SUBJECT: RG3 RG4 RJ3 RJ4 RA3 RA4 Radio Enhancements

SUBJECT: RG3 RG4 RJ3 RJ4 RA3 RA4 Radio Enhancements
February 26, 2014
This bulletin is supplied as technical information only and is not an authorization for repair. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system,
or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise, without written permission of Chrysler Group LLC.
RG3 RG4 RJ3 RJ4 RA3 RA4 Radio Enhancements
This bulletin involves inspecting and updating the radio software, if required.
Grand Cherokee (US market excluded)
Durango (US market excluded)
Viper (US market excluded)
Cherokee (US market excluded)
Ram 1500 pickup (US market excluded)
Ram 3500 Cap Chassis (US market excluded)
Ram 2500 pickup (US market excluded)
Ram 4500/5500 pickup (US market excluded)
Ram 3500 pickup (US market excluded)
Ram Truck( Mexico)
NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles built on or before March 14, 2014 (MDH
0314XX) without US Specification label (Sales Code 6US) equipped with one
of the following radios.
• Uconnect 8.4 AM/FM/DAB/BT/VOICE (sales code RG3).
• Uconnect 8.4AN AM/FM/DAB/BT/NAV/VOICE (sales code RG4).
• Uconnect 8.4 AM/FM/BT (sales code RJ3).
• Uconnect 8.4N AM/FM/BT/NAV (sales code RJ4).
• Uconnect 8.4 AM/FM/BT/ACCESS (sales code RA3).
• Uconnect 8.4N AM/FM/BT/ACCESS/NAV (sales code RA4).
• SRT soft button missing for radios when vehicle is equipped with SRT feature
(EMEA /LATAM markets only).
• Battery drain due to the radio and cluster back-lighting staying on.
• Postal Code smart speller logic enhancements (EMEA markets only).
• AM/FM steering wheel mode switch button not working (LATAM markets only).
Navigation Lockout Disable while vehicle is in motion (EMEA markets only).
Removed network status indicators for SRT/APPS.
iPod would not resume playing after a VR session or phone call.
Removed the cell signal indicators in the SRT and Apps button on non-US vehicles.
rear camera may show a black screen for 3 seconds upon going to reverse.
Navigation would not start or would lose position.
Removal of parental control under Apps menu.
Turn by Turn navigation in the cluster set to ON by default.
Transfer button does not pick-up and transfer incoming call.
Voice Recognition (VR) says 'cancel' when starting (App) applications.
Some Russian letters are caps when they should be lower-case.
Touch screen locks up in navigation, when Russian is selected.
Address search availably when the vehicle is moving (EMEA markets only).
VR messages in Spanish talks to fast.
Recognition enhancement for Russian VR.
Hands free audio too low for non-amp vehicle (KL).
Intermittently “Registration expired” pop-up appears on display screen.
Arabic language for navigation only, not the keyboard (RJ3 RJ4 radio only).
Incorrect time to destination, when ignition is cycled.
Volume adjustment for navigation prompts, for phone call.
Incorrect rear to center fade displayed at start up.
Translation enhancements for French German and Spanish.
Right arrow doesn't work for advancing through preset.
Map zoom level reduced.
Park sense audio tone stuck on.
While in rear media the browser knob is disabled.
Varies POI not available for navigation.
Postal code search not working in some markets.
Horn sounds when locked is missing in the settings menu.
Mute button out of sync with mute in the hands free phone.
Enhancements my for hands free phone locking up.
Enhancements to quick search.
Backup camera active guide lines are missing.
Sound horn when locking, missing.
Erratic Interior ambient lamp menu being displayed.
Remove auto entry/exit from menu.
Remove hill start assist from menu, when not available.
Russian keyboard enhancements.
Polish text update.
Black screen intermittently displayed.
VR teleprompter translations.
Splash screen not showing after remote unlock.
Translation enhancement for Spanish, German, French and Russian.
Russian letters are in caps when they should be in lower case.
Nav locks up when Russian is selected.
VR Spanish language talks to fast when giving instructions.
Arabic language added to some features (RJ3 RJ4 radios only).
VR enhancements for Russian.
Route guiding enhancements.
HVAC display enhancements.
Using a Scan Tool (wiTECH) with the appropriate Diagnostic Procedures available. If
Audio DTC's are present, record them on the repair order and repair as necessary before
proceeding further with this bulletin.
Perform the repair procedure for all other customers that describe the symptom/condition.
NOTE: Note: Software updates are now available for download to USB on the
Uconnect web site and should be used instead of ordering a disc.
1. Has the USB update memory stick been created?
a. Yes >>> Proceed to Step #4.
b. No >>> Proceed to Step #2.
2. Go to DealerCONNECT>Service>UCONNECT Information & Utilities> Uconnect
Dealer software downloads to down load the files.
3. If a securely message appears “Do you want to view only the web page content that
was delivered securely?” press ”NO” to continue, see (Fig. 1).
NOTE: The Site is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explored 8 or 10. Use these
software version if you encounter a problem downing load the Software.
NOTE: A Blank USB stick must be used to down load the software. Only one
software update can be used on one USB memory stick.
Acquire a blank USB stick with at least 4 GB of space
Download the software update file to your local pc’s desktop
Be sure to extract the file before copying it to the blank USB
A blank USB stick will be needed one for each radio update, both
updates can not be on the same USB stick.
Once the file is saved to the USB, it is recommended you physically
label the USB with the bulletin number and radio sales code.
Fig. 1 Pop-up Security Message
If you get this Pop-up, select “NO” to continue.
4. Turn the engine on and check if the vehicle is still in ship mode. This will be displayed
in the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC).
5. The vehicle must be in Customer Mode to update the radio. Is the vehicle in Ship
a. Yes >>> Proceed to Step #6.
b. No >>> Proceed to Step #7.
6. Press and hold the ‘Enter/Browse’ button and the ‘Front Defrost’ (about 5 seconds)
until “Ship Mode” is no longer displayed on the instrument cluster, see (Fig. 2)
Fig. 2 Take Vehicle Out of Ship Mode
1 - Press and hold these buttons, to put the vehicle in and out of ship mode.
7. With the engine running and radio powered on, insert the correct USB Stick with new
software into USB hub.
8. The next screen display will have the old and new software levels. The RJ3, RJ4,
RG3,RG4, RA3, RA4 will be updated to 14.05.03.
CAUTION: The customer may have already updated there radio. If the software is at
or higher then the levels listed above, this service action has been
completed. Use the proper LOP (18-60-02-AU) listed on this bulletin to
close this service action.
9. Press the soft key “Yes” to start the update
NOTE: If the software update process is interrupted, aborted or failed, the process
should be restarted.
NOTE: Do not cycle the ignition or touch the radio during the update process.
10. The update may take 20 minutes, no other actions will be needed.
11. After the update is done, the screen will display the software levels again.
12. Press “No” and turn off the vehicle. Unplag the USB drive. Open and close the drivers
door and let the Bus go to sleep.
NOTE: Make sure to leave ignition off, do not press the brake, and do not reopen
any doors, so the modules will go to sleep.
13. Cycle the ignition one more time, turn the ignition on, then back off. Open and close
the drivers door and let the Bus go to sleep. This will complete the radio update. The
bulletin has been completed.
NOTE: To get the SRT soft button to appear on the screen may take up tp 3/4 key
NOTE: If the vehicle needs to be put back into Ship Mode, press and hold the
‘Enter/Browse’ button and the ‘Front Defrost’ (about 5 seconds) until “Ship
Mode” is displayed on the instrument cluster.
Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.
Operation No:
Skill Category
Radio, Check Software Level
and, Perform Software Update
(0 - Introduction)
6 - Electrical and Body
0.4 Hrs.
Radio, Check Software Level
Only (0 - Introduction)
6 - Electrical and Body
0.2 Hrs
Radio, Software - Create USB
Jump Drive, From Uconnnect
Website (One Time Only) (0 Introduction)
6 - Electrical and Body
0.2 Hrs
NOTE: The “One Time Only” LOP is used one time per dealer when down loading
the software onto a USB stick. The dealer can only use the down load LOP,
one time for each of the radios.
NOTE: The expected completion time for the flash download portion of this
procedure is approximately 20 minutes. Actual flash download times may be
affected by vehicle connection and network capabilities.
Service Action
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