Troubleshooting Procedure – SolarEdge Monitoring 1. Log into the

Troubleshooting Procedure – SolarEdge Monitoring 1. Log into the
Troubleshooting Procedure – SolarEdge Monitoring
1. Log into the SolarEdge monitoring portal
2. If portal indicates a panel/optimizer not producing, please call
our office at 304-258-4733.
3. If portal indicates a connection problem, determine how your
inverter is connected to the Internet:
Powerline Bridges
ZigBee Adapter
Plugged Into Router
ZigBee (most common):
Look at the side of the indoor ZigBee adapter box with antenna for
the S_OK green LED. If the LED is solid green, then Internet
connection is OK. If LED is off, please power-cycle your router and
verify connectivity via the router with another device, and verify
all cable connections. If the S_OK LED does not come on, please call
our office.
Look at the “signal strength” meter on the side of the device. If no
LEDs are lit, please relocate the box closer to their inverter, if
not in the original location installed by mtvSolar.
Observe the orange LINK led for an occasional flash. If the link LED
does not blink every couple of seconds, unit may need to be repaired. This often requires the box to be taken outside to the
inverter to work properly, which requires an extension cord OR
portable USB power pack. Regardless, you can try holding the RED
button until all lights come on, then release, and they will pulse
while re-pairing takes place. If successful, LINK led will
occasionally flash and problem is solved. If the unit can not pair,
please call our office for assistance.
Bridges (Not often used by mtvSolar with SolarEdge):
First make sure that you do not have either bridge plugged into a
power strip or surge protector device. Bridges must be plugged in
directly to function.
Locate and unplug both bridges, wait 1 minute, plug both back in.
Observe bridges to verify that there are 2 LEDs solid lit and 1 LED
If either one has no LEDs lit, this indicates one failed and you need
a new set. If your solar system is over a year old, you may search
Amazon for “TP-LINK AV200 Starter”, or obtain a set from any
electronics store. Alternatively, we can supply a new set.
Link Not lit, then adapters must be re-paired:
Plug both adapters into same outlet, Press and hold the Pair button
for about 3 to 8 seconds on each unit, then release it. The Power LED
will begin flashing on both units. Wait until power goes solid on
both, and the Link LED is lit on both.
Place both units back into original positions, plug network cords
back in on both bridges, and S_OK led should turn green within 15
minutes. If not, there is a router or Internet issue. Unplug /
replug your router's power cord. Test for Internet connectivity with
a computer. If you can't get online, please contact your Internet
provider for assistance. If Internet connection is good, and S_OK
still can not be achieved, please call our office.
Ethernet Not lit, then the bridge in question is not plugged into
the Router or inverter Ethernet. Check and verify all connections
are complete. If both plugged in securely, and both router and envoy
have power, please call our office.
Direct Connection:
Verify all cables are plugged in securely. If still can't get S_OK
to come on, please verify Internet connection with a computer
connected to the router. If Internet connection is good, please call
our office.
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