for each denomination.
JetScan automatically stops when each
strap limit is reached.
Choose your level
of counterfeit
JetScan is available with a wide range of counterfeit
detection capabilities, depending on your specific
needs. With Cummins Allison exclusive IQTM Sensing
Technology, advanced analytic software combines
with cutting edge sensors to catch counterfeit notes
that other systems miss. IQ Sensing Technology is
the best available today and can be upgraded to
detect counterfeits as they evolve.
Reads barcoded casino tickets
JetScan model 4391 simultaneously
processes currency and tickets, allowing
gaming properties to run more efficiently.
Tickets are separated from the notes and
sorted into a different pocket, and can
be uploaded into a gaming property’s slot
accounting and ticket system.
JetScan Two-Pocket Currency Scanner
Feeder type:
Automatic feeder with auto-sensing document
Full graphics & text touch-panel display:
10.92 cm colour touch screen.
Adjustable display angle:
Assures optimal viewing angle. Easily changed
for each user.
Four levels of memory:
Keeps separate totals for: Sub-batches,
batches, day totals and strap limits. All four
are maintained during power failures.
Unit/value display:
Displays the notes as a unit count or value.
Add function:
For cumulative counting when desired.
Allows currency to be counted or recounted
without changing day totals.
Two full-capacity pockets:
Two fully functioning pockets each hold up to
150 circulated notes.
Exact note stopping:
JetScan can be set up to stop precisely on a
challenged note.
1,000 notes per minute.
Scanning accuracy:
Adjustable strap stops:
Top hopper capacity:
Separate strap stop limits can be established for 700 circulated notes.
each denomination.
Two pockets:
Multiple country currencies:
150 circulated notes each.
Up to 10 country sets can be programmed.
Counterfeit detection:
Illuminated, touch panel.
Varies by model: magnetic, fluorescent, ultravioSize:
let and IQ™ Sensing Technology.
38 cm (H) x 27 cm (W) x 43 cm (D).
Dual denominating sensors:
Provides high-speed denomination recognition of
16 kg.
faced or unfaced notes.
Document size:
Height: 6.12 cm to 9.65 cm.
Length: 11.43 cm to 17.78 cm.
Four ports are available for connection to
printers, computers, JetSort coin sorters
and other devices.
Voltage operating ranges are either 105-130v
or 198-253v. Frequency is 60/50Hz. Customer
must provide an electrical supply properly
grounded and protected by a circuit breaker in
accordance with applicable electric code. Power
consumption (full load amps) at nominal voltage:
0.6 Amps (120v); 0.3 Amps (220v). Power conditioning/stabilising devices are available through
Cummins Allison.
To learn more about
increasing your currency
processing speed visit
William H. Klotz House
Colonnade Point
Central Boulevard
Prologis Park
44-2476 339810
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