How do I upload an iDirect OPT file without iSite (from the console)?

How do I upload an iDirect OPT file without iSite (from the console)?
How do I upload an iDirect OPT file without iSite (from...
Created On: 2008-03-29 22:21 +0000
If an iNFINITI modem has a bad options (OPT) file, it will not start correctly. The lights may flash
red or amber, and it reboots every 60-90 seconds. If this happens, you will not be able to reload the
OPT file using iSite.
To repair the problem, you must load the OPT file from console, using a serial cable. The following
instructions assume you have Microsoft Windows XP installed, but Windows Vista, Mac OSX, and
Linux can also be used with slight changes. You must have the latest, correct OPT file for this
modem from our support staff. Make sure the serial number of the OPT file matches the serial
number of the modem.
» Connect a console/null modem cable between the COM port of your PC and the RJ-45
"console" port of the iDirect iNFINITI modem.
» On your Windows PC, start Hyperterminal.
» At the "New Connection" window, enter any name, and press "OK".
» Choose to connect using COM1.
» At the COM1 port settings, enter:
Bits per second 9600
Data bits 8
Parity none
Stop bits 1
Flow control none
» Hit OK.
» You should now see the iDirect modem startup screen, or login prompt:
iDirect Linux 2.4.24-uc0-iDirect0
Kernel 2.4.24-uc0-iDirect0 on an armv5b
iDirect login:
» Login with user "root" and default password "iDirect".
» At the # prompt, immediately run:
service idirect_falcon stop
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» The modem will stop rebooting. Now we must upload the correct OPT file. At the # prompt,
cd /etc/idirect/falcon/
cp falcon.opt falcon.opt.old
» Open the OPT file in Notepad or any text editor. Select the first 10 lines of the file, and press
Ctrl-C to copy them. Return to the terminal, and at the # prompt, run:
cat > falcon.opt
» You will not see a # prompt. Paste the 10 lines by choosing the "Edit" menu, "Paste to Host".
You will see the lines displayed in the terminal.
» Note*: If you see slight changes or extra lines, this is due to a display bug in Hyperterminal.
Ignore it.
» Return to Notepad, and copy the next 10 lines. DO NOT TYPE ANYTHING ELSE in the
terminal, and paste the lines.
» Repeat this, pasting 10 lines at a time, until you have pasted the entire OPT file into the
» When done, press Ctrl-D to end the file. If you made a mistake at any time, press Ctrl-C, and
start over from "cat > falcon.opt".
» At the # prompt, run:
service idirect_falcon start
You should now see falcon (the iDirect modem software) start:
Starting falcon:Initializing Falcon ...
Seeding RNG... OK
fpga: May 15 2007 09:30:58
Loaded board Calibration
Calculated TPC Iterations = 13
SCPC Demod Kicktimeout set to 10 sec
Rx1 quad demod pwr status =1
Freq = 1357.8000 LO = 1352.5000 NCO =
5.3000 LPF =
Frame length = 125
SyncEth0: updated system config file "/etc/network/interfaces"
SIOCDELRT: No such process
UnixControl::Reload: /sbin/route add -net netmask gw tun0 PCI: enabling device 00:0f.0 (0000 -> 0002)
Interface: ixp0, PhyCount: 1
Starting falcon_monitor:OK
If you instead see some kind of error, repeat this procedure, taking care to paste the file correctly,
10 lines at a time.
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For more information on recovering a modem, see:
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