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19/03/10 13.17
NEW DALI FAZON SUB 1 - Great Sonic Performance
Following the trend of compact, stylish products delivering remarkable
performance, the FAZON SUB 1 sets out to impress music- and movie lovers.
Although small in size it is among the highest performing ultra compact
subwoofers in the market. With dimensions of only 255 x 230 x 255 mm FAZON
SUB 1 is the most compact subwoofer ever built by DALI.
With a careful balance between signal equalization and time response that
allows a well-defined and tight bass that follows the signal, the new FAZON
SUB 1 offers musical and natural bass performance.
DALI FAZON SUB 1 features:
• 6½” long-stroke, down-firing woofer mounted in a closed cabinet for
natural bass reproduction and perfect acoustic coupling to the room.
• Acoustics are developed with a sonic balance offering great
performance on music as well as movies.
• Applying only subtle equalization ensures ultra low signal delay,
effectively putting this compact subwoofer in a class of its own.
The fast bass delivers perfect timing with the sound coming from
the speakers.
• Soft, absorbent high-grip rubber feet eliminate transmission of residual
resonance to surfaces such as wooden floors.
• Includes controls for setting gain (volume), absolute polarity (phase) and
upper cut-off frequency.
• Low power consumption. Auto power off -automatically switches to
energy saving idle mode (below 1 Watt) when sound is off.
• Optimized for corner position.
• The FAZON SUB 1 integrates well with any type of speakers.
Engineered for a perfect match with our compact FAZON SAT speakers.
Will also complement the FAZON LCR /MOTIF LCR speakers in 2.1 or
even 5.1 installations.
Technical Specifications:
Frequency Range [+/- 3dB, Hz]
37 - 200
Nominal Impedance [ohm]
Maximum SPL [dB]
Max Amplifier Power Output [Watt RMS]
Cont. IEC Power Output [Watt RMS]
Crossover Frequencies [Hz]
50 - 150
Low Frequency Drivers [inches]
1 x 6½”
Enclosure Type
Connection Inputs
Stereo line level, mono line level LFE
(RCA connectors)
Recommended Placement
Standby Power Consumption [Watt]
Idle Power Consumption [Watt]
Max Power Consumption [Watt]
Dimensions [H x W x D, mm / inch]
Weight [kg/lb]
255 x 230 x 255 / 10.0 x 9.10 x 10.0
Power cord
Black and white high gloss lacquer
Specifications are subject to change without notice
Magnetic Shielding
Floor, near wall/corner
Designed in Denmark | www.dali-speakers.com
FAZON SUB1 produktblad.indd 2
19/03/10 13.17
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