T7406 Digital Desktop Voice Recording to PC

T7406 Digital Desktop Voice Recording to PC
Jun 2006
T7406 Digital Desktop Voice
Recording to PC
For T7406 Norstar / BCM
Telephone calls can be recorded from a T7406 telephone to a PC
by connecting the 4102 Digital AuxBox to the digital wire pair connecting the base station with the KSU/BCM.
Calls are recorded to a PC hard drive manually or automatically.
Manual recording can be activated by pressing a feature key on
the T7406 handset. Call display information including inbound
caller ID or outbound dialed number are stored with the call
The 4102 Digital AuxBox is supplied with software (CCR Client Call Recorder Software) that allows recorded calls to be
emailed or played back through the PC speakers.
4102 Digital AuxBox
Customer Supplied PC with Windows 98SE, ME,
2000, or XP and an available USB port
For multi-station recording:
The 4102 Digital Auxbox is supported by Algo's ECR Enterprise Call Recorder which supports up to 32 telephones on a single PC and provides additional multi-user and supervisor
Also, the 4210 ECR Shelf provides an effective alternative for centralized digital recording in an equipment room
with dedicated recording to a single PC Server. Each ECR Shelf can support up to 16 digital telephones. Two ECR
Shelves can be connected to a single PC Server, where each 4210 ECR Shelf only requires one USB connection to
the PC. See www.algosolutions.com/pdf/AN-0309.pdf for more information on multi-user call recording or visit
Algo Communication Products Ltd.
1-877-884-2546 (USA & Canada)
(604) 454-3790
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