Neutron Star Hazer Manual

Neutron Star Hazer Manual
Neutron Pro
Operations Manual
June 1999
Please Read Carefully Before Operating
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Technical Specifications
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Operating Procedure
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Remote and External Control
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Recommended Fluids
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Safety Precautions
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Capture beams of light with a
translucent haze. The Neutron
Pro Hazer, rewrites the book on
haze technology. Le Maitre’s
patented Sequentially tracked
Auto Reissue technology
generates an environment of
translucent haze without the use
of a compressor or heating
block, providing a virtually
silent operation with instant
The haze is generated without
the use of oil, eliminating any
residue associated with cracked
oil effects.
Silent operation combined with continuous output, optional DMX and
remote control places the Neutron Pro in a class of its own.
-Whisper Quiet Operation
-Continuous Haze Output
-1 Gallon of fluid lasts 160 Hours
-Micro-Processor Controlled
-DMX Interface (Optional)
-Integrated Fan
-Remote Control (Optional)
-Instant Effect
-Patented S.T.A.R. Technology
Do not touch or place hands, expose skin,
within 10 cm. of discharge nozzle.
Do not remove the outer case until power has been
disconnected from the machine
Persons suffering from asthma or allergenic
sensitivity may experience irritation, discomfort, or
allergic symptoms when exposed to heated
fog effects
Ensure that this unit is grounded at all times.
Failure to do so may result in serious injury.
Never use alternative fluids. Toxicity free output
is your responsibility.
M.S.D.S. Available by request or at
Technical Specifications
Neutron Pro Hazer with S.T.A.R. Technology
Water Base Haze Generating System
Length: 67 cm. / 11.25 “
Width: 28.5 cm. / 9”
Height: 33 cm. / 10.94”
Weight with Fluid:
11 Kg. / 23.75 lbs.
Power Rating:
115VAC 60HZ 3.15A
Neutron Pro Illustration
Operating Procedure
The machine should be fitted with a 2 litre Le Maitre ‘Neutron Pro’
Hazer fluid container.
The use of any other fluid will lead to damage of the ‘Hazing Element’ .
Remove the main cover by releasing the two thumb screws, situated
rear top and front lower and sliding the cover forward, up and out.
1.) Place the bottle securely into the machine and remove its sealing
cap. Insert the fluid feed pipe and secure the fluid cap, making
sure that the air vent in the cap is clear from obstruction.
2.) Plug the machine into a suitable main power supply. Set the
‘Mains’ switch to the On position, located on the rear panel. The
‘Mains’ switch will illuminate to
indicate the presence of ‘Mains’
power and the internal fan will
start to operate.
3.) Set the ‘Haze’ switch to the On
position, located on the rear
The ‘Monitor’ led should now
begin to flash indicating that
the initial auto cleanse phase
has commenced. After approxi
mately 30 seconds Hazing will
Please note , if the ‘Neutron Pro’
Hazer shut down cycle has not been allowed then it is possible that
small amounts of fluid will be ejected during the auto cleanse phase.
4.) It will now be necessary to ‘Prime’ fluid into the system to expel
any air that might be present. This is done automatically and
can take up to eight minutes if fluid feed pipe is empty.
5.) Once the ‘Neutron Pro’ is primed haze vapour will automatically
be issued in a cycling fashion. The slower flash rate of the
‘Monitor’ led indicates the actual output cycle. The cycling
effect of the haze issue allows for uniform dispersion of the haze
6. ) To stop haze issue, set the ‘Haze’ switch to the Off position. The
‘Neutron Pro’ will not immediately stop issuing haze, but will
enter into an additional auto cleanse phase. After this period the
‘Neutron Pro’ will shut down, and the ‘Monitor’ led will stop
flashing, however the internal fan will continue to operate until
the ‘Mains’ switch is set to the Off position.
Remote and External Control Features
Neutron Remote
In addition to onboard controls, available for the Neutron Pro, is a
hand held Standard Remote Control with On/Off capabilities.
The Neutron Remote (Part # CLF
2415) is available for applications
where the Neutron Pro will be controlled from a remote location. To
use the Neutron Remote simply follow
the directions below:
1.) Select the Off position on the
‘Haze’ switch, located on the
rear panel of the Neutron Pro.
2.) Ensure the power to the Neutron
is off, by selecting Off at the
‘Mains’ switch.
3.) Connect the remote cable connector to the 3 pin XLR located
on the rear panel of the Neutron Pro.
4.) Power up the Neutron by selecting On at the ‘Mains’ switch.
5.) The Power Indicator on the Neutron Re
mote should be illuminated at this time.
The Power Indicator remains illuminated
as long as the Neutron Remote is receiving power, it does not duplicate the
flashing of the ‘Monitor’ Led.
6.) Start haze output by selecting On at
the ‘Haze’ switch on the Neutron
Service Note
Pinout for 3 Pin XLR
Pin 1 - Remote Signal
Pin 2 - GND
Pin 3 - +12V
D.M.X. Interface
The D.M.X. Interface (Part # CLF
3320)will allow D.M.X. 512 Protocol
to activate the Haze output of the
Neutron Pro Haze machine.
See the publication included with the
D.M.X. Interface for operating instructions.
Service Note
Should there be a continuous rapid ‘flash’ of the led, first check the
‘Hazing Element’ plug is correctly fitted, and then switch the ‘Neutron
Pro’ hazer main power off then back on again to reset the fail
mechanism. If this fails to rectify the rapid ‘Monitor’ led flashing
then you should call your Le Maitre dealer for service.
This following will outline the suggested schedule and procedure
for maintaining your Neutron Pro processing coil, including a
proper “Power Down” procedure which must be followed to ensure the performance of your Neutron Pro Hazer.
Important Note
The following “Power Down” procedure
MUST be followed each time the power to
the Neutron Pro is turned off:
1.) Turn the “Haze” switch to the OFF
position to initiate the cleansing
2.) The cleansing cycle will begin clearing
the processing coil of unprocessed
fluids. The monitor light will continue
to flash until the cleansing cycle has
ended, at which time the monitor
light will go out.
3.) The “Mains” power switch can now
be turned to the OFF position.
4.) The “Power Down” procedure is complete.
A routine maintenance program is essential for the optimum performance of your Neutron Pro Hazer. We recommend that the coil
maintenance program be applied at least every 25 hours of use, or
when a noticable decrease in output is observed. More frequent
maintenance will result in superior trouble free operation.
To make your maintenance regime more convenient and effective,
a Neutron Cleaning Kit is available from your Le Maitre dealer.
Included in this kit are extra abrazors, cleaning solution, and a
spare Processing Coil. To order this kit use Part # CXP 2459.
Warning !
Make certain the power cord is unplugged
when servicing this unit. Failure to disconnect
may result in fatal electric shock, fire, or injury to
To avoid possible burns allow sufficient time for the
unit to cool.
1.) Disconnect power by unplugging unit from main power sup
Knob Fastener
Knob Fastener
2.) Remove top cover by loosening knob fasteners counter
3.) After removing top cover by sliding towards the
front and upwards, the lid will locate into notch
and lift away. Locate the Abrazor tool from behind
label, and remove.
4.) Remove service port cover to allow
easy access to the
Service Port
processing coil.
5.) Support the processing coil with
one hand by simply grasping it
firmly near the end of the tube
where the haze exits. With abrazor
tool in hand, guide it through
the service port into the
processing coil with a twisting
motion. The burrs on the
Abrazor will “de-scale”
Grip to
the walls , resulting
in a rejuvenated
processing coil. Be very careful
not to push the abrazor into
the processing coil as this will
result in the Abrazor breaking.
A twisting motion will ensure less force being applied to the
Tech tip
For a better grip on the
Abrazor tool, a few turns of
electrical tape gives a better
grip of the cleaning tool.
6.) The unit is now ready to reassemble.
Take note of the alignment studs when
assembling the lid. Tighten
knob fasteners.
7.) The maintenance is complete.
Recommended Fluids
Neutron Water Based Haze Fluid
The Le Maitre water based Neutron Haze Fluid provides a translucent long lasting, dry haze effect that leaves no residue. For use
only in the Neutron product range only.
Never use “Regular Haze” Fluid in your Neutron
Warranty Policy
The Neutron Pro. Hazer has a 1 Year Parts and Labour warranty
against manufactured defect only. If the Hazing Element Coil
becomes plugged it will NOT be considered warranty. Proof of
purchase or proof of sale must always accompany any warranty
returns. An RA (return authorization) number must be noted on
the outside of any box returned to our facilities. Any packages
without a clearly marked RA number will not be accepted by
our receiving department. Proper maintenance and shut down
procedure must be followed to ensure Hazing performance.
Should your Hazing Element Coil become plugged a cleaning
procedure can be administered.
Freight on warranty items are freight prepaid to our facility and we
will prepay freight back to your facility after repair, by the most
economical means available. Should you require the item expressreturned, then you are responsible for any difference in freight
Return Policy:
Return of any product must be done within 30 days of purchase.
The package must be returned freight prepaid and the RA number
clearly marked on the outside of the box. A restocking charge of
up to 25% may be levied. Only credits are issued to the dealers
account. Any product not returned within 30 days is considered
Le Maitre Special Effects Inc. considers all it's product to be safe for
use in the application it was intended. Le Maitre Special Effects
takes no responsibility for misuse or incorrect use. Always refer to
equipment owners manual for proper use.
Safety Precautions
1. Ensure that operation of the machine is supervised by suitably
trained and authorised personnel.
2. Do not modify the machine or use a machine which has been
damaged in any way.
3. Allow sufficient air circulation around the machine at all times.
4. Protect the Neutron Pro from direct weather effects and wet
training procedures.
5. Only use fluids recommended by the Manufacturer.
6. Do not continue to produce haze output in an enclosed area
when visibility is reduced below 50cm.
7. Avoid direct haze output continuously at persons, structure or
objects within close proximity of the discharge nozzle.
8. Ensure that adequate exhausting arrangements are available in
the event of an emergency.
9. Do not place hands, or exposed skin within the first 10cm of the
discharge nozzle at any time during haze production.
Listed below are accessories available for your Neutron Pro
through your Le Maitre dealer.
CLF 2415
Neutron Pro. Remote
CLF 3320
DMX Interface
CLF 2420
Neutron Road Case
CXP 2460
Replacement Coil
CXP 2459
Neutron Coil Cleaning Kit
( includes replacement coil )
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