Release notes for ID3000 configuration tool

990-081, Issue 1 August 2002
notes for
These notes are additional
guidance for using the ID3000
windows based PC
configuration tool SW993-123
Part number 020-558 version
Systems requirements
This version requires a Windows
operating system to run this
This version will operate on
Windows 98SE/NT, 2000 or XP
only. It will not operate with
Windows 95.
The software requires a PC to the
following minimum specification:
Pentium 3 processor.
640k basic RAM, 128 M
extended memory.
CD drive.
RS232 port – if this is
provided by a USB
interface to generate the
COM 1-4 port(s) then it
must be equivalent to RS
part number 425-7323.
Installation of the files
Before installing the windows
based ID3000 panel configuration
package, check the operating
system does not have the
following file installed.
This directory will normally be on
the local C drive. If this file is
present archive this file to a
floppy disk and delete it from
your system.
Helpful hints
This version will not import DOS
based files from previous ID3000
configuration of version 3 xx. into
a system using Windows 2000 or
XP. This version will import files
into W98 SE / NT, it is the users
responsibility to check the
accuracy of the conversion.
Settings”. If a file has been set to
contain 4 loops and 6 loops are
required, it is necessary to remove
the tick for loop 3 – 4 then add all
the loops required.
Although It is possible to open
two copies of the same file, DO
NOT as it is not recommended.
The “Help Topics” does NOT
contain context sensitive help in
this version, please refer to the
ID3000 Configuration Tool Manual
(997-291) located on the CD.
This version does not support the
printing of the panel systems or
network settings. It will print the
device listings, zoning and zone
labels sensitivity levels and
module settings.
When using an AUX to disable all
devices, the text in the control
matrix Output effect read
”Disable All Input Devices in zone
xx”. The text should read
“ Disable All Devices in zone xx”
Some users may experience that
the save function is greyed out.
Click in the area of the devices
and then save function will
become available.
“Edit Panel option > Loop
This document is not intended to be used for installation purposes. Every care has been taken in the
preparation of this document but no liability can be accepted for the use of the information therein.
Design features may be changed or amended without prior notice. For more information, contact NOTIFIER.
Phone: +44 (0) 1444 230 300 Fax: +44 (0) 1444 230 888
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