Specifications - Buck Sales Inc

Specifications - Buck Sales Inc
Testing and
Calibration Technology
DPG 2300 Portable Digital Pressure Gauge
Mensor Data Sheet DPG 2300 • 07/2012
Portable Field Calibration
Calibration Labs
Semiconductor Manufacturers
Pharmaceutical / Medical / Health Care
0.015% of full scale (ranges ≥ 1 psig)
Dual sensor
Optional loop powered milliamp measurement
Dynamic Temperature Compensation from 0-50oC
RS-232 Communications
17 selectable pressure units and 1 user-defined
Calibration password protected
Display of Max. and Min. readings
Null capability
Unique and simple user interface
Absolute, Gauge, Bidirectional or Vacuum
CE compliant
DPG 2300 Portable Digital Pressure Gauge
The DPG 2300 Portable Digital Pressure Gauge is used in
diverse applications from rugged field calibration of pressure
transmitters used in gas transmission, to testing and
calibration of transducers in clean rooms and nuclear power
plants. Wherever there is a need for a high level of accuracy in
a handheld pressure calibration device.
Functional Flexibility
Mensor DPG 2300 Portable Digital Pressure Gauge has one
of the best uncertainty specifications of any portable pressure
calibration instrument. With an uncertainty of 0.015% FS,
technicians are able to achieve the test uncertainty ratios
required for modern transmitters. Temperature compensation
from 0 to 50oC, permits use in most environments, without
degradation of accuracy. Seventeen selectable pressure units
and one user defined unit allows flexibility when calibrating.
Mensor Data Sheet DPG 2300 • 07/2012 Related Products:
CPG 2500 Digital Pressure Gauge
DPG 2400 Digital Pressure Gauge
The DPG 2300 Portable Digital Pressure Gauge can have one
or two independent precision pressure sensors which can be
displayed simultaneously. Channel A can be ordered with full
scale ranges up to 6000 psi. Channel B can be ordered with
ranges from 3 to 1000 psig or 7.5 to 1000 psia.
The user interface is through a monochrome 128 x 64 LCD,
with white LED back light. A tactile membrane keypad makes
navigation within the intuitive menu easy. Options to display
range A and B, or range A or B and the analog measurement
channel (mA), plus the ability to power a control loop make the
DPG 2300 ideal for field calibration of pressure and differential
pressure transmitters. Built in functionality to display min/max
peak pressure and rate per second per hour and per three hour
plus a null function give the DPG 2300 additional functionality
for trouble shooting process pressure transmitters or monitoring
barometric pressure.
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Total Uncertainty
Ranges ≥ 1 psig 0.015% FS
Ranges < 1 psig 0.030% FS
1/4 inch FNPT pressure ports, nom. 1/16
inch hose barb for ref ports.
+9 to +14.5 VDC, 830 mA max for battery
Relief valves (mounted externally).
4-20 mA measurement with 24 VDC loop
power source; current measurement accuracy 0.015%R.
Calibration Stability (after warm up)
Better than 0.015% FS (0.03% for FS
ranges < 5 psig) for 180 days with
periodic re-zeroing.
180 days
Zero and Span may be reset without
affecting linearity.
Channel A
pressure ranges:
0...0.36 up to 0...6000 psig
0...7.5 up to 0...6000 psia
Monochrome 128 x64 LCD with white
LCD backlight.
Compliant to EN50081 and EN50082.
Channel B
pressure ranges:
0...3 up to 0...1000 psig
0...7.5 up to 0...1000 psia
Pressure range:
psig: -0.36 to +0.36 min, -atm to 6,000
Pressure units
psi, in.Hg @ 0°C and 60°F, in.H2O @ 4°C,
20°C and 60°F), ft.H2O @ 4°C, 20°C and
60°F, mTorr, inSW @ 0°C, ftSW @ 0°C,
atm, bars, mbars, mmH2O @ 4°C, cmH2O
@ 4°C, MH2O @ 4°C, mmHg @ 0°C,
cmHg @ 0°C, Torr, hPa, mPa, kPa, Pa,
D/cmsq, g/cmsq, kg/cmsq, mSW @ 0°C,
PSI, PSF, TSF, TSI, mHg @ 0°C, %FS.
All seawater units are 3.5% salinity.
Total Uncertainty includes the uncertainties of the following: Calibration
standard, repeatability, pressure hysteresis, creep, linearity, and temperature effects over the compensated temperature range.
Order Number
5 digits
150% FS or greater, depending on range
Choose the number associated with the desired option.
Model Number: 23 _ _ , Range A:____, Range B:____
1 - Single Range
2 - Dual Range
0 - Without 4-20 mA Meas.
1 - With 4 - 20 mA Meas.
Operating temp.
Storage temp.
< 1 to rated accuracy
Battery life
Recharge time
Reading rate
Since product innovation is a continuous process at Mensor, we reserve
the right to change specifications without notice.
Response time
<250 for FS pressure step
The calibration program at Mensor is accredited by A2LA as complying with both the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and the ANSI/NCSL Z540-11994 standards. All Mensor primary standards are traceable to NIST.
Mensor Corporation is registered to ISO9001:2008.
RS-232, 9600 baud, N, 8, 1
Case size
T-Shaped, 8.6 H x 4.3 W x 1.6 D
Approximately 1.5
Pressure port: Clean, dry, non-corrosive,
non-combustible, non-oxidizing gases for
all rated ranges.
Ranges ≥ 5 psi: All other media compatible with aluminum, 316 stainless steel,
brass, Buna N, Viton, sealant, silicone
grease and RTV. Not designed for oxygen
service. Cannot guarantee accuracy on
media other than gases.
Reference port: Clean, dry, non-corrosive
Hand pump
Canvas case
with belt clip
Analog cables
Mensor Corporation
201 Barnes Drive
San Marcos, Texas 78666
Toll Free: 800-984-4200
Tel: 512-396-4200
Fax: 512-396-1820
Email: sales@mensor.com
Web site: www.mensor.com
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Mensor Data Sheet DPG 2300 • 07/2012
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