Data Backup Requirements for Centaur

Data Backup Requirements for Centaur
Revised: 16/05/2016
This refers to Dental4Windowssql and Practice Studiosql v12 and i3 (previous versions are not supported).
*Both “Dental4Windowssql” and “Practice Studiosql” will be referred to as “Centaur Applications” in the following document.
The following data should be backed up on a daily basis.
D4w.db and D4w.log
SharedData Folder
CSAdmin Folder (only if enough space exists on the backup media)
You can verify the location of your data by proceeding as follows:
Start up your Centaur Application and click on the Help menu and then System Info and the data locations will be displayed.
Please be aware: If the System Info is viewed from a client computer the paths listed are relative to the Server computer.
“%Data Drive%\CSAdmin” Folder
This folder is used as a storage and working area. These will contain “maintenance backups” (eg: YYYYMMDD backups of the
D4w.db and D4w.log). The importance of this data should not be underestimated (i.e. it is not current working data but we can use
this data to fix the current database file if it becomes damaged due to hardware failure or similar, in this instance it becomes
Existing practices may have CSAdmin folders on different drives/partitions. If so they should be combined into the one CSAdmin folder.
Your technician should always consult with us before installing a new server or changing the existing servers hard drive (or similar), so we can ensure
that the “maintenance backups” are transferred to the new server (not just the current data).
If a scheduled backup is used then the practice should be aware that the Server Computer must be left on overnight and the
backup should begin after the Sybase Database engine shuts down (usually 23:45). The Sybase Database engine must be
shutdown or your data files will not backup correctly.
Check the Shutdown Time of the Sybase Database Engine (32 bit and 64 bit).
ODBC Data Source Administrator (32 bit computers).
a) Working on the Server, click on START => type in RUN press enter => type in ODBCAD32 and click OK.
ODBC Data Source Administrator (64 bit computers).
a) Working on the Server, navigate to the following location with Windows Explorer:
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b) In this folder find the “odbcad32.exe” executable file and double click on it. This will open the ODBC Data Source
Administrator window.
ODBC Data Source Administrator (Both 32 and 64 bit computers).
a) Working within the ODBC Data Source Administrator window => click on the System DSN tab => select the D4w
data source from the list => click the Configure button on the right.
b) Working within the ODBC Configuration for SQL Anywhere window select the Login tab. At the bottom of this tab
is the Start Line parameter:
Example Start Line:
“C:\Sybase12\SQL Anywhere 12\Bin32\dbeng12.exe -tq 23:45 -os 524288 -o "C:\D4w\ASALog_D4w.txt"
Look for the –tq switch (i.e. -tq 23:45). This is the time that the Sybase Database service (engine) will shutdown.
IMPORTANT: Be sure to click the CANCEL button at the bottom of the ODBC Configuration for SQL Anywhere
window after checking this setting.
If the -tq switch doesn’t exist, immediately call Centaur Software for assistance.
Changing the Database Shutdown Time.
If you need to adjust the shutdown time from the default 23:45, then it is recommended that you contact a Centaur Software
technician to let us know. You should also make sure that the time specified for the “client shutdown time” in the following location is
at least 5 minutes earlier then the new shutdown time for the Sybase server.
Client Shutdown Time.
Start the “Centaur Application” => Location Setup => General => select “System Settings” from the Group drop-down box => D4W
Shutdown Time.
(e.g. you set the -tq switch for the Sybase server to equal -tq 23:00, make sure that the “client shutdown time” is no later
than 22:55)
We need to bring to your attention the importance of backing up your workstation (client computer) data correctly.
It’s not always best to assume that data saved on any computer in the practice will be backed up. Some applications will only save the
data on the computer you’re working on and not on the server. One example of this is Microsoft Outlook. By default it will save all your
emails sent and received on the computer you view them from. Saved data won’t be backed up unless you specifically indicate that you
want those files backed up in the backup software.
If you’re unsure, please check with your computer technician and/or the appropriate software vendor.
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