TomTom PRO 5250 / 7250

TomTom PRO 5250 / 7250
Release notes for firmware version: 13.223
February 2015
Why should the TomTom PRO be
We always recommend that you install the latest application on your TomTom
PRO navigation device to benefit from newly implemented features and
software that improve the performance and the stability of your TomTom PRO.
Which bugs have been fixed?
Device stability
The device stability has been improved.
An issue where the device reboots and only shows a black screen has been resolved.
The PRO 5250 no longer reboots when connecting to TomTom Traffic.
Trip generation
An issue where trips were not generated directly after a PRO 5250 is switched off has been resolved.
Vehicle restrictions
The height restrictions are no longer violated when re-planning a route.
LINK as GPS source
An issue where the PRO 7250 did not update its current position when using the GPS of the LINK has
been resolved.
Which features have been added or improved?
Numeric keyboard
The vehicle dimensions and the driver PIN can now be entered with a numeric keyboard.
Voice control
The voice control function is now working when a computer voice has been selected.
Unsent messages
When sending messages from the PRO without a connection to WEBFLEET the PRO will display a
notification that those messages will be sent as soon as the device has re-established the connection to
Furthermore, the device displays an unsent messages icon in the upper right corner of the device menu,
indicating how many messages and/or status changes, such as logbook status changes, have not been
sent yet.
Driver logoff
It is now possible to log off the driver on the PRO even if the “force driver ID input on switch on” setting
is not configured in WEBFLEET.
Various other improvements and bug fixes have been implemented in this firmware version.