ShoreTel 560/565 Handset Quick Guide

Adjusting Ring Tone Volume
To adjust the ring volume, while the handset is on
hook and the speakerphone is off, press
the volume button. By pressing down repeatedly,
you can turn the ringer volume off.
Adjusting Handset Volume
To adjust the handset volume, while the handset
is off hook, press
Adjusting Headset Volume
To adjust the headset volume, while the headset
LED is illuminated, press
Adjusting Speakerphone Volume
Changing Extension Assignment – HOT DESKING
If you have the relevant permission, you can assign
your extension to any phone on the system.
- Press the VOICE MAIL key on the phone you want
to log on to.
- Press #
- Enter your ext number………..
- Enter your 6 digit password
- At the Main Menu prompt, press 7.
Now select the option you require from the follow
- Press 3 to re-assign the extension.
- Press 1 to assign the extension.
- Press 2 to un-assign the extension. (The phone
will revert to its original extension.)
To adjust the speakerphone volume, while the
speakerphone LED is illuminated, press
Muting an Active Call
To mute the active call, press the Mute button
The LED turns red. To cancel mute, press the
same button again.
Issue 7 16.1.14
560/565 Handset
Quick Guide
Conference calling
Call Handling
Whilst on a call, press CONFERENCE, dial 3rd party,
Transfer a call – unannounced (blind)
Make an internal call
Lift receiver, dial extn number or leave receiver down,
dial extn number and press dial in display for hands
free, or if using a headset press
then dial extn. To
end call press HANG UP in screen
simply hang up.
Transfer a call to voice mail
Press TRANSFER, dial extn number, press MORE in
screen, then press TO MB to send caller immediately to
Make an external call
Lift receiver, dial ‘9’ and telephone number, and press
DIAL in display, if using a headset press
and dial
voice mail.
Redial/ Missed calls
Press REDIAL – this will bring up a list of calls made,
received and missed from your handset. Use scroll keys
Receive a call
Lift receiver or press
Press TRANSFER (puts caller on hold), dial extn and
to answer hands free, or
to answer using headset.
Directory Dialling
Access to extension numbers and system speed dials.
Press DIRECTORY key- use number pad to type 1st 3
letters of the person you want to call [Search in
predictive]. Use arrows at side of screen to select if more
than 1 entry. Press DIAL in screen to call.
Hold a call
by side of screen to select number, then press DIAL to
when they answer you can either press CONSLT to
invite, then press YES in screen to join together, or
press CONFRN to join together immediately.
Exit conference call
Simply hang up to leave others parties talking, or
press SHOW in screen, then select who you want to
leave using then scroll keys by screen. Press DROP
to exit.
Call Forwarding
Select the forward mode required -Standard, In
meeting, Out of Office, Extended Absence, and
To select press OPTIONS, enter your password,
Park a call
HANDLING, then press EDIT in screen. Then select
Answer a call, press PARK in screen, dial extn where you
want to park (not your own ext), press PARK again and
press #. Use scroll keys to highlight CALL
mode required and press OK and DONE to set.
To change the forward destinations for each mode
hang up.
Press OPTIONS, enter your password followed by #.
Retrieve a parked call
press EDIT, highlight mode you want to edit then
From the nominated extension, lift receiver
or from any other handset, dial UNPARK code *12 plus
ext where call is parked.
always,no answer/busy or never. Enter destination
Press HOLD key to place a caller on or off hold.
Use scroll key to highlight CALL HANDLING,
press EDIT again. Select whento forward: eg
to receive calls eg. extn number, voice mail extn or
external number), then press OK twice and DONE.
Remember if forwarding to an external number the
Transfer a call – announced
Make an announcement to individuals, or groups via
cost of the onward call will be charged to you!
Press TRANSFER (puts caller on hold), dial extn number,
speaker phones. Dial page ext number ----- wait for
Find Me Forwarding (check permission rights)
announce call, press YES in screen or hang up to
confirmation tone, make announcement then hang up.
Allows you to route calls from voice mail to one of 2
Pick Up
numbers where you can be located.
Press VOICE MAIL key and enter your 6 digit
Retrieve a call
Press PICK UP in screen, dial ringing extension or group
password followed by #.
If no reply or if extension can’t take call, press CANCEL
number, then press PICK UP again to intercept call.
Select option 7
to return to the caller.
Press 9 for additional mailbox options
Press 5 then follow voice prompts
Don’t forget to change your voice mail greeting to
give callers the option to use Find me. You need to
say in your message ‘to use find me press 1’