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FreeSpeak II™ (1.9GHz & 2.4GHz)
DX Series (2.4GHz)
Pro850 (470-698MHz UHF)
WBS670/680 (518-686MHz UHF)
Wireless IFB (614.4-691.1MHz UHF)
About Intercom Technology
An intercom (intercommunication system) is a standalone, closed-circuit system for
one-way “simplex” and/or two-way “duplex” communication. The general purpose of a
professional intercom system is to facilitate simple to complex communication setups
for a few to thousands of users who need to be continuously on talk and/or listen
mode. Two-way communication systems can operate in half-duplex or full-duplex. With
half-duplex systems, one party talks while the other party listens. With full-duplex
systems, both parties can talk and listen at the same time as if they are in a natural
conversation in person.
Users, who have different roles in a particular operation, can be in a conference or
partyline together. Or they can be sub-divided into a matrix of independent groups in
any one or many private intercom channels. In addition to establishing communication
points, intercom can also interface with third-party devices such as 2-way radios,
4-wire audios, telephone, TV cameras, AES3 digital audio, relay control (for signal
light activation or door control), etc. Coordinating activities via voice or through
third-party devices such as relay controls require low-latency (delays measured
in milliseconds).
The core technology of an intercom system could be based on one of the following
platforms: 2-wire/analog, 4-wire/digital, wireless, and IP networks. The decision
to deploy one platform over the other will greatly depend on requirements,
environment and budget. These intercom platforms operate independently or
can be integrated to form a larger system in order to address specific unique
communication workflow needs. Moreover, intercom systems can be bridged
together with different communication systems as part of a multi-platform solution.
In certain applications, intercom systems need to be geographically distributed to
support the various communication positions in a given workflow. Therefore, they
can be connected over 2-wire or 4-wire; MADI for close-distance connections such
as floor-to-floor; optical fiber for short to long distances within a building; E1/T1 for
inner-city connections; and IP networks (LAN, WAN, or Internet) for connections
across a wide area, across town, and across the country.
2 Clear-Com
Table of Contents
Wireless intercom systems offer the convenience of
untethered communication for mobile users, while providing
the power, flexibility and audio quality of wired systems.
Clear-Com provides the broadest range of wireless intercom
systems for professional users who require a standalone
wireless system or an integrated wireless solution to meet virtually any technical requirement, budget, and/or environments.
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BASIC SYSTEMS: Simple, Portable, Affordable
Wireless IFB (614.4-691.1MHz UHF)
DX100 (2.4GHz)
DX121 (2.4GHz)
DX200 (2.4GHz)
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ADVANCED SYSTEMS: Connectivity, Performance, Intuitive
DX210 (2.4GHz)
DX300ES (2.4GHz)
DX410 (2.4GHz)
WBS Series (518-608MHz, 614-686MHz UHF)
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HIGH PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS: Comprehensive, High Capacity,
Extensible, Scalable
FreeSpeak II (1.9GHz and 2.4GHz)
Pro850 (470-698MHz UHF)
Clear-Com 3
Clear-Com’s basic wireless intercom systems deliver full-duplex
(simultaneous talk and listen) capabilities. These simple systems
are typically deployed as standalone units that do not integrate
or interface with any wired intercom systems. They offer high
quality audio, interference-free communication at great value.
> Wireless IFB
> DX100
> DX121
> DX200
Wireless IFB
Wireless IFB (interruptible fold back)
systems operate between 614.400 and
691.100MHz. Wireless IFBs are used
for one-directional communication.
Directors and other management can
use this to monitor program audio,
or for talent cueing and crew communications during a production.
Wireless IFB uses +/-20 kHz FM
deviation for efficient use of the
bandwidth, with compandor noise
reduction circuitry for an excellent
signal to noise ratio.
NOTE: This product is not approved
for sale in Europe.
The PRC-2 receiver provides simplicity
and flexibility in a package that is
intuitive for untrained users to operate.
DX100 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Intercom
The portable, compact design makes
the DX100 system ideal for mobile
field applications. The DX100 system
enables two-way communications in
a compact, portable base station.
Up to 15 wireless beltpacks can be
assigned to each base station, four
of which can be used in hands-free,
full-duplex mode.
Digital Frequency-Hopping Spread
Spectrum (FHSS) with encryption
secures communication to prevent
Remotely “unlatch” beltpacks from
transmitting at the base to stop a
rogue beltpack that’s been left
transmitting without having to
locate the beltpack.
4 Clear-Com
Triple diversity — space, time and
frequency diversity provide redundant
communication to make it the most
dependable system available.
Flexible, battery-powered operation
allows the base to be powered in four
different ways:
• Six 1.5V “AA” batteries
• Optional rechargeable
BAT850 battery
• 12 VDC automotive adapter
• 100-240 VAC power adapter
Power outage backup feature enables
uninterrupted communication in the
event of power loss.
DX121 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Intercom
The DX121 is a versatile, cost-effective
system for adding wireless beltpacks
to wired intercom systems. Up to 4
wireless beltpacks can be assigned to
each base station, one of which can be
used in hands-free, full-duplex mode.
2.4GHz Digital Frequency-Hopping
Spread Spectrum (FHSS) 64 bit
encryption ensures confidential
communication. Approved for
worldwide use.
Assignable relay closure provides
advanced functionality when used
with matrix intercoms or radio based
communication systems.
Built-in one-port battery charger
charges a remote beltpack or
All-in-One headset battery.
Connects to headset jack of beltpacks
and intercom panels.
DX200 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Intercom
The easy-to-use DX200 System comes
complete with synthesized voice
prompts, wireless isolated channel,
simultaneous 2-wire and 4-wire
operation, ISO+ mode, internal beltpack
antennas, and more. Up to 15 beltpacks
can be assigned to each base station.
Any four beltpacks can be used in
hands-free, full-duplex mode, and
a 5th can be added when the base
station headset is used. The DX200
is expandable to a 4 base station
system, supporting a total of 60
beltpacks with 16 in full-duplex,
single channel mode.
Compatible beltpack (For use with the DX100, DX121, DX200 and DX210)
BP200 Features:
• ISO restrict mode
eparate IC and ISO buttons
• Internal antennas
eltpack mic gain and side
tone control
• Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries
with up to 20 hours of operation
electable PTT or latching
button modes
• User voice promps
• Rugged construction
BP200 Beltpack
DX Series Technology
All DX Series wireless intercom
systems feature Spectrum-Friendly™
technology for interference-free
operation in the increasingly
crowded 2.4GHz frequency band.
This technology prevents emerging
frequency conflicts by designating
the 2.4GHz operating frequency
range: low- (2.4019- 2.4399GHz),
high- (2.4434-2.4814GHz), or
Clear-Com 5
Clear-Com’s advanced wireless intercom systems are
full-duplex communication systems. These intuitive systems
are easy to deploy and configure. Every advanced system
was designed with facilities that could seamlessly interface
with any wired intercom system, allowing mobile users to
stay connected to fixed user positions in the covered area.
Superb audio quality and system reliability make these
systems the preferred wireless intercom of choice for
many users.
> DX210
> DX300ES
> DX410
> WBS Series
DX210 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Intercom
The DX210 is a two-channel system that
delivers a perfect blend in performance,
connectivity with wired systems, and
ease of use. The two separate 2-wire
and 4-wire connections make it highly
compatible with any industry-standard
2-wire intercom systems or 4-wire
intercom/audio devices.
Each BS210 base station can support
up to 4 full-duplex beltpacks for talk
and listen capabilities or 11 half-duplex
beltpacks for listen-only purposes. By
linking four base stations together, up to
16 full-duplex or 44 half-duplex beltpack
users can be in communication.
System Highlights:
• Wireless ISO Talk-around
BS210 Front Panel
• Digital Auto Nulling (Front Panel Access)
• Two separate two-wire/
four-wire connections
• Triple diversity — space, time and
frequency — supporting extreme
multi-path environments
BS210 Rear Panel
• Spectrum Friendly technology
• Relay (GPIO) actuation with ISO function
• Feedback protection for un-terminated
two-wire channels
BP210 Beltpack
• ISO restrict mode
• IC and ISO buttons
• Internal antennas
• Beltpack mic gain and side
tone control
• Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries
with up to 20 hours of operation
• Selectable PTT or latching
button modes
• User voice prompts
6 Clear-Com
• Rugged construction
BP210 Beltpack
DX300ES 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Intercom
The flexible DX300ES offers a twochannel mobile intercom system that
is easy to set up and use, as well as
expandable to accommodate larger
operations. Its compact design makes
it highly portable and convenient to
deploy instantly where full-duplex
communication is required.
System Highlights:
ast, easy setup for strategic
• Secure, 64-bit encryption
igital Frequency Hopping Spread
Spectrum (FHSS) •C
onvenient all-call button allows
transmit on both channels
Each base can support up to 4 fullduplex or 12 half-duplex wireless
beltpack users. By linking four base
stations together, up to 16 full-duplex
or 44 half-duplex beltpack users can
be in communication.
Special features include dedicated
channel relays and four-wire audio
interfaces for ease of connectivity
to third-party systems.
lexible power options: 100-240
VAC, 12-14 VDC, 1.5V “AA” batteries
or an optional rechargeable
BAT850 battery
• Portable size and weight
uxiliary Input and Output ten-pin
terminal strip connector
• Dedicated channel relays
riple diversity — space, time and
frequency diversity — supporting
extreme multi-path environments
BP300 Beltpack
• Compact and Light-weight Design–
only 7.4 ounces (0.21 kg)
• Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
provide up to 20 hours of beltpack
operation with each charge
• Internal Antennas for extra protection
and durability
• Voice Prompts inform users of status
changes and system diagnostics
• Completely Sealed Buttons enhance
the life of the beltpack
BP300 Beltpack
Clear-Com 7
DX410 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Intercom
The DX410 is a two channel digital wireless system, delivering an overall better experience in
performance, range and sound.
The system features 7kHz wideband audio, the same audio quality level as high-end wireless
intercoms. Its expanded audio range and increased intelligibility enables even soft whispers to
be heard clearly, even in high RF interference environments.
System Highlights:
• Two channels
• 7kHz wide bandwidth audio
• 2-wire and 4-wire bridging
• 2-wire auto-nulling
• Lost packet concealment
• Upgraded radio
• Supports up to 15 wireless beltpacks
and/or wireless headsets
DX410 also features 2-wire and 4-wire
bridging and 2-wire auto-nulling. The
bridging capability allows the option
for combining the 2-wire and 4-wire
ports together on either channel A or
B, allowing operators to use a 4-wire
out to send all the audio to a mixer,
matrix intercom or other audio source.
2-wire auto-nulling enables fast and
accurate integration with Clear-Com
or TW wired partyline systems.
BS410 Base Station
Each DX410 base station can support
up to 15 registered BP410 wireless
beltpacks and/or WH410 all-in-one
wireless headsets. In a single-channel
operation, any four beltpack users can
engage in simultaneous, full-duplex
(talk-listen) communication, while only
three users may be in full-duplex mode
in a dual-channel operation.
BP410 Beltpack
DX410 is simple to set up and configure, taking less time to deploy. No
software programming is necessary.
WH410 All-in-One Headset
8 Clear-Com
WBS Series UHF Analog Wireless Intercom
WBS comes in a single channel (WBS-670) or dual channel (WBS-680) option, with each base station
supporting up to four full-duplex wireless beltpacks. The WBS-680 base station provides two separate
channels for 2-wire or 4-wire connectivity.
WBS670 Single channel
The WBS-670 and WBS-680 operate
in select frequency bands between
470- 686MHz. Both wireless systems
are supplied with 24 factory-selected,
intermodulation-free frequencies. Select
from factory presets or any suitable
frequency in 25kHz increments. 720 Tx
and 720 Rx frequencies can be selected,
each from independent 18 MHz
operational bands.
System Features:
• Full talk/listen headset at the base
• Rear panel connections allow
system expansion
• Input and output level adjustment
controls for both the connected
wired intercom and auxiliary
audio connection
• WTA (Wireless-Talk-Around) button
momentarily routes audio to only the
wireless beltpacks monitoring the
current channel, serving as isolation
(ISO) channel
• Stage Announce (SA) button allows
a (dry) relay signal
• RJ-45 connector for direct connection
to a digital four-wire intercom port,
and a pair of auxiliary connectors
• A pair of efficient, half-wave co-linear
antennas is supplied with system.
WBS680 Two-channel
Clear-Com 9
When it comes to communication requirements for
specialized applications, high performance wireless
intercom systems are the right solutions. These systems
provide exceptional RF performance and reliable
connections, giving users the peace of mind even in
the most demanding circumstances. They offer high
capacity and scalability in order to meet the needs of
complex configurations, greater number of talk groups
or users, and expansive coverage areas. Moreover, they
work even in challenging environments that exist indoors
and outdoors.
> FreeSpeak II®
> Pro850
FreeSpeak II™ 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Intercom Systems
FreeSpeak II™ is a powerful and reliable distributed wireless intercom platform for sophisticated
and expansive communication needs. FreeSpeak II comes in a 1.9GHz version for operations in the
1.897-1.933GHz band and 2.4GHz for environments or geographies either or both frequencies
are available for use. The system can freely use a mix of both bands.
The FreeSpeak II system comprises the base station, beltpacks, Transceiver Antennas, and splitter.
FreeSpeak II can be implemented as a standalone base station system or as an integrated wireless
solution within Eclipse HX matrices.
Flexible cellular roaming technologies allow users to move freely about in large, multi-site environments
without the worry of fading or losing connection. The system provides point-to-point and group
communication capabilities.
10 Clear-Com
Wireless Beltpack
The all-new five-channel, full-duplex
FreeSpeak II digital beltpack was
uniquely designed for the rigorous
demands of large-scale operations
and continuous communication use.
Ergonomic form factor, intuitive
operation, and a rugged housing make
the beltpack ideal for extended use.
Full-duplex 7kHz bandwidth offers
high audio quality and reduces the
strain on the user’s ears after
extended usage.
Four push-to-talk one reply key and
two rotary encoders allow up to five
Beltpack Feature Highlights
• Up to five communication routes
per beltpack, each with a 5 or 10
character label
• Four programmable pushbuttons,
two rotary encoders and a
reply button
communication routes to be assigned
to each beltpack. These can be any
desired combination of group and pointto-point communication assignments.
Large OLED display provides extensive
information, including the names of
beltpacks, assigned users and groups
of each beltpack, battery level, and
signal strength.
FreeSpeak II 1.9GHz
A variety of beltpack menus are
accessible via the OLED display
including headset levels, microphone
levels, audible alert at low battery
level, and adjustable local sidetone.
• Over-the-air beltpack registration
and regionalization
FreeSpeak II 2.4GHz
• Real-time monitoring of battery
per beltpack
• “Listen Again” audio memory to
replay last 15 seconds of audio
• Technician’s flash light on rear
• Menu driven display, which can be
partially or completely restricted
• Secure system – beltpacks are
registered to a particular base
station or Matrix
Drop-in battery and
beltpack charger
• Internal antennas – no antenna
breakage or damage
• Long battery usage – typically 18
hours of continuous talk time
• Two battery options – rechargeable
Li-Ion cells or disposable Alkaline
AA Batteries
• Drop-in charging port with built-in
USB battery and beltpack charging
• Strong metallic beltclip and shoulder
strap points
USB Port for local DC powering
18+ hours of
battery operation
(door shown open)
Clear-Com 11
Active Transceiver Antennas
FreeSpeak II users can roam thousands of feet from the base station while staying connected.
This is achieved through the Cellular Roaming capability between distributed Active Antennas.
The Antenna Splitter extends the base station to create an expansive coverage area with multiple
antennas, which provide connections to the wireless beltpacks.
Expansive wireless coverage can be
achieved by strategically placing up
to 10 remote antennas across a wide
coverage area. Each Active Antenna
can be positioned as far as 3,200 feet
away from the base station or Matrix,
and each powered Antenna can create
a coverage zone of up to 1,475 feet.
Unique to FreeSpeak II is the ability for
1.9GHz and 2.4GHz beltpacks and active
transceiver antennas to co-operate in
the same system (either the base station
or integrated matrix solution), thus
increasing both the quantity of wireless
users and cell roaming area.
When using the base station, up to 20
full-duplex wireless beltpacks using
either or both 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz
bands can be connected.
In an integrated Eclipse HX matrix
setup, as many as 50 1.9GHz and
40 2.4GHz (or 25 1.9GHz in North
America plus 40 2.4GHz) full-duplex
wireless beltpacks can be used at the
same time by positioning up to 20 or
more distributed remote antennas
at strategic locations. These beltpack
users are then able to directly communicate with any other remote or local
matrix panel or other wireless or wired
beltpack user who is on the Eclipse HX
Matrix System network.
2.4GHz Transceiver
Key Features:
• IP65 rated for water and
dust resistance
1.9GHz Transceiver
• LED power indicator light
• Microphone stand mounting
• Ethercon rugged connection
Antenna Splitter
12 Clear-Com
Integrated Wireless
FreeSpeak II is the only wireless system on the market that can seamlessly integrate its wireless
beltpacks with Clear-Com’s Eclipse HX Digital Matrix Intercom Systems.
With FreeSpeak II, wireless beltpack
users can communicate with any
Eclipse HX panel users on a one-to-one
or group basis. This unique capability
is achieved with the E-Que-HX cellular
controller card which fits directly in
the matrix frames.
Each E-Que-HX card connects up to
10 Antennas to provide beltpack
connections to any number of ports
within the Matrix System.
Up to 50 wireless beltpacks per Matrix
(depending on environment) can roam
between 40 Active Antennas and communicate on a Matrix System. Up to
four E-Que-HX cards can be used in
one Matrix frame.
Integrated FreeSpeak II has the ability
to individually address each beltpack
and then connect that beltpack to one
or many users on the Matrix. Up to
1475ft (450m) can be achieved under
good radio frequency conditions –
adding more Active Antennas can
extend the range.
Patented Dynamic Port Allocation
technology allows the beltpacks to
roam between Active Antennas
without breaking connections.
Standard CAT5 cabling connects beltpacks to the Matrix via a network of
Active Antennas and antenna splitter.
Simply add additional Active Antennas
to expand the number of users.
Carrier Frequency
Carrier Frequency
FreeSpeak II Beltpacks are configured within the EHX (Eclipse HX Configuration
Software). They benefit from all the features within the Eclipse HX matrix system.
*Carriers 23 through 27 are those used in the USA.
Carriers 0-9 are used for Europe.
Worldwide Frequency Bands: Each region uses approved 10 or 5 bands.
Clear-Com 13
PRO850 UHF Analog Wireless Intercom System
With the PRO850, you’ll get exceptional operating range, cutting-edge features, and the flexibility to
configure and expand the entire system to meet your unique intercom needs. Pro850 operates within
the 470-698MHz UHF band.
Innovative features like PC interface,
automated power control, simultaneous
dual-channel interface, and wireless
ISO, give you more operating power
and flexibility to achieve the best performance. Combine all that with a rugged
design, the Pro850 provides the utmost
reliability and sound quality.
A standard Pro850 system comes with
four beltpacks and a base station. By
linking several base stations to provide
additional receivers, up to 12 users
have full-duplex communications with
each other.
System Features:
• Automated beltpack output power
control helps optimize the system
operating power. The base station
automatically configures beltpack
settings and calibrates the power
level for each beltpack, depending
on its distance from the base. This
eliminates base receiver overload
and extends the beltpack battery life.
• Intermodulation-free frequency
groups have been pre-configured to
help you easily scan and select the
best interference-free frequency
groups when you set up the PRO850.
The savvy user can also configure
additional frequency groups for a
quick recall.
• Alert relay output provides a
configurable set of contacts that
can respond to problem conditions
or to beltpack user requests.
14 Clear-Com
udio digitally mixed and routed
under user control allows any
combination of inputs to be mixed
and delivered to any output. These
settings can be preset and saved to
provide varied mix configurations
for different shows.
emotely “unlatch” beltpacks from
transmitting at the base to stop
a rogue beltpack that’s been left
transmitting without having to
locate the beltpack.
Wireless Accessories
DX Series (DX100, 121, 200, 210, 300ES)
DX Base Antenna
4.7” reverse TNC base station antenna
DX Antenna Splitter/Combiner
DX Beltpack Battery
12VDC Power Supply with Cord
WBS Series
Base Station Monitor Speaker
RMK200 Mounting Kit
DX Beltpack Pouch
Base Station Monitor Speaker
CAT-5 Cable
4-Port battery Charger for MB Series Base Station
FreeSpeak II
AC-60 Battery Charger
5-way Drop-in Battery and Beltpack Charger
Battery Charger Wall-mount Bracket
Clear-Com 15
Compatible Headsets
DX Series
FreeSpeak II
Wireless IFB
Single- or double-ear headsets. Excellent
noise attenuation. Superior comfort
Dynamic mic rotates 300-degrees. Mic
boom acts as an On/Off switch for quick
muting. 4-pin female XLR connector
Single- or double-ear headsets.
200/400 Ohms and excellent noise
attenuation with a dynamic mic.
4-pin female XLR connector
Ultra comfortable, single-ear,
lightweight headset
Electret noise-canceling mic mounted
on a flexible boom which rotates for
left or right side use
Ultra comfortable, dual-ear,
lightweight headset
Electret noise-canceling microphone
mounted on a flexible boom which
rotates for left or right side use
Single-ear, 300-Ohm Ultra lightweight
(1.3oz) headset with dynamic, noisecanceling mic element on a flexible
boom. 4-pin female XLR connector
IFB ear set includes audio driver, coiled
acoustic eartube with clothing clip,
and 5ft (1.5m) cable with 1/8” (3.5mm)
straight mini-jack connector
Compatible Headsets Accessories
MD-XLR Headset Adapter
DX Series
These adapters enable headsets with dynamic
mics and XLR connectors to interface with all
the DX Series headset jacks. An active built-in
circuit provides impedance matching and DC
isolation. XLR adapters interface with 4P male,
4P female or 5P male headset connectors
Headset Extension Cable
Six-foot headset extension cable for all
mini-DIN DX Series headset connectors
HSI6000 Headset Interface
The HSI6000 allows a standard 2.5mm cell
phone headset to be connected to the DX
Series beltpacks
16 Clear-Com
FreeSpeak II
Wireless IFB
# of Channels on
the Beltpack
Number of
Beltpack per Base
Number of
Stacked Bases
Max Distance:
Antenna to Base
Max Distance:
Beltpack to
4 Full-Duplex & 11
Half-Duplex Listen
Up to 65ft (20m)
using Coax
1000ft (300m)
1 Full-Duplex & 3
Half-Duplex Listen
Up to 65ft (20m)
using Coax
1000ft (300m)
3 or 4 Full-Duplex
& 11 or 12
Half-Duplex Listen
Up to 65ft (20m)
using Coax
1000ft (300m)
1 or 2
4 Full-Duplex & 11
or 12 Half-Duplex
Up to 65ft (20m)
using Coax
1000ft (300m)
1 or 2
3 or 4 Full-Duplex
& 11 or 12
Half-Duplex Listen
Up to 65ft (20m)
using Coax
1000ft (300m)
4 Full-Duplex & 11
or 12 Half-Duplex
Up to 65ft (20m)
using Coax
1000ft (300m)
1/2 (one at a time)
4 Full-Duplex;
Unlimited HalfDuplex Listen
Coax cable length
to be provided
by others
1640ft (500m)
FreeSpeak II 1.9
4 plus reply
20 (Base)
50 (Matrix EU) 25
(Matrix USA)
Subject to max
beltpacks in
radio space
3280ft (1km) (local
power required)
1480ft (450m)
(165ft (50m)
FreeSpeak II 2.4
4 plus reply
20 (Base)
40 (Matrix)
Subject to max
beltpacks in
radio space
3280ft (1km) 100ft
(30m) (local power
1480ft (450m)
(165ft (50m)
614-698 MHz
4 Full-Duplex &
12 Half-Duplex
Fixed to Base /
0.6 m using Coax
9 m using Coax
1640ft (500m)
Clear-Com 17
Other Clear-Com Intercom Products
Partyline Wired Intercom
Clear-Com Encore
Analog 2-wire, group communication
systems with intuitive plug-and-play
design and superior audio clarity best
known as the “Clear-Com Sound”.
Digital Network Intercom
Flexible, scalable, and intelligent
digital network partyline system
platform for dynamic group
Integrated Matrix and IP Communication Solutions
Eclipse HX
Eclipse HX Digital Matrix Platform is the
latest advancement in digital intercom
technology for enabling critical intercommunications among teams who need
direct (point-to-point) and one-to-many
(group and partyline or conference)
connections. Eclipse HX can scale up
to a large communication solution by
networking multiple systems together.
The system can connect over 4-wire,
MADI, optical fiber, E1/T1 and IP networks. Eclipse HX system frames and
the panels have native IP capabilities
built in for integrating with IP-based
communication solutions.
18 Clear-Com
Connectivity Solutions
Clear-Com offers connectivity solutions designed for linking multiple intercom systems together over
IP networks, routing and distributing audio and video signals over optical fiber networks, and interfacing
communication solutions with SIP telephony protocols and 2-way radios.
Intercom Connectivity
(ICON: LQ Series)
ICON is a collection of communications
products that link local or geographically
distributed intercom terminals and
end-points together. ICON Solutions
operate over Ethernet/ IP networks
and/or optical fiber links.
LQ Series devices provide intercom
connectivity for linking multiple intercom systems together and/or extending
the capabilities and intercom channels
of a single system to one or more remote
Signal Transport Solution: ProGrid™
Signal Transport Solutions make
delivering signals from audio, intercom,
video equipment, independent of
manufacturer or brand, fast, costeffective and easy to deploy.
Based on the open AES3 and AES10
(MADI) standards, ProGrid is designed
for ultra-fast transport, distribution,
and routing of audio, intercom, video
signals* and control data over the
OPTOCORE® (Optical Fiber) and
Interoperability: Clear-Com Gateway
Interoperability is the ability to
communicate across multiple different
systems in order to facilitate coordination
of actions at an event at every level.
Clear-Com’s Interoperability Solutions
address the communication challenges
with gateway solutions that link and
bridge a myriad of communication
locations over IP networks. LQ eliminates
the need for time-consuming and costly
audio cable runs.
With either the 2, 4, or 8 channel
option, LQ can interface with and
route audio and call signals between
any industry-standard partyline
intercom and 4-wire devices such as
matrix intercom systems, two-way
radio gateways and audio consoles
over LAN, WAN or Internet. A maximum
of six LQ Series interfaces can be linked
together to form a managed network.
SANE (Synchronous Audio Network +
Ethernet) platforms.
ProGrid offers redundancy, robustness
and reliability for small to very large
infrastructural requirements. ProGrid
is capable of matrixing up to 1024
channels across short or long distances.
Any incoming signal is capable of
being routed to any output or multiple
outputs as a continuous stream of
data, without buffering, packaging
or compression.
systems such as radios, intercoms,
telephones and IP networks.
Clear-Com® Gateway is an interoperability platform for linking and bridging
disparate communication systems to
deliver advanced radio bridging, radio
interfacing and IP connectivity on a
single platform.
Clear-Com 19
Corporate Description
Clear-Com, an HME company, is a trusted global provider of professional
real-time communications solutions and services since 1968. We innovate
market proven technologies that link people together through wired and
wireless systems.
Clear-Com was first to market portable wired and wireless intercom systems
for live performances. Since then, our history of technological advancements
and innovations has delivered significant improvements to the way people
collaborate in professional settings where real-time communication matters.
For the markets we serve – broadcast, live performance, live events, sports,
military, aerospace and government – our communication products have
consistently met the demands for high quality audio, reliability, scalability
and low latency, while addressing communication requirements of varying
size and complexity.
Our reputation in the industry is not only based on our product achievements,
but also on our consistent level of customer engagement and dedication to
delivering the right solutions for specialized applications, with the expertise to
make it work. Around the globe and across markets, Clear-Com’s innovations
and solutions have received numerous awards and recognitions for ingenuity
and impact to customers.
Americas and Asia-Pacific Headquarters
California, United States
Tel: +1.510.337.6600
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Europe, Middle East, and Africa Headquarters
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1223 815000
Email: [email protected]
China Representative Office
Beijing, P.R.China
Sales/Marketing Tel: +86 10 59002608
Service Tel: +86 10 59000198
Email: [email protected]
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Clear-Com logo are registered trademarks of HM Electronics, Inc.
Optocore and SANE are registered trademarks of OPTOCORE GmbH.
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