Channel Selector
The prison's frequency is set to Channel 1.
Battery Gauge
Press and hold Button A to check the condition of the
battery. The charge status is shown by the color of the
LED indicator:
Battery Level
Low (Recharge)
Very Low
LED Indicator
Flashing Red
Volume Set
Press and hold Button C to emit a continuous tone for
adjusting the volume.
Emergency Siren
Press Button D for a siren. Press and hold to turn the
siren off.
Radio Model #: AAH25KDC9AA2AN
Radio Serial #: 672TCLA823
High-Capacity/NiMH Battery Part #: HNN9008
(CAUTION: Exercise care in handling any
charged battery, particularly when placing it
inside a pocket or other container that may
contain metal objects. A conductive item, such
as a key or jewelry, can short-circuit the battery
if it crosses exposed contacts. The heat
produced by a short circuit can cause a fire or
burn skin.)
VHF Antenna Part #: NAD6502AR
(CAUTION: Do not use the antenna if its casing
is cracked. Contact with a damaged antenna
during use can cause burns.)
Desktop Charger Model #: AAHTN3000C
The letters GED have been etched into the
base of the radio and on the back of the
Disposing of Used (Unchargeable) Batteries
Be aware that Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries
can be recycled. Used batteries can be dropped off at
the following local retailers (
South Side Shopping Center (570.344.6100)
The Mall at Steamtown (570.961.5405)
713 Scranton/Carbondale (570.489.1103)
Sears Repair Services (Viewmont Mall)
Vac-Way Appliance (601 Cedar Avenue)
Recharging the Battery
Recharging a battery more frequently than necessary
may shorten its life. Therefore, recharge the battery
only after it reaches the low power level in the radio.
Disconnect the battery from the radio if the radio is
going to be stored idle for any great length of time (two
or more weeks).
The battery charger's pocket will accommodate either a
radio with a battery attached or a battery alone. Prior to
charging a battery with radio, turn the radio off. To
recharge a battery, use the following procedure:
1. Plug the transformer power cord into the charger
2. Plug the transformer into an AC wall outlet. The
charger LED will flash green once to indicate a
successful power-up.
3. Insert the battery, or the radio with the battery
attached (radio turned off), into the charger pocket.
a. Align the grooves on the sides of the battery with
the corresponding raised rails inside the charger
b. Ensure complete contact between the contacts in
the charging pocket and those on the back of the
4. Once the battery is properly seated in the pocket, the
charger LED will light red to indicate that the battery
is charging rapidly. When the battery is 90%
charged (usually in one hour), the LED will begin to
flash green to indicate that the battery is tricklecharging. When the LED changes to a steady green,
the battery is fully charged.
The battery should be at room temperature for
recharging. If the charger LED flashes red, clean all the
contacts with a pencil eraser. If the charger continues to
flash red, the battery is unchargeable or not making
proper contact.
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