The compact battery chargers from Bosch
The push of a button is enough.
C3 and C7: The compact
battery chargers from Bosch
Pretty clever:
Award-winning battery chargers from Bosch
The Bosch C3 and C7 battery
quickly and easily. If there is an interruption in
chargers received the coveted
the current supply, the newly integrated memo­
Red Dot Design Award 2011 as
ry function remembers the respective adjust-
an “honorable mention” for their
ment in order to be able to continue charging
simple ergonomic operation and good industrial
later without difficulty. The charging cable with
design. The promises made by the outward appear-
plug-in connection is also new. With its regener-
ance are kept by innovative technology and comfort
ation mode, the C7 also provides the possibility
and convenience functions. For example, when the
to charge deeply discharged batteries.
vehicle battery loses voltage: C3 and C7 recharge it
Even simpler with memory function.
C3 and C7 battery chargers
One button, many functions! Charging with intelligent monitoring
New! Battery charging cable with plug-in connection
An increasing number of electric consumer units make
New! Memory function: Saves the last setting
demands on the vehicle battery:
On disconnection from the mains or from the battery,
Seat heating
the charger saves the last setting and continues the
Air-conditioning system
charge operation when the connection is reestablished.
Power-window units
Hi-fi system
New! Charging cable with plug-in connection: Better
Navigation unit
safe than sorry
Electronic control units in the vehicle
The charging cable consists of two parts with a plug-in
connection. This means one part can remain connected
Intelligent charging with C3 and C7
to the battery when the charger is disconnected. An
In winter temperatures, your vehicle requires considera­
additional fuse ensures that no short-circuit or cable fire
bly more electrical energy than when it is warmer, which
arises, even if the cables are damaged.
makes demands on the vehicle battery. If additionally
many comfort and convenience functions have to be
supplied and the battery is subjected to particularly high
loads on short journeys, charging with the C3 or C7 from
Bosch in good times helps. .
The C3 and C7 battery chargers from Bosch:
Keep the battery ready for deployment or fully
recharge it – quickly and without difficulty
Simple and intuitive to operate – operating errors
are virtually excluded
Provide convenient navigation – with a central
adjusting button
Monitors itself with an innovative safety concept
Equipped with practical, interchangeable mounting
– Mobile hook
(for C3, already included in supply)
– Wall mount
(for C7, already included in supply)
Full power at the push of a button:
C7 keeps batteries in top condition
Charge status
0 ­– 33%
33 ­– 66%
66 ­– 99%
On the C7, the state of charge can be read off quickly at any time.
For large motorcycles, camper vans, and vans:
Strong charge output with C7
The C7 battery charger from Bosch can be used to charge starter
batteries of vans and camper vans that are subjected to high loads –
quickly and without difficulty. The C7 is a good choice for those
who want to get the battery of their motorcycle, convertible, or
motor boat through the winter undamaged with a trickle charge.
The battery charger with 7 amps current intensity is configured
for large 12-Volt or 24-Volt batteries that are used in motorcycles,
camper vans and vans.
Fitness instead of burnout: Refresh function
The refresh function of the C7 prevents batteries from being
deeply discharged over the short term. For example, if
side-marker lights are left on overnight.
Battery charger
C7: Output voltage
12 V / 24 V
Versatile advantages: Mains adapter function
In the mains adapter mode, you can also use the C7 as a power
supply with a constant power output of 13.6 V / 5 A. This is ideal,
for example, for a cooler box or a radio in the garage, to test light
bulbs or for the backup mode.
Battery types
No risk of
Short-circuit /
C7 
C3 
 Included in supply
 Available as accessory
Comfort in compact format:
C3 charges batteries with 6 Volts and 12 Volts
Charge batteries quickly and easily
For passenger cars, motorcycles, and scooters:
Automatic battery charge with the C3
The C3 from Bosch can be used to charge weak passenger
car batteries automatically and quickly. The C7 is also a
good choice for those who want to keep the battery of
their moped or scooter fit in the cold season with a trickle
charge. The handy, compact battery charger is easy to
operate with the central adjusting button and it can be
hung conveniently with the supplied mobile hook, for
example on the hood.
Battery charger
C3: Output voltage
6 V / 12 V
New! Memory
Wall mount
Mobile hook
Power supply
13.6 V / 5 A
3.5 A / 14 - 120 Ah 0.8 A / 1,2 - 14 Ah
7 A / 14 - 230 Ah 3.8 A / 14 - 120 Ah
Handy, practical, light.
Compact technology for your battery
Supply every type of battery
Always spring: Despite winter
Cold lead storage batteries can be charged with the C3
Seasonally used batteries such as those for converti­
and C7 in just the same way as AGM, wet, or gel batteries.
bles or modern classic and historic cars need regular
Using intelligence: Controlled by a characteristic curve,
recharging when immobilized. The C3 or C7 deals with
the charge electronics check how much charge your
this using a trickle charge: Simply connect the device to
battery uses and can handle at the moment.
the vehicle – the battery is monitored and kept at a high
charge level.
Protection for vehicle electronics
The terminal connectors are de-energized when the
C7: Backup charging saves the system settings
battery terminals are not connected or there is an incor-
On modern passenger cars, a battery should only be
rect connection. This protects against spark formation
replaced with backup charging. This ensures that the
and electronic damage. This enables you to charge the car
settings of the vehicle electronics, for example the radio
battery without risk when it is installed.
code and the power-window unit convenience circuit,
are retained.
C7: With practical mobile hook
C7: Charging and mains cable, wall mount
Mobile or stationary small charger C3: For motorcycles and passenger cars (6 / 12 V)
Simple operation: One button for everything
12 V
– LED ring lights up blue
– device in standby mode
Select mode:
– LED ring turns green
– Selected charge mode lamps up
– LED ring lights up green
– charge indicator flashes yellow
Sample setting: Mode 2 for motorcycle on the C3
Operating errors are practically excluded
If the terminals are inadvertently reversed, a red LED
lights up. In this case, the terminals remain without
voltage and a mode cannot be selected.
Indicator in the case
of reversed terminals
C3: All at a glance
C3: Charging and mains cable, mobile hook
C3: With practical mobile hook
So simple, so safe:
C3 and C7 battery chargers
from Bosch
Technical changes and program modifications are reserved
AA / MKI F 026 P00 062 / 201208
Your address for genuine Bosch quality:
Quality first
Easy-to-use – received the Red Dot Design Award as “honorable
mention 2011”
Ergonomic handling
Rugged and reliable
High quality of cables and terminals: Protected against dust and
splashes (IP 65)
Accessories for C3 and C7:
Wall mount or mobile hook
Ensure reliable charging with maximum security
New! Memory function: Saves the last setting
New! Charging cable with plug-in connection: Easy to detach, easy to
Convenient single-button operation
Suitable for lead-acid, AGM, wet, and gel batteries
Intelligent monitoring and automatically charging – controlled by an
internal MCU (microcomputer unit)
Device protection function – in the following deviating situations,
the charger switches to standby mode:
–Regeneration process over 7 hours
–Charge operation over 41 hours
–Battery voltage below 7.5 V for 12 V batteries or below 16 V for 24 V
–Open electric circuit
–Reversed-polarity terminal
Trickle charge: Seasonally used batteries such as those for modern
classic and historic cars or motorcycles remain at a high charge level.
Additional functions on the C7:
–Mains adapter and backup mode: All settings of the vehicle elec­
tronics are retained.
–Refresh function: First aid in the case of exhaustive discharge
For more information:
Wall mount suitable for C3 and C7:
Practical storage of cables and terminals
New! Cable adapter / small charger cable,
including plug with fuse
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