Mitutoyo DP-1VR Digimatic Mini SPC Processor 264-504-5A

Mitutoyo DP-1VR Digimatic Mini SPC Processor 264-504-5A
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Technical Data
SERIES 264 — Digimatic Mini-Processor
• This is a palm-sized printer used to print
measurement data from the digimatic
gage or to perform statistical analysis.
• This printer offers excellent functionality.
You can use it not only to print
measurement data, perform a variety of
statistical analyses, and draw a histogram
or D chart but also to perform complicated
operations for X-R control chart.
• Equipped with RS-232C output and
GO/NG judgment output as standard
functions, this processor ensures high
reliability as an advanced quality inspection
• The line thermal printer enables fast and
quiet printing.
Order No.
DP - 1VR
Printing method: Thermal line printer
Printing dot: 384dot (8dot/mm)
Printing speed: 6.5mm/s (using AC adapter)
Printing paper: 48m
Printing line: Approx. 6500 lines for large characters
Approx. 12000 lines for normal characters
Processing capacity: 9999 data (mode 1/2/3)
100000 data (mode 0)
Printing data: Measurement data, GO/±NG judgment,
No. of data, Max/min value, Range, Average,
Standard deviation, No. of defective,
Fraction defective, Process capability index,
Histogram, D-chart, Control chart generation
for Xd-bar and control limit data, date and time
Output function: Output the measuring data (RS232C) or GO/±NG judgment
Input timer: 0.25s, 1s, 5s, 30s, 1min, 30min, 60min
AC adapter 6V
Electric battery: LR6 (alkaline), Ni-Mh (AA size)
Battery life: 10 years (clock battery), 10000 lines (1600mA 1time/5 sec. using the nickel hydrofluoric battery)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 94 x 201 x 75.2mm
Standard Accessory
06AEG302JA: AC Adapter
Optional Accessories
09EAA084*:RS-232C changing cable (1m, 9pin)
965516*: GO/±NG judgment cable
937179T: Foot switch
09EAA082: (10 rolls)
*It is impossible to use the both RS-232C cable and GO/±NG
judgment cable at the same time.
Lower limit
Upper limit
Input data
capability index
Number of data
Lower control
limit (x control)
Upper control
limit (x control)
Mode 0:
* The user can select large
character format
(excluding mode 2).
Record the measurement
data and tolerance judgment.
Number of devision
of the histogram
Lower control
limit (R control)
Mode 3:
Upper control
limit (R control)
Automatically record the various
calculation results to make a X-R
control chart.
Mode 2:
A "D-chart" can be used to describe measurement
data displacement visually. It's also possible to
record the measurement data, statistical analysis
and histogram at the same time.
Mode 1:
Record the measurement data,
statistical analysis and histogram.
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