ŠKODA Yeti is the perfect companion for adventures in
travel. You can further enhance and customize the Yeti
to suit your needs using packages and products from
the expansive offer of ŠKODA Genuine Accessories.
With the Sport design package, it can become a stylish
jewel for city boulevards, while the Outdoor Plus
package will transform it into a dauntless and rugged
ally to face every adversity.
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories offers a wide range of
products that will readily improve your safety, boost
your transport capacity, enhance your comfort, and
increase the usefulness and attractiveness of your
Whether you choose design amendments because
easy transport of sports equipment is important for
you, or you underscore safety and protection for your
children in car seats, ŠKODA Genuine Accessories will
always provide you optimal solutions. All accessories
are distinguished by stringently tested and proven
quality plus 100% compatibility with ŠKODA Yeti
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories provide options for customizing your Yeti both inside and out. For example, sporty pedal covers and decorative doorsill strips with
aluminium inserts contribute to a sporty driving feel inside, and you can underscore the car’s dynamics with spoilers or accessories having an aluminium-look
design scheme. In addition to their designer effect, they also have a protective function and help to keep the vehicle in its best shape. That means you are
taking care of your Yeti even as you enhance its appearance. If you choose ŠKODA Genuine Accessories wheels when confi guring your future vehicle, we will
mount them on the car already at the assembly line. That means you will receive the vehicle with the wheels you selected and without the original serial set.
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
You can give the ŠKODA Yeti a more sporty and dynamic look with the Sport package. A more assertive look is provided
especially by front and rear bumper spoilers, that enhance the vehicle’s side silhouette. Side doorsill covers that protect
the body from fl ying rocks and the decorative front bumper strip are small details, but they are important for the vehicle’s
overall impression. Products in the Yeti Sport package can also be purchased individually.
Can be delivered with a new car.
Rear bumper spoiler
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
In combination with the front spoiler, it helps the Yeti to fulfi l its sporty
ambitions (5L6 071 610 for cars without serial preparation for the tow bar;
5L6 071 610A for cars with serial preparation for the tow bar)
External mirrors decorative caps – silver
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
When purchasing a Yeti vehicle you can decide between three designs
of side mirror covers. The basic black variant can be replaced with
covers in the colour of the body, or in silver with an aluminium look.
Silver mirrors are standard for the Yeti Outdoor model (5L0 071 719)
Exhaust pipe and piece – stainless
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
This will make the rear of your Yeti shine like a jewel. The high-quality
material will also provide the tailpipe with excellent protection against
corrosion. For 1.4/90 kW TSI, 1.6/77 kW TDI and 2.0/81/103 kW TDI
(5L0 071 911A)
Front bumper spoiler
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
for a sportier appearance at the vehicle’s front
(5L0 071 609)
Decorative front spoiler strip
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
A strip lacquered in the vehicle’s colour for
a stylish addition to the vehicle’s visage
(5L0 071 004A)
Side doorsill covers
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
Sturdy doorsill covers for even more dynamic look of your Yeti
(5L0 071 685A)
External mirrors decorative caps – black
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
Side mirror covers in black metallic design
(5L0 072 530)
Exhaust pipe and piece – stainless
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
For 1.2/77 kW TSI and 1.6/81 kW MPI
(5L0 071 911)
Protective-decorative strip of the loading edge – silver design
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
This strip protecting the bumper from mechanical damage
when loading and unloading the boot is made of high-quality,
through-coloured material and is finished off with silver lacquer
to create the appearance of aluminium. For Yeti Outdoor
(5L6 061 195)
Side protective strips with aluminium look insert
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
Side protective strips will prevent minor scrapes and dents in cramped
parking lots, and their aluminium inserts will improve the appearance
of the vehicle, especially when combined with other details having the
aluminium look. (5L0 071 329A)
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
For the ŠKODA Yeti Outdoor variant, we have put together the Plus design package.
It consists of protective doorsills and strips with aluminium-look detailing to make
your vehicle unique. All three components of the package can also be purchased
individually, but their combined effect is the strongest.
Can be delivered with a new car.
Side sill covers – ALU look
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
Impressive side doorsill covers made of plastic with an aluminium look will
protect the sides of the vehicle’s undercarriage from scratches. Together
with a decorative cover for the front bumper, they create the basis for the
rugged look of the Outdoor variant. (5L0 071 685)
The small grey sports leather package in Grey Lava colour:
Three-spoke sports steering wheel
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
Lava grey (5E0 064 241H FKL); multifunctional - Lava grey (5L0 064 241 FKM);
Leather gear stick knob and sleeve - Lava grey 5 sp (5L1 061 230 YDK); Leather
gear stick knob and sleeve - Lava grey 6 sp (5L1 061 230A YDK); Leather gear
stick knob and sleeve - Lava grey 6 sp 4x4 (5L1 061 230B YDK), Leather gear
stick knob a sleeve for automatic gearbox - Lava grey DQ (5L1 061 220A YDK),
Leather gear stick knob a sleeve for automatic gearbox - Lava grey DQ 4x4
(5L1 061 220B YDK); Leather handbrake lever - Lava grey (5L0 064 300 RS3)
Alloy wheels
Quality, safety and design
Alloy wheels from the line of ŠKODA Genuine Accessories vividly
illustrate the joining of quality, function and aesthetics. Wheels
from ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range pass through all tests
such as serial production wheels and thus ensure their high
quality and safety in traffi c. Today, the testing system is so
developed that practically every part of the wheel is tested
for material strain.
All wheels have to comply with strict requirements that are
imposed on this so-called “vital part”. Certifi ed suppliers
guarantee quality and compliance with defi ned parameters
of produced wheels. Due to the wide range of designs
and colour versions of cast wheels, you can individualize
your Yeti exactly according to your imagination.
Stainless steel
foot pedal covers
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
These non-slip sport pedals
attachments in brushed
stainless steel.
3-piece set for manual
transmission (5L1 064 200);
2-piece set for automatic
transmission (5L1 064 205)
Decorative door sill covers – ALU
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
with aluminium inserts protect the car body when getting in and out and
while signifi cantly improving the attractiveness of the interior (5L0 071 303)
Decorative door sill covers – black
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
Protection for your Yeti; door sill covers with stylish Yeti sign, protect
surfaces of sills and simultaneously individualize the look of your car
(5L0 071 303A)
For maximizing the quality of products
from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range,
computer technology is used, such as seen
on this alloy wheel simulation picture
The same way shoes tell
important things about
you, rims tell about your
car. Whether your goal is to
accentuate ŠKODA Yeti’s elegant
or sports attributes, genuine
wheels are a perfect match.
Annapurna 5L0 071 497E HA7
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 17" for 225/50 R17
tyres in anthracit design, brushed
Annapurna 5L0 071 497D JX2
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 17" for 225/50 R17
tyres in glossy black design, brushed
Annapurna 5L0 071 497C 7ZS
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 17" for 225/50 R17
tyres in silver design, brushed
Matterhorn 5L0 071 497H FL8
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 17" for 225/50 R17
tyres in metallic black design, brushed
Origami 5L0 071 497K FL8
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 17" for 225/50 R17
tyres in metallic black design, brushed
Origami 5L0 071 497Q FL8
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 17"
for 225/50 R17 tyres in metallic black design
Origami 5L0 071 497L 8Z8
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 17"
for 225/50 R17 tyres in silver design
Alloy wheels range
exclusive / colour / other
Flash 5E0 071 497B 7ZS
light-alloy wheel 6,0J x 17"
for 205/50 R17 tyres in silver design
exclusive / colour / other
exclusive / colour / other
May be used with snow chains
Erebus 5L0 071 497P FL8
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 17" for 225/50 R17
tyres in black metallic design
All the alloy wheels have passed rigorous homologation tests of ŠKODA AUTO to prove their resistance
to corrosion, climatic influences and driving strain? Moreover, alloy wheels are protected by a layer
of extremely hard, heat-resistant paint.
Erebus 5L0 071 497J 8Z8
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 17"
for 225/50 R17 tyres in silver design
Blossom 5L0 071 497A JX2
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 17" for 225/50 R17
tyres in glossy black design, brushed
Scudo 5L0 071 497M 8Z8
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 17"
for 225/50 R17 tyres in silver design
Spitzberg 5L0 071 497F 7ZS
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 17"
for 225/50 R17 tyres in silver design
Dolomite 5L0 071 497G 7ZS
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 17"
for 225/50 R17 tyres in silver design
Blossom 5L0 071 497A 8Z8
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 17" for 225/50 R17
tyres in silver design, brushed
Dolomite 5L0 071 497N FM9
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 16"
for 205/55 R16 and 215/60 R16 tyres
Moon 3T0 071 496A 7ZS
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 16" for 205/55 R16
and 215/60 R16 tyres in silver design
Spectrum 3T0 071 496 7ZS
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 16" for 205/55 R16
and 215/60 R16 tyres in silver design
Forrest 5L0 071 496B 8Z8
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 16" for 205/55 R16
and 215/60 R16 tyres in silver design
Nevis 5L0 071 496A 8Z8
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 16" for 205/55 R16
and 215/60 R16 tyres in anthracit design
Nordic 5E0 071 456
hub covers for wheels 6,0J x 16"
4-piece set
Satellite 5L0 071 456 Z31
hub covers for wheels 7,0J x 16"
4-piece set
Nevis 5L0 071 496N HA7
light-alloy wheel 7,0J x 16" for 205/55 R16
and 215/60 R16 tyres in anthracit design
Decorative valve caps
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
(000 071 215C)
Cover for the complete
set of wheels
(000 073 900B)
Bolt covers
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
for more aesthetic look of the wheels;
matt grey (1Z0 071 215 Z37); for wheels
with safety bolts (1Z0 071 215A Z37);
gloss grey (1Z0 071 215 U27);
metallic silver (1Z0 071 215 7ZS);
gloss black (1Z0 071 215 9B9);
matt black (1Z0 071 215 01C);
for wheels with safety bolts (1Z0 071 215A 01C)
Multimedia holder
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
in the centre console
(5JA 051 435A)
For use with
Navigation SD card
World (without Europe)
Pro použití v
Navigačním systému ŠKODA (Amundsen).
Použití viz návod k obsluze navigace.
Není povoleno používat software, databanku
a mapová data z tohoto datového nosiče
ve více než jednom navigačním systému.
Australia, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia,
New Zeland, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey
Partially: Botswana, Brunei, Lesotho, Philippines,
Mosambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland
Einsetzbar für
Navigationssystem ŠKODA (Amundsen).
Für den Gebrauch siehe Bedienungsanleitung des Navigationssystems.
Dieser Datenträger berechtigt zur zeitgleichen Nutzung der auf ihr gespeicherten
Software, Datenbank und Kartendaten auf
nur einem Navigationssystem.
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
SmartGate enables you to connect your smartphone or tablet
via the ŠKODA vehicle systems application, thus obtaining
interesting operational data, such as how economic or dynamic
your driving is, service information etc. (5L0 063 218)
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
SmartLink, which is available from the ŠKODA Original Accessories range, is an
elegant solution for connecting a smartphone to the MIB2 Standard infotainment
system. This solution offers a wide range of functions in terms of connectivity,
navigation and entertainment. The SmartLink activation key incorporates three
interfaces: MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. (000 054 830A)
*SmartLink will be offered only for cars produced since CW 22/15.
Tento výrobek je shodný s typem schváleným
Ministerstvem dopravy České republiky pod číslem
schválení ATEST 8SD č. 1426.
Order number
5E0 919 866A
Our goal is to make your life easier and your
trips a pleasure. To achieve this, we prepared
a new Infotainment Portal for you, using
state-of-the-art technologies.
Visit http://infotainment.skoda-auto.com,
enter your vehicle VIN code and see how easy
it is. The system recognises which updates you
need and offers you the chance to download
them comfortably at home. If you buy a new
ŠKODA vehicle or navigation system, you get
free map updates of your Europe navigation
database for three years.
Navigation system ŠKODA (Amundsen).
For use see the operating instructions
of the navigation systém.
The parallel use of the software, database
and map data stored on this data carrier is
authorised for one navigation system only.
Navigation SD card – World (without Europe)
State-of-the-art multimedia devices inside Yeti vehicles help to
produce ideal conditions for comfortable and safe travel. These
include players for the most popular media formats, clever
navigation systems, hands-free telephoning, and the possibility
to connect personal electronic devices. Now, nothing is simpler
than listening to your favourite music while driving, making those
phone calls you could not get done before you left or confi dentially
allowing yourself to be navigated where you would undoubtedly
be lost without a map. The display of the multimedia device is also
used for presenting useful information from the on-board computer
and the image from the rear parking camera.
Navigation SD card
World (without Europa)
Navigační SD karta – Svět (bez Evropy)
Navigations SD-Karte – Welt (ohne Europa)
Navigation SD cards
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
Amundsen navigation system;
(Europe 1 – 5L0 051 236P
Europe 2 – 5L0 051 236Q
World 1 – 5L0 051 236R
World 2 – 5L0 051 236S
empty – 5L0 051 236C)
USB connecting cable
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
USB to Apple (5E0 051 510E)
USB to Mini (5JA 051 446H)
USB to Micro USB (5JA 051 446J)
Voice control system Amundsen/Bolero
The activation software is intended for the licence approval of the Voice Control
system and its successful installation. Some device functions can be operated using
voice commands, the device can be used more quickly and driving the car is a more
comfortable experience.The Voice Control system can be used in the following menus:
Radio, Media, Telephone, Navigation. Further important information can be found in
the vehicle documentation. Installation must be carried out by an authorised ŠKODA
partner. (Amundsen – 000 054 802, Bolero – 000 054 802A)
Any road network is subject to ongoing changes,
which means you must update the memory of
your navigation system. This is the only way to
travel securely to your destination every time,
find the shortest route and enjoy your trip. For
this reason, map updates save you time and
Thermo-electric cooling box (20 L)
with 20 litres of space will ensure snacks are at hand
and at the right temperature. It can chill foods as needed
and also two-litre bottles can be accommodated without
problems in vertical transport;
with car battery voltage guard (000 065 400G)
Whether you drive just a few kilometres to work or set off for a long
journey to go hiking, you need not sacrifi ce the comfort to which you are
accustomed. ŠKODA Genuine Accessories will allow you to customize the
vehicle’s interior so that it remains comfortable, orderly and practical –
whatever or whomever you carry. With such clever features as a false
floor for the boot, sun screens on the rear windows and a convenient
thermoelectric cooling box, travelling in a Yeti will become a pleasant
everyday activity.
Thermo-electric cooling box (15 L)
Keep beverages cool and fruit fresh for longer time. As need
arises, you can switch the box to heating mode to keep your
snack or the children’s lunch warm (5L0 065 400)
Foot mats
A car is a bit like a second home. To keep its interior neat and tidy, you
can protect it with textile and rubber mats. They collect dirt and moisture,
have non-slip surfaces, and their shape perfectly fi lls the space beneath
the passengers’ feet. While textile mats provide a comfortable feeling for
your legs and contribute to later onset of fatigue for the driver, rubber
mats are optimal for use in inclement weather, when larger amounts of
dirt can get into the interior from the passengers’ shoes. The mats can be
taken out at any time, cleaned easily and replaced according to your need.
High-quality textile foot mats with the Yeti sign are made of thick woven velour and
offer high comfort and resistance to wear. They perfectly fi ll the space beneath the
passengers’ feet, and their non-slip clips to the floor keep them in their place in every
situation. 4-piece set; Prestige (5L1 061 404 for left-side driving; 5L2 061 404 for right-side
driving); Standard (5L1 061 404A for left-side driving; 5L2 061 404A for right-side driving)
Rubber foot mats provide ideal protection of the vehicle’s interior during inclement
weather. They collect dirt and moisture and are easy to clean. Four-piece mat sets for
left-side (5L1 061 550B) and right-side driving (5L2 061 550B) are available.
Holds and lasts
Did you know that textile mats from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories line
pass the so-called high-heel test? The test simulates a driver´s leg work
on accelerator pedal, pushing heel 5 mm deep into the surface of the mat
in both dry and wet conditions at a 45° angle.
In addition, the mats undergo resistance stress tests for a duration of
60,000 travelled km and a test of the clips that attach the front mats
to the vehicle’s floor. The test is designed to determine a proper clip
strength that must allow comfortable handling from the view of the
customer while also keeping the mat in place even when being
occasionally tugged while driving. These fi xing elements are verified
solution that can be found in all the vehicles of Volkswagen group.
Device for high-heel test
Fixing elements strength testing
Cruise control is an ideal assistant for long journeys
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
It maintains the speed defi ned by the driver and allows
changing it using a lever beneath the steering wheel.
Your right foot can thus rest beside the accelerator
pedal. The cruise control can be used for all types of
engines and in vehicles with (3T0 035 623) on the steering
col. combi switch or without (3T0 035 623A) an on-board
Ruber mat over tunnel
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
for cars without arm rest (5L0 061 580);
for cars with arm rest (5L0 061 580A)
Rubber foot mats with raised edge
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
4-piece sets for left-side driving (5L1 061 550A);
for right-side driving (5L2 061 550A)
Rubber foot mats
4-piece sets for left-side driving (5L1 061 550B);
for right-side driving (5L2 061 550B)
Ski sack
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
for transporting two pairs of skis with poles with a continuous
zipper and comfortable handles. An in-sewn band can be inserted
into a lock inside the vehicle (DMA 630 004)
Multimedia holder
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
into the centre console will ensure quick availability
and comfortable handling with your music player,
cell phone or other multimedia devices (5JA 051 435A)
Bin for door panel
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
placed in the front door clipboard will
help to get rid of it easily. Available
in two colours (5JA 061 107 9B9 – black;
5JA 061 107 WC4 – beige)
Trunk grille
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
securely separates the passengers from the boot, thus
increasing their safety should the luggage move about
during emergency manoeuvres. It does not in any way
decrease the volume of the interior, does not limit the
driver’s view and is suitable for transporting animals
(DMM 630 001)
Multifunctional pocket
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
The cover for the gap created between the rear seats and
luggage compartment lid uses the VarioFlex system. It will
maintain the appearance of the interior while preventing
undesirable visibility for passers-by (DMK 630 001)
Rear window sun screens
The screens provide greater privacy and protection from scorching sun
for the passengers in the rear seats while still maintaining suffi cient
visibility through the window for the driver (5L0 064 361)
No photo:
Boot side window sunblinds (5L0 064 363)
5th door window sunblind (5L0 019 120)
Protective foil for loading edge
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
guards the rear bumper from damage while loading objects
into the boot. Its size conforms to the size of the bumper, and,
due to its transparency, the look of the body remains intact
(5L6 071 363 for Yeti; 5L6 071 363A for Yeti Outdoor)
Protective cover for loading edge
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
provides maximum protection of the car body from scratches
caused by loading objects in the area of the loading edge
(KDX 630 001) provides maximum protection of the car body
from scratches caused by loading objects in the area of the
loading edge (KDX 630 001)
Dog safety belt
size S (000 019 409A); size M (000 019 409B);
size L (000 019 409C); size XL (000 019 409D)
Portable coffee maker
(000 069 641C)
Back seat protection, suspended
between the front and rear headrests, protects
the seats from soiling by objects or animals. It is
manufactured from durable, waterproof and easily
washable material, so it can be used for protection
even when there is a risk of substantial soiling
(DMA 009 001)
No photo:
Bag for carrying rear outer seat
(DMK 770 004)
Bag for carrying rear middle seat
(DMK 770 006)
Tough front mud flaps
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
protect the underside of the vehicle, bumpers
and door sills from dirt and dangerous flying
rocks (KEA 630 001)
Rear mud flaps
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
protect the rear of the vehicle, rear bumper
and vehicles driving behind you from flying
rocks and splashing water (5L0 075 101 for Yeti;
5L0 075 101A for Yeti Outdoor)
Bottom protective guard of the assembly
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
for engines 1.2 TSI, 1.4 TSI, 1.6 MPI (5L0 071 608)
for engines 1.8 TSI (5L0 071 608A)
for engines 2.0 TDI 103 kW, 1.6 TDI ((5L0 071 608B)
for engines 2.0 TDI 81 kW (5L0 071 608C)
False boot floor
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
A practical false floor horizontally divides the luggage compartment
and also squares off the cargo area at the level of the folded-down
back seats. Two variants are available: one for a vehicle with a spare
tyre and one for a vehicle without it (DAA 630 001)
Boot bag for the luggage compartment
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
This washable bag provides an ideal place for stowing tools
and other objects in the luggage compartment. Its hooks allow
you also to attach it to the side wall (DMK 770 003)
Netting system
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
keeps luggage in its place and helps keep the boot tidy. It also increases
passenger safety by preventing the movement of objects in case of an accident.
5-piece set in silver colour (DMA 630 003 for boot without spare wheel;
DMA 630 002 for false floor); 4-piece set (DMA 630 001 for boot with spare wheel)
Anti-slip net for the plastic boot liner
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
Anti-slip net fi ts perfectly to the bottom of theplastic
boot liner and thus prevents transported objects from
moving about (5L0 061 210)
Net under the parcel shelf
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
A washable upper pocket with zipper and lower net will enhance the
vehicle interior with two additional stowage areas. It can be used also
for longer objects weighing less than 1.5 kg (DMK 630 002)
Plastic boot dish
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
provides maximum protection of the boot from dirt of all types,
including acid. It has a high rim, is exceptionally strong and easy
to clean (5L6 061 162)
Rubber boot mat
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
Whether you are carrying dirty sports equipment,
construction material, paint or even acid, reliably
protects your trunk. High edge retains all the fluid
material is washable and antiskid (5L6 061 160B for
luggage compartment without false boot;
5L6 061 160A for cargo space with false boot)
Double-sided boot mat
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
provides a universal solution for the bottom of the boot. The velour side
provides standard protection from soiling, while the non-slip plastic on the
reverse side is there for transporting dirty or wet objects (5L6 061 163A
for cars with false floor or spare wheel).
Double-sided carpet into the luggage compartment for cars
without false floor or spare wheel (5L6 061 163)
Textile boot mat
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
High-quality polypropylene rug with anti-slip surface finish forms to the shape
of the luggage compartment to keep it clean and presentable (5L6 061 163B
for cars without false floor; 5L6 061 163C for cars with false floor)
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories offer widely ranging possibilities for
transporting sport equipment and large objects. With its unique
Variofl ex system for sliding or removing the rear seats, the Yeti has
an extra-large transport capacity. You decide whether to transport
bicycles on its roof, on the tow bar, or even directly inside the vehicle.
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories products will help you make maximum
use of the vehicle’s transport potential. Thanks to their durable
quality, tested safety and user comfort, these constitute the best
transport solutions for ŠKODA Yeti vehicles.
Lockable bicycle rack with aluminium profile; capacity up to 20 kg
The bicycle holder is the right thing for all ambitious bikers. The carrier consists
of an aerodynamically shaped aluminium profi le and holder of chrome-plated
steel. Easy mounting crossbars allow for easy handling. It weighs around 3.2 kg.
(000 071 128E)
No photo:
Lockable bicycle rack with metal profile (000 071 128D)
Lockable ski or snowboard rack with aluminium profile;
capacity up to 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards (000 071 129H)
Lockable ski and snowboard box 380 l
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
capacity up to 5 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards; 380-litre capacity;
successfully passed City Crash Test; silver (5L6 071 175), black (5L6 071 175A),
white (5L6 071 175B)
The City Crash is a method of testing genuine accessories
products that can be fitted to the vehicle’s body.
Method: A section of the body is fitted to special skids, which are travelling
at a speed of 30 km/h. At the moment of the simulated collision, the force
reaches between 9 and 12 G’s and lasts for 80 ms.
Evaluation: In order to successfully pass the City Crash test, none of the
transported objects may get detached from the body, which demonstrates
that the safety of both pedestrians and other vehicles in real traffic is not
endangered by the product.
City Crash test by ŠKODA AUTO was verified for lockable ski
and snowboard box and for basic roof rack.
Transverse roof rack
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
The luggage rack control is very simple. To assemble and fix
the luggage rack, turn the eccentric lever to the lower position
(5L0 071 151)
Interior bicycle holder
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
With this holder, you can easily and safely transport
up to two bicycles in the Yeti’s interior. This will save
on fuel consumption and prevent bicycles from becoming
soiled in inclement weather (3T9 056 700)
Detachable tow bar
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
Electrics for cars with serial preparation
(5L0 092 155B + EEA 630 002E4)
Electrics for cars without serial preparation
(5L0 092 155B + EEA 630 001E4)
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
with 7-pole socket for trailer connection
(EAZ 000 001A)
Bicycle carrier for a tow bar can hold two bicycles weighing up to 25 kg each. Lockable bolts permit flexible handling and better anchoring for left-hand drive (000 071 105F)
and for right-hand drive (000 071 105C) products.
Plush Yeti
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
The 70 cm tall Yeti makes the perfect companion for children
travelling in the rear seats. Its long fur makes it second to none
for cuddling (5L0 099 301)
Child seats – keeping our little ones comfy and safe
Do you want your children to sit in the safest spot possible? Child seats from ŠKODA Genuine
Accessories with ISOFIX reliable anchoring, Top Tether attachment, the choice of travelling
while facing forward or backward, comfort and adjustment to respect the child’s growth
provide the best solutions for transporting the smallest passengers.
Original ŠKODA child seats successfully
passed the Euro NCAP tests.
Practical and variable
Smart seat design allows the child to sit not only at the back, but also next to the driver, where
you can see him or her better. The seats are distinguished by variability and many setting
positions, so that they can adjust to your child’s changing size. They also can be used outside
of the car as a carrier for transporting the child or as a practical seat.
The safety of the occupants and security of the vehicle itself should be the driver’s top priorities. That is why the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range includes
products to assist you to maximize safety and security. Among ŠKODA Genuine Accessories you will fi nd certifi ed child seats, antitheft security systems,
security wheel lug nuts, mandatory equipment components, storage spaces for stowing potentially dangerous objects, and other accessories that will help
you travel in safety.
Perfectly tested
The certainty of maximum possible safety and quality can only be achieved through rigorous
testing. Therefore every seat in the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories line conforms with the
ECE 44.04 European safety regulation and has passed a number of additional tests. Excellent
results in the Euro NCAP crash test along with successful tests for non-fl ammability, absence
of harmful substances, and lining quality confi rm the seats’ high quality and safety.
View a video
from running test
of child seat
ISOFIX Duo plus Top Tether
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
child seat
(DDA 000 006)
ISOFIX Duo G 0/1
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
child seat
(000 019 909D)
Wavo 1-2-3
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
child seat
(000 019 903D)
Category (according to weight in kg)
0+ (0–13)
1 (9–18)
ISOFIX Duo plus Top Tether
ISOFIX G 0/1 with RWF frame
Protective pad under
the child seat
(000 019 819A)
RWF frame
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
for rear-facing fitting
(5L0 019 902 A)
No photo: FWF frame
for forward-facing fitting
(5L0 019 902)
Wavo Kind
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
child seat
(000 019 904D)
ISOFIX G 0/1 with FWF frame
2 (15–25)
3 (22–36)
Wavo 1-2-3
Wavo Kind
Original ŠKODA child seats successfully passed the Euro NCAP tests.
Snow chains with diagonal track design
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
low link profile ensure excellent traction when
accelerating and braking as well as good driving comfort.
They are easy to install without needing to move the car.
For tyre 225/50 R17 and 215/60 R16; suitable for rear wheels
of 4x4 versions only (000 091 387AP)
Chains of titanium alloy
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
with stranded fastening system can be rapidly fitted to the
stationary vehicle and can give you better guidance. For tyre
205/55 R16 6.0Jx16" for tyre 205/50 R17 and 205/55 R16 7.0Jx16"
(000 091 387AJ)
Spare bulb set
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
for cars without fog lamps (5L0 052 000);
for cars with fog lamps (5L0 052 000A)
Car care products
Insect remover (000 096 300C)
All in one - universal cleaner (000 096 301C)
Wheel rim cleaning gel (000 096 304C)
Dashboard care (000 096 307D)
Rubber care gel (000 096 310D)
Glass cleaning 1:100 concentrate (000 096 311E)
Screen wash additive - Winter (000 096 311F)
Creen wash readymix - Winter (000 096 311G)
Wash & wax shampoo (000 096 315C)
Wax polish (000 096 317D)
Screen wash additive -Winter (000 096 319C)
De-icer (000 096 322D)
Leather cleaner (000 096 323G)
Leather treatment (000 096 323H)
Glass polish (000 096 329A)
Car care kit - Winter (000 096 352H)
Car-cosmetics presentation kit (000 096 356A)
Car care kit - Summer (000 096 356B)
Mechanical transmittion locking system
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
A lock on a brace connected to the car’s chassis
locks the gear selector for either a manual or
automatic gearbox into the selected gear or park
position, thus protecting your vehicle from theft
(DVC 630 001 for manual transmission;
DVC 630 002 for automatic transmission)
Safety bolt set
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
prevents an unauthorized removal of the wheel
by necessitating use of a special attachment
(000 071 597C)
Remote control for central locking
(BKA 600 003A)
First aid box
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
with contents
conforming to amended
Decree No. 216/2010
(GFA 410 010DE)
Rear parking sensors
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
for monitoring distance of vehicle from potential
obstacles. If there is an obstacle at a distance
of 140 cm from the rear of the car, it is signaled
by short beeps at intervals of one second.
This interval is continuously shortened with the
approach to the obstacle. When approaching 30 cm,
beeps turns into unbroken tone (BEA 630 001)
Photo is only illustrative – each
country should use the photo and
the number of local first aid box.
Foldable snow shovel
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
made of alloy, weight 750 g, 3-part, including practical
textile cover (5L0 099 320)
Warning triangle
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
with foldable metal feet for emergency
use on the roadway (GGA 700 001A)
Tow rope
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
permits towing of vehicles
weighing up to 2,500 kg
(GAA 500 001)
Reflective safety vest
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
of 100% polyester in fl uorescent yellow colour
comes in a textile carrier. An important part of
the vehicle’s safety equipment (000 093 056F);
offered also in orange colour (XXA 009 001)
Photo is only illustrative – each country should
use the photo of local reflective safety vest.
Alarm system with interior monitoring
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
is equipped with advance resource to ensure the system's functionality after disconnecting the
battery. Activates automatically after locking the car and monitors all doors, engine lid, ignition
switch and vehicle interior. If there is an unallowable interference, control unit launches all
directional lights and siren. Audio alarm lasts 25 seconds and can be induced repeatedly up
to 10 times in a row. Basic alarm kit for cars with serial remote control of central locking
(5E0 054 620A); basic alarm kit for cars without serial remote control of central locking
(BKA 700 002); mounting kit for alarm (BKA 630 001)
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