RTCU-MX2i eco
RTCU-MX2i eco
Remote Telemetry and Control Unit
The RTCU-MX2i eco is a low cost
version of the popular RTCU-MX2i
eco+. With a reduced feature set
compared to the RTCU-MX2i eco+ the
product has a perfect balance between
price and performance, and together the
two products offers a unique platform
for all kind of applications. The pricelevel of the RTCU MX2i eco belongs to
the entry-level segment, but the
advanced features are in a league of its
The RTCU-MX2i eco product allows rapid development of custom specified applications combining mobile tracking
/ control / monitoring / datalogging with advanced communication techniques alarm / messages send to / from the
unit as SMS (both as SMS and PDU) messages or via data-transfer directly to / from a Windows application. The
RTCU-MX2i eco includes a full TCP/IP stack and therefore fully support the GPRS technology. Using the Logic IO
proprietary VSMS (Virtual SMS) technology SMS, GPRS and Datacalls (CSD) merges together allowing any RTCU
application that uses SMS-messages to transparently send / receive messages using either SMS, GPRS or Datacall
without any changes to the software already developed.
The RTCU-MX2i eco is fully programmable using the user-friendly Integrated Development Environment (RTCU
IDE) running under Windows. In the environment the complete application is developed, simulated and finally
transferred to the unit via a standard serial port, or alternatively using the GSM Datacall / GPRS capability. Full
software backward compatibility to previous generation of RTCU units, so that already written/tested applications
can be reused.
The advanced power-management features on the RTCU-MX2i eco allows the unit to stay in power-saving modes
for a longer period of time still being connected to the GSM network and capable of waking up on for example GSM
activity, change of digital inputs or a vibration sensor!
The on-board high performance 16-channel GPS receiver makes implementation of location based applications a
These features open up for the use of the RTCU-MX2i eco in exciting new application areas where extremely low
power consumption and flexible wake-up conditions are a crucial parameter for successful product integration.
Some of the application areas includes:
Fleet management system.
Mobile datalogging applications.
Alarm / Security systems
Mobile tracking applications
Asset management.
Your applications...
The RTCU-IDE Integrated Development Environment for
the RTCU, is an easy-to-use program for all aspects in
the development of applications for the RTCU. The
RTCU-IDE contains a broad range of features, such as
project control, comprehensive online help, built-in
syntax highlighting editor, code generating wizard, voice
recorder etc. A built-in simulator enables complete
simulation of all features on the RTCU: GSM, GPRS,
SMS messaging, GPS, Analog / Digital I/O etc. A remote
update feature allows the application developer to
download new versions of a program, firmware or voice
messages to a remote RTCU, via a modem connection or
over GPRS. Together, all of these features enables the
user to cut development time to a minimum.
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Logic IO, Holmboes Allé 14, DK-8700 Horsens, Denmark, Tel: (+45) 7625 0210, Fax: (+45) 7625 0211
RTCU-MX2i eco
Remote Telemetry and Control Unit
Powerful and Flexible Platform...
High Performance 32-bit Processor with Large Memory Capacity
Powerful industry leading dedicated 32-bit ARM7 Processor
Up to 10 times faster execution than previous RTCU generations
1088 KByte RAM
2304 KByte Flash for application and database.
512 Kbyte Dataflash for datalogging/parameters
8 KByte FRAM for fast access memory without any write endurance limitations
Extensive Range of Standard Features
5 Digital inputs and 4 Digital solid state outputs.
RS232 serial port. Can be used as service port with special cable or as a standard RS232 port
Two user available bi-color LED-Indicators with 3 colors: Green, Red and Yellow
One bi-color and one yellow system LED indicating state of GSM and Power management.
Vibration sensor with user definable sensitivity
Temperature sensor
State of The Art Communication Technology
Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900 Mhz) GSM based on industry leading Texas Instruments Chipset solution
SMS (Text and PDU)
GPRS. Multislot class 10.
CSD (Datacall)
On-board high-performance 16 channel GPS-receiver with low-power consumption
Full SBAS (EGNOS / WAAS / MSAS) support for enhanced GPS precision
Prepared for A-GPS.
Standard NMEA verbs can be output to the serial port or received by the VPL application
Advanced Power Management
Supervision of supply voltage
Several power-saving modes: Power-down, ’Wait for Event’ and 5 Processor execution steps
Wakeup from Power-down using Ignition (Digital input 5) and optional timer
Wakeup from ’Wait for Event’ using: Digital input, Vibration, Timeout, GSM-, or UART activity
Real time clock
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Logic IO, Holmboes Allé 14, DK-8700 Horsens, Denmark, Tel: (+45) 7625 0210, Fax: (+45) 7625 0211
RTCU-MX2i eco
Remote Telemetry and Control Unit
...ready to meet ALL your requirements...
Development Tools for Rapid Application Development
Programmable using the FREE RTCU IDE full-feature development environment
Easy to learn VPL high-level programming language based on EIC 1131-3 industrial standard
More than 600+ standard functions and 800 pages of on-line documentation suits every application
Many example programs available to ”kick-start” application development
Full feature Microsoft Windows Simulator allowing test of complete application without use of physical unit
VSMS technology seamlessly supports SMS, GPRS, CSD without application/server changes
Seamless upgrade to future technologies
100% backward compatible with previous generation RTCU products
Industry Leading Deployment Features
Full Logic IO GPRS Gateway Professional / Upgrade & Deployment server compatible
Upgrade of application, firmware and parameters over CSD, GPRS and Cable
Upgrade can occur during full unit operation minimizing the impact on the customer
Unattended and fully automatic upgrade and deployment
Automatic ”bootstrap” of un-programmed unit on first time installation
Innovative Design
Encapsulated in a compact custom designed aluminum housing
All interfaces externally accessible for easy and safe installation
Designed and developed in Denmark. Produced in EU.
Proven Technology from Logic IO
All Hardware and Software developed by Logic IO
In the GSM/GPRS/GPS business since 1999
Practical experience from more than 40+ GSM networks
Network of Partners around the globe
More than 35.000 units in operation worldwide
Logic IO has D&B highest credit rating AAA (2007 and 2009)
Rewarded the Gazelle Award 2007 / 2008 for strong growth
...and beyond!
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Logic IO, Holmboes Allé 14, DK-8700 Horsens, Denmark, Tel: (+45) 7625 0210, Fax: (+45) 7625 0211
RTCU-MX2i eco
Remote Telemetry and Control Unit
Technical Data
Power supply
Operating Voltage
Unit Active
Unit Active with GSM On
Unit Active with GPS On
Unit Active with GSM/GPS On
Unit in Power-down
Unit in ”Wait for Event”
Unit in ”Wait for Event”
Unit in ”Wait for Event”, GSM On
Digital inputs
Logic ”High”
Logic ”Low”
Digital outputs (Solid state)
Storage temperature
Operating temperature
(According to GSM 11.10 specification)
(deviations from the GSM specification may occur)
Humidity (non condensing)
GSM idle @ -63 dBm
GSM idle @ -63 dBm
Restart on: DI 5 and RTC
Resume on: DI, Vibration, RTC
Resume on: RS232
Resume on: GSM
Typical measurements @ 12 VDC Supply.
All inputs are protected against transients and
low-pass filtered.
Restricted operation
Protected against wrong polarity.
Protected against: Short circuit, ESD and
inductive (Relay) kickback up to 20mH.
External interfaces:
• TYCO ”Mate’n’Lock’ connector for:
RS232 port 1 (service port)
Power, Digital I/O
• Three bi-color LED and one yellow status LED
• SMA-Female connector for GSM antenna
• SMB-Male for active 3 Volt GPS antenna
• Standard 3 Volt SIM-Card reader (external access)
All interfaces are externally accessible
External dimensions
W 97 x H 35 x D 132 mm
without SMA and SMB connectors
Ingress Protection (IP)
IP40 (SIM / Connectors in use)
Aluminum enclosure
EN-61000-6-3;2001 Emission
EN-61000-6-2;2001 Immunity
Technical data subject to change
For more information:
Web: www.logicio.com
Email: info@logicio.com
Version UK 1.10
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Logic IO, Holmboes Allé 14, DK-8700 Horsens, Denmark, Tel: (+45) 7625 0210, Fax: (+45) 7625 0211
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