It All Adds Up to Perfect Prints
Money Back Guarantee –
Try ImagePrint for yourself. If you’re not completely satisfied, return it within 30 days for a refund.
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813-963-0241, drop us an email, or visit our website
ImagePrint supports Canon, Epson and
Hewlett Packard inkjet printers. It runs on both
Windows XP and Vista as well as Macintosh
OS X with Universal Binaries. Check our
website for a list of specific printer models
currently supported by ImagePrint 7.
Prices start as low as $495.
Built-In Profiles – Each of our built-in profiles
Phatte Black Option – Phatte Black is an Image-
includes 5 color temperatures that will give you better
than custom results and we include them free of charge
with every copy of ImagePrint. In most cases, we’ll
even profile your favorite paper at no additional charge
if we don’t already have one that will work for you.
Print exclusive. It gives you the option to maintain matte
black and photo black inks in your Epson 4800, 7800 or
9800 printer, rather than swapping them out. Prints made
with Phatte Black show virtually no difference when compared with prints made with the standard configuration.
ICC Compliant – ImagePrint is fully compliant
Advanced Screening – ImagePrint delivers
with the ICC standard. So, if you do get your kicks “rolling
your own” profiles, we can accommodate that too.
perfectly smooth transitions in skin tones, shadow areas
and other hard to reproduce transitions.
Easy to Learn – Every ImagePrint package
AutoPrint Hot Folders – AutoPrint lets you
ships with a Quick Start guide to get you set up and
printing fast.
customize a “hands free” workflow to suit your individual
printing needs.
Image Manipulation – Smart Crop, Step
Queue Manager – Queue manager gives you
and Repeat, Fit, Fill, Center, Color and Tone Correction,
Borders, Templates, Page Tiling, Page size and Origin
Point Control.
access to jobs running on multiple computers and multiple
printers. View job status, reprioritize jobs, reprint jobs,
and edit print jobs.
Repeatable Results – The spooling interface
Workflow Options – Depending on your
in ImagePrint keeps track of all your printed jobs and
allows you to instantly reprint them. Everything about
the job, including the page layout and profiles used
will be set back up in ImagePrint. This is your assurance
that the finished print will look the same on the one
hundredth copy as it looked on the first.
workflow needs, you may prefer to print directly from
Photoshop or InDesign rather than the ImagePrint
interface. Our inexpensive Print-Through-Application
option lets you print from any other application right to
our spooling system.
Mac/Windows Networks – ImagePrint works
ImagePrint automatically detects embedded image
profiles found in JPG and TIF files. You then have the
choice of using the embedded profile or selecting our
preferred default profile.
as a print server in mixed network environments where
both Mac and Windows exist side-by-side making it the
perfect solution for creative groups that share a single
printer resource.
Drag and Drop File Browser – An integrated
file browser shows you thumbnails of your images, so all
you do is drag, drop and you’re done.
Embedded Profile Management –
Free Email Support – Beginning with Version 7,
email support is included for the life of each version, or
one year from date of purchase, whichever is longer.
B/W Dark Room Effects – ImagePrint duplicates traditional dark room techniques like Selenium and
Sepia toning on warm, cool and neutral papers. Advanced
image adjustment tools include Split-Toning and Reverse
Sepia and Selenium.
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