Niagara® Pro II

Niagara® Pro II
Niagara Pro II
Streaming Media System
The professional’s choice for
streaming media.
The Niagara Pro II has powerful processors and large memory capacity, taking professional streaming to the next
level. With two independent channels, the Niagara Pro II lets you capture SDI video and encode multiple full-resolution (D1) streams including live adaptive streaming to Apple® iPhone® and iPad® mobile digital devices.
Pre-configured software.
The Niagara Pro II includes two of our most versatile
software applications – Niagara SCX® and
SimulStream® – both pre-configured and ready to use.
ViewCast’s SimulStream software enables you to create additional streams from the same sources in different formats – encoded independently and simultaneously. This powerful software enables you to stream in
multiple resolutions, formats and bit rates – all at the
same time.
Ideal Solutions
> Enterprise
> Webcasting
> Broadcasters
> Podcasting
> Content delivery networks
> Mobile TV
> Live streaming
Niagara SCX management software lets you control
all of its key features through an easy-to-use web
interface. Niagara SCX will markedly improve the live
streaming delivery workflow. By eliminating the need
for an external stream segmenter, encoding workflows
are simplified and overall system costs reduced.
Schedule and manage live video.
VMp Live, an event scheduling software module, is now
available as an add-on component to the Niagara Pro
II. VMp Live is an easy to use, cost-effective solution to
schedule and manage your live video events.
Key Attributes
> Live capture, encoding and streaming for professional-grade digital video and audio delivery
> Dual channel, full-resolution (D1) video
and audio streaming capabilities
> Video confidence monitor
> Front-panel LCD status display, control
buttons and LED audio meters
> Niagara Pro II supports Adobe Flash® RTMP
dynamic and Apple HTTP live (iPhone and iPad
mobile digital devices), Microsoft Live IIS Smooth
Streaming, Adobe Flash H.264, AVI, MPEG-4, H.264, H.263, and Microsoft® Windows
Media® (Silverlight), as well as 3GPP/3GPP2, MP4
container support.
> Individually brand streams with bitmap overlays (e.g., logos and graphics)
> Niagara SCX® software provides remote set up, control and monitoring of multiple Niagara systems
> Front-panel A,B,C buttons activate
one-touch, pre-programmable streaming
Delivering Video Whenever, Wherever
Niagara® Pro II
Streaming Media System
Encoding Formats:
• Adobe® Flash dynamic streaming
• Adobe® Flash® H.264
• Apple® HTTP live streaming
• AVI capture to file
• Microsoft® Live IIS Smooth Streaming
• Microsoft® Windows Media® (Silverlight®) SD and HD
• MPEG-4, H.264, H.263
• MPEG-2 Transport Stream
• 3GPP/3GPP2, MP4 container support
Niagara Pro II front view
Niagara Pro II rear view
Channel A & B AV Inputs
Each AV input channel provides the following input ports:
1. Left/right XLR connector for balanced audio sources;
XLR connector for AES/EBU
2. Mini-DIN connector for S-Video source
3. BNC connector for composite video source
4. BNC connector for SDI video sources with embedded SDI audio
5. Left/right BNC connectors for unbalanced audio sources
Niagara SCX With Web Interface
The Niagara Pro II appliance is pre-configured with Niagara SCX
remote management software. All you need is web
browser access from your PC to control and configure any
Niagara Pro II streaming media appliance.
• Stereo audio headset (3.5 mm)
• Video presence indicator
• Audio level meter
• Front confidence monitor
• Composite video
• Unbalanced stereo audio
• SDI (2 x BNC)
• S-Video (2 x mini-DIN)
• Composite (2 x BNC, RCA adapter included)
• Embedded SDI audio (4 pair)
• AES/EBU (2 x XLR)
• Balanced stereo (4 x XLR)
• Unbalanced stereo (4 x BNC, RCA adapters included)
Video Formats:
USB Ports:
• 2 rear panel, 1 front panel
• 2 x 1 Gbit ports
• Niagara SCX® with web interface
• SimulStream®
• Multi-core processors
• Scaling, cropping, de-interlacing, inverse telecine,
closed-caption rendering
• 35 lbs (15.9 Kgs)
• 2U rack mount appliance (2RU x 17” W x 23” D)
This web-based user interface allows you to browse to any
Niagara Pro II on a LAN or WAN and manage the
entire system configuration. Using the web interface,
you can:
Create, modify and delete encoder profiles.
Start and stop individual encoders.
Pre-configure and assign encoding profiles to A,B,C buttons.
View and manage encoder log files and entries.
Modify system network configuration settings (network name, IP configuration).
(2RU x 43.18 cm W x 58.42 cm D)
• 400 W power supply
Package Contents:
• Adapters, BNC terminator, rack slide rails, rack handles
and rubber feet
Hardware Warranty:
• 1 year limited hardware warranty
Delivering Video Whenever, Wherever
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