3088839-840 SSF-SSB RF G4_5.indd

3088839-840 SSF-SSB RF G4_5.indd
The most realistic recreation of R/C flight ever!
Choose from over 70 aircraft!
New G4.5 features deliver RealFlight’s best sim experience to date!
Albatross D.Va
AR-6 Endeavor
AT-6 Texan
ElectriFly™ BLT™ Park Flyer
ElectriFly Edge 540T EP 3D XLC™
ElectriFly ElectroStreak™
ElectriFly FlatOuts™ Extra 300S
ElectriFly Fundango™
ElectriFly PBY Catalina
ElectriFly Slinger™
ElectriFly YAK 54 EP 3D
Extra 300L
F-86 Super Sabre
FlyZone™ Beechcraft Staggerwing
FlyZone Cessna® 182 Skylane®
FlyZone Diablo™
FlyZone SkyFly™ 2
Gary Wright Model Products E3D
Gee Bee R-2
Great Planes Big Stik
Great Planes Big Stik w/Floats
Great Planes CAP 232
Great Planes PT-40™
Great Planes SpaceWalker
Great Planes SpaceWalker EP
Great Planes Super Sportster™
Great Planes Super Sportster w/Floats
Great Planes Ultra Sport™
Hall Bulldog
Hobbico® ElectriStar™ Trainer
Hobbico NexSTAR™
Hobbico NexSTAR EP
Hobbico Twinstar™
L-39 Albatross
P-51D Mustang
Piper J-3 Cub
Piper J-3 Cub w/Floats
Ryan STA
Schneider Cup Racer
Simple Flyer
Top Flite® Cessna 182 Skylane
Tower Hobbies® Extra Special
Ultimate Biplane
Wild RC Mini IFO
Wright Flyer
Yak 54
Bell 222
Bell H-13
Bell Jetranger
Dolphin 3D (.46)
Dominion 3D
Finch (.049)
Foiler (Competition .60)
Heli-Max™ Axe™ 400 3D
Heli-Max Axe CP
Heli-Max Axe EZ
Impala (.30)
Impala (.30 Trainer)
Miniature Aircraft® X-Cell®
Furion™ 450
Spritzer (4-stroke)
Sun Dog (Sport .60)
Watt Not (EP)
Depth of Field Effect
More Flying Site Detail
Improved QuickSelect™
RealFlight’s new Depth of Field effect lets
anything outside the immediate vicinity of your
aircraft lose sharpness — helping you stay
focused on your model. Four levels of the effect
are available, as well as “Off”.
Simulated shadows have never looked
more natural as they move across objects,
buildings and foliage. Reflecting surfaces
capture surrounding images and colors with
breathtaking accuracy.
Selecting aircraft and flying sites is faster than
ever! You can narrow your aircraft options,
for example, by applying filters — All, Stock,
Custom, Most Recently Used, Most Often Used
— to QuickSelect’s easy-to-use menu.
Real Rendering™
Enhanced Physics
More Multiplayer Options
Without placing high demands on your
computer’s processor, Real Rendering brings
out significantly more fine detail in aircraft and
other objects. Like Depth of Field, it can be
turned on or off — whichever you prefer.
You’ll notice G4.5’s improved physics
particularly in how models operate on the
ground. Handling responds realistically to the
hardness of surfaces (with more resistance in
grass than on asphalt, for example).
There’s more “new” to G4.5’s Multiplayer
feature than just faster, easier connections. Now
you can block out other users if desired. Or add
your own computer microphone and chat “live”
with other pilots, just like at the flying field!
More Sound Effects
Expanded Training Tools
More Aircraft
Even with your eyes closed, you can enjoy the
unprecedented realism of G4.5. Land on an
uneven surface and you’ll hear the wheels and
landing gear bump. Servo motors whirr...water
splashes...a wing scraping concretes sounds
perfectly true-to-life.
G4.5’s Virtual Flight Instruction now includes a
helicopter autorotation trainer — and to start a
training session, you just follow simple prompts
in the “Welcome” and “Get Ready” windows.
Three pre-set levels (Beginner, Intermediate, and
Advanced) let you choose how sensitive you’d
like the physics to be. You can also create an
unlimited number of Custom levels.
Select from over 70 stock aircraft, including
many making their first appearance in
RealFlight — such as the Schneider Cup Racer,
AR-6 Endeavor, Heli-Max™ Axe™ 400 and
Miniature Aircraft® X-Cell® Furion™ 450.
More Flying Sites
Explore more than 25 richly detailed flying sites.
G4.5 introduces two brand new PhotoField™
sites: Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Skypark
and Gold Country Aeromodeler Park.
DynaFlite™ Bird of Time™
Great Planes Fling™ 2-Meter
Great Planes Spirit™ 100
Mistral 3 Meter
Shuriken 60” Sloper
Reactive 3D
Water Takeoffs and Landings
Choose from over
25 flying sites!
More new features —
for RealFlight’s finest-ever
“at the field” accuracy!
Select any of G4.5’s float-equipped aircraft to turn
ponds, lakes and oceans into landing strips. Watch
out for objects floating in the constantly shifting
waters — collisions have consequences!
PhotoField™ Sites
Alpine Meadow
Evergreen Airport
Gold Country
Aeromodeler Park
Grass Flatlands
Grass Flatlands (Night)
Lake Douglas
Santa Clara
County Model
Aircraft Skypark
Sod Farm
Waco Field
3D Sites
Air Race Stadium
Alpine Lake
Buena Vista
DS Ridgeline
Flight School
Flight School (Night)
3088839-840 SSF-SSB RF G4_5.indd 1
Joe’s Garage
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course (Night)
RealFlight Ranch
Sandy Point
Sierra Nevada Cliff
Soccer Field
Thermal Park
Using G4.5’s Multiplayer feature and your
internet connection, you can fly with up
to seven other pilots. Hook up with an
instructor from your club — or on the
other side of the world — and watch his
aircraft and stick movements before trying
them yourself. Add your own headset and
microphone to chat with other pilots “live”...
just like you’re together at the flying field.
With easier connections and the ability
to block out other users, G4.5 makes
Multiplayer flight more fun than ever!
Real Rendering: ON
Real Rendering: OFF
Boostt ddetail
t il with
ith R
Reall R
d i ™!
Real Rendering reveals such fine touches as aircraft panel
anel lines while
minimizing the demands placed on your computer’s processor.
• Over 70 aircraft to fly!
• Over 25 flying sites to explore!
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The most realistic recreation of R/C flight ever!
A full-feature transmitter with digital trims and QuickSelect
System Requirements
Push-button resets
Make changes to aircraft and flying
sites, as well as other tasks, right
from the controller. No need for
mouse and keyboard!
Need to start over? Simply
press the reset button and
immediately fly again.
Minimum Recommended System:
Some graphical features may be disabled.
Aerodynamic calculations will remain high
• Windows* XP or Windows* Vista®
• Intel® Pentium® 1.0GHz or equivalent
• 512 MB RAM
Physics so true-to-life, you’ll swear you’re there!
Controls all basic software
functions — virtually eliminates
the need for mouse and keyboard!
Tested and tuned by expert pilots, RealPhysics 3D is one of the most accurate
flight models ever created. All aircraft behave just as they would in the real
world — in the air and on the ground. Within flying sites, you’ll find the same
attention to detail. Aircraft suffer damage from hard impacts with 3D objects.
Changing wind conditions influence how your model handles.
The multi-patented, easy to use InterLink Elite is also
the most versatile flight sim controller you’ve ever
seen. It’s designed after Futaba’s popular 6EX —
complete with digital trims!
NEW FEATURE! TThree pre-set difficulty levels (Beginner, Intermediate,
choose how sensitive you’d like the physics to be. You can
dvanced) let you ch
also create an unlimited number of Custom levels.
Master TruFlo Wind Dynamics and soar like a pro!
“Full coverage” collision detection.
Reactive 3D
RealFlight’s fivecomponent wind model
creates the most
accurate simulation in
R/C. You designate its
direction and speed,
from blustery to mild.
Several flying sites
support Dynamic Slope
Soaring and handlaunch gliders.
Hundreds of sensor points
blanket an aircraft — providing
the most realistic reaction to
impacts you can imagine. As
in real life, results are totally
dependent on what two objects
collide and how hard. You’ll
see the consequences in vivid
detail. Crashing into a tree
causes leaves to fall — and if
your model is balsa-framed,
wood dust billows up from the
impact site.
Prefer to use your own R/C transmitter? The interface
you need is already built-in. With MultiMode™
you can even use the controller and interface
simultaneously — a feature no other simulator has.
The digital trims of every
G4.5 aircraft are preset and
permanently stored in the
simulator. Whichever model
you choose, you’re spared
the hassle of resets.
U.S. Patent #7,010,628
U.S. Patent #6,842,804
Apply filters to QuickSelect’s easy-to-use menu to narrow
down your aircraft options for faster, simpler set-up.
Customize your world — and everything in it!
• 3D Accelerated Video with:
32 MB Dedicated Video Memory
Full Windows DirectX® 9 compliant (Pixel
Shader 1.4 support)
Optimal System:
For best graphical performance
• Dual Core 2.4GHz CPU
• 2 GB RAM
• 3D Accelerated Video with:
512 MB dedicated video memory
Pixel Shader 3.0 support
Multiplayer Requirements:
• Broadband internet connection
• Computer microphone for voice chat
InterLink Elite Controller:
with over 1,500
• USB Port
• Compatible FM or FM-selectable transmitter
(if using the interface mode)
With G4.5, you control every aspect of the
flying sites and aircraft. Over 70 “stock”
aircraft are included — and with the
AccuModel™ aircraft editor, you can change the wingspan,
modify airfoils, select new rotor blades, convert from glow to
electric power, alter the trim schemes and more.
Squeaking wheels,
whirring servo motors,
splashing water...G4.5 lets your ears
enjoy greater realism, too. Even prop
strikes sound distinctly different
depending on the surface involved!
• DVD Drive
Digital Trims
More Sound Effects
• 4 GB Hard Drive Space
PhotoField™ sites are legendary for razor-sharp detail — and in G4.5, they’re more lifelike than ever! 3D sites are
embedded in over 5,000 square miles of TrueLife Terrain™. Use the FlexiField™ flying site editor to add buildings, trees
and more. Watch passing shadows faithfully follow the contours of every object that they touch. Such tiny reflective
surfaces as car windows display the mirror image of their surroundings. See a trim scheme or flying site on the internet
that you like? Download it onto RealFlight G4.5!
Note: The connectors on the InterLink Elite cord
and included adapters make the InterLink
Elite compatible with the trainer jack on
most Futaba® and all JR®, Spektrum® and
Tower Hobbies® systems. Special adapters
for use with most older Futaba and Hitec®
systems are available separately.
*Local administrator access required.
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United
States and other countries.
For more information visit:
re a lf lig h t .c o m
For more information and the location of the dealer
nearest you, please visit www.realflight.com or call
1-800-682-8948 and mention code number 99G39.
GPMZ4430 RealFlight G4 R/C Flight Simulator Mode 2
GPMZ4431 RealFlight G4 R/C Flight Simulator Mode 1
Simulated night flying, too!
With your aircraft outlined in neon, you’ll
orient your flight to lights on the field
below. Test your skills at the nighttime
3D Obstacle Course, or check out the
attractions in the 3D Nighttime Carnival.
Learning new R/C
maneuvers is easy, fun and risk-free!
Depth of Field effect puts the focus on your aircraft.
To start a training session, just follow the simple prompts in G4.5’s
“Welcome” and “Get Ready” windows. G4.5 adds a helicopter autorotation
trainer and three difficulty settings for the simulation physics — to make
the overall experience as gentle or as challenging as you prefer.
Staying focused on your aircraft is easy with G4.5’s Depth of Field (DoF) effect.
Turned on, it keeps your model the visual focal point of your simulation — while
anything that falls outside of its immediate vicinity loses sharpness.
Virtual Flight Instruction™
VFI offers coaching from expert pilots, along with
videos that show the proper stick movements.
Study pre-recorded airplane and heli maneuvers
aimed at fliers of all skill levels, from acclaimed
pilots such as Frank Noll, Jason Shulman, Todd
Bennett and Jason Noll.
Distributed Exclusively Through:
P.O. BOX 9021, Champaign, IL 61826-9021
222, 406, H-13, HUEY, JETRANGER, UH-1, CESSNA,
SKYLANE, 182T/T182T, emblems, logos and body designs
are trademarks of Textron Innovations and are used under
license by Hobbico®, Inc. All trademarks and registered
trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
The Seawind name is used with permission of Seawind Inc.
© Copyright 2008 • 3088839/840 • GPMZ1266
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