ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580 Digital Colour Multifunction

ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580 Digital Colour Multifunction
ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580
Digital Colour Multifunction Device
Exceptionally efficient. Extra secure.
Extremely easy.
Productive, easier to use and secure
The ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580 multifunction devices thrive in
document-intensive office environments where the workloads are demanding,
security’s a must, and ease-of-use and ease-of-management truly matter.
The ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580 series features an open architecture
technology that enables personalised and customised document management
solutions you can access right from the device’s touch screen. These applications
can leverage your existing infrastructure and databases, and meet your specific
business challenges.
Performance to increase
ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580
Up to 75 ppm copy and print speeds. Enhance office productivity with full colour at a speedy 70 ppm!
Fast scanning up to 100 ppm
(duplex scanning: 200 ipm).
Your department can swiftly scan,
retrieve, electronically store
and distribute documents.
Exceptional media flexibility.
Supporting a wider range of media types and weight from more trays than most devices in its class.
It supports up to 300 gsm and media sizes up to SRA3.
Multiple users can simultaneously perform different tasks at the device – scan, copy, print, transmit faxes and manage the queue – a helpful feature in
maximising business efficiency.
A wide range of finishing options are available. Short production runs can be efficiently handled in-house, saving time and money.
Convenient, walk-up
Large 10.4-inch, colour user
interface features bright, intuitive icons
and easy access to all major functions
directly from the home screen.
For easy document viewing, colour
thumbnails and up-close previews can be
shown on the device touch screen.
The entire panel can be tilted making
it accessible to just about anyone.
Take colour to a whole
new level
The ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580
series with advanced VCSEL technology,
helps you create professional-looking
documents at the touch of a button.
High-resolution output, highly
impactful documents. With 2400 x
2400 dpi, photo-quality colour images
and rich, crisp text, your output always
makes a huge impact.
Always accurate image quality. The
ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580
series employ advanced print heads
with Digital Image Registration Control
Technology, which ensures consistently
outstanding image registration.
Impressive results. Print brilliant,
attention-grabbing images on a variety
of stock as large as SRA3 and on paper
weights up to 300 gsm, and take
advantage of impressive finishing
capabilities from saddle-stitch booklets
to folded brochures.
ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580
Build your solution today and expand
it tomorrow as your business grows
Flexible document handling.
The 250-sheet capacity, single pass
duplex document feeder allows both
sides of a document to be scanned
simultaneously at up to an incredible
200 images per minute for exceptional
Feeding options. Add on as your
productivity and media handling
needs increase.
The 2,000 sheet A4 High Capacity
Feeder is perfect for long run reports,
presentations or mailers.
The Oversized High Capacity Feeder
supports up to 300 gsm stock and
enables SRA3 full bleed applications.
4 ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580
Environmentally sound
The ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 /
C5580 series delivers cutting-edge
reductions in energy consumption.
Low energy consumption. The ApeosPort-IV C7780 /
C6680 / C5580 series consumes less power in standby,
low power and operating modes, resulting in greater energy
savings in the office.
Cutting-edge technology
Smart Energy Management Technology. Our innovative
new Smart Energy Management Technology better manages
energy usage by only using what is necessary, when it’s
necessary. With this new technology, these devices recover
from sleep mode in just 2 seconds. It’s all about using
energy only when it’s needed – but retaining convenience too.
EA-Eco Toner. This Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Ultra
Low-Melt toner achieves a fusing temperature more than
20ºC lower than conventional EA toner, reducing power
consumption by up to 40%during fusion, as well as
achieving a brilliant glossy output even on ordinary paper.
Viscosity threshold to melt & fix to paper
EA-HG toner
20 oC lower than EA-HG toner
Professional finishing options.
Create professional presentations and
attractive manuals or proposals. The
range of optional finishers gives you
efficient, print-on-demand versatility.
These high performance finishers
feature automatic stapling, holepunching, folding and booklet making.
Power LED Scanner. The LED technology used as the
light source for image scanning consumes less energy and
gives you ultra-quiet operation. Since the LED lamps light up
immediately, the first copy out time has been reduced to
less than 7 seconds.
ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580
Scale up your productivity.
Work faster and more efficiently with powerful performance and
convenience features that simplify document management
Get fast results. Experience high output performance with
Walk-up simplicity. Print from and scan to any USB memory
print speeds up to 70 ppm in colour and up to 75 ppm in black
and white, with a first-page-out-time as fast as 4.1 seconds.
device for faster document delivery when you’re not at your
Maximise uptime. Generous, scalable paper handling
options support media capacities up to 5,260 sheets in a wide
variety of media sizes, types and weights.
User intervention is kept to a minimum. Two black toner
cartridges means toner lasts longer and can be replaced on
the fly.
Full range of scanning solutions. Simply scan your hard
*Optional Scan to USB Kit and/or USB Media Print Kit is required
copy documents and get searchable digital files* that can be
automatically shared via email or network folder, or stored on
the device or any USB memory device for true portability.
Store frequently printed documents. Increase employee
*Optional Searchable PDF Kit is required
efficiency with robust scanning features that store frequently
used forms and documents in the device’s hard drive for
subsequent reprinting.
With LDAP integration standard. Secure authentication,
administration and access to your corporate directory is
Reduce network traffic. Access scanned documents faster
with advanced file compression techniques that dramatically
shrink file sizes, reduce storage space requirements and cut
down on document traffic on your network*.
*Optional High Compression Image kit is required
Configure once, apply fleet wide. Fuji Xerox multifunction
device configurations can be cloned and distributed to all
similar multifunction devices on your network, eliminating the
need to configure and manage each device individually.
Integrates easily with 3rd-party workflow applications to
extend and fine-tune capabilities such as accounting and
document management.
ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580
Scan to Home. As easy as copying, documents can be
scanned directly to a pre-designated folder on a registered PC
for immediate use or archived for later retrieval*.
*External authentication is required.
To speed up copying and faxing an express (simple)
Single print driver works with all printers. The Xerox
copy and fax feature is available that displays only the basic
settings. This is provided in addition to the normal features.
Global Print Driver® supports Fuji Xerox and non-Xerox devices
on the network. Never have to redeploy another print driver,
saving hours of downtime.
Reduce costs by printing multiple pages per sheet
(N-Up) which is especially useful when printing Microsoft
PowerPoint presentations, MS Word documents, PDFs — and
even web pages.
WHQL certified PCL and PostScript print drivers provide
a consistent, easy-to-use interface for end-users that can
greatly simplify your printing operations.
Bi-Directional status. Fuji Xerox print drivers integrate
powerful bi-directional tools that offer real-time status and
automatically detect and install new device options such as
paper trays and finishers.
Customise your print driver settings for economy and
efficiency. For example, set two-sided printing or choose N-up
for printing multiple pages on a single sheet as your default.
Save time by storing the settings of frequently printed
documents as favourites in your print driver. Settings include
paper sizes, covers, duplexing, finishing and more.
Advanced, paperless faxing. Your users can send and
receive faxes without leaving their desks. LAN fax sends faxes
directly from applications on your desktop. Plus, fax-forwarding
lets you forward incoming faxes to an email address, folder or
network connected PC for retrieval and further distribution
on demand.
Incoming faxes reported by e-mail. For a paperless fax
option, fax jobs can be reported to five pre-registered users
when the document is stored in the mailbox.
Block unwanted (junk) fax numbers. This allows you to
block specified fax numbers, so it does not print faxes received
from those numbers in the future.
Drop down menu for secure print, fax, save to mailbox
and more
Paper selection summary window
Favourite print settings
Help function for feature descriptions and driver assistance
ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580
Colour: in-house and under control
Add the impact of colour and take advantage of tools that let you choose when,
where and how much colour your business needs.
The printing world is exploding with new applications and new ways to use colour,
media and finishing. The superb image quality, robust media latitude, and flexible
finishing options of the ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580 series, make it the
perfect device for capturing new business and keeping more applications in-house.
Nothing gets noticed like colour. 2,400 x 2,400 dpi
output resolution with 256 halftones gives your documents
unmatched clarity and impact.
Regulate access to colour to control costs. Allocate
EA-Eco toner delivers a professional glossy finish on
— print, copy, scan, fax and email, as well as colour printing
and copying – making usage decisions easier in the future.
documents where impact is the key.
You only pay for colour on pages that use colour. The
built-in image sensing technology automatically recognises
when colour is used and will capture this information.
ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580
colour-page limits by user, department, etc.
Built-in reporting functions let you track all services
Security at all points
How much would it cost your business if the security of critical, sensitive
information became compromised? Are you at risk?
Safeguard your information
The ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 /
C5580 multifunction devices
incorporate some of the strongest
security features in the industry,
ensuring that your document
production workflow, often
overlooked in security checks, is
Secure print helps keep documents private by holding
Network Authentication restricts access to device
features and management settings by validating user
names and passwords.
print jobs in the queue until the user enters the password.
Password protected PDFs require a password to open
and view a sensitive scan.
Hard Drive
Data Security Kit provides the following security features:
IEEE 802.1X protocol helps ensure devices connected
to the network are properly authenticated.
IPv6 support opens up additional IP
Data is encrypted
Data overwrite
Data is overwritten
by single or triple
method with “O” or
random number
Data delete
Data is completely
addressing opportunities across the
Internet and inside enterprise firewalls.
IPv6 provides additional network security,
better network routing and configuration,
and improved support for high volume
printing and larger print jobs.
ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580
Easily manage Fuji Xerox devices
Proactively manage printing fleets and control colour usage and costs
with Fuji Xerox management tools.
CentreWare™ Internet Services software makes it easy
for administrators to configure the device, upload address
books, monitor usage and consumables remotely and establish
auditing capabilities.
Fuji Xerox Accounting Solutions
Available as standard features on Fuji Xerox
multifunction devices. Use them to monitor not only
the document pages your office produces but also
who produced them. Once you know where your
costs are coming from, you can take control of them.
Auditron. Sets limits of device features for analysis and
billing purposes.
Xerox Standard Accounting. Provides reports for
greater cost control to track and limit the number of
copy, print, network scanning, email and fax jobs for
each user.
Network Accounting. Ideal for larger enterprises.
Provides extensive accounting information level for
copies, prints and scans using integrated solutions
available from Fuji Xerox.
Key Features
Manage colour printing to minimise costs. Control costs
by nominating when colour could be used and by whom.
This ensures that colour is available to those individuals
who truly leverage its power - such as the sales teams and
marketing department.
• Set a quota on the number of print, copy, scan and fax jobs that a user can perform. Quotas can be reset remotely at any time
Driverless printing for remote users with CentreWare
Internet Services web utility. Any connected computer can
immediately output PDF, TIFF and PRN files from any network
computer, without using a print driver at all.
• Manage a user’s access to colour for both copy and print jobs
Device Setup Tool allows for simplified device configuration
and administration, and lets you easily clone configurations to
other similar devices on the network.
10 ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580
• Account for device activity down to the user, group or departmental level
•Bill usage to internal departments or external clients
Extending your capabilities
with Apeos Solutions
Apeos iiX (Apeos Internet Integration based on XML and SOAP) is the
platform delivering integrated office solutions and provides additional capability to
enhance your Enterprise productivity, security, streamline processes and reduce costs.
Capabilities include: Cost Recovery, Secure Device Authentication via Card ID,
Document Security Solutions and much more.
Leveraging Fuji Xerox consultancy
expertise for greater ROI. To maximise
your ApeosPort investment, leverage on
Fuji Xerox’s comprehensive consultancy
expertise to customise the web services
available through the Web Browser on
your ApeosPort.
Depending on the complexity of your
environment and business needs, the Fuji
Xerox Business Alliance and Consulting
Services (BACS) group provides document
consulting, system design, development
and project management services to
assist you with your integration or
customisation requirements.
Our customisation team can re-design
your ApeosPort’s web browser to display
the same “look-and-feel” as your business
application. Enjoy true customisation
with the flexibility to add company
logo, change colours and integrate
unique workflows.
Effectively manage printing
costs in your office. By seamlessly
integrating with Fuji Xerox multifunction
devices (MFD’s), Equitrac Office® print
management solution allows you to
track, analyse and allocate costs of
printouts sent to a networked printer,
copier of MFD.
The Follow-You Printing with Secure
Document release increases mobility
and productivity by allowing your staff
to output documents at any networked
printer within your office. It enables a
secure access by entering a user ID or
swiping a card before getting their
documents. This means that users can
avoid being on guard while waiting for
their printouts - letting them make better
use of their billable time.
An extensive reporting capability enables
traceability of costs within workgroups.
It also provides information on which
devices are heavily used and breaks
down often so you can make informed
decisions on deploying your
office equipment.
Document security is priority.
Fuji Xerox introduces a solution that empowers you with top security for all your
electronic and paper documents. The new ApeosWare Image Log Service (AWILS)
Document Security Solution lets you monitor and track any document once it is
copied, printed, faxed or scanned.
All documents that are copied, printed, faxed or scanned, are automatically saved
as images by ApeosPort. Next, these captured images are seamlessly transferred to
a core server with “OCR” technology, and are indexed and stored according to
their job information. Should a leak occur, you can trace and locate the disclosed
documents as well as the source of the leak including who, where, when, which and
how, by performing keywords or content searches of the stored images on the core
server. Investigative work that was once tedious and time-consuming now becomes
swift and effortless!
printhead 5 ApeosPort
C6770, level 2, building 10
ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580 11
Specifications of ApeosPort-IV C7780 / C6680 / C5580 Series
Copy Function
Colour Capability
Scanning Resolution
Warm-up Time
Original Paper Size
Output Paper Size
Output Paper Weight1
First Copy Output Time
Continuous Copy Speed
(In Simplex and Duplex)
Paper Tray Capacity
Output Tray Capacity
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Machine Weight
ApeosPort-IV C7780 ApeosPort-IV C6680 ApeosPort-IV C5580
Console type
2 GB
160 GB (Usable Space: 67 GB)
Full Colour
600 x 600 dpi
90 sec or less (at room temperature 20ºC)
Max: 297 x 432 mm (A3, 11 x 17”) for both sheet and book originals
Max: SRA3 (320 x 450 mm), 13 x 18” 330.2 x 457.2 mm) For Bypass Tray: 13 x 19.2” 330.2 x 488 mm)
Min: A5 For Bypass Tray: Postcard (100 x 148 mm) and envelope (120 x 235 mm)
Tray: 64 - 220 gsm, Bypass Tray: 64 - 300 gsm
BW: 4.1 sec or less (A4LEF in Black & White preference mode)
Colour: 6.5 sec or less (A4LEF in Colour preference mode)
75 ppm <BW> 65 ppm <BW> 55 ppm <BW>
70 ppm <Colour> 60 ppm <Colour> 50 ppm <Colour>
Standard: 3,260 sheets Tray 1 & 2: 500 sheets, Tray 3: 870 sheets,
Tray 4: 1,140 sheets, Bypass Tray: 250 sheets
Optional: High Capacity Feeder: 2,000 sheets
Maximum: 5,260 sheets (when optional A4 High Capacity Feeder (HCF2) or Oversized High Capacity Feeder (HCF B1-S) is equipped)
500 sheets (Simple Catch Tray)
AC220-240V±10%, 10A (Single power source), 50/60Hz
AC110±10%, 11A+9A (Dual power source), 50/60Hz
2.4kW or less (AC220-240) / 2.2kW or less (110V)
Sleep Mode: 1.5W or less, Low Power Mode: 104W,
Standby Mode: 192W
W 1,004 x D 804 x H 1,392 mm
247 kg
Performance may vary for heavyweight, coated and special stocks.
Print Function
Continuous Print Speed
(In Simplex and Duplex)
Print Resolution
Operating System
Built-in type
75 ppm <BW> 65 ppm <BW> 55 ppm <BW>
70 ppm <Colour> 60 ppm <Colour> 50 ppm <Colour>
2,400 x 2,400 dpi
Standard PCL6, PCL5, Adobe® PostScript® 3TM
Standard: Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows Server® 2003, Windows Server® 2008×86, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® XP Professional ×64, Windows Server® 2003×64, Windows Server® 2008×64,
Windows Vista® ×64, Windows® 7 x64, Windows Server® 2008 R2 ×64, Mac OS10.5~10.6
Optional: Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows Server® 2003, Windows Server® 2008×86, Windows Vista®,
Windows® 7, Windows® XP Professional ×64, Windows Server® 2003×64, Windows Server® 2008×64, Windows
Vista®×64, Windows®7×64, Windows Server® 2008 R2×64, Mac OS 9.2.2, Mac OS x 10.3.9~10.4.11
(except 10.4.7), Mac OS X 10.5~10.6
Standard: Ethernet 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T, USB2.0
Optional: 1000BASE-T2
When this option is equipped, Ethernet 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T will not be available.
Scan Function
Scanning Speed
Scanning Resolution
Scan Destinations
Colour Scanner
BW: 100 ppm, Colour: 100 ppm
One-Pass Duplex Scanning: 200 ipm
600 x 600 dpi, 400 x 400 dpi, 300 x 300 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi
Ethernet 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T/1000BASE-T(Option)
Scan to Folder, Scan to PC/Server (using FTP/SMB protocol), Scan to Email, Scan to Home, Scan to USB
Fax Function (Optional)
Send Document Size
Transmission Time
Transmission Mode
No. of Fax Lines
Max: A3, 11 x 17”, Long documents (Max: 600 mm)
Less than 3 seconds
PBX, PSTN, Maximum 3 ports G3-3 port
Duplex Automatic Document Feeder
Original Paper Size
Output Paper Weight
Feeding Speed
(A4 LEF Simplex)
250 sheets
Max: A3, 1 1x 17”, Min: A5
38 - 200 gsm (Duplex: 50 - 200gsm)
BW: 80 DPM, Colour: 75 DPM
Descriptions in this material, product specifications and / or appearances are subject to change without prior notice due to
improvements. Please note that the product colour appears differently from the actual colour as a result of properties of papers or
printing ink. Windows and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. NetWare is a registered trademark
of Novell, Inc. in the United States. Macintosh, Mac OS and Ether Talk are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. PostScript is
a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in each country. HP-GL is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard
Company. Other company names or product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of each company.
Spares for the standard configuration of installed machines is supported for up to 7 years from the date of the end of
machine production.
Advanced Finisher (or Finisher C2 with Booklet Maker)3
Paper Size / Paper Weight
Stacker Capacity
Paper Size
Paper Size Number of Holes
Paper Weight
Booklet Finishing
Paper Size
Paper Weight
ApeosPort-IV C7780 ApeosPort-IV C6680 ApeosPort-IV C5580
Output Tray: Max 13 x 19”, 12.6 x 19.2” (320 x 488mm), Min: Postcard (100 x 148mm), 64 to 300 gsm
Finisher Tray: Max: 13 x 19”, 12.6 x 19.2 (320 x 488 mm), Min: B5 LEF, 64 to 220 gsm
Booklet Tray: Max:13 x 18”, Min: A4, Letter (8.5 x 11”), 64 to 220 gsm
Output Tray: 500 sheets (A4)
Finisher Tray: No Stapling: A4: 1,500 sheets, B4 or larger: 1,500 sheets, Mixed Stack: 300 sheets
Stapling: A4: 200 copies or 1,500 sheets B4 or larger: 100 copies or 1,500 sheets
Booklet Tray: 20 copies
50 sheets (Max 90 gsm)
Max: A3, 11 x 17”, Min: B5 LEF
1 position (Front, Rear / Corner), 2 positions (Parallel)
A3, 11 x 17”, B4, A4, A4 LEF, Letter (8.5 x 11”), Letter (8.5 x 11”) LEF ,B5 LEF
2 / 4 holes (Option US 2 / 3 holes)
64 to 200 gsm
Booklet: 15 sheets, Bi-Fold: 5 sheets
Max: 13 x 18”, Min: A4, Letter (8.5 x 11”)
Booklet: 64 - 220 gsm, Bi-Fold: 64 - 220 gsm
W 921 x D 650 x H 1,010 mm, 86 kg
Advanced Finisher (or Finisher C2) without Booklet Maker is also available with stacker capacity up to 3,000 A4 sheets.
Professional Finisher (or Finisher D2 with Booklet Maker)
Paper Size / Paper Weight
Stacker Capacity
Paper Size
Paper Size Number of Holes
Paper Weight
Booklet Finishing
Paper Size
Paper Weight
Paper Size
Paper Weight
Dimensions / Weight
Output Tray: Max 13 x 19”, 12.6 x 19.2” (320 x 488 mm), Min: Postcard (100 x 148 mm), 64 to 300 gsm
Finisher Tray: Max: 13 x 19”,12.6 x 19.2 (320 x 488 mm), Min: B5LEF, 64 to 300 gsm
Booklet Tray: Max 13 x 18”, Min A4, Letter (8.5 x 11”), 64 to 300 gsm
Output Tray: 500 sheets (A4)
Finisher Tray: No Stapling: A4: 2,000 sheets, B4 or Larger: 1,500 sheets Mixed Stack: 300 sheets
Stapling: A4: 200 sets or 2,000 sheets, B4 or Larger: 100 sets or 1,500 sheets
Booklet Tray: 20 sets
100 sheets (64 - 300 gsm)
Max: A3, 11 x 17” Min: B5 LEF
Single (Front/Corner, Center/Parallel, Back/Parallel, Corner), Dual (Parallel)
A3,11 x 17”, B4, A4, A4LEF, Letter (8.5 x 11”), Letter (8.5 x 11”) LEF, B5LEF
2 / 4 holes (Option US 2 / 3 holes)
64 to 220 gsm
Booklet: 20 sheets, Bi-Fold: 5 sheets
Max: 13 x 18”, Min: A4, Letter (8.5 x 11”)
Booklet: 64 - 300 gsm, Bi-Fold: 64 - 300 gsm
Paper size: A3, 11 x 17”, B4, Paper Weight: 64 - 90 gsm
Paper size: A4, Letter (8.5 x 11”), Paper Weight: 64 - 90 gsm
200 sheets
Max: A3, 11 x 17” Min: B5 LEF
64 - 220 gsm
W 1, 050 x D 725 x H 1, 165mm, 135 kg
With D2 Folder Unit: W 1,250 x D 725 x H 1, 165mm, 175 kg
D2 Folder Unit (Optional) is required.
A4 High Capacity Feeder (HCF2)
Paper Size / Paper Weight A4 LEF, Letter (8.5 x 11”) LEF, B5 LEF, 64 - 220 gsm
2,000 sheets
Dimensions / Weight
W 389 x D 610 x H 377 mm, 29 kg
Oversized High Capacity Feeder (HCF B1-S)
Paper Size / Paper Weight
Dimensions / Weight
Postcard (100 x 148 mm), B5, B5LEF, 8 x 10”LEF, Letter (8.5 x 11”) Letter (8.5 x 11”) LEF, A4, A4LEF, 8.5 x 13”, Legal (8.5 x 14”) , B4, A3, 11 x 17”, 12 x 18”, 12.6 x 17.7”, 12.6 x 19.2”, 13 x 18”, 13 x 19”, 64 to 300 gsm
2,000 sheets
W 988 x D 762 x H 992 mm, 160 kg
Reproduction Prohibitions Please note that reproduction of the following is prohibited by law:
Domestic and overseas bank notes and coins, government-issued securities, national bonds and local bond certificates.
Unused postage stamps and post cards. Certificate stamps stipulated by law. The reproduction of works for copyright
purposes (literary works, musical works, paintings, engravings, maps, cinematographic works, photographic works, etc.) is
prohibited except when they are reproduced personally, at home or within limited range according to the above. This product
is equipped with an anti-counterfeit feature. This feature is not intended to prevent illegal reproduction. Be extremely careful
about the management of equipment used.
For Your Safe Use
Before using the product, read the Instruction Manual carefully for proper use.
Use the product with an appropriate adequate power source and voltage displayed. Be sure to establish a ground.
In the case of a failure or short circuit, an electric shock may result.
For more information or detailed product specifications,
call or visit us at
Fuji Xerox New Zealand
17 Hargreaves Street,
College Hill, Auckland 1011
Tel. 0800 4 XEROX (0800 493769)
XEROX, and the sphere of connectivity design are trademarks or registered trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the U.S. and or other countries. ApeosPort is a trademark or registered trademark of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
April 2011
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