ETC Life-Safety Lighting Systems

ETC Life-Safety Lighting Systems
ETC Life-Safety Lighting Systems
A new era in emergency lighting
LEDs have taken the lighting industry by storm. An energy-efficient, easily dimmed, long-life
alternative to traditional light sources, LED fixtures have found their way into theatrical lighting on
and off the stage, often being used as houselights in theaters, houses of worship, concert halls
and more.
However, DMX-controlled light sources – like LEDs – don’t operate like standard lights, and one
aspect often overlooked during their implementation is life safety. In addition to power, LEDs and
other DMX-based lights need data in order to operate safely during emergency-lighting situations.
If the fixtures’ power is cut, they will return to a default setting, which is typically all-off, plunging
your venue into darkness. ETC's new DMX Emergency Bypass Controller™ is the only device of its
kind that addresses the new trend in DMX-controlled lighting.
Build your emergency-lighting system with ETC
ETC has long been committed to providing safe solutions for lighting systems, offering more UL924- and UL1008-Listed emergency-lighting
devices than anyone else in the industry. The DMX Emergency Bypass Controller™ gives you peace of mind during life-safety events, and
helps your venue safely navigate the constellation of emergency-lighting regulations and codes. The Controller can work in conjunction
with the other devices in ETC's emergency-lighting product line to keep every aspect of your venue safe during emergency situations.
NEW! ETC DMX Emergency Bypass Controller
The ETC DMX Emergency Bypass Controller provides bypass control for houselight systems that
include DMX-run fixtures like LEDs. The Controller’s small size and ease of use make it the perfect
safety-based solution for any venue.
When triggered by an Emergency Bypass Detection Kit (see below) or other power-sensing device,
the Controller forces the DMX data-link of designated fixtures into a bypass state, so they can
operate as normal or as emergency fixtures. That state can be defined as ‘All DMX channels to
full’ or a designated emergency setting of each DMX channel to a selected level. The UL924Listed DMX Emergency Bypass Controller can also be triggered by a closed-loop fire-alarm system
or an upstream UL1008 transfer switch.
ETC Emergency Bypass Detection Kit™ (EBDK)
The EBDK works with ETC dimming and switching products that are listed under UL924 for use
in emergency systems, monitoring a normal power feed in single- or three-phase systems. When
there’s a loss of power, the EBDK triggers an emergency-lighting bypass operation in those
UL924-Listed products. The EBDK has configurable settings for automatic or manual return to
normal lighting operation.
ETC System Restore Switch™
The System Restore Switch prevents the lighting system from automatically returning to a normal
setting, and requires user interaction to override the emergency-lighting state – even when utility
power returns – because the normal control-setting may not be appropriate for an in-progress
evacuation. It ensures that the lights stay on and the area stays well lit so your guests can safely
find their way outside.
ETC Emergency Lighting Transfer System™ (ELTS2)
The ELTS2 is a UL1008-Listed, electrically operated and mechanically held automatic transfer
switch that is qualified for use in emergency systems covered by NEC Article 700, meeting the
most stringent requirements of any type of transfer switch. It automatically transfers lighting
loads from a dimmer output to a separate emergency power source when there’s a power failure,
fire alarm or other need for emergency lighting. Should the utility power-feed to your dimmer
system go out, the UL1008-Listed ELTS2 will provide all-on emergency illumination. It is available
in two-circuit- to 24-circuit-size panels.
For more information about the DMX Emergency Bypass Controller and the entire ETC range of
emergency-lighting devices, visit
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