Sweepers Scrubbers Sweeper–Scrubbers Pressure

Sweepers Scrubbers Sweeper–Scrubbers Pressure
Pressure Washers
Wet/Dry Tank Vacuums
An Advance Sweeper for Dust-Free Sweeping
Available in walk-behind and rider models, Advance sweepers prove to be effective in
a wide variety of applications and floor surfaces. With sweeping paths ranging from
26 inches (66 cm) to 77 inches (196 cm), there is an Advance sweeper available to fit most
applications. The smaller walk-behind sweepers are ideal for getting around warehouse
shelving. The ruggedness of the larger rider sweepers make them the perfect solution for
indoor or outdoor use and can handle the most extreme applications.
Featuring tools-free maintenance and easy adjustment with operator-friendly controls,
product innovations include onboard battery chargers, enhanced dust control filtration, and
maintenance-free gel batteries. Propane, gasoline and diesel versions of the larger
sweepers are also available. Keeping facilities clean is easy and cost effective with any
of the Advance sweepers.
Terra® 26M
Terra® 132B
Walk-Behind Push Sweeper
Walk-Behind Sweepers
• 26 inch sweep path
• Manually operated
• Tools-free adjustable
side brooms
• Tools-free adjustable rear
main broom
• Dual caster wheels operate
in the “clean path” behind
side brooms
• Variable handle height
• Handle folds down
• 32 inch sweep path
• Battery operated
• Standard onboard
battery charger
• Tools-free removable
brushes and hopper
• Rugged construction for
carpet or hard floor
Terra® 28B
Terra® 4300B
Walk-Behind Sweeper
Rider Sweepers
• 28 inch sweep path
• Maintenance free gel
battery standard
• Quiet operation at 59 dB A
• Standard onboard battery
• Tools-free removable brooms
and hopper
• Rugged, corrosion resistant
polyethylene hopper
• 43 inch sweep path,
battery operated
• Automatic main broom
height adjustment
• 20% gradeability while
• Rugged construction for
multisurface floor cleaning
Advance Exterra® Redefines Power Sweeping
The Advance Exterra® is unsurpassed in indoor and outdoor power sweeping. A 50 inch main broom – the widest in this sweeper class – combined with
full time dust controlled dual side brooms, creates an incredible 77 inch sweep path.
On conventional machines, dust is controlled at the main broom and, the side brooms must be raised in open areas to prevent airborne fugitive dust.
The Exterra is not a conventional machine. The innovative DustGuard™ System allows for full time use of the dual side brooms by controlling dust along
the entire sweep path – including the side brooms. Productivity is then increased by up to 71% compared with conventional sweepers that control dust
only at the main broom.
With superior dust control, innovative safety features, low maintenance costs, and ease of operation, the Advance Exterra redefines power sweeping.
Lower Maintenance Costs. This machine utilizes features designed to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency, reliability and longevity.
“MaxAccess™” gives mechanics maximum access to the engine and hydraulic components, not just from one side but from all sides. The Ultra-Web®
dust filter filters dust to near H.E.P.A. filtration levels. And a non-corrosive, polyethylene hopper requires little or no maintenance. Other low-maintenance
features include a tilt-out hydraulic cooler, a full 170 degree broom door opening, and an integrated, protective 5 mph bumper that won’t rust, even if
scratched. In addition, a 4 year parts warranty ensures long-term maintenance costs are kept low.
Terra® 5200B
Rider Sweeper
• 52 inch sweep path, battery operated
• Standard dual, independent, side brooms
for maximum productivity
• Hydraulic debris hopper has variable
height adjustment up to 54 inches
• Tools-free removable main broom
and filter
• 16% gradeability while sweeping
Rider Sweepers
• 51 inch single side broom sweeping path, or
64 inch dual side brooms sweeping path
• DustGuard™ “fog” suppresses dust at side brooms
• MaxAccess™
• Safe, Clear-View™ design
• Analog-logic™ Sweep System Activation
• Power Steering
• Impact Absorbing, Rust-proof Body Structure
• Hopper Safety Arm Engaged from
Operator’s Compartment
• Large Comfort Ride Shock Absorbing
Pneumatic Tires
• Independent ETL Safety Test and Label
• Liberator™ Variable Frequency Filter Shaker
Rider Sweepers
• 65 inch single side broom sweeping path, or
77 inch dual side brooms sweeping path
• DustGuard™ “fog” suppresses dust at side brooms
• MaxAccess™
• Safe, Clear-View™ design
• Structural roto mold hopper with
integrated bumper
• One-Touch™ sweeping
• Foot pedal controls automated sweeping
start/stop function
• Power steering
• Impact absorbing body structure
• Interlocking service covers
• Hopper Safety Arm Engaged from
Operator’s Compartment
• Large Comfort Ride shock absorbing tires
• Independent ETL safety test and label
• Ultra-Web® dust filter for near H.E.P.A.
dust control
• 66 inch single side broom sweeping path, or 78 inch dual side
brooms sweeping path
• Heavy-duty all steel construction for total machine protection
• Oversize tires provide a comfortable ride even over
the roughest terrain
• Holds 27 cu ft of 4x4s, 2 liter bottles, sand, gravel, paper and more
• Available in gas, L.P. and diesel
• Designed for severe environments
Rider Sweepers
Advance Scrubbers Drive Innovation
Advance produces the most comprehensive line of scrubbers in the world. For over 30 years,
Advance has supplied the industry with the toughest and most innovative machines that are built for
hours of daily use in the harshest environments. These scrubbers, both walk-behind and rider, offer a
solution for a variety of applications on many different floor surfaces. With innovative features such as
no-tools interchangeable scrub decks, onboard battery chargers, programmable operator controls,
machine self-diagnosis, and countless ergonomic and safety features, Advance continues to set the
standard for reliability, productivity, and ease of use.
Available in various cleaning path sizes, from 20 inches (50.8 cm) to 72 inches (183 cm), it takes just
one pass for Advance scrubbers to leave floors clean, dry, and ready for traffic. With a variety of sizes,
battery options, squeegees and brushes available, Advance has a scrubber to meet your needs.
Several Advance scrubbers are available with EcoFlex™ System which gives
operators the flexibility to match the machine’s performance to the soil
content on the floor – just enough to get the job done. For high-traffic or
heavily soiled areas, the EcoFlex System includes a unique
“burst of power” feature that temporarily increases the
detergent strength, solution flow and brush pressure for deep
scrubbing. This eliminates the need for double scrubbing
or using a second machine for tough to clean areas.
Adfinity™ X20C & X20D
Warrior™ ST & AXP™
Walk-Behind Scrubbers
Walk-Behind Scrubbers
20 inch disc or cylindrical scrub paths
14.5 gallon solution and recovery tanks
Smart Solutions™ Flow Rate
AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System standard
Onboard Battery Charger
Tools-free removal of squeegee and squeegee blades
Tools-free brush removal
Convertamatic® 24C/26D/28C
Walk-Behind Scrubbers
• Available in 24, 26 and 28 inch scrub paths
• 20 gallon solution and recovery tanks
• Smart Solutions™ One-Touch™ scrubbing and
programmable operator controls
• AXP™ Onboard Detergent System for enhanced
safety, flexibility and productivity
• Tools-free interchangeable cylindrical or disc
scrub decks
• Safe and ergonomic paddle control
Available in 28 and 32 inch disc or cylindrical scrub paths
30 gallon solution and recovery tanks
Tools-free interchangeable scrub decks
Optional AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System
Safe and ergonomic paddle control
Adgressor® & Adgressor®
with EcoFlex™ System
Rider Scrubbers
• Available in 28, 32, 35 or 38 inch scrub paths
• Optional EcoFlex™ System reduces
environmental impact and detergent costs
• Safe, Clear-View™ design
• Rugged design with heavy gauge steel chassis and metal bumper
• Easy to clean recovery tank
• Disc or cylindrical brush decks
• Battery watering system standard on EcoFlex™ System models
Advance Condor™ XL Offers Productivity, Innovation, Safety and
Ease of Use in an Optimized Design
The Advance Condor™ XL rider scrubber is the definition of innovative and optimized design. This maneuverable front steer
scrubber houses the widest cylindrical scrub deck in its class. This deck’s dual counter-rotating cylindrical brushes are
capable of sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass. DustGuard™ suppresses and controls dust using a “fog” at the side
broom. Using Advance’s One-Touch™, the entire scrub system is activated simply by the press of a button.
Four different cleaning systems allow you to customize the scrubber to your facility’s needs. Cleaning paths up to 67 inches
are available on the Condor XL. This coupled with the efficiently packaged 100 gallon solution
tank delivers the capability of cleaning up to 100,000 square feet per tankful under
normal scrubbing speeds.
With Advance AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System, productivity and
chemical savings are maximized. When it comes time for maintenance,
MaxAccess™ allows a user to access all major systems simply and quickly
without the use of tools, including the best-in-class LP bottle exchange.
The Advance Condor XL’s design has set the bar in productivity, serviceability,
safety, and ease of use.
Condor™ XL
Rider Scrubbers
• Industrial cylindrical scrubber (48 inch), with side scrub
(60 inch), dual side sweep (62 inch), or right scrub/left
sweep (67 inch)
• One-Touch™ system activation
• Safe, Clear-View™ design
• AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System
• 100 gallon solution and recovery tank
• Tools-free removable squeegee, brushes and blades
• EasyFlow™ drain hose allows operators control of
water flow when dumping recovery tank
• Heavy-duty steel front bumper
• Large poly debris hopper
• MaxAccess™ to engine and hydraulics
• Tilt-out/lift-off recovery tank for easy clean up
Condor™ & Condor™
with EcoFlex™ System
Rider Scrubbers
• Available in 40, 45 or 48 inch disc or cylindrical scrub paths
• Optional EcoFlex™ System reduces environmental impact
and detergent costs
• Safe, Clear-View™ design
• UltraFlow™ squeegee system with 100% water recovery
leaves floor dry
• One-Touch™ control panel for all scrub functions
• 70 gallon solution and recovery tank
• Steel side skirts with Tools-free adjustment and replacement
• EasyFlow™ drain hose allows operators control of water flow
when dumping recovery tank
• Tip-out/Lift-off modular recovery tank
• Battery roll-out maximizes productivity
Advance Automatic Sweeper–Scrubbers Drive Innovation
The Advance line of sweeper–scrubbers offers an industrial strength solution with unequalled power and
maneuverability. These rugged sweeper–scrubbers provide aggressive scrubbing and dust-free sweeping for
one-pass, large-area, industrial cleaning. By performing two cleaning tasks in one pass, productivity is
significantly increased. With a variety of battery and engine options, the Advance sweeper–scrubbers have
raised the standards of industrial floor cleaning.
The Advance Captor® is an all-terrain cleaning machine that functions equally well as a stand alone sweeper, a
stand alone scrubber, or a high productivity combination sweeper-scrubber. The Captor features best in class
specifications and performance making it the best sweeper-scrubber available.
The Captor® AXP™ scrubber includes all of the features found on the standard Captor® model with the added
advantage of AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System. The AXP™ system increases operator
productivity by taking the guesswork out of how much detergent to use. You simply set the AXP rate
selector according to manufacturer’s recommended dilution rate and you are ready to clean. Plus, you can
use any detergent, including those that are green-certified, so there is no need to change your detergent or
cleaning routine when using the Captor AXP.
Compact Battery Sweeper–Scrubbers
High Capacity Sweeper–Scrubbers
• Available in 40 inch and 46 inch scrub paths
• Patented Accu-Track™ squeegee system leaves a
clean, dry floor even on the tightest turns
• Dynamic, regenerative electric drive motor
enhances reliability
• Standard roll-on/roll-off battery changing system
offers increased productivity
• Dust-free sweeping removes debris prior
to scrubbing
• 54 inch scrub path scrubs up to 70,000 sq ft per hour
• Tilt-out recovery tank makes clean-up fast and easy
• 600 lb of downward scrub brush pressure cleans even
the most deeply embedded grime
• Patented Accu-Track™ squeegee system provides a
dry floor even on the tightest turns
• Stainless steel solution and recovery tanks are
functional in any environment
• Designed for severe environments
Advance Captor® Offers Best in Class Productivity
The Advance Captor® Rider Sweeper-Scrubber line is without rival in value and productivity for sweeper scrubbers in
its size class. It delivers superior cleaning results as a standalone sweeper, scrubber or as a highly productive
combination sweeper.
The Advance Captor sweeps a 62 inch path and can sweep up to 163,000 square feet per hour. Its 9.2 cubic foot
hopper means more time sweeping with less time dumping! And, because the Captor can sweep and scrub in a single
pass, it does the work of two machines.
The modular Captor design accommodates scrub deck sizes from 43 to 54 inches. Maximum scrubbing at 4 miles per
hour cleans over 95,000 square feet per hour. With its 80 gallon solution and recovery tanks, the largest available for
this class of machine, the Advance Captor can scrub longer without dump and refills. Plus, the Advance Captor is
available in four power types: Propane, Diesel, Gasoline and Battery. Select the size and power source that best
meets your needs.
Captor® & Captor® AXP™
Battery 4300B/4800B
Captor® & Captor® AXP™
Rider Sweeper–Scrubbers
Rider Sweeper–Scrubbers
• Quiet, fume and emission-free battery power
• Battery roll-out functionality enables
continuous cleaning
• Modular design with 43 and 48 inch scrub paths
and 51 or 62 inch sweep path
• Complete sweep system with dust control and
high-dump hopper
• Complete scrub system with high capacity tanks
• Largest main broom and sweep path in class
• Largest hopper capacity in class
• Largest tank capacity in class
• Simple, safe and comfortable operator interface
with Clear-View™ design
• Tilt-out/lift-out recovery tank for easy clean up
• AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System
• Modular design with 43, 48, and 54 inch scrub
paths and 62 inch sweep path
• Complete sweep system with dust control and
high-dump hopper
• Complete scrub system with high capacity tanks
• Largest main broom and sweep path in class
• Largest hopper capacity in class
• Largest tank capacity in class
• Simple, safe and comfortable operator interface
with Clear-View™ design
• Tilt-out/lift-out recovery tank for easy clean up
• Propane, gasoline, and diesel models
• AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System
For superior productivity and cleaning results, the Advance Captor® delivers.
Optional Accessories
Advance Options Give You A Custom Fit
No two facilities or cleaning applications are exactly alike. That’s why Advance offers a wide
assortment of options and accessories to customize the fit of the product to your
application. We have the right accessories for your cleaning needs, whether your facility is a
distribution center, manufacturer of engine parts or houses 4,000 parked cars on any given
day. We also have optional accessories that make cleaning safer and that help to protect
your machine investment. For example, you can select accessories that help operators stay
protected and securely seated while operating the machine. We even have options that can
help you improve productivity. With Advance optional accessories, you can get a
customized product for most any cleaning environment that helps facilitate safe operation
and increased productivity.*
Comfort and Productivity
Optional Accessories
Headlight kit
Turn signal kit
Hindsight camera
Backup alarm
Foam filled or solid tires to prevent flats
Supension seat
Litter vac
Off aisle vacuum wand
Extended scrub options (recycling systems)
Cab with AC and heater
Spray and vacuum tool
Pre-sweep options
Battery exchange / roll-out systems
AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System
Optional Accessories
Machine and Operator
Protection Optional
* Not all options are available on all models
Safety beacon
Overhead guard
Tower bumpers
Hopper thermal sensor
Fire extinguisher
Side broom guards
Engine air filter clog indicator
Safety beacon
Advance Offers Nilfisk Genuine OEM Parts to Customize & Keep
Productivity High
Advance has a full assortment of brooms, brushes and pad holders that are designed for Advance equipment. Our brooms are
spin-balanced and manufactured for bristle or wire retention in light cleaning environments to heavy industrial cleaning
environments. They are designed for long life, the best long-range value and are the quality you expect from Nilfisk Genuine
OEM Parts. Plus, we inventory most parts for same day delivery.
Squeegees designed for Advance scrubbers, wet/dry vacuums and hard floor kits out-perform any competitive substitutes.
They are performance-matched, designed for long life and are the best long-range value for your products. Whatever your
application, we have a squeegee that can do the job.
Outfit your cleaning equipment with high quality Advance brooms, brushes,
pad holders or squeegees for a custom fit that meets your cleaning needs
and maximizes equipment productivity.
Sweeper and
Wear Parts
Main broom options
Side broom options
Dust filters
Scrubber and
Wear Parts
• Scarifying kits
• Brush options for any application
• Squeegee options for any application
Optional Accessories
Pressure Washers / Wet/Dry Tank Vacuums
Advance Pressure Washers and Wet/Dry Tank
Vacuums Get the Job Done
Offering a variety of accessories and power source options, Advance pressure washers
do the job at any location. Each pressure washer comes complete with a standard
hose, gun and wand. Additional optional accessories include a variety of brushes,
extension wands, turbo wands and sandblast attachments. Blast away dirt and grime
with an Advance pressure washer.
Wet messes, dry dirt, or somewhere in between, the Advance Sprite® Air Scoop™ 16 wet/dry
tank vacuum can handle almost any daily cleaning challenge. Used daily in commercial and
government buildings, operators count on Sprite® for many years of service.
AdSpray™ 1500A
Pressure Washer
Wet/Dry Vacuums / Pressure Washers
• 2 gpm and up to 1,450 psi
• 2 hp electric motor
• Includes: Hose, spray gun and wand,
chemical injector and thermal valve
Sprite® Air Scoop™ 16
AdSpray™ 1000XPC
Wet/Dry Tank Vacuum
Pressure Washer
• 16 gal tank capacity
• 24 inch front mount squeegee
standard, tools are separate
• 1.3 hp 2 stage motor, waterlift 88 inch,
91 CFM, 73 dB A
• Empty by tip-and-pour or front
drain hose, 50 foot cord
• Removable tank for easy cleaning
• Cart mounted electric pressure washer
available with a 1.5 hp electric motor
• 2.2 gpm and up to 1,000 psi
• Handles to 140º F
• Includes: hose, spray gun and wand,
chemical injector and thermal valve
Whether developing new equipment, enhancing existing equipment or
creating service and maintenance programs, we approach all aspects of
development using Advance Total Clean® Technology.
Total Clean® Technology, exclusively from Advance, is an all-encompassing design approach that
links the process of designing equipment that cleans better with equipment design that is easier
to clean and maintain. The result is a reduced cost of ownership and increased productivity that
drives down the cost to clean.
Keeping your equipment working effectively is essential for superior cleaning. Advance provides
manufacturing parts and components through Nilfisk Genuine OEM Parts to help keep your
Advance products working at peak performance. OEM parts are designed and built for our
machines so they can be counted on to maintain our machines. They are value priced and
quality built. By choosing Nilfisk Genuine OEM Parts, you can be certain you’re getting the
quality part you need for your machine.
Advance’s fundamental attitude to the working environment and pollution is in accordance with
the first principle of the United Nations conference declaration on Environment and Development
(Rio, 1992):
“People are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.”
Our environmental policy states, among other things:
• the employees shall have a safe, healthy, motivating and inspiring working environment
• the utilization of resources shall be continuously improved
• our production must be controlled, including development, sourcing and deliveries,in order to
minimize environmental impact
We actively participate in manufacturing practices that are
environmentally friendly, including:
recycling and reuse of our rotomold plastic, giving it new use as battery tray housing
recycling of all metals, aluminum, cardboard and batteries
efficient lighting in our corporate and manufacturing facilities that use less electricity
equipment design technology that minimizes the amount of water needed to clean
Advance products are manufactured by Nilfisk-Advance Inc., the world’s
largest designer and manufacturer of high quality commercial and industrial
floor maintenance equipment.
A quality approach to cleaning is the commitment we make to every one of our
customers. Along with each machine comes pride, craftsmanship, innovative
technology, professional expertise and an international network of parts,
maintenance and service support professionals.
Reducing the Cost to Clean
Every aspect of our business revolves around creating cleaning solutions that
generate superior cleaning results, increased productivity and reduces the cost
of ownership. The result is superior cleaning products that drive down the total
cost of cleaning. The pride we take in production and service will become your
pride of ownership when you buy Advance equipment.
At Advance, we are creating Industrial Strength Cleaning Solutions.
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