ATI FirePro™ RG220
ATI FirePro™ RG220
Remote Workstation Graphics Card
The Remote Enterprise Multi-Display Solution
Enterprises have long needed a way to remote the compute and graphics experience of their
workstation and desktop users. Earlier attempts at this type of remote solution have been
unsatisfactory by not only failing to provide true PC experience with full multi-monitor 3D and
video support but also often requiring bulky thin clients that both consumed significant power and
demanded significant maintenance. A zero thin client device that replaces desktops and workstations
could give IT managers a host of benefits: data security, ease of maintenance and updates, quieter,
less cluttered environments, lower power usage in high density urban sites, and more.
>> Dual screen remote and/or local output
through PCoIP remoting technology1
>> Entry Level 2D and 3D
workstation performance
>> Average Power <35W
>> 3 year limited warranty
>> 512MB Video memory
>> Stackable Pair of cards for quad
remote display output
>> Max resolution support: 1920 x 1200
>> Hardware acceleration of DirectX® 10.1
& OpenGL® 3.3 advanced features
>> PCI Express® 2.0 compliant
>> PCoIP portal receiver required for
remote capabilities
>> Support for a direct 1-1 local to
remote link
>> Connect to either a PC or a
Virtual Machine
The ATI FirePro™ RG220 Remote Graphics Card is a part of that solution: the first graphics card capable
of supporting fully rendered multi-display workstation graphics plus full hardware display compression
for remote 1-1 IP transmission, all in a zero thin-client device. By integrating PCoIP remoting technology1,
the ATI FirePro™ RG220 elevates remote users to an entirely new level of true PC experience. Each ATI
FirePro™ RG220, with 512MB of memory, is capable of supporting dual 1920x1200 resolution displays,
and where permitted by available PCIe® slots, two ATI FirePro™ RG220s can be linked together to
support up to four remote displays. The full USB interoperability built into the ATI FirePro™ RG220
provides a seamless connection to any USB device (including keyboard and mouse). The ATI FirePro™
RG220 is also designed to work with any LAN/WAN or VPN environment.
PC Host
Direct Mapping Support
Direct Mapping Support
With direct mapping support in the driver, an
ATI FirePro™ RG220 can be connected directly to
a Virtual Machine. Multiple ATI FirePro™ RG220s
can be installed in a single system, enabling
support of multiple VMs and multiple users, while
still maintaining full 2D/3D and video acceleration.
It's important to note that Direct Mapping is
dependent on hypervisor support so the vendor
should be consulted regarding its availability.
ATI FirePro™ RG220
Remote Workstation Graphics Card
Local Cloning of
Remote Output
Allow for local server rooms to monitor and
control the output of remote displays for
debugging or remote access
Stackable Option
Combine two cards to support up to four
1920x1200 remote display output
(subject to available PCIe® slots)
Flexible Output
Capable of driving multiple high resolution
monitors for massive screen space
Unified Driver
Helps simplify maintenance and system administration
Passive cooling
Optimal cooling solution helps increase MTBF for
high reliability and stability
512 MB on-board
graphics memory
High performance for graphics intensive
applications including full Microsoft® Windows® 7 and
Windows Vista® Aero support
Low power
Enables use in smaller, more energy efficient systems
Direct Mapping
Direct support for multiple virtual machines with multiple
ATI FirePro™ RG220 cards from a single system
ATI FirePro™ RG220 Product Details
OpenGL® 3.3 support
DirectX® 10.1 compliant GPU
512MB of memory
Dual 1920x1200 display output
Full support for USB devices
System Requirements
>> Available PCI Express® 2.0 x16 lane slot
>> Microsoft® Windows® XP (32- or 64-bit) / Windows Vista®
(32- or 64-bit) / Windows™ 7 (32- or 64-bit)
>> 256MB of system memory
>> CD-ROM drive for software installation
>> 350-Watt power supply or greater
>> PCoIP-capable thin client device required for
remote connectivity
Output Connectivity
>> Dual Ethernet ports plus DMS-59 for dual DVI-D output (no
VGA support on the host output side).
>> Remote display options are determined by the output
capabilities of the PCoIP thin client device
Warranty and Support
>> Three year limited product repair/replacement warranty
Innovation and Reliability from a
Technology Leader
PCoIP portal required, sold separately.
ATI FirePro™ graphics cards and the
ATI FirePro™ RG220 Remote Graphics Card
have been engineered to deliver innovation
and reliability for a wide range of professional
operating environments, including
Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and
Windows® 7. The unified driver, which supports
all ATI FirePro™ workstation products, helps
reduce the total cost of ownership by simplifying
installation, deployment and maintenance.
In addition, ATI FirePro™ products incorporate
a unique AutoDetect technology. As users
open new 3D applications, or move between
them, ATI Catalyst™ graphics driver settings
are automatically configured for optimized
performance, no matter what the user’s
workflow demands.
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