Ready-Link-Rack Specification Sheet
Ready-Link-Rack TM
Specification Sheet
• Navien Ready-Link-Rack system can be used to mount a single or multiple
water heater or boiler units that are connected to a cascade system
• Compatible with the following Navien models for INDOOR use only:
NPE-A Series Tankless Water Heaters
NPE-S Series Tankless Water Heaters
NCB-E Series Combination Boilers
NHB Heating Boilers
• Recommended for systems that are located in tight spacing or in areas without
enough available wall spacing.
• Designed to hold water heater and boiler units as well as common water piping
and exhaust venting
• The Navien Ready-Link-RackTM includes the following items:
Post Bar 64.4"
Fixed Bar 17.7"
Base Frame 23.8"
Fixed Bracket
* Single kit: 2 EA
** Extension kit: 1 EA
* Single kit: 2 EA
** Extension kit: 2 EA
* Single kit: 2 EA
** Extension kit: 1 EA
* Single kit: 10 EA
** Extension kit: 8 EA
Reinforcement Plate
Tapping Screw 5X12
(stainless steel)
M10 Bolt Set
(stainless steel)
Installation Guide
* Single kit: 2 EA
** Extension kit: 1 EA
* Single kit: 44 EA
** Extension kit: 36 EA
* Single kit: 13 EA
** Extension kit: 8 EA
1 EA
NEW! Compact Design with
In-line or Front-to-Back Setup
• Dimensions: see below
• Weight: 42.0 lbs (19.0 kg) per BASE Kit, 24.0 lbs (10.9 kg) per ADD-ON Kit
• Navien Part Number(s): GFFM-KDIZUS-001 (BASE for single or 2 units front-to-back)
GFFM-KDIZUS-002 (ADD-ON kit to expand system for 3+ units or in-line setup)
Installation Examples
Single Unit
with Base Rack
Two-Unit In-Line Setup
with Add-On Rack
Four-Unit Front-to-Back Setup
with Add-On Rack
Ready Link Rack
with Add-On
65.5 in
Unistrut mount holes
(3/8 in diameter)
20 in
20 in
23.8 in
Rev. 08/16
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