Product Manual - Pressure Washers Direct

Product Manual - Pressure Washers Direct
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Product Specifications.....
Package Contents............
Hardware Contents ..........
Safety Information............
Assembly Instructions.....
Operating Instructions
Care and Maintenance ....
Pump Saver ...........wmesecne=es
Limited Warranty ......e....
Replacement Parts List ...
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AR 390 55
2000 PSI
CAINE Te 3 re Smee
Power Washer Unit
igh Pressure Hose
Nozzle Cleaning Wire
tabilizer Foot
uick Connect Nozzles
otary Nozzle 1
inc Steel Lance
Note: Screws are located in
package with manual
Qty. 2
Spray Gun
Spray Gun Trigger Loc
J arden Hose Adapter 1
K Nozzle Tray 1
L Spray Gun Holster 1
M O-Ring Kit 1
AA 1Screws 2
Please read and understand this entire manual before
attempting to assemble, operate, or install the product.
This manual contains information that relates to
EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS. It is very important to read this
manual carefully and understand it thoroughly before
using the product. The symbols listed below are used to
indicate this information.
Note: The word “Note” is used to inform the reader of
something the operator needs to know about the tool.
To reduce the risk of injury, the user must read
and understand the instructions before using
this product.
1. Warning - When using this product basic,
precautions should always be followed, including the
2. Read all the instructions before using the product
3. Know how to stop the product and bleed pressures
quickly. Be thoroughly familiar with the controls.
4. Keep operating area clear of persons
5. Do not overreach or stand on unstable support. Keep
good footing and balance at all times.
6. Follow the maintenance instructions as specified in
the manual
7. To avoid personal injury and/or damage to property
and to maximize your power washing experience,
carefully follow all of the safety tips, instructions,
warnings and safeguards and become familiar with
all of the controls.
8. This power washer conforms to CSA and other safety
and consumer standards. BO NGT modify or rebuild
any part of your power washer.
9. DO NOT use your power washer when you are under
the influence of alcohol or drugs. Use this power tool
carefully and only when you are alert.
10. Watch your balance and footing while using your
power washer. Surfaces become slippery when wet
and are extra slippery when using a detergent or
NEVER operate the power washer in bare feet,
sandals, or open-toed shoes.
12. When using the power washer near children, make
sure they are closely supervised by an adult to avoid
injury. NEVER
13. Keep fingers, hands, feet and any part of your body
clear of the stream of high pressure water. The
powerful spray can cause blindness or blast holes in
the skin. It can break a window if you are too close
when you pull the trigger on the spray gun.
14. ALWAYS wear eye protection to prevent injury to
eyes when operating the power washer.
15. To avoid mishaps or injury, ALWAYS use the trigger
safety lock when not using the power washer even if
the spraying stops for a moment.
16. The power washer is equipped with a Ground Fault
Circuit interrupter (GFCI) which greatly reduces the
chance of electric shock while the unit is in use. If
replacement of the plug or cord is needed, use only
identical replacement parts.
17. Point the spray gun in a safe direction when
beginning a power washing session.
18. NEVER spray directly at a person, animal, electrical
device or the unit itself.
19. When first using the spray gun, hold the spray gun
and lance with two hands when pulling the trigger
(one hand to pull the trigger and the other to
stabilize the gun assembly) until you get used to the
“kickback” from the spray gun.
20. When you press the power switch to turn off the
power washer, water pressure may remain in the
system. To discharge the pressure, point the spray
gun in a safe direction and pull the trigger.
21. NEVER spray flammable liquids.
22. NEVER use the power washer in areas that contain
combustible dust, liquids or vapors.
23. Avoid contact of the pressure hose with sharp
objects and examine the hose regularly. Replace
if damaged. Due to the high pressure involved, it
cannot be repaired if cut or damaged.
24. Only use detergent specifically formulated for power
washers and follow instructions on the detergent's
25. Protect eyes, lungs, and skin from exposure to
detergent. Dish or laundry soap is too thick and will clog
the nozzle of your detergent bottle.
IMPORTANT: Store the power washer indoors to
prevent the water in the unit from expanding under
freezing conditions. When the water freezes and
expands, your power washer will be damaged and
become inoperable. Or, if storing outdoors, it is
recommended you use pump saver (not included) to
protect pumps.
26. NEVER use hot water with your power washer. It will
overheat and damage the high pressure pump.
27. NEVER leave the power washer unattended while it
is powered “ON”.
28. ALWAYS turn the water supply “ON ” before turning
the power washer power to “ON”. Running the pump
dry will cause damage to the internal components.
29. NEYER use a water supply to your power washer
that exceeds 150 PSI maximum.
30. NEVER disconnect the high pressure hose from the
power washer while the system is pressurized.
31. NEVER permanently engage the trigger mechanisms
on the spray gun.
32. NEVER operate the power washer unless all
components are properly and securely connected.
33. NEVER allow the power washer pump to run for
more than one minute after you have turned off the
water supply. This can cause the motor and pump to
overheat and fail.
NEVER use lances or other parts that are not
compatible for this specific AR Blue Clean unit.
35. NEVER use an extension power cord since it defeats
the effectiveness of the GFCI and increases the
chance of electrocuting the operator.
36. NEVER spray any electrical outlet with your power
NOT use it
37. Inspect the power cord before using. |
if it is damaged.
Servicing of a Double-Insulated Appliance
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Protection:
This pressure washer is provided with a ground-fault
circuit-interrupter (GFCH built into the plugs of the
power-supply cord. This device provides additional
protection from the risk of electric shock. Should
replacement of the plug or cord become necessary,
use only identical replacement parts that include GFCI
In a double-insulated product, two systems of insulation
are provided instead of grounding. Grounding means
are not provided for a double insulated product, nor
should grounding means be added to the product.
Servicing a double-insulated product requires extreme
care and knowledge of the system, and should only be
done by qualified service personnel.
Replacement parts for a double-insulated product must
be identical to the original parts.
A double-insulated product is marked with the words
“Double Insulation” or “Double Insulated”. Product may
also be marked with symbol shown here.
Double Insolated Product
Before beginning assembly of product, make sure all Tools Required for Assembly (not included): Phillips
parts are present. Compare parts with package contents screwdriver and 5/16" (8 mm) allen wrench.
list and hardware contents list. If any part is missing or
damaged, DO NOT attempt to assembie the product.
Estimated Assembly Time: 5 minutes
Power Unit Assembly Slip tab into slot and screw the nozzle tray (K) on bottom
Slide the spray gun holster (L) onto left side, when left, when facing the unit, of power washer unit (A).
facing the unit of power washer unit (A). Secure with screw (AA).
Note: When placing the gun with the lance attached, Note: DO NOT use a power screwdriver. When the screw
the nozzle will rest in this tray. is completely tight, give a small final clockwise twist of
the screwdriver.
DO NOT overtighten.
Slip tab of stabilizer foot (E) into slot on bottom
righ, when facing the unit, of power washer unit (A).
Secure with screw (AA).
To release the hose (B) from spray gun (H), turn black
collar counterclockwise. Remove gun.
High Pressure Hose Assembly
Connect the other end of high pressure hose (B) to
spray gun (H) by screwing collar over gun inlet. Hand
tighten (turning clockwise) until tight. Hose is now
securely attached to the spray gun.
Note: High pressure hose (B) is fitted to the hose reel
and ready to use. It only needs to be attached to the
spray gun (H).
Lance Installation
While spray gun (H) is in the locked position, insert
lance (GQ) into the end of spray gun by inserting and
turning clockwise until fully in place. To remove
Locking Spray Gun (before Lance installation) turn counterclockwise.
To lock the trigger of the spray gun (I), aim the gun
away from you and push the lock button from right to
left. After doing so, squeeze or pull the trigger to make
sure it is locked and will not move. Always leave lock
button in locked position when not in use. This ensures
the gun is in “safe” mode until it is ready for use.
Attach nozzles (F) into end of lance (G) by pressing To remove nozzle (F), pull back on collar of lance (G)
selected nozzle into place. It will make a “click” sound and pull out nozzle.
when firmly in place.
Note: Always push safety lock button to lock trigger
when changing lances and nozzles to ensure that they
do not accidentally eject with force during removal.
Garden Hose Adapter Installation Remove washer filter from garden hose
Attach collar of garden hose adapter (J) directly to adapter (K). Using an 8 mm or 5/16 in. Allen wrench,
power washer water inlet (A). Hand tighten. tighten until snug. DO NOT overtighten..
Replace washer filter into garden hose adapter (J) and
attach garden hose to the blue collar of garden hose
adapter (J).
Note: Flush out garden hose before connecting
to garden hose adapter.
You have now completed assembly and are ready to
begin using your electric power washer. Read and
observe all safety instructions.
Turn on water supply at the faucet to completely
Make sure the “ON/OFF” switch is in the “OFF”
position. The power switch has international symbols
for ‘on’ and ‘off’: On (|) Off (O).
Unwind the power cord completely and plug the GFCI
into a grounded 120 voit outlet.
Release safety push trigger lock up and back into
trigger. While pointing the spray gun in a safe
direction, squeeze the trigger on the spray gun until
there is a steady stream of water, letting the water
and air out of the hose. Push trigger lock back down
to lock back into place.
Turn the power switch to the “ON” (|) position. The
unit will turn on for 1 - 2 seconds and shut off. This is
a normal function of the auto start feature. Squeeze
the spray gun trigger to begin pressure washing.
Begin power washing by squeezing the trigger on the
spray gun all the way into the handle.
Release the spray gun trigger to stop the power
Allow the motor to come to a complete stop before
squeezing the trigger again.
Squeezing rapidly will cause the auto start feature to
miss an on/off cycle that may prevent it from turning
on while squeezing trigger after rapid squeezing. Use
slow deliberate trigger pulls to avoid such symptoms.
Always test a small area to avoid chance of
damaging the surface.
When using the detergent, fill it with a properly
formulated detergent or cleaner with water ratio
according to instructions on the container.
o DO NOT use thick gel-like detergents, as they will clog
the power washer and can cause damage.
When removing the detergent tank, remove lid and
place finger on both sides of the bottle and squeeze
to get past the knobs on each side and pull out. Press
down firmly when putting it back in place.
\ Ma
The power washer will pull a ratio of water to detergent
of 10:1 or 10 parts water to 1 part detergent. The
detergent concentration can be adjusted by turning the
detergent knob on the front of the machine. Turn it right
for more concentration or turn it left for
less concentration.
Operation Tips
e If you hear the motor run intermittently when the
trigger is not being squeezed, that is normal.
The pump is priming itself so it is ready to operate
when the trigger is squeezed. Turn off the power
washer if not being used after five minutes.
* Keep the nozzle cleaning wire for use in unclogging
the lance nozzle. If you lose the cleaning wire, a
straightened paper clip also works.
How to Avoid Damaging Surfaces
Damage to surfaces being cleaned occurs
because the impact force of the water pressure
exceeds the durability of the surface. Bare wood
can be penetrated; paint can be peeled off, etc.
You can vary the force of your power washer by
1. The angle of the surface being cleaned
2. The distance of the nozzle from the surface
being cleaned
NEVER use a narrow high pressure stream of
water on soft surfaces susceptible to damage.
> Use the 25” angle quick connect nozzle when
cieaning windows. Be sure to place the nozzle
approximately four to five feet away from the
window with the nozzle at forty five degree angle.
Squeeze the trigger and vary the spray pattern
and angle until optimum cleaning efficiency is
Using Power Cord
Easily remove the power cord from side of unit by
swiveling the bottom blue cord hook to the right or
left until it faces up. The power cord then can be
easily slid off of the side of the power washer unit.
е Swivel blue, cord hook back down when ready to
wrap the cord back into place for storage.
* Use detergents designed for power washers.
These can be purchased online at our website Hardware stores or home
centers also have power washer detergents for
different cleaning projects. The cleaning solution
should be the consistency of water in order to
prevent clogging your detergent bottle and nozzle.
= This system applies detergent under low pressure.
The cleaning power of the detergents is enhanced
when applied with low pressure and enough
time is given to break down dirt and grime. The
combination of low pressure and chemical action
is very effective and can be better than scrubbing
if applied properly. ALWAYS spray detergent on a
dry surface. DO NOT pre-soak area. Wetting the
surface first dilutes the detergent and reduces its
cleaning ability. DO NOT allow detergent to dry
on surface. On vertical surfaces being cleaned,
apply detergent to lower surfaces and work your
way up to prevent detergent from causing streaks
in the dirt and grime. Rinse detergent by pressure
washing from bottom up for same reason.
е [fa stain is particularly tough, it may be necessary
to reapply the detergent and use a bristled brush to
scrub the stain. Subsequent power washing after
brushing should successfully complete your cleaning
Cleaning Garden Hose Adapter
* The screens inside the garden hose adapter should
be cleaned periodically. Rinse it with clean water, and
then place it back in the adapter.
Cleaning Nozzles
= A clogged or partially clogged nozzle can cause
significant reduction of water pressure coming out
of the nozzle and/or cause the unit to pulsate while
« Turn off the unit.
* Turn off the water supply to the unit.
> Relieve any pressure trapped in the hose by
squeezing the trigger 2-3 times, and then lock the
spray gun.
* Using the nozzle tip cleaner provided (or an unfolded
paper clip), insert the wire into the nozzle hole and
move back and forth until debris is dislodged.
o Back flush water through the nozzles using garden
hose and highest pressure available (either standard
water nozzle or use your thumb over the nozzle to
create water pressure for back flush).
When your pressure washing session has been
completed, turn off the power switch located on the
front of the power washer. Unplug the power cord
from the outlet. Turn off the water supply. Pull the
trigger on the spray gun 2-3 times to drain out the
excess water and to release any remaining water
pressure. Disconnect the garden hose adapter from
the water inlet. DO NOT allow the power washer to
run with no water flowing through it.
Remove detergent bottle and clean completely.
Residual chemical will stick to the container and can
cause the detergent injector to clog and not function
Remove high pressure hose from spray gun.
Remove lance from the gun. Place the gun in the
holder on the side. Lances are placed into any of the
slots in the back of the unit. Make sure to discard
any remaining detergent from the bottle. Flush the
bottle and nozzle head with fresh water to prevent
Hook the power cord around the L-shaped tabs on
the right side of the machine when facing it.
Pump Saver is a product that protects and prolongs
the life of the pump. This will keep the internal parts
of the pump lubricated and protected from freezing
while being stored in ALL climates. lt also assists with
protection from internal corrosion. The Blue Clean part #
is: PW64511 (160z. bottle). Order online at
Pump Saver Instructions
Foliow the previous storage instructions for your power
washer. To prevent staining, protect the surface under
the power washer from any excess fluid. Wear eye
protection when using this product.
Turn unit off and disconnect the gun before adding pump
protector. Unscrew threaded top from bottle to remove
seal and reattach threaded top to bottle.
Remove black cap from bottle.
1) Place top of pump saver bottle onto the garden hose
adapter (G) previously installed to pressure washer
2) Secure pump saver bottle by turning in a clockwise
3) Turn power on. Turn the power washer off as soon as
the Pump Saver begins to exit the HP hose.
Note: Instructions on Pump Saver Bottle are generic and
not model specific.
If you have any questions regarding the product, please call customer service at 1-866-235-5112
Unit will not turn on.
1. Ma ke sure > the power washer i is in the “OFF” position. Plug in the electrical cord to a
grounded 120 volt outlet (no electrical extension cord should be used). If the electrical
cord will not plug into your outlet, your electrical outlet is not properly grounded and
should not be used. Use another electrical outlet.
2. If this did not correct the problem, try plugging into another electrical outlet and repeat
the above procedure. If it is still not working, call Customer Service at 1- 866-235- 5112.
The unit is running
but there is no water 8
1. Check the water source, Unclog t the nozzle on the lance. (See nozzle cleaning
instructions under “Cleaning nozzles”.) Or take off the nozzle and just spray out of t the a
spray gun and lance. This will indicate if the problem is with the nozzle.
The power washer
turns on for
2 seconds, shuts
off, and will not turn
back on. Do | have a
defective unit?
1. It sounds like your power washer is working just fine. When the water is connected,
the accessories are assembled properly, and the power switch is turned on, the power
washer may turn on for 1 - 2 seconds to prime the pump. It automatically shuts off and
waits for the spray gun trigger to be pressed. When the trigger is pressed, water starts
flowing through the pump. The water sensor in the pump “senses” the moving water
and automatically turns the power washer on.
2. Turn the power switch to off, hold in the trigger on the spray gun, so that you have a
steady stream of water. While you are holding the trigger open on the spray gun, at the
same time, turn the power switch on.
This product is under warranty to the original retail consumer against defects in material and workmanship for a
period of 1 (one) year and is a complete “bumper to bumper” warranty including the spray gun, the high pressure
hose and all accessories from the date of purchase. The warranty is not transferable or assignable. This warranty
covers replacement parts. This limited one year warranty applies only to products used in consumer applications
and is void in rental or any commercial application. Reasonable care must be used in conformity with operation and
maintenance instructions in the owner's manual and quick start guide. Failure to follow these instructions will void
this warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state
to state.
Warranty Process
Keep your original receipt of purchase in case of warranty claim.
If your power washer develops a problem, contact Customer Service:
e Call our toll-free number at 1-866-235-5112. Customer Service is available Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00
p.m. Central Standard Time (CST). The Customer Service person will work with you to fix the problem.
If the power washer needs to be returned for repair, shipping costs to the company must be paid by the customer.
A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number will be issued for the return. Upon receiving the power
washer, the company will repair or replace the unit. We will send unit back to customer at no charge.
Please note: Power washers sent to the company without an RMA Number will NOT be accepted and shipped
back at the expense of the sender.
For replacement parts, call our customer service department at 1-866-235-5112, 8 a.m.
Monday - Friday or order online at
0” — Red
25° — Green
Soap — Black
- 5:00 p.m., CST,
rap ne | A
A PW3440710 G Garden Hose Adapter
B Hose PW4220760 H Spray Gun PW3400810
C Rotary Nozzle PW4220680 | Zinc Steel Lance PW3400960
D | Quick Connect Nozzle |PW4220700 J 1 GFCI Assembly PW4221160
0°-~ Red K Gun Holster PW4220781
E Quick Connect Nozzle PW4220710 | Nozzle Tray PW4220370
25" Green м | O-Ring Kit PW909106K
F Quick Connect Nozzle 1|PW4220690
Nozzle Soap - Black
Printed in China
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