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AquaNano Marine 36
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Instruction version: 13/12/2011
Contents, Inhalt, Contenu, Inhoud
Important Safeguards
Wichtige Sicherheitshinweise
Before First Use / Preparation
Kow Your Aquarium
Vor der ersten Benutzung /
Lernen Sie Ihren Aquarium kennen 13
Know Your Filter
Lernen Sie Ihren Filter kennen
Set Up Instructions
Trouble Shooting
Précautions importantes
Belangrijke voorzorgsmaatregelen 28
Avant la première utilisation/
Découvrez votre Aquarium
Vóór eerste gebruik/Voorbereiding 29
Over uw Aquarium
Découvrez votre Filtre
Over uw Filter
Instructions d’installation
Problemen oplossen
Important Safeguards
To guard against injury, basic safety precautions
should be observed, including the following:
8. Do not install or store the appliance where it will be
exposed to weather or temperatures below freezing.
1. Read and follow all safety instructions and important
notices in these instructions as well as on the product
9. Make sure any component mounted on a tank is
securely installed before operating it.
10. Ensure input voltage is the same voltage as your
local power supply.
2. This appliance is not intended for use by children
or infirm persons without supervision. Young children
should be supervised to ensure that they do not play
with the appliance.
11. If an extension cable is used it should have the
proper rating. Care should be taken to arrange the cord
so that it will not be tripped or pulled.
3. To avoid possible electric shocks, special care
should be taken since water is employed in the use
of aquarium equipment. For each of the following
situations do not attempt repairs yourself. Return the
appliance to an authorised service facility for service or
discard the appliance.
12. A G.F.C.I (Ground fault circuit interrupter) & surge
protector is recommended for all electrical appliances.
13. Ensure your hands are dry when turning the power
switch on/off and when inserting/removing the power
cable from the socket.
a. If the appliance or any electrical component of the
appliance (non-immersible equipment only) falls into
the water or gets wet, do not reach for it. Unplug it and
then retrieve it.
14. If you are in any doubt about the electrical installation
or safety of this product you must consult a qualified
b. If the appliance shows any sign of abnormal water
leakage, immediately unplug it from the power source.
15. This product is intended for indoor use only.
c. Carefully examine the appliance after installation. It
should not be plugged in if there is water on parts which
are not intended to be wet.
d. Do not operate the appliance if it has a damaged
cord or plug, or if it is malfunctioning, or dropped or
damaged in any manner.
4. A “drip loop” (see graphic) should be arranged for
each cable connecting an aquarium to a power supply.
The drip loop is the part of the cable below the level of
the power supply. It prevents water travelling down the
cable and coming into contact with the power supply. If
the plug or the socket does get wet, do not unplug the
appliance. Disconnect the fuse or circuit breaker that
supplies the power to the appliance, then unplug and
examine for presence of water in the socket.
For Guarantee Conditions, please refer to the
Guarantee form that is enclosed with this product.
5. Always unplug the appliance from the electrical outlet
when not in use, before putting on or taking off parts,
before any type of maintenance or cleaning.
All products are supplied with fitted plugs. This plug
should not be tampered with in any way or removed.
Removal or tampering with the plug invalidates our
guarantee offered with this product.
6. Never yank the cable to pull it from the socket. Pull
the plug carefully to disconnect.
For UK a 3 pin adaptor is supplied with the product and
this must be used.
7. Do not use the appliance for reasons other than
the intended use. The use of attachments that are not
recommended or sold by the manufacturer may cause
the product to be unsafe. This is not recommended.
The external flexible cable of this luminaire is not
replaceable. If the cable is damaged, the luminaire
must be destroyed.
Before First Use / Preparation
Read and follow all the instructions, even if you feel
you are familiar with the product and find a place to
keep the instructions handy for future reference.
Your attention is drawn particularly to the sections
concerning “IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS” and the
“GUARANTEE CONDITIONS”. Please ensure you
retain your original purchase receipt in the event that
guarantee service is required.
Replacement Parts & Filter Media
Use Aqua One Genuine Spare Parts Only. See
your local Aqua One Dealer and look for the
number listed below for the spare part you require.
Alternatively you will find these numbers on the
silver label located on the product.
Wool Pad
15ppi Sponge Carbon Cartidge
Protein skimmer Impeller
Return Pump Impeller
Carefully unpack the aquarium making sure you
keep all the packing material until all the parts of the
product have been found and the product has been
This product is shipped to you in a factory sealed
carton. Should the product malfunction in any way
or if the unit is damaged and requires replacement,
contact the retailer where the product was purchased
for inspection.
Aqua One Spare Parts
Know Your Aquarium
AquaNano 36
Set up/Parts
1. LED light unit
2. Filter
3. Glass Aquarium
Know Your Filter
1. Venturi Airline
2. Protein skimmer Pump Cable
3. Return Pump Cable
4. Protein Skimmer Water Level Adjustor
5. Collection Cup
6. Protein Skimmer
7. Return Pipe
8. Surface Skimmer
9. Wool Pad
10. Sponge Pad
11. Ceramic Noodles
12. Carbon Catridge
13. Return Pump
14. Protein Skimmer Pump
Set Up Instructions
Refer to previous page for location of filter
7. Place the lid on the protein skimmer and
the larger lid on the filter.
1. Consider where you are going to place the
aquarium. Keep it away from direct light or
areas with large temperature fluctuations.
8. Wash the substrate that will be used in the
aquarium. In order to do this, place a portion
of the substrate into a bucket and run water
through it, churning with your hand. Continue
until the water running out of the bucket is
clear. Place the washed substrate into the
2. Place the aquarium on a flat level surface
strong enough to support its weight. We
recommend a genuine aquarium cabinet (sold
separately) rather than general household
furniture. Ensure there is sufficient access to
the rear of the aquarium in case adjustments
need to be made to the light unit.
9. Add any rocks or ornaments into the
aquarium. Place the heater in the aquarium,
following the instructions supplied with the
heater. DO NOT turn the heater on when it is
not submerged.
3. This aquarium comes assembled but it
is important to ensure all connections are
firmly fitted and have not come loose during
10. Assemble the light unit as shown below.
Note the 4 screws on each support arm. There
is an extendable section shown between
screws 2 and 3. This can be raised and
lowered to adjust the height of the light above
the aquarium.
4. Remove the filter from the aquarium. The
filter will slide vertically out of the aquarium
and this will allow access to pump and
plumbing connections within the filter. Once
all connections are checked, place the filter
back into the aquarium.
5. The ceramic noodle bag will come packed
tin a plastic bag, this bag needs to be removed.
The ceramic noodles are located beneath a
drip tray. Using the handle on the drip tray,
lift it out to access the ceramic noodles. The
carbon cartridge can also be accessed in the
same way.
6. Locate the filter outlet fitting.
Screw the fitting into the outlet located at the
top, centre of the filter. Ensure the outlets are
facing slightly downwards in the aquarium.
11. It is now time to fill the aquarium with water.
Ensure the salinity/specific gravity is at the
Set Up Instructions
correct level and, if using synthetic salt mix,
add water conditioner any time new water is
added to the aquarium.
Feed your fish as per instructions on your fish
food container.
12. Ensure all power cables are dry and plug
the light, heater and powerhead cables in at
the power outlet. Switch the power on.
Check temperature
Ensure all equipment is running correctly.
13. It may take a few days for the protein
skimmer to function correctly. It is important
to check the skimmer in this time and adjust
the water level as needed. To do this, turn
the water level adjustor clockwise to raise the
water level and anticlockwise to lower it.
Ensure there is sufficient water in the aquarium.
When the water level drops due to evaporation
the return pump will begin to suck air, resulting
in fine bubbles being distributed through
the aquarium. When topping up evaporated
water, always use dechlorinated tap water or
suitably filtered water. When water evaporates
from the aquarium, salt remains in the water
so topping up with salt water will increase the
salinity of the aquarium. Check salinity after
topping up.
Test water parameters including pH, ammonia,
nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, carbonate hardness
and specific gravity (salinity). If you are keeping
coral or other sensitive marine animals you
may wish to perform further testing. Seek
advice from your marine aquarium specialist.
Use quality test kits, Aqua One have a range
of test kits (sold separately) which will allow
you to easily and accurately monitor your
water quality.
Some species require specific water
conditions. Please seek advice from your
marine aquarium specialist.
FORTNIGHTLY: 25% water change
What you will need: A bucket, gravel cleaner,
towel, algae scraper, water conditioner and
either synthetic salt or premixed/natural salt
water. The fish and corals do not need to be
removed while performing a water change.
1. Wash your hands.
2. Mix up your salt water according to the
directions on the packaging of the salt mix. Or,
have your premixed/natural salt water ready.
protein skimmer and return pumps.
3. Remove the pumps from the filter and place
the filter back into the aquarium.
3. Check the pH, temperature and specific
gravity of both the aquarium water and the
new water. Make any adjustments that need
to be made to the new water. You may want
to purchase a second heater to warm the new
4. Remove the impellers from both pumps. In
order to do this, turn the impeller cover on the
front of the pump 90° and pull it away from the
5. Rinse the impeller in fresh water. In the
event that there is significant calcium buildup
on the impeller (or any other part of the pump)
it can be soaked in a container of vinegar for
24 hours. Any vinegar used should be rinsed
off in fresh water before being placed in the
4. Once the water is ready to use, remove
the light unit and glass lid and place them
somewhere safe away from the water where
they will not be broken or damaged.
5. Turn the heater and pumps off.
6. Place a towel on the floor in front of the
aquarium to guard from water spillage.
6. Reassemble the pump, ensuring the
ceramic shaft and rubber grommets are all in
7. Use an algae scraper and gently remove
any algae that is growing on the glass.
7. Place the pumps back into their locations
within the filter and place the filter back into
the aquarium.
8. Using a gravel cleaner, remove 25% of
the aquarium water. Take note of how much
water is removed and be sure to have enough
prepared water to replace all that is removed.
9. Refill the aquarium using the prepared
water to approximately 10cm above the return
10. Turn the heater and pump back on and
ensure the water level is safely above the
return pump.
11. Allow the aquarium to run for 30 minutes
then check the temperature, specific gravity
and pH. Adjust if necessary.
12. Replace the glass lids and light unit.
MONTHLY: Pump Maintenance
1. Turn of all the elctrical components in the
2. Remove the filter allowing access to the
Trouble Shooting
Aquarium Model: AquaNano 36
Overall Dimensions: 36 x 35 x 41cm
Aquarium Volume: 30L
Return Pump Flow Rate: 1260L\hr
Protein Skimmer Flow Rate: 660L/hr
Light Wattage: 3 x 3W LED
Total Power: 53W
Power Requirements: 220 ~ 240V
Suitable: Marine
1. The water level in the filter is too low. Check
specific gravity after topping up to the correct
1. Pump needs to be cleaned. Refer to
maintenance instructions in order to clean the
pump impellers.
2. Outlet is blocked. Remove and clean the
outlet tube.
1. Ensure the water level in the skimmer is high
enough. Adjust the water level if necessary.
Refer to setup instructions.
2. Ensure the airline connected to the skimmer
pump is not blocked. Replace if necessary.
3. Skimmer pump may be blocked or not
running correctly. Check and clean the
Disposal of used Electrical & Electronic Equipment
(Applicable in the European Union and other
European countries with separate collection
This symbol on the product or on its
packaging indicates that the product
must not be disposed of with normal
household waste. Instead, it is your
responsibility to dispose of your waste
equipment by arranging to return it to a designated
collection point for the recycling of waste electrical
and electronic equipment. By separating and recycling
your waste equipment at the time of disposal you will
help to conserve natural resources and ensure that the
equipment is recycled in a manner that protects human
health and the environment. For more information
about recycling this product, please contact your local
city office, your household waste disposal service or
the shop where you have purchased the product.
Aqua One - Guarantee 1 + 1 Year
The additional 1 Year Extended Guarantee applies when you REGISTER online
with Aqua One. Register your Extended Guarantee at
The Aqua One Aquarium purchased must be installed upon a level surface and weight bearing cabinet and there upon level and load bearing flooring (using a level
is recommended). The purchaser must consider the total weight of all items when installing an Aquarium which could be up to 1200kg dependant on the model and
accessory items chosen. Consider this, IL of water = 1kg weight.
About this Guarantee
The Manufacturer or Distributor, of Aqua One goods, is collectively known herein as “Aqua One”. Please refer to contact details for Aqua One below or on the applicable
Aqua One website. Any product that is covered by its own Guarantee (as enclosed with the product) is subject to the conditions of that Guarantee.
The benefits given to the purchaser, under Guarantee, are in addition to all other statutory rights and remedies which the purchaser has in respect of goodsunder
legislation in the applicable country of purchase. This Guarantee shall not affect any such rights and should be read subject to such legislation.
1.0. Terms and Conditions of Guarantee.
1.1. Aqua One warrants to the purchaser, for 1 Year from date of original purchase, to repair or replace goods where fault is found due to defective materials or faulty
workmanship and where goods do not operate in accordance with the instructions.
1.2. All claims for repair or replacement must be made at place of purchase.
1.3. The original and dated Proof of Purchase (receipt) must be supplied with all goods claims. Please also provide this Guarantee where possible.
1.4. The Guarantee covers the Aquarium against gluing breakdown resulting in leakage.
1.5. All goods subject to claim under Guarantee should be prepared for transportation in the original packaging or other comparable packaging which offers the same
degree of protection.
1.6. Where goods are repaired or replaced under Guarantee, these goods are Guaranteed for the remainder of either the original Guarantee or Extended Guarantee
1.7. Where claims on inspection reveal goods are in normal working order, Aqua One will request reimbursement of all reasonable costs incurred.
2.0. Other Terms and Conditions – Extended Guarantee
2.1. The Extended Guarantee period is for an additional 1 Year and commences on expiration of the standard guarantee period.
2.2. Application for Extended Guarantee is FREE of any registration cost to the purchaser on completion of the Extended Guarantee questionnaire which is found on
the applicable Aqua One website (refer below).
2.3. Upon receipt and acceptance of the questionnaire, Aqua One will forward (by way of email) a Certificate of Extended Guarantee to the purchaser.
2.4. For more information on how we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information provided to us, please refer to our Privacy Statement on the Aqua One
websites or write to our Privacy Officer, in your country of purchase.
2.5. Where Aqua One determines goods are being used in a manner contrary to the instructions, specifications or this Guarantee, Aqua One reserves the right to
terminate Extended Guarantee for such goods and will provide written notice to the purchaser.
3.0. Exclusions and Limitations
Where permitted by local law, the following exclusions and limitations apply in regard to Guarantee:
3.1. Glass breakage, for whatever reason caused after Aquarium purchase.
3.2. Goods claims where fault is due to, but not limited by a) misuse b) neglect c) abuse d) fire or flood e) normal wear and tear f) accidental breakage g) Acts of God
h) mains voltage fluctuation or supply problems i) connection to any voltage other than what is stated on the rating plate j) modification or tampering to electrical cord
or plug, k) vermin, insects or foreign object l) liquid spillage or submersion of goods not designed to sustain such use or duress.
3.3. Where inspections reveal goods are in normal working order including where noise or vibration is consistent with normal goods operation.
3.4. Attempted repairs or modifications by unauthorised persons, including but not limited to the drilling of holes in the aquarium glass by unauthorised persons.
3.5. Where the goods factory rating plate has been removed, altered, damaged or is rendered illegible.
3.6. Where goods are not installed, operated or maintained in accordance with Aqua One’s goods instructions, specifications or this Guarantee.
3.7. Replacement or repair of worn consumables or replacement of lost goods, parts or components.
3.8. Costs associated with goods transportation, removal, installation, postage or cost of insurance.
3.9. Any damage incurred whilst installing, transporting or moving the goods.
3.10. Subject to certain local statutory rights and obligations to the contrary, and this guarantee shall not affect those rights or obligations, where, to the full extent
permitted by law: 1. all express and implied warranties and conditions under statute or general law, are expressly excluded and Aqua One, where permitted, will limit
liability as follows and at Aqua One’s option to: in regard to goods either a) the replacement of goods or supply of equivalent goods b) the repair of goods or the cost of
replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods OR in regard to services either c) the re-supply of services d) the cost to re-supply services.
2. Aqua One will not be liable for any loss or damage, including consequential loss or damage either directly or indirectly, or for any incidental expenses, of any kind,
and in any way whatsoever.
(1) we recommend the use of an Aqua One Cabinet (sold separately) as specially designed to suit the Aqua One Aquarium purchased.
(2) consider total weight of all items such as: Aquarium, cabinet, water, filtration, gravel/substrate, decorations and other equipment.
(3) consumables include items such as filter media/cartridges, impellers and shafts, light tubes, lamps, bulbs and starters.
(4) due to the extremely fragile nature of glass and glass being the main component of an Aqua One Aquarium, we strongly recommend that you advise your insurer and consider adding this
item to your policy.
(5) When moving the Aquarium from its original or subsequent set-up location/s the following should be adhered to prior to moving the aquarium: remove all aquatic fish, animals or plants, filtration,
gravel/substrate, decorations, other equipment mounted on or in the aquarium and ALL water. Also separate the Aquarium from the Aquarium cabinet or similar household item.
Aqua One may be contacted in:
Hong Kong
New Zealand Kong’s (Aust.) Pty. Limited
Kong’s Aquarium Supplies Co., Ltd
Kong’s (NZ) Limited PO Box 863, Ingleburn
No 31, 3/F Thriving Industrial Centre
PO Box 15 - 183, Tauranga 1890 NSW Australia
26-38 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan,
3015 New Zealand
Hong Kong
United Kingdom
Kong’s (UK) Limited,
C/O Aqua Pacific UK Ltd.
PO Box 268
Romsey Hampshire, SO51 0WW
United Kingdom
This Aquarium is designed to help simplify general fish keeping. Please note, some specialist fish and aquatic animal or plant keeping require certain considerations,
prior to purchase, to ensure proper and successful Aquarium keeping. Therefore, Aqua One recommends, at time of Aquarium purchase, that you consult
with your Aqua One Retailer in regard to the suitability of this product for the types of fishes, aquatic animals or plants you may wish to keep. Special
consideration should also be made in regard to filtration, aquarium heater and lighting requirements to ensure they are specific to your application.
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