Loewe klang 1
Music is pure emotion. It leaves positive traces in
our brain and encourages our body to produce an extra dose
of the “feel-good” hormone dopamine. A day without music
is hard to imagine. It is an important part of our everyday life.
Music moves, inspires and motivates us. Loewe klang 1 –
for pure happiness.
Loewe klang 1
Loewe klang 1
Loewe klang 1 speakers deliver an authentic
and resonant sound experience. The finest
subtleties in sound are clearly defined and
precisely balanced. Speech is extremely
clear too, whether loud or quiet as a whisper.
However you choose to position the speakers
– from the elegant floor stand to a book shelf
in the corner or mounted on the wall.
The modern and elegant klang 1 speakers
generate a powerful 120 watts of music
power. Two full-range speakers create
powerful sound, combined with a style that
will blend harmoniously in any interior.
Beautifully detailed with seamless fabric
cover in Black, Graphite Grey or Light Grey
and stylish textile-covered cable.
Loewe television sets integrate perfectly
with Loewe speakers and subwoofers.
The television acts as a centre speaker
and opens up access to over 30,000
Internet radio channels and music
streaming portals such as Tidal. Whether
a 3.1 system with two speakers and one
subwoofer or 5.2 surround sound with
five speakers and two subwoofers – you
can expand your home cinema system
flexibly to meet your needs.
The Loewe klang 1 speaker and klang 1
subwoofer also work without a television
set or audio system: Line-in allows you
to connect notebooks, smartphones and
other music sources directly, to enjoy
exquisite sound with no additional system
– even in the office.
Loewe klang 1 subwoofer
300 watts of power for impressive sound.
Distinguished by powerful and concentrated
bass, the acoustic concept is based on one
active speaker and two passive membranes
for very intensive low frequencies. This
impressive sound is packaged in a striking
and very compact housing with a solid
aluminium top surface. With a premium fabric
cover in Black, Graphite Grey or Light Grey
and sophisticated concealed cable routing,
the klang 1 subwoofer will be a stylish feature
in any room.
The entire system can be controlled very
easily using the Loewe remote control
– from set-up to everyday use. No
matter how many Loewe speakers and
subwoofers are connected to your Loewe
television set, all you need is a single
remote control. Thanks to automatic
signal recognition, one button press turns
the TV, speakers and subwoofer all on
together, it couldn’t be easier. All settings
are entered using the user interface on
the TV, with many sound settings already
The integrated table stand is ideal for setups on a shelf or sideboard. Its soft material
is designed to protect sensitive surfaces.
Stunning sound and a stylish look:
freestanding, with high-quality stainless
steel floor stand and discreet concealed
cable routing.
Quick and easy to assemble. The
magnetic cover conceals the wall mount.
Not forgetting the equally sophisticated
concealed cable management.
klang 1 speaker. Flexible stand solutions,
high-quality seamless fabric in Graphite Grey,
Light Grey or Black.
With a powerful 300 watts of music power,
the klang 1 subwoofer provides particularly
intensive low frequencies.
Quality you can feel: remote control with a
high-quality aluminium surface.
Two klang 1 speakers, one klang 1 subwoofer
and the TV speaker as the centre speaker
generate rich 3.1 sound.
System highlights
Perfectly integrated with Loewe televisions in terms of design and functionality
Clear and simple: audio settings and features are controlled using the Loewe television
for the perfect listening experience
menu and remote control
Can be used as a sound system: from 2.1 to 5.2 – with the Loewe television
Solid housing with no visible screws, covered with seamless acoustic fabric
acting as centre speaker
Technical Information
klang 1 speaker
Technical Information
klang 1 subwoofer
Passive speaker, 1-way closed
Active subwoofer, passive radiator
Nominal power handling /
40 W / 60 W
Nominal / music power (sine / max.)
150 W / 300 W
music power handling (sine / max.)
Recommended amplifier power
10 – 75 W
Frequency range
135 Hz – 20 kHz (– 6 dB)
Frequency range
35 Hz – 250 Hz (– 6 dB)
Acoustic pressure at 1 W
81 dB (at a distance of 1 metre)
Power amps
Total output: 300 W, 1 digital amplifier
(Class D) for subwoofer channel:
150 W (sine), 2 digital amplifiers (Class D)
to connect additional speakers:
each 75 W, 4 ohms
8 ohms
Subwoofer gain
– 6 dB / + 6 dB
0.3 litres
Phase switch, sub-sonic filter, bass equaliser,
stand-by switch, signal recognition,
Digital Audiolink connection (in/out), cinch
connections (line in): left, right, subwoofer
Speaker complement
1 x 75 mm (3 inches) full-range speaker
Speaker complement
1 woofer, 2 passive radiators
Speaker connections
Metal spring clips, gold-plated
Speaker connections
Gold-plated screw terminals
(max. 2 x 25 mm²)
Weight in kg
Weight in kg
Black, Graphite Grey, Light Grey
Black, Graphite Grey, Light Grey
Dimensions (width / height / depth in cm)
W 9.5 / H 17.7 / D 9.5
Dimensions (width / height / depth in cm)
W 24.1 / H 25.8 / D 24.1
Digital Audiolink cable, audio cable jack –
cinch, fabric tube for cable routing,
power cable
Table/shelf solution, included with delivery
Floor stand solution, included with delivery
2 items
Width / height / depth (cm)
Width / height / depth (cm)
W 24.1 / H 25.8 / D 24.1
W 9.5 / H 17.7 / D 9.5
Floor stand solution
Wall mount
FS klang 1, Light Grey
WM klang 1, Black
Concealed cable routing
Rotatable, concealed cable routing
Height / depth (cm) incl. floor stand solution
Height / depth (cm) incl. wall mount
Find more detailed technical information
H 100.0 / D 23.5
H 18.0 / D 11.0
at www.loewe.tv
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Industriestraße 11, 96317 Kronach
Loewe UK Ltd
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