Polycom® VSX™ 6000
Compact, Set-Top System – Small,
compact system with integrated camera
fits neatly on a display
Designed for IP Networks – Built-in IP
network connectivity allows for seamless
integration of group video conferencing into
existing networks
Outstanding Video – Premium quality
video with standards based H.264 for
the most realistic video conferencing
Astounding Audio – Polycom Siren™ 14
audio from the integrated mid-range
speaker delivers unmatched audio clarity
from a set-top system
Wideband Audio Integration – Connect
a SoundStation VTX 1000™ conference
phone to the VSX 6000 for voice-only and
video call dialing, call hang-up and redial
from the keypad
The Polycom Solution – Everything you
need to deploy and manage a complete
video conferencing network with Polycom
Global Management System™, Polycom
PathNavigator™, Polycom Conference Suite
and the Polycom MGC™
Compact, entry-level set-top video
conferencing system with built-in IP connectivity,
ideal for small group applications.
The Polycom VSX 6000 offers all of the features you'd expect in a high-end group video system with all the key
features, but with a smaller footprint. Well suited for organizations with an IP network infrastructure and the
need for a small group video conferencing product with a high-quality pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera, the VSX 6000
is the answer.
Because video quality is important for productive communications, the VSX 6000's integrated PTZ camera
allows users to easily manipulate the camera with the remote control to capture the audience, on both the far
and near end of the call. The system is smart enough to determine the best video quality for the call, automatically choosing H.264 by default, or auto switching to H.263 if necessary. Either way, users are assured of the
best quality video experience.
Each VSX 6000 product ships with an integrated mid-range speaker that delivers crisp, clear Polycom Siren™ 14
audio, eliminating the need to rely on mediocre television speakers. Add an auxiliary Stereo Speaker Kit and
experience patent pending Polycom StereoSurround™. The single digital tabletop microphone array included
with every system accommodates either audio arrangement.
To complete the voice and video experience in a small group setting, a SoundStation VTX 1000 can be linked
to the VSX 6000 and used as the microphone and as the dialing interface. From the conference phone keypad,
users can dial an IP video call and then add a voice-only participant to the conference, all in wideband audio.
The value of Polycom VSX 6000. Access to the power of Polycom unified collaborative
communications solutions.
With the greatest breadth and depth of integrated video, voice, and Web solutions, only Polycom delivers
the ultimate communications experience. Our market-leading conferencing and collaboration technologies,
supported by world-class service, enable people and organizations to maximize their effectiveness and
productivity. Add to that the most experience and proven best-practices in the industry, and it’s clear
why Polycom has become the smart choice for organizations seeking a strategic advantage in a realtime world.
Connect. Any Way You Want.
Polycom VSX 6000 Specifications
ITU H.323 compliant
• Maximum Data Rate IP Up to 768 kbps
Video Standards & Protocols
H.261, Annex D
H.263+ Annexes: F, I, J, L, N, T
H.263++ Annexes: W
Frame Rates (Point-to-Point)
• Intelligently selects frame rate for best
performance video
• 30 fps at 56 kbps up to 768 kbps
Video Inputs: Main Camera + 1 Connector
• Integrated main camera
• 1 x Composite; RCA/Photo (Document camera,
Video Outputs: 4 Connectors
1 x S-Video; 4-pin mini DIN (Main monitor)
1 x Composite; RCA/Phono (Main monitor)
1 x S-Video (Second monitor)
1 x VGA (Second graphics display)
Video Formats
• Graphics: XGA, SVGA, VGA
Integrated Main Camera
Ultra-quiet, ultra-fast action pan/tilt/zoom
65˚ field of view
Tilt Range: +/- 25˚ (Up/Down)
Pan Range: +/- 100˚ (Left/Right)
Total Field of View: 265˚
12x Zoom; f-4.2 to 42mm
F=1.85 to 2.9 mm
Auto focus
Automatic white balance
Camera presets - local and far-end (up to 99)
Standards-based, far-end camera control
People Video Resolution
4SIF (704 x 480)
4CIF (704 x 576)
SIF (352 x 240)
CIF (352 x 288)
Choice of 4:3 or 16:9 display aspect ratios
Display People on VGA Second Monitor
Content Video Resolution
• XGA (1024 x 768), SVGA (800 x 600), VGA (640
x 480) for graphic displays
• People video support for 4CIF and 4SIF on
second VGA display
• Up to 4CIF for NTSC/PAL displays
Audio Standards & Protocols
• Polycom StereoSurround ready
• 14 kHz bandwidth with Polycom Siren 14 audio
on IP calls
• 7 kHz bandwidth with G.722, G.722.1
• 3.4 kHz bandwidth with G.711, G.728, G.729A
Audio Features
• Audio add-in over SoundStation VTX 1000
conference phone
• Full-duplex digital audio
• Instant Adaptation Echo Cancellation
• Automatic Gain Control (AGC) – Voice
• Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS)
• Audio Mixer (Mic, VCR, line-in)
• Built-in tonal speaker test
• Real-time audio level meter for local and farend microphones
• Microphone and VCR input audio mixing
• Ability to talk over VCR audio
• Ability to turn off Echo Cancellation when
external audio equipment is used
Audio Inputs: 3 Connectors
• 1 x Conference Link
- Supports single microphone
- Supports SoundStation VTX 1000™
conference phone
• 1 x RCA input for stereo or mono input from
• 1 x RCA input for stereo or mono input from
external mixer
Audio Outputs: 2 Connectors
• 2 x RCA for stereo VCR record (or stereo for
auxiliary speakers)
Polycom Digital Tabletop Microphone
• 360˚ voice pick up, 4.8 dB less reverberant than
omni microphone
• Three cardioid elements per microphone
• Flotation feet reduce transmission of tabletop
• Integrated mute button
Integrated Mid-range Speaker
Frequency response: 180 Hz to 16 kHz
Total Output Power: 20 Watts (RMS)
Customize audio for user environment
Master volume control
Mid-range speaker on/off
User-tuned treble and bass controls
Other ITU-Supported Standards
H.221 communications
H.224/H.281 far-end camera control
Annex Q standard for FECC in H.323 calls
H.225, H.245, H.241
H.239 People+Content™
H.235V3 encryption standard
Network Interfaces Supported
• IP (LAN, DSL, cable modem)
• Single 10/100 Ethernet port
(10 Mbps/100Mbps/Auto)
• Optional wireless LAN support via
Ethernet port
Network Features
• Integration with Cisco Systems' CallManager
Version 4.0
• Automatic IP calling
• Downspeeding over IP
• Audio & Video Error Concealment over IP
• IP address conflict warning
• Fast Connect IP for quick video connections
• Maximum call length digital timer
• MGC Click&View™ for individual screen
• Polycom PathNavigator support for easy call
placement and network cost optimization
HTTP, FTP, Telnet
• SIP Support (Session Initiation Protocol)
Conference on Demand
• Initiates unscheduled MGC calls from the
• Utilizes Polycom Office™ (PathNavigator &
• Independently validated to operate with
approved government encryption technologies
• Enhanced integration for independently certified, classified encryption devices
• Account validation number entry
• SNMP trap notification of all failed login
attempts from HTTP, FTP or Telnet
• Secure password authentication
• Unique factory default passwords
• Administrator password
• Dial-in meeting password
• Encrypted password for VSX Web access
• Ability to disable remote interfaces (FTP,
Telnet, HTTP, SNMP)
• Auto-Answer (On/Off)
• Allow access to user settings (On/Off)
Embedded Encryption
• Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
• FIPS validated by National Institute of
Standards & Technology (NIST) certified
• 128-bit key length
• AES software encryption on IP calls up
to 768 kbps
• Automatic key generation and exchange
• Supported in People+Content
• Supported in Point-to-Point IP calls
User Interface
User-friendly graphical interface
Customizable home screen and color themes
Kiosk mode with scrolling marquee
User-selectable camera icons and ring tones
Speed Dial List on home page
Persistent Preview (Far-site PIP) on all screens
Picture In Picture (PIP) (On/Off, Moveable)
Dual Monitor Emulation
Numerical menu navigation (Similar to
mobile phone)
Date, Time Server accessibility
Calendar and Conference scheduling
Alert Signal on home page
Do Not Disturb (On/Off)
VSX Web for remote monitoring
Directory Services
• 4,000 number global directory
• 1,000+ number local directory
• Live address book with Polycom Global
Directory Services automatically and quickly
updates directory with address changes or new
• Live address book with Polycom Global
Directory Services automatically and quickly
removes endpoints from directory if they are
turned off
• Polycom Global Directory Services integrates
with Active Directory/LDAP
• Directory Server backup in the event Polycom
Global Directory is not accessible
System Management
• SNMP for enterprise management
• Diagnostics and software upgrades via
• Integrated VSX Web management tool
• Web Director: Remote administrator video
monitoring and control from VSX Web
(enabled/disabled from endpoint for security)
• Out-of-box setup from VSX Web
• Place a call from VSX Web
• Language independence between set-top interface and VSX Web
• System configuration from VSX Web
• Recent Calls Log – Records last 99 incoming
and outgoing calls
• Call Detail Record (CDR) - Reports all incoming
and outgoing calls along with call statistics
• CDR Feature On/Off
• Downloadable CDR data for processing
requires no external management system
• Account number validation at call initiation
integrated with Polycom Global Management
System for billing purposes
• Administrator-configurable dialing speeds
• Complete support for The Polycom Office
- Polycom Global Management System
- Polycom OneDial™
- Polycom PathNavigator
- Polycom Conference Suite
- Polycom MGC
- Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000
Quality of Service and Experience – iPriority™
Video Error Concealment
Audio Error Concealment
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
IP Precedence (ToS)
- Configurable video/audio/FECC service
DiffServ (DSCP) (COS)
Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
Proactive Network Monitoring
Packet and jitter control
Network Address Translation (NAT) support
Automatic NAT discovery
Asymmetric speed control
Alternate Gatekeeper Support
TCP/UDP fixed-port firewall support
Lip synchronization
Echo cancellation
Echo suppression
Auto gatekeeper discovery
Automatic gateway dialing profiles
Specify outbound call routing for gateway
Collaboration Solutions
• Visual Concert™ VSX (Audio and video input
from PC or Macintosh®) (Optional)
- 1 x audio input for laptop
- 1 x VGA output for projector
- 3 x 10/100 Ethernet hub
- Content Input: 1280 x 1024, 60 Hz
- Content Output: Up to 1024 x 768
• People+Content™ IP (Optional)
- Show content from laptop/PC over IP
network connection
- No resolution adjustment required on
presenter's laptop/PC
- Supports CIF, SIF, 4CIF, 4SIF, VGA, SVGA,
XGA display resolutions
- Zoom control
- Supports Windows® 2000 and
Windows XP
• Closed captioning support
• Web Streaming in and out of a call, RTP based,
suitable with QuickTime® Players
Language Support (12 languages)
Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional),
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese,
Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian,
- Documentation translations in all
- User interface translations in all
- Keypad audio dialing confirmation in all
- VSX Web translations in all languages
- Remote controls labeled in all languages
• Auto sensing power supply
• Operating voltage/power: 100-240 VAC,
50-60 Hz, 60 watts
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature: 0-40˚ C
Operating Humidity: 15-80%
Non-Operating Temperature: -40-70˚ C
Non-Operating Humidity (Non-condensing):
Physical Characteristics
• Video Base Unit (W/H/D): 11.82”/5.83”/9.63”
• Video Base Unit Weight: 6.0 lbs/2.8 kg
• One-year return to factory parts and labor
• One-year software updates and upgrades
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